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Postby lol » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:06 am

      she // her — pansexual — LOVES strawberries,, (open to relationships and rps!!!)

      if there was one place this kalon could visit, where would it be and why?: as a small kalon, iridiana always found herself walking out in the streets to pass by stores with big screens (presumably tv's for sale)- and request to watch the wizard of oz. the store owner knew her for some time, but soon he passed, and she was left with not being able to see her favorite movie. iridiana would go home after long days at school, feeling tired, and drained- she would water color rainbows on papers, and sing "over the rainbow" to calm herself. other days, she would go to school all giddy, and pretend she was dorothy for the day. iridiana would get pushed around for being a 'weirdo' or an 'outcast'. she felt as if the wizard of oz was all she had; and sometimes- she just wished to dress up as the wicked witch of the west, and scare all the kids at her school.
      as she grew up, more and more, she didn't necessarily grow out of her 'phase', but instead took it by heart. if she had to travel ANYWHERE in the world, it would have to be to kansas. she knows it wouldn't be much like the movies- getting swept into a large tornado, and searching for the land of oz, but she would love to run a farm. to look after little chickens, and sit on her porch watching a rainbow that just barely touches the sky. that's the life iridiana wants.
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