Luciole St. Armand by Ethulai

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Luciole St. Armand

Postby Ethulai » Fri May 06, 2016 12:46 pm

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Re: Luciole St. Armand

Postby Ethulai » Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:35 pm

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Luciole, a young Louisiana French Creole, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is bilingual, fluent in both the French and English languages. Currently working as a chef in a local restaurant whose specialty is gumbo. He was taught to cook by his father, while from his mother he has received, somewhat reluctantly, instruction in voodoo. He raps in both French and English as a hobby and is strongly drawn to the swamps which he visits in order to recharge and get away from the busy city. He has a special affinity for the gators who live in the swamps as well as the fireflies who are drawn to his glow. A complex individual who has many facets to his personality, Luciole is often described as charming, mysterious, confident and empathetic. [Face claim]

Does your plumie have an idol?Who?
Ain't got one.

What quirks do your plumies have?
Can not cook without singing. Believes this improves the flavor of his dishes!

What are their theme songs?
Dr. John - Goin' Back To New Orleans
Parov Stelar - Catgroove
Tape Five - Bad Boy Good Man

What your favorite part of your plumie's design?
Definitely the slightly glowing tail and the markings around his eyes <3

What part of your plumie inspired their character?
He was inspired by fireflies (his name even means firefly in French) and thus it began. Due to his name being French, and fireflies firing off The Princess and the Frog in my head I decided I wanted him to be from New Orleans, Louisiana. A city I've always been fascinated by and hope to visit one day!

Which of your plumies do you think you were most nervous about contest-wise?
Luciole was a very simple contest. We just had to choose a gif we liked of fireflies. I was not nervous because I assumed I would not win since many people entered due to the fact that it was a simple contest. It was quite a surprise!

What's your plumie's favorite video game?
Anything to let off steam. At the moment Dead Souls III (June, 2016).

Quick! Your plumie has to dye their hair/head fur all one color! What color do they pick?
"No need for gris gris. Love who you are, cher"

What hat do you think looks best on your plume?
Baseball cap.

What Hogwarts house is your Plumie in?

Take a look at the color of your plumerian's eyes. Based off of the pokemon types, what type is your pokemon?Heterochromia means two types!
Image Luciole - Bright yellow eyes = Electric

In your head do you imagine that your plumie(s) have unique traits, like how different dogs are taller or have different looking fur? If so, what do you imagine they look like?
Very tall, very muscly, really short fur.

What are your plumie(s) favorite foods? Least favorite foods?
Favourite; Gumbo // Least favourite; Mushrooms

If your plumie(s) were ice cream flavors based off of their fur, what would they be? What if the ice cream flavor was based on their personality?
Fur; Blue Raspberry & Mango // Personality; Tiger Tail

what pokemon go team would your plumie(s) be on?

Do your plumie(s) have any bad habits? if so, why?
Flirts too much. Heartbreaker *shakes head sadly*

Do your plume(s) have any irrational fears? what caused them? ((this doesn't include common phobias, like claustrophobia or arachnophobia.))
One the one hand he doesn't believe in his mother's Voodoo. On the other hand, he'll wears charms and carries around a gris-gris especially during Halloween.

Would your plumerian(s) play chickensmoothie? How about any other pet site?
No petsites for this outdoors loving guy.

What are some of your Plumerian's guilty pleasures?
Eating out. His mother would be so ashamed if she knew as she believes her family's cooking is better than anyone elses. Luc sometimes just wants to try new things but he does so in secret not to upset his Maman.

Are any of your Plumies into any fandoms?
Secretly part of many fandoms including Supernatural and NCIS.

Using this, generate your plumies last words!
"To die is to be forgotten. So I'll live forever."

If they had to get a piercing that is anywhere but their ears, what would they choose?
Eyebrow ring for sure!

Half empty or half full?
Half full cher, which means more space to fill!

What is their go-to karaoke song?
Sexy and I Know It (oh dear)

What type of popcorn do they order at the cinema?

What songs on your playlist would best describe your plumie(s)?
Sharpness - Jamie Woon

What is your plumie(s) favorite T.V show?
At the moment he likes Ballers.

Does your plumerian collect anything? If so, what?
Collects lovers Doesn't really collect anything.

What's the hardest thing your plumie has ever done?
He finds his Voodoo lessons exceptionally hard because he struggles with spirituality.

What water temp does your plumie bathe in?
Whatever he feels like at the time. Definitely cold showers during hot Louisiana summers.

Spicy, mild, or bland foods?

What flavor toothpaste do they brush with?

What is their favorite kind of music?
Zydeco, Jazz, R'N'B, Rap.

What movie genre are they most in to?
Action and Comedy.

What is their favorite season?

What is their favorite drink?
Barq's Root Beer.

Do they like or dislike surpises?

Does your plumerian have a favorite spooky halloween song to jam out to?
I Put a Spell on You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.
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