Makoatl MYO Entry 2/3 by Uchuujin

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Artist Uchuujin [gallery]
Time spent 1 hour, 48 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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Makoatl MYO Entry 2/3

Postby Uchuujin » Tue May 19, 2015 3:37 am


Username: Uchuujin
Name: Ryu
Gender: male
Word Count: 943*

    About 10 years ago, Ryu's career as a pop singer was on fire. He was touring the globe. Every single he released
    was a chart-topper. It seemed like nothing could stop him. He had the whole world in his palm. That was until
    he attacked paparazzi in a freak accident - resulting in a broken horn and an even more broken career. The
    recording companies wouldn't even touch his music. Ryu disappeared from the spotlight for many years. Now,
    he thinks he's found a way to revive his career - by joining with the young star Taito to form a group S.S. Dream.
    But Ryu loathes Taito's flashy lifestyle. Can S.S. Dream survive, when Ryu can barely stand his fellow member?

Ryu is normally very serious about his career and his music. But he can be very hotheaded and temperamental, to the point that most people can hardly bare to be around him. He doesn't let fame get to his head, but at the same time, he expect things to be done the way that he wants them to be done. He dislikes fans in general, and dislikes media attention even more. When he is in the news for something silly, it drives him crazy, and he can lash out at people and withdraw into his room like a recluse in order to deal with the unwanted attention. Besides music, Ryu enjoys physical relationships with other makoatl, uses hot bubble baths to calm down, always wears cologne or burns incense that has a smell that reminds him of the ocean, and is obsessed with jewelry. He has a massive collections of necklaces, bracelets, and piercings that he goes through. He tends to be introverted, and a lot of his personal life is very mysterious to fans, who try to dig deeper to get to know his feelings. This just puts him more on edge. The result is he always bottles up his emotions until he explodes. No one can ever get very close to him, but this doesn't give him a sense of loneliness. When loneliness does strike him, he has a bad habit of getting involved in meaningless relationships. His family is convinced he will never find a mate. Even though he is successful and famous, they are not very happy for him, because they think his behavior is self-destructive.

An interview with Ryu...

    Interviewer: So, tell us about your new partner Taito!

    Ryu: Ah, well... we make a good team because our personalities are so different. He draws in a lot of new fans.

    Interviewer: Do the two of you get along?

    Ryu: We didn't at first, but I have learned to work with him.

    Interviewer: That doesn't sound very convincing! Do you two argue a lot?

    Ryu: He is not from my generation, so we don't always see eye-to-eye. But this doesn't affect our ability to work together. In the end, we are still partners.

    Interviewer: Do you have any quirks that drive him crazy?

    Ryu: I have a habit of getting piercings and wearing them for a week or so. Then I let them close up. If I ever want the piercing back, I get a new one. Then I take it out again and let it close up. I don't think he can stand how many times I come home with new piercings that don't last.

    Interviewer: What piercings do you have right now?

    Ryu: My ears are pierced three times. My tongue is pierced... Ah, I have things pierced that I don't wish to talk about.

    Interviewer: Ooh, sounds scandalous! But all in all, that's not a very annoying quirk.

    Ryu: Is it not? It certainly bothers him. Well, I suppose that I also am very picky about foods. There are a lot that I don't like, and it can be hard to eat with me sometimes.

    Interviewer: Well, what foods are your favorite? And what are you least favorite?

    Ryu: I can like anything. It just depends on how it's prepared. If the food is overcooked or undercooked, or if it's at the wrong temperature, or if something about the texture or flavor is slightly off, then I am very aware of it. I can barely stand to swallow the first bite. If I had to pick one as my favorite, I'd say candy. Candy tends to be sold very uniform. For example, each M&M is usually the same taste and size as the others in the bag. So it's hard to come across a candy that is offputting to my sensitive palate.

    Interviewer: Do you eat a lot of candy? That must be very unhealthy.

    Ryu: Oh, no. I don't eat a lot. I'm just saying it's usually the safest thing for me to eat. Sometimes when we go on tour, I eat more candy than I should. It's hard to eat well on the road, where I don't trust how the food will be prepared.

    Interviewer: I see how that could be frustrating! So, now we know what Taito dislikes about you. But what do the two of you like about each other?

    Ryu: Do we really have to talk about that? Is this whole interview going to be about Taito? Why not just interview him?

    Interviewer: W-what? Do you not like talking about him?

    Ryu: I was preforming long before he was. My whole existence isn't relevant to Taito. S.S. Dream isn't just Taito's band. This isn't all about him.

    Interviewer: I understand that, but it's interesting to fans to know how the two of you interact.

    Ryu: Wouldn't you rather ask about how I wrote many of the lyrics on our album? Wouldn't you rather ask about the fact that Taito can't write music at all and can't play a single instrument? I'm done with this.

    Interviewer: W-wait!

* Note that I did not count the format parts like "name," "gender," etc in the word count, nor did I count the various times I used "Ryu" and "Inteviewer" to show who was speaking. I hope that's okay!

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