Rate The Warrior [v.1]

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Rate The Warrior [v.1]

Postby .firestar. » Sat May 05, 2018 4:26 pm

hello! welcome to 'rate the warrior'!
``so... how does the game work?`` you may ask.
well it's simple! you are required to rate the warrior cat above you and put another underneath. i didn't really explain it well so here's an example.

coolexampleman1 wrote:Yellowfang?

Yellowfangluver22 wrote:11/10 AAAAA

IH8TIGERSTAR445 wrote:-1/10 EWWWW

and so on!

1. only canon characters, no ocs
2. keep chit chat to a minimum, though comments on the character is fine!
3. i'll remake this when it hits 900 pages, do not make a new thread without permission
4. this is inspired by 'rate a pokemon', so don't ask me if you can make a thread like this. go ahead!

i'll go first.


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you there! are you looking for a
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discuss. if you're looking for
regular rp members, mods, helpers,
etc. i am more than happy to help
you out! psst, if you read what i
like, you can know what rps i'd
mostly be interested in! thank you!
pm me if you can help with coding!
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