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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby pereyra » Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:32 pm

    hi! i'm sidereus; on a quest for roleplay partners! here is some short, quick info about me;

    - i'm a literate writer, but i don't like to impose word counts. quality over quantity.
    - i only play nonbinary characters. however, you are more than welcome to play whatever gender you would like.
    - i prefer to roleplay over google docs, but i will roleplay over discord or cs threads.
    - romance is my forte, but i am open to most plots so long as i am playing a human or humanoid character.
    - i won't play things that are based around asylums, foster care, or orphanages.
    - i have all sorts of plots all the time, and what i want to do is constantly changing. however, i am most interested in hearing what you want to do, because that's the type of roleplayer i am.
    - i do have a job and a lot of pets outside cs, so i am not on all day every day. please be respectful of that.

    anyway, that is all! if you would like to roleplay, you know. hit me up.
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby rubyrocketboots13 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:37 pm


Hello all! I'm @rubyrocketboots13, but feel free to call me ruby. I am looking for someone who enjoys casual roleplaying! I love nearly any roleplay that is interesting or just a bit unusual with some romance. I love having good a combination of action/ drama/ romance in a roleplay! I have several ocs of all kinds, though most are humaniod, human, fantasy creatures or furry. I don't have many strictly animal ocs. I am comfortable playing both genders, though I have a tendency to use male ocs! I find males a little easier for me to roleplay most of the time. Here's some things that you should know if you want to roleplay with me and what I like/ don't like.

About me:
~ I always try to post at least post one or twice a day
~ I am most comfortable with posting in a thread or through discord
~ I sometimes post at weird times, though I am usually consistent with posting.
~ I am super flexible and easy-going about roleplays! I can do both super intense roleplaying and really light hearted ones, it just depends on what I'm feeling up to and what you are interested in
~ I have many different characters, both male and female. I have no preference over what gender I play!
~ I prefer posting at least a paragraph or two per post, but I will most likely mirror your posts
~ I prefer mxf and mxm pairings

What I won't do:
~ Fxf pairings
~ I can't play as a nonbinary character
~ I won't roleplay as a canon character
~ I'm not really into most animal roleplays, such as warrior cats or dragons but I do enjoy wolf roleplays occasionally
~ I am not in a lot of fandoms, so I don't have very many ocs in fandoms besides LOK and ATLA
~ Most equestrian roleplays ( I know nothing about horses! If you would like to roleplay something with horse riders, expect my character to be unexperienced or new to riding)

What I will do and what I like:
~ Pretty much all human/ humanoid roleplays
~ Fantasy, sci-fi, action, romance ( or a combination of any of them! I'm pretty sentimental, so i really like romances to develop over a roleplay)
~ Furry/ Anthro
~ Werewolf/ animal shifters
~ Fantasy creatures
~ Futuristic/ sci-fi roleplays
~ Country/ Farmer themed roleplays ( I really love a city boy/girl meets a famer boy/girl roleplays)
~ Super powered ocs! ( I am a big super hero fan)
~ Something based on a song, either the characters or the plot
~ Forbidden romance, arranged marriages,romance clichés
~ "Modern" gods and goddesses ( Something like Lore Olympus, not as in Percy Jackson! I haven't read the books)

~ Im up for pretty much any plotline, just shoot me a pm if you have one already in mind!

~ bionic/cyborg servant x human
In the future, many aristocrats employ bionics as servants and security guards. Character A is a young bionic with a sketchy past and a few problems somehow lands a job "protecting" Character B, a wealthy human aristocrat. Character A takes care of the human and protects them devotedly- though slowly the servant begins to have feelings for their employer ( or vice versa).

~ Mermaid/merman x human
Character A was just a normal human until they moved to a new beachside town and found Character B, a merperson, injured and all alone. They decide to take the merperson home to nurse them back to health. Originally, they had intended to return the merperson back to the ocean, but things don't go according to plan.

~ Fantasy creature/ guardian x human
Character A is a clumsy, but well meaning fantasy creature. They are just trying their best to control their powers and live a "normal" life until they find out that they have been cursed to protect Character B, a human, or they will lose their powers. Character B doesn't want a guardian and even refuses to acknowledge them at first. So, they must find some way to help the human as best as they can- often their efforts seem to backfire. Will the human eventually accept their guardian?

~ Human x human or human x fantasy creature
( This is a post apocalyptic type of roleplay) Monsters and fantasy creatures have always existed in our world; dragons, ghosts, and even the little monsters that live under your bed. But, not everyone can see them. Character A is a tough, no-nonsense human who discovers they have the ability to see these monsters and soon learns that monsters are behind the apocalyptic disasters that have wiped out almost half of earth's population. Character A and Character B must team up to survive this apocalypse and at least try to figure out why this is happening.

~ Fairy, witch, fairy godmother, magical creature etc. x fantasy creature or human
In a modern world where magic is scarce, creatures who have powers often become rich and famous by selling their talents. Character A is a magical creature, though they aren't one of the lucky ones that become rich. They have fallen on hard times and must share a small apartment with character B. How does character B feel about Character A selling their magic spells and brewing potions in their bathtub?

~ Human/ humanoid x human/ humanoid ( Can be bionic, furries, fantasy creatures or anything really)
As they say, history repeats itself and those who don't learn their history are doomed to repeat it. Apparently, that was more true than we all realized. It is the year 2120, Technology has made many great advances over the years, robots coexist with humans peacefully, a cure for the common cold has been invented, there has been no wars in two centuries, and scientists have discovered how to make clones and have even brought back dinosaurs for zoos! 2120 has also been the second revival of the " Roaring Twenties". People listen to electro-jazz and big band music on their radios, everyone wears 20's inspired clothes, and even drive 1920's style roadsters, all with the convinces of modern technologies. But, things aren't as peaceful as they seem. With the revival of the Twenties came gangsters and speakeasies; two of the biggest gangs are beginning to run wild. No one wants to admit it, but there is trouble brewing in the underbelly of the city.

~ Fantasy creature x fantasy creature/ human

Fantasy creatures have become an integral part of human society over the past decade. It's common to see nymphs serving you coffee at your favorite café and vampire doctors who take care of you when you are in the hospital. Magic has become an important part of society and magic wielders are often held in high esteem. Though, there are some issues with this this "new society". Humans are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to magic and some magic wielders like to prey on the weaker humans. Though, despite the tensions, things are peaceful for the most part between the humans and "monsters". Will something cause tensions to boil over? Could you ever really get used to the fact that your new coworker is a vampire who likes telling you about his new vegan diet? Or that the lady sitting next to you at the bus stop is an overly chatty sphinx?
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space's search

Postby space. » Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:55 am

hello! i'm space!
i'm a teenager living in est currently looking for a few one on ones to occupy
extra time. i'm a semi-lit roleplayer, but can go very lit (500+ words) if needed.
i can do any type of romance, with a slight preference to mxm (more experience
haha). i can play up to three characters for a semi lit roleplay and two for a lit
roleplay, and i will not play canon characters. i like talking outside of roleplay as
well, and can wing it with plots or develop them pretty well. my grammar is
pretty good, and i usually write in all lowercase. i'm also fairly active, i try to get
on at least once a day.
what i want from you;;
-lgbt friendly
-can try and mirror my posts & contribute to plots
-active, but i understand if you can't be
-good grammar

roleplays i'm currently interested in;;
-fantastic beasts (with ocs)
-runaway teens
-riverdale (oc serpent x oc northsider) xxxxxx
-the 100 (oc x oc)
-the walking dead (ocs around szn 3/4)

-anti hero x superhero
-harry potter ocs
-supernatural beings/hunters (not
necessarily related to the show but
will do the show too)
-royalty from different countries

-mostly interested in fantastic beats, the walking dead, & riverdale (have plots for them too!!)
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby caprisun. » Fri Dec 28, 2018 3:21 am

hiya im boop and im trying to get back into writing after a long break.
about me
- lowercase intended
- decent grammar and spelling
- i can write from six lines to several paragraphs; i mirror post
- i only play female characters (unless doubled up)
- i’m pretty friendly and active. if inactive for some reason, i'll always inform you beforehand.

roleplays i’d be interested in (italics = role id want)
- walking dead (oc mainly)
- soul mates (matching tattos etc)
-artist/photographer x muse
- roommates
- criminals/detectives
- celebrity pr relationship (two celebs 'dating' for promo, end up falling in love etc)
- anything royalty themed
- hero x villain
- optimistic x pessimistic
- anything apocalypse-themed: natural disasters, zombie etc
- school project; e.g character a & and character b get paired for a six-week school project etc.
- bad reputation celebrity x goody two shoes celebrity
- roadtrip/ travelling across the world (friendship group, couples etc)
- runaways
- any cliche enemy to lovers plot
- I'm open for most ideas! just pm me c:

what i’m not interested in
- anything against the rules
- horse/mlp
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby Poppycorn222 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:34 am

Hiya,I'm Poppy. I'm looking for someone at my skill level
or slightly below/above to roleplay with.Below I'll explain
what I can provide and what i except from you,and what
kind of Roleplay's i'm interest in currently!

What you can expect from me
- Write 300-700 words {or more}
- Online most of the day
{I check on periodically}
- More than one reply a day
{I try to post more than once
a day but some days i do get
- Contributes to plot
- Likes OOC chat
-Roleplays mxf,mxm,fxf
What I expect from you
- Write at least a small paragraph
- Replies at least 4 times a week
- Notifies me if you'll be gone for
a prolonged period of time
-Will help with plot
- Supportive of the LGBT+
community even if you're not
willing to roleplay it.
- Friendly,willing to chat OOC


★= how much I want to rp this rp out of 5
Italics = i would prefer this role
Bold = I will only play this role
Strike = not interested right now

Currently wanting to focus on Romance
rather than action/adventure,but i am willing
to add those to the plot

My Little pony
Cannon x Oc
Blank flank x Blank flank
Oc x OC

Fairy Tail
Grey x Lucy
Grey x OC
Natsu x OC
Loki x OC
Lucy x OC
Erza x OC
other cannon/non cannon ships

Marvel Universe
Spiderman x Oc {Craving}
Steve x Natasha
Steve x Tony
Natasha x Tony
other ships,i'm interested in most
so just hmu about it and we can
work something out


Ouran Highschool Host Club
Hikaru x oc
Kyoya x oc
Tamaki x oc
Honey x oc
Mori x oc
Kaoru x oc
Haruhi x oc

Brother's Conflict
Natsume x OC
Azusa x OC
Tsubaki x OC
Subaru x OC


Sans x Oc
Other cannons x Oc
Oc x Oc
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Postby ronin. » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:05 am

    hey there i'm ronin, but feel free to call me indo if you want to (or honestly anything lmho) i'm a female a-level student from england (so i'm gmt), so you can expect that i may be slightly inactive at times where i've either been given a whole lot of work (two subjects are essay based lol and another one requires a lot of time and editing) or if i have mock-up exams. i can be found on discord where i'm likely more active there for a chat, although i've never planned to roleplay on there. i'm able to pump out decently sized posts depending on what my partner gives me (typically i get over 500+ words but can go to 1000+ if i'm offered enough to work with) but if we prefer shorter posts then i can probably work around that too haha. i'm capable of roleplaying any gender and i'm lgbt+ friendly and i can roleplay that. i'm terrible at typing full grammar when we are chatting, but i can if thats a preference of my partner's. i can roleplay multiple characters and i am a huge sucker for anything fantasy-based.

    i'm expecting decent grammar and responses from my partner, but i can work with shorter posts, that would just mean my posts would mirror that - so if you want lengthy replies from me, you'll need to provide enough to work with. i would like to have somebody willing to discuss the plot with me and happy to develop characters as we go along (if they're original characters, that is). it would be preferable if they're willing to roleplay on the forums, i struggle roleplaying through alternative sites/methods. i would like them to be active within reason, if you're busy or hitting a writers block thats completely fine !!! just please let me know haha.

    fandoms: (probably not all of them honestly, i've likely missed some haha)

    overwatch - i'm an active player of overwatch and i enjoy the lore, i'm happy to play canons and ocs
    supernatural - slightly behind on the series, but i understand what's been going on, i'll probably lean more towards ocs for me with this due to being behind on the series, but i can probably go for canons as well
    doctor who - i'm a sucker for doctor who tbh, canons and ocs are both totally fine!!
    star wars - kind of experimenting with this one aha, ocs and canons are cool with me, though, ocs preferable, though
    harry potter - i don't really mind with this one, ocs and canons are pretty cool with me
    the walking dead - i'm super weak for twd, the games, show, comics, the whole shebang i'm totally happy with any of them and with ocs or canons! any kind of apocalypse scenario is cool with me
    elder scrolls - ocs would naturally be preferable for this haha
    dragon age - origins and dragon age 2 are my strongest points with this, but inq is cool with me too
    warrior cats - slightly iffy on this - i've not been active in this for a long time haha but i can still roleplay it
    how to train your dragon - i'm not so active with the shows but i have watched a majority of them, ocs preferable
    jurrasic park - dinosaurs are my heart and soul i love them,,, so much. happy to do any kind of plot with this one, even if it doesn't follow the movies (i know some people enjoy those human-dino kind of scenarios, that sounds interesting to me)
    marvel - ocs and canons super cool with me on this, primarily ocs preferable though,,, im just a sucker for superheroes ngl
    pokémon - i don't mind what we do with this one, although two (or more) trainers adventuring together is probably the go-to plot for me.
    she-ra and the princesses of power - i'm not sure what kind of plot to do for this one, but i'm open to ideas !
    multifandoms - pretty self explanatory lol

    dialogue prompts: (this can be for fandom and non-fandom, and are only a few different ones, i'd likely find more)

    “Oh calm down, it’s just an ancient glowing sword. Nothing to be scared of.”
    That’s your brilliant plan? We are not only gonna die, but die very stupidly.”
    “I have a story! One time I accidentally got crowned a royal heir to the crown. Wanna hear about it?”
    “I don't think we're alone. I really don't think we're alone.”
    “Oh big deal, I befriended a murderer, you should be happy. Now if anyone makes me upset they can be killed.”
    “I have a ghost friend, do they write words with blood on the walls? Yeah, but, it’s always notes of encouragement.”
    “Look, just because I kill people for a living doesn’t mean I’m evil. It just means I like money.”
    “Oh yeah, walk through a forest at night, nothing could go wrong there. Said no one ever!”
    “A masked villain? Really? Well why don’t we just call up Scooby and the gang.”
    “You’re telling me, a human, to go fight a vampire? You’re hilarious, if you’re so confident a human can kill a vampire, you go do it.”
    “Yeah, anyway, I’ve decided not to worry about that.” “It’s...on fire.”
    “When you said you’re a werewolf, I expected something more fierce not...fluffy.”
    “One more pun or joke out of you, I'm leaving you on the side of the road.”
    “The floods came fast, but those things came faster.”
    “You tried to kill me the first time we met!” “On my planet, that is a compliment.”
    “We’re lost.” “No, we’re not.” “And it’s getting dark.” “We’re fine.” “I don’t even know which town this is.”
    “Okay, dude, this is the third time we ran into each other. Stop trying to steal the things I’m trying to steal.”
    “Want to hear my story about how I accidentally became an assassin for a day?”
    “Good night you, idiotic, carbon based life form.”
    “You’re… above average, in terms of appearance. I mean you look nice.” “Thanks. Quick question, have you ever spoken to a person before in your life, like ever?”
    “You just had to wake up the thousand-year-old mummy, huh?”
    “I sneezed and now we are surrounded by zombies.”
    “You came back for me!” “Actually, that's just my gun.”
    “Do not make me turn this ship around!”
    “This is humiliating.” “You should have thought of that before you tried to kill someone. Again.”
    “I can’t believe I’m supposed to be the voice of reason. I’ve never been reasonable about anything, ever, in my life.”
    “Every time I see you, you almost die! How on Earth do you survive every time?” “I’m stubborn.”
    “I hate you.” “Yeah, yeah. I love you too.”
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Postby SilentMelody » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:19 am

hello!! i'm silentmelody, but please call me mel.
i'm looking for some roleplay partners who have similar interests!

about you:
─ contribute to plot ideas/concepts
─ comfortable with lgbt+ relationships
─ can roleplay mxm/fxf/lgbt+ pairings
─ communication outside of roleplay
─ lets me know of any upcoming absences
─ posts 2-3+ times each week
─ cs posts must be 80-90 font size
─ realistic faceclaims only
─ friendlyness and kindness
    about me:
    ─ mst time zone (check here)
    ─ usually fairly active
    ─ replies 2-3+ times a week
    ─ only roleplays with romance included
    ─ can play any gender/sexuality
    ─ semi-literate/literate writer
    ─ prefer mxm/fxf/lgbt+ relationships
    ─ willing to roleplay on cs or discord
    ─ realistic faceclaims only

my fandoms: (underline = craving)
ocs only:
warrior cats
─ wings of fire
percy jackson
─ the maze runner
jurassic park/world
the walking dead
─ the hunger games
─ doctor who
─ how to train your dragon
some canon:
─ supernatural
game of thrones
star trek
    my interests: ( underline = craving)
    ─ dystopian/apocalyptic
    ─ medieval/kingdoms
    ─ sci-fi/fantasy
    ─ assassins/spies
    ─ shapeshifters
    ─ hybrids/experiments
    ─ artists/musicians
    any realistic animals
    ─ sci-fi/fantasy
    mythical creatures
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby dream weaver, » Fri Dec 28, 2018 7:49 am

about me;
- EST timezone
- online most days
- 3-4 replies per week [or more]
- may not post for a few days,
depending on muse
- i write, on average,
100 - 200 words.
- replies will be 1-2 paragraphs
- i try to mirror posts
- will let you know if i'm
away for long periods of time.

about you;
- fairly active
- decent grammar and spelling
- writes at least 1 paragraph
- contributes to plot
- inform me if you'll be away for a while
italics = craving, underlined = preferred role
- bnha
/kirishima x bakugou
- overwatch
/widowmaker x sombra
/roadhog x junkrat

- witches
- 70's themed
- ghost x human
- angel x demon
- apocalyptic
- psychic powers
- rival bands
- have other ideas? let me know!
aiden | they/them | rat | adult | gundham best boy 2020

hey hey. i just... really like gundham tanaka. if you couldn't tell.
feel free to message me about danganronpa but i'm currently
playing v3 so. no spoilers please thank you. i also like to read
horror and sci-fi books. i draw sometimes but it normally
doesn't look very good. i'm not very interesting, really...
my pms are open to anybody, so feel free to swing by
and tell me i'm a loser or whatever.
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby lacke » Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:19 am


            hello! my name is lacke if you couldn't tell by now (and yes i am aware that this
            coding is awful, i spent literally 30 minutes on trying to find something nice and
            this is what we ended up with). anywho, i've been roleplaying since about 2010,
            possibly longer, and nearly 8 of those years have been spent here on cs! i live in
            the western united states, living on mountain standard time. i am pretty active,
            and i am a full time college student as well as a part-time employee. enough of
            my long rambling though, i'll skip to the important part so i don't bore you!


            about me! (pretty boring i know)
            - i am in college and have a job, so while i am active, i may not post everyday.
            - i am a semi-literate to literate roleplayer, most of my posts are about 400+.
            - i mostly do mxf roleplays, but i am open to trying mxm or fxf! lgtbq+ is okay!
            - i would like to consider myself a friendly person, i am very open to and prefer
   make friends with the person i am roleplaying with! feel free to pm me!
            - i am definitely not picky, and i am pretty much open to any suggestions!

            what i'd like from you!
            - again, i am not picky. but it would be nice to have a partner who can match
   literacy, who can post with proper grammar, stuff like that.
            - a partner who is okay with my little to no experience with lgbtq+ characters.
            - a partner who is willing to discuss the plots/characters and further ideas!
            - a partner who is willing to do ocs' for most roleplays of any genres!
            - a partner who is fairly active and understands that i may not post 24/7.

            general roleplays i'm looking for!
            - warrior cats (general clan life, forbidden romance, prophecies, etc.)
            - demi-gods (historic greece/rome, percy jackson based, current day.)
            - star wars (i've never done a star wars roleplay, but i'd love to!)
            - harry potter (students at hogwarts, adulting wizards, etc.)
            - skyrim/elder scrolls (i've never done a rp like this, but i'd love to!)
            - how to train your dragon (romance, adventure, peril, etc.)
            - marvel (superhero oc's, superhero children, superhero apprentices.)
            - werewolves (romance, adventure, peril, soulmates, anything!)
            - detroit become human (romance, adventure, etc.)
            - romance in general (pretty open to a lot!)
            - a lot more that i cannot think of right off the top of my head!

            dialogue prompts! (new one for me, why not try it?)
            - "no, its really not that complicated. he's a bad person."
            - "the king is missing."
            - "do you trust me?"
            - "why are you helping me?"

            things i won't roleplay (im sorry ;n; )
            - anything anime related
            - roleplays with no real plot
            - roleplays with no real drama/romance
            - real life bands/people
            - anything with cannon characters.
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby it.will.rain » Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:23 am

Hello! I am it.will.rain. I am looking for a couple 1x1 role plays. I am pretty active on Chicken smoothie most days but occasionally things come up and I am not as active on those days but I try to post at least once or twice a day. I try to mirror posts but I do get writers block and can’t always do that. I do prefer to stick to one or two paragraphs at most though but will go a bit higher if my partner would prefer. I do mxf, mxm, and fxf roleplays. I live in EST timezone but it is okay if you are in a different one.
What I want from you:
To be active by posting at least every other day. (I understand if things come up though.)
Please do not quit without telling me.

What I want to role play (Bold is what I really want to do):
Rich and poor
Royal and commoner (Have an idea for this listed below.)
Country and city
Nerd and jock (Idea listed below)
Mermaid/merman human
Celebrity and normal person (Preferably OC’s)
Hip hop dancer and a ballerina (Have plot idea for this listed below)
Good and bad
Vampire and werewolf
Role plays based on songs (I really like Taylor Swift or Chester see but am open to others as I listen to a lot of things.)
Spy and regular person
Forbidden romance
opposites attract
This is just a small list of what I am willing to do. I don’t do role plays with just animals though and there must be at least a little romance in it to keep me interested. Send me any ideas that you might have! Thanks!

Plot ideas: (If you want to change something about them or have a different plot in mind, that is fine! Let me know and we will see what we can do.)
Ballet and hip hop dancer: (Genders can be changed)
A girl who loves to feel the music. Dance the slow rhythmic patterns of the dance. She is a ballerina all the way. Maybe things would be different if her mother had not helped her get her start in it but now she loves it. She is more slow paced and traditional. He dances hip-hop. The complete opposite. He loves the fast moves and quick combinations. He is a fast pace guy who loves to shake things up. Will they be able to convince their friends that the other is great? Will one switch sides for the other or will it all end? Maybe they will learn how to combine their dances ...We will just have to see...

Jock and nerd:
What happens when you see someone sitting on the wall reading a book? You are more likely to ignore them.What you may not know is they have a hard life and are constantly trying to convince their family they is good enough to fit into her really smart family. They have straight A's and work hard to maintain them. You have it hard too. Your mother is pressuring you about grades and your dad about the sport you play and doing well. You need help in a class and you know that she is the best one to ask for help.You catch a fellow popular person being mean to the person who is up against the wall. What will you do? Go and stand up for the nerd and risk your reputation? Or join in making fun of her for studying?

Royal plots:
There are two brothers who are princes. One is destined to have the throne and the other is not. The one that is, is the perfect child or so their parents think. The other is a bit of a bad boy and never does anything his parents want until they have a masquerade ball to find a love for his brother and he ends up with a girl that calms him down and comes from the prefect family. But what happens when the prince in line for the throne picks a poor girl who he falls in love with? Only time will tell...

A royal is told to marry another royal. In a world where when you turn 15, you get a mark on your arm that will match your soulmate. Royals usually do not get this mark for unknown reasons but this one did. They try to keep them from their soulmate but they end up meeting. The other is a commoner and the royal family tries to push up the wedding with the royal. But when the royal soulmate is taken, what will the other royal and soulmate do? Come together to work to find them or fight against each other to get there first?
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