Gwendolyn by noriia

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by noriia


Postby noriia » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:49 am

    im so happy oh my god
    she's my baby i love her so much

    here are all the notes i had while designing her human form

      - blind plant witch
      - makes remedy potions that that she gives freely to people who need them
      - plenty of pearl earrings
      - her markings are natural, not tattoos (has them on face, legs and arms - sleeves hide them though)
      - has a familiar, but in the form of a climber rose instead of an animal
      - has a staff that's doubles as a walking stick basically (the roses usually stay on that)
      - the roses often use their vines/stems to help guide Gwen's arms when making potions etc.
      - her roses are a type of thornless one, so they're perfectly safe for her to have (still wears her sleeves as the brambles can feel annoying to bare skin)
      - quite fitted clothing, probably got lace, pearl accents to match the earrings as well as more of the flower accessory

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