Create a Kennel [ — V.3 ]

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Postby w0ah » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:44 pm

        𝐖𝟎𝐀𝐇❜𝐒 𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐋 ───────────────────────────────────────────

        ⦁ the last sentinels ⟶ solyn
        the ivy scouts ⟶ soccer97
        ⦁ płonący ogień ⟶ _surprise_
        ⦁ orthros ⟶ wade wilson
        ⦁ the polar kennel ⟶ cattuccino
        ⦁ night callers ⟶ crutchie_
        ⦁ hurricane regan ⟶ yukon_
        fallen kingdom ⟶ chaotic_affection

          current season; fall.

          note to my kennels: my last set of replies are here. if you n
          eed help finding the last reply for your kennel, please mess
          age me.


      001. 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐈𝐕𝐘 𝐒𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐒
        xxxxxx★ the kennel does not starve.
        • kalta, natiri, ulysses and laila return from their hunt with a raptor.
        • niko, candie, and truskett encounter a scottish deerhound on their patrol. they seem interested in the scouts' ranks and are willing to join. will they be permitted to join the scouts? or, will the patrol leave them to fend for themselves? perhaps take them in as a prisoner?
        • chi returns from the herb-hunting patrol with poppyseeds.
        • garland, brutus, and minerva encounter nothing of importance on their patrol.
        • bandit successfully learns tracking, nova successfully learns stalking, and felix and draxx successfully learn how to fight.
        • the new trainees are welcomed by the ancestors, boding the mentors well in the sessions.

        xxxxxx★ the kennel does not starve──this is your last moon of fasting.
        • demi's request has been answered; a beta has arrived.
        • the ancestors welcome cerbus and cash to their ranks.
        • cash and shawsta returns from their herb-hunting patrol with ragwort and dandelion.
        • cerbus, caesar, shawsta, and demi return with a vole and a chicken from their hunt.
        note: please send hunting patrols and regular patrols separately.
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Re: Create a Kennel [ — V.3 ]

Postby nightwolf950 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:11 pm

(Finally bringing The Northern Stars back. Just picking up where I left off.)

Archive: Here
Number of Dogs: 86 (46 males | 40 females)
Speak to the Stars: Feb. 14th
Servings Needed: 14 (84 - 90)

The Northern Stars consumes x7 hares




{Request: Kodiak requests a dog
Ceremonies: Rusty, Sparrow, Ezio, Claudia, Balto, Peter, and Winston are ready to become Ironteeth

Other: Frost and Sona are from an old readopt I forgot to add in before Northern Stars went limbo
Anubis, Snow, Anput, Braxton, and Keket are from my old kennel
Solo is a raffle dog I won awhile back

Medic Info: n/a
Welping Info: Sona is due. Frost is the father
Anput is due. Anubis is the father
Deaths: n/a

Gathering Herbs: Eagle, Kai, and Reba
Hunting: Korra, Shiho, Bear, Bailey, Akira, Norman, Frost, and Coach
Hunting: Azalea, Red, Kayode, Dakota, Banjo, Leif, Aristeaus, and Anubis
Hunting: Shiloh, Sasha, Zeus, Graham, Apollo, Brittany, Braxton, and Rusty
Hunting: June, Isis, Nova, Kaltag, Bee, Scooby, Sparrow, and Ezio
Patrolling/Scent Marking: Kodiak, Bird, Yusuke, Makoto, Sakura, Delilah, Claudia, and Balto
Patrolling/Scent Marking: Charlie, Tank, Blizzard, Riley, Romeo, Jenny, Peter, and Winston
Patrolling/Scent Marking: Thunder, Steele, Gunner, Jess, Brutus, Venus, and Solo
Patrolling/Scent Marking: Nina, Swift, Persephone, Dimitri, Ice, and Pepper

Training: Nick/Thor - tracking | Dane/Cate - hunting | Rose/Kyra - defense | Snow/Keket - hunting

Mod Note: Kayode's Powers and Solo's Powers

Kodiak | 111 moons | Male | Alaskan Malamute
Lives: ★★★★★★

Charlie | 98 moons | Female | Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Eagle | 44 moons | Male | Icelandic Sheepdog
Kai | 71 moons | Male | Akita
Reba | 27 moons| Female | Husky/Sheltie mix

Thunder | 89 moons | Male | Belgian Malinois
Nina | 89 moons | Female | German Shepherd
Korra | 53 moons | Female | Border Collie
Azalea | 84 moons | Female | Australian shepherd Mix
Shiloh | 92 moons | Female | Redbone Coonhound
June | 44 moons | Female | Icelandic Sheepdog
Rose | 44 moons | Female | Icelandic Sheepdog
Bear | 44 moons | Male | Icelandic Sheepdog
Bailey | 79 moons | Female | English Shepherd
Akira | 41 moons | Female | Husky/Australian Shepherd mix
Norman | 41 moons | Male | Husky/Australian Shepherd mix
Red | 40 moons | Male | Pitbull
Kayode | 94 moons | Male African Wild Dog
Dakota | 57 moons | Female | Siberian Husky
Banjo | 50 moons | Male | Shepherd mix
Leif | 54 moons | Male | Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Sasha | 38 moons | Female | Red heeler pitbull mix
Dane | 59 moons | Male | Great Dane
Zeus | 58 moons | Male | Great Dane
Graham | 42 moons | Male | Border collie
Shiho | 81 moons | Female | Shikoku
Apollo | 82 moons | Male | Doberman
Brittany | 81 moons | Female |English Shepherd
Isis | 59 moons | Female |Husky
Nova | 39 moons | Female | Belgian Shepherd
Kaltag | 70 moons | Male | Kangal
Bee| 41 moons | Female | St.

Scooby | 27 moons | Male | Great Dane mix
Bird | 26 moons | Female | Mutt
Yusuke | 23 moons| Male | Shikoku
Makoto | 23 moons| Female | Shikoku
Sakura | 23 moons| Female | Shikoku
Delilah | 23 moons| Female | GSMD/Irish Wolfhound mix
Tank | 23 moons| Male | GSMD/Irish Wolfhound mix
Blizzard | 36 moons | Female | Husky mix
Riley | 25 moons | Female | Australian shepherd
Romeo | 52 moons | Male | Doberman(right)
Jenny | 21 moons | Female | English shepherd/Malamute mix
Steele | 21 moons | Male | English shepherd/Malamute mix
Gunner | 21 moons | Male | English Pointer
Jess | 41 moons | Female | Mutt
Nick | 45 moons | Male | Bernese Mountain Dog
Brutus | 94 moons | Male | Coonhound
Venus | 58 moons | Female | Husky
Swift | 39 moons | Male | Greyhound
Persephone | 35 moons | Female | Beauceron
Dimitri | 47 moons | Male | Lab
Ice | 44 moons | Male | Husky
Pepper | 22 moons | Female | Curly Coated Retriever
Frost | 73 moons | Male | Heeler Mix
Coach | 25 moons | Male | Australian Shepherd
Aristeaus | 35 moons | Male | Border Collie
Anubis | 49 moons | Male | Thai Ridgeback
Snow | 49 moons | Female | German Shepherd
Braxton | 27 moons | Male | Beauceron
Solo | 38 moons | Male | Chinese Crested

Rusty | 14 moons | Male | Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix
Sparrow | 14 moons | Female | Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix
Ezio | 14 moons | Male | Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix
Claudia | 14 moons | Female | Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix
Balto | 14 moons | Male | Husky
Peter | 14 moons | Male | Finish Spits/Husky
Winston | 14 moons | Male | Finish Spits/Husky
Thor | 8 moons | Male | Husky/Boxer mix
Cate | 8 moons | Female | Husky/Boxer mix
Kyra | 9 moons | Female | Husky
Rollin | 9 moons | Male | Borzoi
Keket | 13 moons | Female | Beauceron

Juliet | 48 moons | Female | Doberman(left)
Jenifer| 50 moons | Female | Collie
Inari | 22 moons | Female | Shikoku
Sona | 56 moons | Female | Dalmation Mix
Anput | 42 moons | Female | Ibizan Hound

Emma | 4 moons | Female | Doberman
Ethan | 4 moons | Male | Doberman
Autumn | 4 moons | Female | Collie mix
Oliver | 5 moons | Male | KS/Rottie
Kitsune | 1 moons | Male | Shikoku
Torikku | 1 moons | Male | Shikoku
Iwaba | 1 moons | Male | Shikoku

Dusty | 153 moons | Male | Golden Retriever
Parker | 88 moons | Male | Blue Heeler mix


Shaman | Tenderpaw | x | healing procedures, recognizing herbs, herb storage, understanding omens/prophecies
Irontooth | Tenderpaw | x | hunting, tracking, offense, defense

Nick | Thor | 1 | hunting, tracking, offense, defense
Dane | Cate | 1 | hunting, tracking, offense, defense
Rose | Kyra | 1 | hunting, tracking, offense, defense
Snow | Keket | 0 | hunting, tracking, offense, defense


Fresh-Kill Pile:
Mice | x5 | 1 servings
Squirrel | x4 | 2 servings
Rabbit | x11 | 2 servings
Hare | x0 | 2 servings
Small birds | x11 | 2 servings
Turkey | x0 | 5 servings
White Tailed Deer | x3 | 6 servings

Medicine Store
Alder Bark | eases toothaches - 1
Bindweed | helps keep broken bones in place - 1
Blackberry leaves | eases the swelling of bee stings - 1
Borage leaves | produces more and better milk, brings fevers down - 7
Bright-eye | mixed with lovage it can help cure coughs - 1
Broom | used to make poultices for broken legs and wounds - 1
Burdock root | helps with infected rat bites - 0
Burnet | keeps a cat's strength up - 1
Catchweed | stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin - 0
Catmint | a treatment herb for Greencough/Whitecough - 1
Celandine | soothes damaged eyes - 2
Chamomile | strengthens the heart/soothes the mind, helps with strength - 1
Chervil | treats greencough, though catmint is often preferred - 1
Chickweed | treats greencough - 2
Cobwebs | stops bleeding - 4
Coltsfoot | eases breathing/kitten-cough, as well as cracked/sore pads - 3
Comfrey root | repairs broken bones/soothes wounds, helps burns - 1
Daisy leaf | eases aching joints - 1
Dandelion | sooth bee stings, also acts as a pain killer - 0
Deadly Nightshade | x - 0
Deathberries | x - 0
Dock | soothes scratches/sore pads/wounds - 1
Dried oak leaves | used to stop infections - 1
Elder leaves | soothes sprains - 1
Fennel | helps hip pain - 1
Feverfew | reduces temp. for cats with fever/chills, heals aches/pains, helps headaches - 1
Foxglove seeds | x - 1
Goatweed | eases anxiety and grief - 0
Goldenrod | helps healing wounds - 1
Hawkweed | like catmint - 1
Heather Nectar | makes swallowing easier - 1
Honey | soothes infections/sore throats/coughs - 3
Horsetail | used to treat infections and stop bleeding - 2
Juniper berries| soothes bellyaches, calms cats, gives strength, helps with breathing - 2
Lamb's ear | gives strength - 0
Lavender | cures fevers and chills - 1
Lovage | mixed with bright-eye, it can help cure coughs - 1
Lungwort | cures yellow-cough - 1
Mallow Leaves | soothes bellyaches - 1
Marigold | stops infection/bleeding, helps inflammation of stiff joints - 1
Mint | hides scent of death - 2
Mouse bile | helps get ticks off - 0
Parsley | stops a queen from producing milk if her kits die, cures bellyaches - 0
Poppyseeds | helps with sleep, ease pain, helps sooth shock/distress - 0
Ragwort leaves | treats aching joints, keeps strength up - 1
Ragwort | gives extra strength and energy - 1
Raspberry leaves | eases pain, stops bleeding - 1
Rosemary | hides scent of death - 0
Rush | helps hold broken limbs in place - 1
Stick | x - 4
Stinging nettle | induces vomiting, brings down swelling - 0
Sweet-sedge | eases infection - 0
Tansy | cures coughs/wounds/poisons, soothes throats, helps prevent greencough - 0
Tormentil | root helps treat wounds and extract poison - 0
Thyme | calms nervousness/anxiety and cats in shock - 1
Watermint | eases the suffering that originates from a bellyache - 0
Water hemlock | x - 0
Wild garlic | prevents infection - 2
Willow Bark | eases pain - 0
Willow leaves | stops vomiting - 0
Wintergreen | treats wounds and some poisons - 1
Yarrow | extracts poisons, helps cat vomit up toxins - 0
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Re: Create a Kennel [ — V.3 ]

Postby VanossGaming » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:14 am

Ƥσмєgяαηαтє Rιɗgє



The dogs of Pomegranate Ridge are a neutral alligned group. They're kind, caring, and look out for each other while still passing up on the soft life of the human pet. They remain loyal to each other but will help their allies in times of need. They prefer not to pick fights but will defend themselves only if it is incredibly nessecary. They have a cool, collected outlook on life that revolves around helping each other for the greater good of the pack. Pomegranate Ridge rests in an open clearing in the middle of a jungle. There are three rivers that run through the jungle and the pack got lucky that one of the three runs straight through their clearing. The place of worship for the dogs is a pointed red stained stone that stands mighty and tall beneath a pomegranate tree within a secluded glade. Most often it is only the Alpha that visits the glade to ask the ancestors or their chosen god/goddess for help. However other dogs can be founds from the pack beneath it's shade, praying, resting, or thinking beneath it's branches. The members of Pomegranate Ridge hunt anywhere they can. The jungle is plentiful in food yet it's hard to find underneath the patchy light sources. Herbs are also commonly found around the jungle. There is one unified religion in Pomegranate Ridge Each dog when they feel is right, can choose between the god of the light and the goddess of the night. Those who follow the God of the Light pledge to be brave, loyal, creative, and overall outgoing. Those who follow the Goddess of the Night pledge to be inquisitive, analytical, level-headed, and overall like to keep to themselves.
Food Sources:

    Large Fish
    White Tailed Deer
    Wild Boar

Kam• Aries • She/Her
Weirdo at Work!!
Formerly known as liongoddess

My KalonsDanska!©Bailey!My Soll-Mate ❤️
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♦ overrun with youngsters !!

Postby ossa di cervo » Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:13 am


      militia total ninefive males four female
      servings needed 3
      ancestor visit now / 2-15
      pups due --


        [[ the militia consumes 3 mice !! ]]
        [[ hiri searches for herbs
        braisle patrols in search of the two scents they found last moon
        thamin patrols in search of luka's sibling
        kiyja hunts
        the initiates enjoy a day off
        amaryllis requests a troop from the gods
        amaryllis & kronos of the greaven empire try for pups ]]
    A scrap of Borzoi sat in a huddle with a towering Wolfhound seated nearby. The wolfhound looked down at the small pup, "This camp is getting overrun by you little sponges, y'know?" He chuckled lightly, indicating the joking nature of his statement.

    The little Borzoi whimpered quietly, tail tip quivering nervous next to his haunch, "I'm sorry, mister, my big brother should be here soon though, promise." Luka crouched, attempting to make himself smaller then he already was.

    Thamin, also seated nearby, laid down so that he was eye level with the pup and offered a gentle smile, "Dont be sorry, pup, you're more than welcome here."

    Luka shyly locked eyes with the hound then looked up at the tunnel's dirt roof, "Its so dark here," he whispered, "dont you ever get scared?"

    Braisle laughed, a hearty, thick sound, "No dog here is scared of a little dirt!"

    Just then sounds of a scuffle came to their ears and Lesk came bolting around the bend in the tunnel, holding a mouse by the tail. His fur was spiked, ears pinned to his skull and as his tail streamed out behind him Juezin came into view in hot pursuit of his brother. Luka instantly hunkered down farther, eyes wide as he watched the duo. Juezin leaped up and landed square on Lesk's shoulders. The two tumbled down, crashing into Thamin's bony hip, causing the sleek hound to jump and huddle down with Luka. Rather then halting the two continued their feud, nipping at each other's tails and ears - soon enough their beautiful white pelts were turned muddy brown. Braisle let out another hearty laugh, cheering the two rowdy initiates on. He snatched the mouse up and offered it to little Luka, "Nothing like an afternoon show, eh?"

    Pawsteps sounded near the tunnel entry and Thamin averted his gaze. It could only mean one thing - these pups were about to feel a wrath only a mother could give.

    Sure enough, Kiyja's white pelt stood in the tunnel, a small bird and mouse in her jaws. The two pieces of prey were quickly abandoned as her jaw dropped, "Lesk! Juezin!" She snarled, launching herself between her two sons. She lifted Juezin by the scruff, or attempted to, and pushed him away, "What is the meaning of this!? Look at your fur now!"

    Lesk lowered his head, "Sorry, ma."

    Kiyja snapped as her head spun toward Lesk, "Go to the river. Now. Clean yourself up." She growled. Juezin stood without a word and began to follow but Kiyja stepped in front of the pup, "What do you think I am? Stupid? I know how these fights always start."

    Juezin sighed and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, but you should've heard what he said to me!"

    Kiyja pressed her nose against Juezin's, demanding eye contact as she snarled, "I. Don't. Care. He's your brother." She paused, staring into her son's eyes for a moment before she stepped back, "Go. Before I change my mind." The pup took off down the tunnel after his brother, "And so help me if you start another fight in the river!" The white shepherd turned to face Braisle then, a fire in her eyes, "Why didnt you stop them!?"

    "Calm down, Kiyja, they're pups."
    Amaryllis melodic voice rang in the tunnel, "Besides, have you forgotten your newest initiate?"

    The small pack turned in unison to face the alpha and the mysterious newcomer. The elegant gold and white form of Amaryllis cane first followed by a sleek black and white young dog. The smaller dog's tail waved back and forth excitedly, "Hi!" She squeaked, "My name is Kiaris! Amaryllis told me in the woods that Kiyja would train me!"

    Kiyja smiled lightly, all thoughts of her head-butting children gone, "I shall, Kiaris, our first training session will be in a few days. We'll have to go out with Braisle, Thamin and my two..." she paused, considering her options on what she could call her spawn, "fire-starters."

    Amaryllis interrupted then, stepping through the group to stand in front of Luka, "And who is this?"

    Thamin's eyes nervously connected with Amaryllis' as he uttered an answer, "This is Luka. I found him near the border. He said he was searching for his older brother."

    The ibizan hound nodded lightly, "Then we find his brother. Our ranks could use more grown dogs, we're being overrun by pups." She half laughed at her own comment, "Braisle, go seek out the scent of two dogs you found last moon. Thamin, a try and seek out Luka's brother. I have something I must tend to." The two troops nodded then left the tunnels to do their jobs. Amaryllis sighed lightly, "Luka, I have to leave you alone for now but we'll all return soon."

    Luka smiled sheepishly and nodded softly, "I just hope you can find my brother."


        commander XXXXXXX major XXXXXXXXX medic XXXXXXX medic initiate
        ♀ amaryllis | 25m XxxxXXX name | age XXXXXXXXXXX♀ hiri | 33m XXXXXXXXXXXX name | age
        XXIbizan hound XXXXXXXXX breed XXXXXXXXXXXXXX silken windhound XXXXXXXXXXXX breed

      ♂ thamin | 30m | azawakh
      ♂ braisle | 34m | irish wolfhound
      ♀ kiyja | 32m | gsd
      name | age | breed
♂ lesk | 8m | gsd
♂ juezin | 8m | gsd
♀ kiaris | 6m | border/greyhound
name | age | breed
name | age | breed


      name | age | breed
        ♂ luka | 4m | borzoi
        pup2 | age | breed
      name | age | breed
      name | age | breed
      name | age | breed
name | age | breed
name | age | breed
name | age | breed
name | age | breed


      mice | 1 serving | x2
      hare | 2 serving | x1
      small bird | 2 serving | x1
      large bird | 3 serving | x0
      raccoon | 4 serving | x0
      white tailed deer | 6 serving | x0
cobweb | stops bleeding | x1
honey | soothes sore throats | x1


      XXmentors & initiates
      braisle | lesk
      ♦ offense, hunting
      thamin | jeuzin
      ♦ hunting
      kiyja | kiaris

kiyja & unknown | lesk & juezin
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Re: Create a Kennel [ — V.3 ]

Postby xi'rika » Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:44 am


P O M E G R A N A T ExxR I D G E
      ➳ The stars glow brighter as a chorus of howls fill the air, welcoming Pomegranate Ridge, and their founder, under their rein
        ↳ Your mod shall be w0ah
      ➳ Make sure to check our fanclub!
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Re: Create a Kennel [ — V.3 ]

Postby crutchie_ » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:49 pm

T H E ·· W A Y F A R E R S
dogs of the sea ! !


The Wayfarers are a group of mysterious and often ruthless dogs living in an abandoned beach resort. It sits right on the beach, so swimming is a requirement for being in the group. Wayfarers are mostly escaped or stray dogs that at some point went through abuse or neglect. This paints a picture of ruthless and selfish dogs when in truth, the bonds between packmates are stronger than most. Each one fights for the good of the many, not the one. Enemies that dare challenge them are sure to have an army on their tails.

In terms of religion, the Wayfarers aren't too sold on the idea of Starwalkers but do believe in what they call Siennas, or spirit guides, that live in the water. Not far from their beach is a small island packed with shells. When a new dog joins or a cadet is ready to become a Buckaneer, they have to swim out to the island and retrieve a shell. They bring it back and place it in the room of Rainbow Glass, where their spirit will be protected until their death. Once the dog dies, he is buried and the shell is shattered on the gravesite -- releasing the spirit.

    Lieutenant > Beta
    Medic > Shaman

    Sea Claws > IronTooth

    Cadets > Apprentices

    Mongers > Omegas

Dogs found: any sort of hound or smooth-coated breed, great danes, borzoi, greyhounds, whippets, bull terriors, pitbulls, cane corso, beauceron, labs, dobermans, Dalmatian. Mutts are also extremely common.

May this be my founder?

> dogs kept from the Night Callers: Brutus, Magnus, Fleur (Amorette), Amour, Hypnos, Hades, Athena, Dru
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Rika's Replies ['6]

Postby xi'rika » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:53 pm

xxxxxxxroleplay ~ fanclub ~ Next Replies: Feb 20th


Winter is here, grasping the land in it's cold grip. Pup births are much more complicated and prey is scarcexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




C I T Y xxH A U N T E R S

      ➳ Audrick and Everett hunt a squirrel and a rabbit

      ➳ Gesa and Galina find an abandoned tenderpaw. They seem to have a raged collar around their neck, maybe they belonged to some two legs?

      ➳ Audrick receives his promised melody, who is due in too minutes

      ➳ The City Haunters has 1 more post until they have to feed themselves



M A L A K I TxxH E I M S V E L D I

    ➳ Disa gives birth to one two three four five six heckin' cute puppers

    ➳ The hunting patrol finds a vole and a mouse

    ➳ The border patrol finds an abandoned pup

    ➳ Both cadets learn a skill




    ➳ The hunting patrol finds a raccoon, a shrew, and a squirrel

    ➳ The border patrol finds a loner who wants to join

    ➳ Dirk fails to find any herbs due to the harsh winter conditions



T H ExxW A Y F A R E R S

    ➳ The stars glow brighter as a chorus of howls fill the air, welcoming The Wayfarers, and their founder, under their rein
      ↳ Your mod shall continue to be w0ah

    ➳ You may only choose 6 dogs from your old kennel to join


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Re: Create a Kennel [ — V.3 ]

Postby soccer97 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:50 pm

ImageNumber of Dogs: Males: 11 Females: 8 Total: 19

"Come on Draxx, let me go!"
"You should've listened to Candie when we were training more." Draxx jumps on his brother and begins chewing his tail. The play fighting soon escalated to an all out battle with Draxx outweighing his smaller brother. In an attempt to get the upper hand, Felix attempts to stand up. But Draxx was pining him down with all his weight.
Felix cries out "Mom! Make him get off of me!"
Stella rolls her eyes and says "Draxx, can't you let your brother win one fight? Or even let him have a fighting chance?"
"No mom. Brutus says not to let your opponent have any opportunity to strike. So Felix will have to learn how to beat me fair and square."
"Well, at least let your brother up so he can breathe." Draxx finally releases his brother from his hold and Felix hides behind their mother.
"Come on Felix, at this rate even the moocher will be able to beat you."
"Yeah right. Like I'd let him ever beat me." Felix and Draxx glance at each other before ganging up on Stark. The two trainees take turns biting and pulling the Newfie puppy's fur.
Stark yells out "Hey stop it. That hurts!"
Stella pushes the boys off Stark. She scolds "Draxx and Felix! You leave this pup alone. I won't allow you to beat him up like that. You two should be ashamed of yourselves."
Draxx comments "But mom, he's using you. If it weren't for him, you'd already be out of the stupid whelping den by now. He should get his own mother to feed him. Besides, he's a pig anyway. He can't even keep his fur clean."
"He doesn't have a mother so I'm taking care of him for Brutus. Garland wanted me to nurse him until he's old enough to be a trainee like you two. Now run off and be lucky I don't tell your mentors about this or they'd punish you more than I could."
"Come on Draxx, let's leave this weak little pup alone. He's a useless opponent anyway. Can't even fight back."
"Yeah, I don't know why Brutus likes him so much. Brutus deserves better."

(Niko, Candie, Brutus, Truskett, Minerva, and Willow patrol the borders.)
(Kalta, Garland, Ulysses, Natiri, and Laila go hunting.)
(Chi goes herb hunting.)
(Ulysses teaches Bandit pouncing.)
(Laila teaches Nova pouncing.)
(Candie teaches Felix dodging.)
(Brutus teaches Draxx stealth.)
(The kennel consumes 2 rabbits [with the exception of Gunner])

    Ally Kennels:
    Kennel Name | Username
    Kennel Name | Username

          Enemy Kennels:
          Kennel Name | Username
          Kennel Name | Username

          North | Kennel Name | Username
          East | Kennel Name | Username
          South | Kennel Name | Username
          West | Kennel Name | Username

          Medicine Store
          Cobwebs X2 | Stops bleeding
          Catmint | remedy for greencough and whitecough
          Daisy Leaf | used to ease joints
          Stick | distracts from pain, recommended for whelpers giving birth, combined with bindweed can help mend broken legs
          Rush | helps bind broken legs
          Poppy seeds | help dogs sleep, ease pain, relieve stress, not for whelpers

          Fresh-Kill Pile: 4 Servings
          Mice | x0 | 1 serving
          Squirrels | x0 | 1 serving
          Rabbits | x0 | 2 servings
          Song Birds | x.5 | 2 servings
          Raptors | x1 | 3 servings
          Raccoons | x0 | 4 servings
          Deer | x0 | 6 servings
          Boar | x0 | 6 servings

          Ulysses | Bandit | 3 | Stalking, Tracking, Scent Following
          Laila | Nova | 2 | Tracking, Stalking
          Candie | Felix | 1 | Fighting
          Brutus | Draxx | 1 | Fighting

          Deceased Dogs:
          Dog Name | Cause of Death
          Dog Name | Cause of Death

          Stella and ??| Mates | Felix and Draxx
          Natiri and Chi | Siblings
          Name and Name | Pups
    Pet's name: Toby
    RIP Toby. <3
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    ── diamond's replies (2)

    Postby Sapphireish » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:06 am

    ↪ FROM DIAMOND !! ───
    MOD NOTES: nothing special today! if i missed anything,
    please don't hesitate to pm me!
    SEASON: Winter - The weather is cold and bitter as snow tumbles
    down from the sky. Prey is scarce, and birthing with be trickier. Be
    aware of predators, frostbite and sickness.

    Ivory Kingdom • Metal Graveyards • Mountain Men • The Hellbound
    The Orphan Syndicate • Clawtooth Pack • The Imaginarium
    Halesworth HavenWhitemane • Hverfa

    Crumbleless - halesworth haven wrote:
    ( Kimber, Wesley, Sorl, Rae, and Golith hunt )
    ( Harin and Monray hunt )
    ( Eros hunts for herbs )
    ( Ren trains Lesenia how to belly rake )

      ( Kimber's hunting patrol comes back with a small bird )
      ( Harin and Monray return with a scrawny vole )
      ( Eros rounds up one catmint )
      ( Lesenia successfully learns the belly rake skill )

    starkiller. - whitemane wrote:
    ( Zero asks for a worthy medic )
    ( Zero patrols )
    ( Zero hunts )

      ( Zero's calls has been answered, and he has been granted a medic )
      ( While patrolling, Zero stumbles across a loner )
      ↪ The loner seems rather skittish at first, but reluctantly offers to join. Will they take them in?
      ( Zero rounds up a small bird )

    panzram - mountain men wrote:
    ( marcus & maximus become mates )
    ( yana, faust, odyssey, cephas patrol )
    ( flo, lola, nike, leilani, illiad hunt )
    ( marcus, tamlin, rosita, maximus hunt )
    ( epione searches for herbs )
    ( lola trains with julian )
    ( tamlin trains with viktor )

      ( Congratulations! Marcus and Maximus are officially mates )
      ( Yana's patrol passes by uneventfully )
      ( Flo's hunting patrol rounds up a squirrel )
      ( Marcus' patrol ends up getting a mere two mice )
      ( Epione manages to find one fennel )
      ↪ On the way back from his search for herbs, he catches the frightening and odd scent of a cougar. Be careful, as around this time predators won't hesitate to do anything for a scrap of food
      ( Lola successfully teacher Julian the fishing skill )
      ( Tamlin successfully teaches Viktor the tracking skill )
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    Postby Kazin » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:24 am

    number of dogs: total 014 | 08 ♂ | 06 ♀

    "I need one of you to go hunting instead of patrolling today," Yuan growled, almost rolling his eyes. "I don't want to take the new recruit out on patrol in case she proves to be a worthless fighter. I'd rather wait to test her strength. For now, I want her to get to know the territory, but the other hunting patrol is full." The Notorious, guards of their kennel, suited for making sure borders were contained and there were no hostile dogs or predators, stood still for a few moments. It seemed to be only Kvar, already used to hunting anyway, that wanted to take on the task. He confidently raised his head, looking at Yuan as he said he would go with the new outrunner. "Good," Yuan said, happy. "I trust you and you've proven yourself worthy of your title. Make sure this new outrunner knows what The Renegades are all about." A nod from Kvar, and Yuan dismissed the Notorious with a slight jerk of his head.

    Kvar was happy to be able to get away from the other two Notorious today. He knew they were extremely skilled, and they have been chosen for their positions for a reason, but that didn't stop them from letting this power get to their heads. They were extremely arrogant, strutting about the camp as if they owned it. Kvar hated it, always trying to keep up with his friends and bridge the gap between the outrunners and the Notorious. Thankfully, the dogs he had came with were easygoing by default, not minding the obvious arrogance of the other two guards. Yuan, at least, seemed to care about them, if only a little bit.

    There were a lot of new dogs to train today, too. Three new outrunners, and a new watcher. The watcher would be just fine, apprenticed to Raine - she would show the watcher compassion and patience when needed, but be strict and harsh too. It had been Kvar who suggested Raine as the mentor to the new pup in the first place, a suggestion which Yuan gladly accepted. It was still a bit strange, trying to get used to the hierarchy that Yuan had set forth; watchers would only be apprenticed to the rank in which they would be staying. Which meant Kvar would most likely never get his own apprentice, which saddened him a little, but he understood why. He was told he needed to focus on keeping every other dog safe, not training new ones. Which was why it was hard for Yuan to send him out hunting, but Kvar saw it that he would be keeping the new outrunner safe.

    As it was, Colette was the one that was waiting for him. She was alert, looked enthusiastic, and nodded her head politely when Kvar came closer. Yes, she would fit right in. "Hello," Kvar greeted, nodding back at her. "Ready to go out and hunt?" He asked, raising his tail in excitement. His first time out hunting since being a Notorious. Colette responded with a small nod, smiling slightly back at Kvar and wagging her tail.

    And so life at the Renegades continued. Who knew where they would end up, but it seemed to be going great for now.

    New Dogs/Rank Up:
    --> Jason [renamed Tiga], Thalia [renamed Presea], Helios [renamed Orochi] are added via the fanclub. Presea becomes watcher to Raine.
    --> The Renegades welcome the loner, Colette, into the Kennel.

    --> Orochi, Tiga, Mithos, Sylph, and Martel hunt.
    --> Kvar and Colette hunt.
    --> Pronyma and Rodyle patrol.
    --> Dirk searches for herbs.

    --> Presea trains with Raine.


    --> The Renegades eat a raccoon [4 servings]
    --> Yuan requests a pup-mother from the ancestors.

            Yuan | 34 moons | ♂ | «
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]

            the notorious:
            Pronyma | 25 moons | ♀ | «
            Rodyle | 24 moons | ♂ | «
            Kvar | 19 moons | ♂ | « [l]
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]

            Dirk | 38 moons | ♂ | «

            Sylph | 31 moons | ♀ | «
            Martel | 25 moons | ♀ | «
            Orochi | 25 moons | ♂ | «
            Kratos | 22 moons | ♂ | «
            Raine | 22 moons | ♀ | «
            Colette | 19 moons | ♀ | «
            Tiga | 19 moons | ♂ | «
            Mithos | 18 moons | ♂ | «

            Presea | 11 moons | ♀ | «
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]

            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]

            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]

            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]

            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]
            name | age | gender | [url=link]«[/url]
      ally kennels:
      kennel | username
      kennel | username

      enemy kennels:
      kennel | username
      kennel | username

      north | kennel name | username
      east | kennel name | username
      south | kennel name | username
      west | kennel name | username

      medicine store:
      Cobweb (2) | bleeding
      Stinging Nettle (2) | infections
      Feverfew | fever

      Fresh-kill pile:
      shrew | 3 | 1 servings
      raccoon | 1 | 4 servings
      squirrel | 1 | 2 servings
      large fish | 0 | 3 servings
      turkey | 0 | 5 servings
      hare | 0 | 2 servings

      Raine | Presea | no. of training sessions
      mentor | watcher | no. of training sessions

      deceased dogs:
      name | cause of death
      name | cause of death

      name and name | pups
      name and name | pups



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