please lock mods I don't need it anymore

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please lock mods I don't need it anymore

Postby bvboo » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:11 am

This is a W.I.P. please do NOT post!

Welcome to my Adopt an Egg discussion thread!
This thread is strictly for Adopt an Egg, here I will post updates, new generations, and stuff like that!
First, I would like to start off with all of the people who have adopted from Adopt an Egg before!:

Egg #1 : Quiet// ~ Egg #2 : Stxrliner
Egg #3 : Umbre! ~ Egg #4 : Sylvy
Egg #5 : Annbellboo ~ Egg #6 : ayki cat

Egg #1 : T w e x i a ~ Egg #2 : Unris
Egg #3 : SpookyRat ~ Egg #4 : Umbre!
Egg #5 : Lies With Needs ~ Egg #6 : Annbellboo

Egg #1 : T w e x i a ~ Egg #2 : (friend)
Egg #3 : Icomeinpiece ~ Egg #4 : catsrule1908
Egg #5 : IceFlurry ~ Egg #6 : tiredfebruary
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