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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby astrafrack » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:23 am

I'm Entering For The MYO!

Username: astrafrack

Please tell me your ideas: OKAY SO if I win I will either design it after my OC with the traits wings and color change, OR I will make a merkal with gene splicing and goop/slime. ORRRRRR I will make my among us OC with form changing and... no clue.

How will the myo be made? I'll probably make it myself but I might commission someone.

Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo? Yes!!!

Why do you want to enter? I've had 2/3 of the above ideas for a long time, the merkal being the longest.

Do you have own a legendary kalon? nope!!!

Anything else to add: Thank you so much for the chance!!!!
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Gemini - Legendary MYO

Postby Rosemoon » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:58 am

I'm Entering For The MYO!

Username: Rosemoon

Please tell me your ideas:
Legendary || Wings, Color Change
Rare || Glow, Reverse Munchkin, Colorful Blood, Extra Limbs, Extra Eyes, Halos
Uncommon || Custom Ears, Custom Pupil, Custom Tongue
Common || Custom Tail, Longer Fur
Standard || Hair, Custom Tail Shine
Non-Rarity || Sclera Color, Minor Whisker Edits, Possibly Weight

× wings similar to these with moving colors of this
× Halo similar to this one
× ears ridged similarly to my Kal Chalice but more round and droopy/floppy
× hair that is a mix of #7 here and the sixth one here
× tongue like a butterfly proboscis
× BIG fluffy tail, big kinda like this as an example?
× shine looks either like the fourth one here or is the gemini symbol
× this moodboard I made which I will explain next
× This color palette kinda? just these general colors, not the exact shades because I won't know what exact shades of these colors look the best with the design until I actually make the design and see it for myself.

The Moodboard || (The Hanged Man Tarot Card) This card when shown naturally is a symbol of great sacrifice. This is to signify this kalon (who will be named Gemini) has had to sacrifice something great for something. Will be explained more thoroughly in the description of her.
(The Melting Candles) I chose this to symbolize the light within her to pull through the darkness around her. She has her warm and bright side and she can light the way when she feels it benefits her.
(The Zodiac Chart) Not just because her name will be Gemini, but also because she has two different sides to her personality coin both good and bad. And her pelt design will have stars and constellations and possibly faint zodiac symbols.
(Blue Woods Red Neon Sign "I Want To Be Your Love") Blue and red and black are the colors I want to use mainly with some white accents. Despite how conflicting she can be and how much she prefers to be alone, she can't help but feel empty without at least one person to hold.
(Crown And Swords) I will be basing the outline of the crown halo on this. This specific image, though, is to represent her position as the queen of the forest/queen of metamorphosis.
(An Eye "I Have Three Eyes Two To Look One To See") This is to represent her third eye which she uses to summon her magic. In a relaxed state, it stays closed. When she requires magic, it opens and unleashes her magic abilities so she can use them.
(Red Black Blue Butterfly) This is based around her main colors as well as her symbol of her ruling over butterflies as the queen of metamorphosis. These butterflies follow her everywhere and act as her familiars. She will have a few of them on her as an accessory.
(Glittering Fairy Wings) Just to show the beauty in fairy wings and how she sees her own sings in her eyes as a sign of vanity.
(The Forest) Her home, her kingdom of which she has rule over. It's always dark and peaty, she resides in the bog within inside a moss covered shack like an old crone.
(Branch Covered Arms) Symbolizes her ties and bond with the forest and trees around her and how she is the forest's heart and it her soul, bonded like sisters.
(Sitting Fairy) Symbolizing what she is; a fairy. A dark fairy brooding and stewing in her own emotions not sure what's up and what's down sometimes.
(Star Cloth) Similar to what her shine will be and also to tie into the parts of her relating to the zodiac.

Color Changing Wings || I will be using that gif (with proper credit of course) for the main ref, her wings pattern will move with the intensity of her emotions i.e. when she's upset it'll move faster, when she's calm they'll move slowly. They look as if they hold liquid in them, bubbling through the wings.
Glow || Her eyes will glow a bright pale white and so will her mouth, almost as if she's filled with light within her.
Reverse Munchkin || She'll have longer legs, this kind of just explains itself basically. The paw pads will be pale white.
Colorful Blood || Pale white blood.
Extra Limbs || She'll have two extra arms in the front, so she'll have six limbs total like a butterfly.
Extra Eyes || She will have a third eye in the middle of her forehead that also glows an ethereal pale white, but it's only open when she uses her magic.
Halos || The halo is going to be in the shape of a black glowing crown. I had considered making her wear a real crown, but I thought this would look nicer.
Custom Ears || How I described before as being droopy/floppy and more rounded but having internal ridges, it'll have a fade of colors possibly going from a pale white to black. They will have a small tuft of fluff at the base.
Custom Pupil || *Edna Mode Voice* No pupils!
Custom Tongue || As said before, it'll be a little longer and slightly curled at the end like a butterfly's proboscis and it will be a glowing pale white.
Custom Tail || It will be VERY long, thick, and fluffy. It will have the shine (will describe below) somewhere either at the base of the end of the tail depending on how it looks in the final draft. The tail will be black with dark red and blue snow leopard markings and the tip will be the pale white.
Longer Fur || The fur will be longer in the chest area, but overall the fur will be a black base with dark red and blue snow leopard spotting on it that blends in slightly (they're subtle markings) and over that will be pale white stars and constellations along the back, shoulder, neck, and thighs. Possible zodiac symbols on the back or chest, will decide on final draft appearance. A pentacle on one ankle.
Hair || Hair will be long and will have messy bangs but will fall loosely into waves and will have a small braid on one side. It will be a solid ravens black (the main fur color black will obviously be lighter than this).
Custom Tail Shine || The shine will either be a cluster of magic sparkles or the gemini symbol, having a hard time deciding. They will be either black with pale white lines or pale white with black lines, one or the other. Will be located at either the base or end of the tail.
Sclera Color || The entire eye is a glowing pale white, there is no iris, no pupil, just one blank color.
Minor Whisker Edits || The whiskers will be only a eensy bit longer and they will curl a bit at the tips so they look like cutesy cartoony butterfly antenna.
Weight || I haven't decided if I want to change her weight, I'm still in the fence. Either make her a little chubbier to add to the fluffiness of her appearance and to look like a bulk butterfly's body. Or make her skinnier to add to the eerie appearance. Or leave the weight be and let the rest fall in place.

If I instead win a one rare MYO, the edits I will remove are: wings, color changing, glow, reverse munchkin, colorful blood, extra limbs, and halo.

∆ The Mystic - Adam Jensen
∆ The Wolf - First Aid Kit
∆ All Is Found - Evan Rachel Wood
∆ Come Little Children - Erutan

Gemini is a two sided fairy/forest queen. She has a soft spot for certain things and will help and be kind at times. And others will be ruthless and cruel and cold. It's like a flip of a coin. She longs to be alone in silence but also to possibly find a love who won't leave or die. She was in love once with a mortal but she gave up a part of her spirit to try and show him how much she loved him by becoming partially mortal herself, but he betrayed her and now she lives with a hatred for mortals and a deep empty sadness and despair. There are tails of her haunting the forests and stealing any children who wander inside, but that's just a story parents tell their children at night to make them behave... One she lets them believe to get them to leave her alone. She wanders occassionally with an entire group of dark butterflies in tow who lay on her every breath. She's not to be trifled with.

How will the myo be made? Unfortunately, I am broke on many aspects. I don't have enough C$ to offer payment to others and USD is something I can't spare right now. So I would have to do this alone, and it will be done very slowly over time, whether it's on oekaki or if it has to be off oekaki. I want to work on it slowly to make sure it comes out just the way I wanted. Little by little and piece by piece, if I put all my effort and love into working on it, I hope to have it come out just the way I picture it.

Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo? Yes yes! I just love building my family of Kals, no rarity matters to me.

Why do you want to enter? I really like making kalon designs, they make me feel happy and proud even if other people don't like them. I've been so backed up on owed artwork that I feel like I don't have time to work on any art that makes me happy. And that's something I really need right now with all the stress I've been having to go through lately... Just little things that make me happy when some days all I feel is sad. I want an excuse and a reason to do something for myself, something I can hold up and be proud of.

Do you have own a legendary kalon? I do not!

Anything else to add: Thank you for hosting this, this is such a nice idea and I hope that everything goes well!
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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby peachpit » Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:28 am


    I'm Entering For Readopt 04!

    username: peachpit
    name: Juyo
    drawing: space babyyyy

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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby Coraly » Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:29 am

Please tell me your ideas: I have some different concepts. My first one would to be to transfer the guy I kept from here. Their hair would be short, but very ruffled and tangled. If I used that concept, their traits would be
    - [s] hair, custom shine
    - [c] tail
    - [uc] custom ears
    - [r] halo
    - [l] elemental aspect, roses and vines, the second legendary trait would be shine on the body
Another idea I've had for some time is a Siren-Kalon. Their traits would be, hair [s], shine[c], tail [c], ears [uc], tougue [uc], glow [r], scales [l], and fish gene-splice [l] . The hairstyle would be long, with maybe a braid in the middle. I might use some of the below for inspiration. <3
Image Image Image

Another idea I have is a moon/sun or planetary themed kal, they would be very much into astrology, and probably have the traits of [s] hair, shine, [c] longer fur, tail, [uc] ears, [r] halo, glow, [l] multiple tails ( 3, I would think ^^ ), elemental aspects ( would be something like planets, or the sun/moon, if that's allowed..? ) Their hair might be a bit like this kalons

How will the myo be made? I might commission it, but I'm not sure. I think I'd want to make it myself. <3

Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo? yes <3

Why do you want to enter? I love kalons, they are a beautiful species, and would love to make my own. I also really like sirens, and the idea of a siren-themed kalon sounds very cool. 👀

Do you have own a legendary kalon? no. ^^ Haven't owned one before.

Anything else to add: Thanks for the chance, even though I think other people have said this before lol.<33


I'm Entering For Readopt 04!

username: Coraly
name: Astra L. Rateye
drawing: wip,,


I'm Entering For Readopt 05!

username: Coraly
name: Wade ???
The ocean is a calling. Something he doesn't understand. Wade washed up ashore one day, where a visiting noble had picked him up. He now worked in their house, as a servant.

He owed his surviving to that family.
So he'll serve under them until his debt is payed.

But Wade is still drawn to the ocean. He does not know why. He cannot remember his past, only an echo of what was. A blurry glimpse of a face. A flash of fur.
A calming image of the sea.

He goes to the sea when he has questions. When he knows they won't be answered. But the ocean calms him.
And sometimes..

He can grasp more memories.

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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby Calibri » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:18 am

    I'm Entering For The MYO!

    Username: Calibri

    Please tell me your ideas:
    Now I've had an idea for 7 deities in my AU for a while and I always thought that playing around with some sort of time deity design would be immensely cool.
    I'm thinking [1] elemental aspects (sand) and [2] transparency - imagine an hourglass of sorts with either the neck or the torso being the transparent hourglass-esque aspect of the design. I want something really elegant & extravagant - golden jewellery, long, dark brown & wavy hair, long rev. munch legs - I'm thinking some really simple antelope-esque horns as to not overwhelm the "top-half" of the body & a "flowy" design reminiscent of sand dunes + a shine that incorporates numbers or a clock somehow considering it's a time deity (or maybe a halo that looks like a clock?? :thonk:). I'm a sucker for browns and yellows so 100% keeping it within that colour scheme with a few accent colours to spice things up :eyes:

    Either that OR the world deity idea - a deity that shaped the universe with stars and split it in half to separate the mortal from the dead and intertwining the two with magic ley lines, like stitches before disappearing mysteriously.
    For this I'd like to use [1] elemental aspects (earth/dirt? - think like dry, cracked salt flats?? That but on the body) and [2] wings!! Seraph wings, like over the eyes and big ones on the back,, hmm. I want the world deity to be incredibly elegant naturally as they are the parent of everything, but considering they exhausted themself by tearing a rift through reality to separate mortals & the dead it probably took a toll on them. I'd like to make them look a bit worn down, a shell of their former glory with a cracked surface - make them look cracked up and as if they are glowing from the inside with the help of a rare glow trait as well to show that despite the rough exterior you can still see glimmers of what a powerful being they used to be I guess? Maybe a third eye on their forehead to signify they are all-seeing - and definitely rev. munch because who doesn't love rev. munch on an elegant deity character lol. I'd like to use a mixture of golds and whites, maybe greys, for the base - then layer the cracked surface on top of that for the most part while still showing parts of the "original design" underneath. Buried treasure.

    How will the myo be made? I'd probably do sort of a mix for it? I'd love to try and line the basics of it myself and commission my friends to help me out w/ things like the rev. munch legs & the actual colours & design (I'm a sucker for drawing hair & fur tho and I think the challenge of drawing sand or an earthy, cracked kalon would be incredibly fun lol)

    Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo? It is definitely a concept I wanna roll w/ as I need the deity figures in my AU to tell the story I want to tell - but naturally I'll have to improvise and change things up a lil' in terms of design lmao. 100% keeping the concept though, it's something I've been sat on for a while.

    Why do you want to enter? I really want to get started with my deity ideas - they're characters I've had in mind for a long time and I would love to get my hands on a kalon fit for the idea I have in mind. I think a legendary MYO would be perfect for this as no other designs I've had in my possession so far have suited these particular ideas the way I wanted - so to make my own with actual legendary traits would be,, so cool man idk how to explain it lol

    Do you have own a legendary kalon? Nope - never had one before either.

    Anything else to add: Super generic and dull response but man thank you for hosting this 🥺🥺

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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby Grey_Hoodie » Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:25 pm

    I'm Entering For The MYO!

    Username: Grey_Hoodie

    Please tell me your ideas:
      So, the idea that I have at the moment is 100% inspired by Sky: COTL -- if you’ve ever heard of or played that? – because I think it would be so so much fun to pull in elements from the game and use them in my world! The visuals and music are really lovely and are all very inspiring, so this kalon will be primarily based on pre-existing elements of the games, plus one or two things that still fit the theme but allow me to have a bit of fun ^^ I ultimately want the character to feel warm, inviting and calming because that’s been my main experience with the game and a comfort character honestly sounds really nice right now haha

      I have reasons behind some of the traits listed below, but I wanted to make it visually easier to see what my ideas are!
        [s] hair, shine
        [c] tail?
        [uc] fur, ears, pupil, tongue
        [r] halos, glow, rev munch, horns, extra ears?, colorful blood
        [l] mertail, wings

      Oki, and onto the explanation – The two major legendary traits are going to be wings and a mertail because the ultimate goal is to make the character resemble a manta or cosmic ray. I haven’t decided on which one I want more for him because both could like really nice – I’m leaning towards the lighter creamy whites and golds just so I can also add in some warm pops of red and orange – but I’m also still stocking up on hms and I might still just save up for a legendary trait that can be used to give him form change so I don’t have to make a choice haha.

      Moving on to rare traits -- I’ve already decided that his head is going to resemble one of the many masks from the game, so I think horns are a definite possibility depending on which one I go with! I think the fox head or deer head could both be really nice, but the spider head from the most reason season is also really, really intriguing and seriously caught my attention and also this one as I'm going back through them to get images. He’s definitely going to get some long leggies just because I want him to be more handsome than cute – a chibi version would be really, really adorable, but I’d probably save that idea for a later date. Light is kind of really important to the game, so this kalon would have tons of glow – definitely a spot or two on his forehead and several running down his back to resemble the capes! I’d also love to give him some halos that either resemble the effects of some expressions or to resemble music notes because I imagine that this character loves to sing and play music <3 Colorful blood would mostly be for funsies, and the extra ears are more of a maybe because I’d mostly be using that trait to help the face and head look more like a mask than anything else.

      Onto uncommon – At the moment, I can’t really see this kal being especially fuzzy, and I’m really only planning on making him sleek and smooth. As stated above, his head is going to resemble a mask, so his ears would play into that. He’d probably end up with some upright fox ears, but there’s a chance I might mess around a bit and see what looks cool. Some floppier doe-like ears could certainly look cute :O As for pupils, he won’t be given any. I think I’ll probably make it so that his eyes glow one solid color. And as for a tongue – either something that is short and cute or something that resembles a tongue on one of my kits because she was the reason I was inspired to mess around with this concept in the first place.

      Idk about common? He won’t be getting longer fur and a backmane is pretty unlikely. I’m not sure how mertails and common tails work, so,,, I’m leaving it on here out of confusion lol

      For standard hair, there are plenty of really adorable styles that are available in the game and so long as it’s ultimately white, I could probably have all sorts of fun coming up with new looks without straying too far from this kalon’s inspiration. I’m actually not quite sure if I want to give him hair at all, though!! I think he could work just as well bald as he could with a funky do. If I were to give him hair, however, I think I’m leaning towards this, this or this! And for a shine – it’ll either be of one of the smaller rays or of some simple white butterflies! If I go with the darker color scheme, however, I think mushrooms or jellyfish would wind up being the kalon's shine c:

      I’m probably going to end up listening to the game’s soundtrack or one of the cover playlists while working on him. These are a few of my favorites, to give you an idea! And as for a color scheme – as stated above, that would mostly be determined by which ray he’s based on. I think whites, golds and reds would make for a stunning kalon, but the murky blues and blacks with pops of gold would also look really lovely! It’ll definitely end up being something I’d need to mess around with first before having a concrete idea haha. There are also some really lovely capes that I could base some of his colors off of, if I decided to go in that direction instead! Definitely leaning towards this or this if that’s what I end up doing <3

      I'll be grabbing my own reference images as soon as I'm able because these aren't very clean ^^' I don't have time right now, so these are just placeholders unfortunately

    How will the myo be made?
      I will be attempting to make them myself, but I've never been super confident with my designs, so I'll probably get some help from someone else. They'd lay down a design skeleton that gives me a good idea on where to put colors and design elements. That way, I could make the kalon entirely in my style, but I won't have to suffer through hours of reworking a dodgy design or the typical overcrowding I would be known for if I actually put up and showed off my work. I'm not really good at knowing when to stop adding to something, so having someone to bounce ideas off of and to give me input on when to just,,, put the pen down, would be really nice haha

    Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo?
      No, this one is kind of specific and very dependent on its legendary traits. However, I'd still really REALLY love to mess around with a Sky kid kalon and a rare myo could still work really well to make one come to life <3 this might actually be where a chibi design comes from, to be honest o-o

    Why do you want to enter?
      I'd like to enter because the myo and traits that I currently have are going to a plot important character that kind of needs to exist so that the rest of the story can continue. I've had the idea for her character for ages now and since I've got the opportunity to make her, I'm going to. However, I don't actually have a lot of ideas for her character or her life -- she just sort of,, exists? So I'm entering this so I might have the opportunity to play around with a legendary kalon that I'll really adore and, as stated above, they'd really just be a comfort character that I can come back to over and over again whenever I get stuck in the plot of the rest of my world.

    Do you have own a legendary kalon?
      I do not own any legendary kalons, but I do own a legendary myo and several legendary edits that could be used to make one.

    Anything else to add:
      Not at the moment! But this may change? I'm not sure haha -- thank you so much for the opportunity, though!! <3

    also, gonna be entering for a readopt or two at a later date! I've run out of time now, though! ^^'
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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby ThatPinkThing » Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:11 pm

I'm Entering For The MYO!

Username: ThatPinkThing

Please tell me your ideas: Here's an unsplash collection! I also think the following songs would be inspirational, and I'd play them while working on the kal.

- Out of My League
- When Will I See You Again
- Somebody Loves You
- Show Yourself
- A Moment Apart

Traits: I imagine the MYO would have
    nr: heterochromia, weight
    s: hair, shine
    c: tail
    uc: fur, ears, pupils, tongue
    r: glow, halos, whiskers, shaped paw pads
    l: form change, extra head (tail mouth)

Design: I'm picturing a kitty-cat-like design and personality, but with a twist! This cat-like character is an alien of sorts, with the ability to adapt their appearance to the world of their choosing when they are of age. This alien kal chose Earth as their home, adapting their appearance to a house cat's. Their natural appearance is bright colors, glowing markings, and an extra head located on the end of their tail! When they shift to an Earth cat's appearance, the tail mouth is no longer seen, but the kalon can still communicate with the extra consciousness internally. It sometimes looks like the kalon is talking to themself when they chat with their friend, but they don't mind looking a little silly.

The alien cat kal has three forms: their true appearance, their Earth cat look, and a form that is somewhere in between the two. All three forms have stripes reminiscent of a tabby cat, with cat-like ears and long whiskers and tail.

The true form is brightly colored with bulbs on their whiskers and little star-like halos floating around them. Some of their markings, as well as the bulbs on their whiskers, glow! Their little paw pads are shaped like stars. I think they'll be mainly blue and purple in this form, looking like a galaxy came alive in the form of a cat. Both the kalon's main head and the tail mouth have star-shaped pupils and sectoral heterochromia. The tail mouth companion and the kal share control of the tail, but the kal usually lets their friend do whatever they like and look wherever they want. The tail mouth has a name, but does not really communicate with anyone other than the kal they're attached to.

The Earth cat form is a pretty blue-grey tabby with long whiskers and no rare traits. They look like a mostly natural cat, save for their shine and a few star-shaped markings hidden among their stripes. Their shine is a pair of eye-like shapes on the end of their tail where their tail mouth friend's eyes would be.

The mid-way form is grey with blue and purple gradating along their stripes. They also have glowing whisker-tips, less stars around them than usual, and detailed eye-shaped shines on the end of their tail. They retain their star pupils and sectoral heterochromia, their irises gradating from purple to blue.

How will the myo be made? I would do the sketching at the very least, and probably seek help with refining my ideas! I would want them to look their very best, so I'd definitely be open to working with an artist I like to make them exactly how I envision them.

Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo? yes! I'd probably use the middle form and give the kal glow, bulbed whiskers, or little star halos.

Why do you want to enter? I entered one a while ago and it was really fun, so when I saw your comp I wanted to try again! It was fun to come up with a concept, and even though I didn't win, it was a nice creative exercise with a fun incentive.

Do you have own a legendary kalon? I will soon! I bred a kal with one of waffle02's and passed body shine; the ticket was accepted and is in the works :')

Anything else to add: Thanks for the opportunity and the fun competitions!
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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby 【Wildfire】 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:48 am

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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby MirrorMask » Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:54 am

I'm Entering For The MYO!

Username: MirrorMask

Please tell me your ideas:
    Vase with Twelve Sunflowers & Two Cut Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh;
    There are only two artist's whose works have really connected to me and
    one of those being the great Van Gogh (the other Claude Monet), although
    Starry Night may be considered his most iconic piece. For this Kalon, I'd
    like to base it's design off his various sunflower studies as yellow is my
    favorite color and these pieces feature the color more often/vividly.
    Sclera Color
    - To make their eyes look like sunflowers,
    make their pupils a very dark brown while
    then surrounded by warm yellow(s) in their sclera.
    - I've never been to found of long more human like hair styles,
    they are very difficult for me to draw correctly and I want to
    be able to draw every one of the characters I own; their hair
    would most likely be something short or that blends into their fur.
    Tail Shine
    -Either a full sunflower or petals.
    Backmane + Longer Fur
    - This Kal's fur design would be based on an afghan hound,
    I'd say a happy mix between either of these two dogs coat lengths;
    just something that looks overall looks elegant and regal.
    - Will most likely be using my tail design I did for Kalon #1818's
    competition but expanding on it; a tail that is overflowing in fur/hair
    that needs to be knotted and braided to tame the Rapunzel-like amount of it.
    -Most likely have similar ears to an Afghan hound, either fully down or partly.
    - Halos that are either petals or small sunflower(s) that float around their body.
    Missing Limbs
    - No tongue; I have an idea of sorts that their plant growth has taken over
    their mouth and if they where to open their mouth, there'd be no tongue
    but just a spillage of flowers and greenery.
    - Petals of their flowers have a slight glow to them.
    Colorful Blood
    - Yellow, yellow, and more yellow.
    Approved Natural Mutations
    - Goop; I'd imagine this Kal's expression eyes closed with tears falling silently
    from their eyes just an overall tragic character. Their eye's would cry nonstop
    and said tears are not actually tears but instead a goopy substance.
    Plant Growth
    - Sunflowers, sunflowers, and more sun to the flowers.

How will the myo be made?
    I'd be challenging myself to make this kal on my own; I've recently gotten
    back my drive to do character designing and see this as a fun opportunity for myself!
    The only thing I may ask for help, if for drawing/adding on the plant growth.
Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo?
    Yes, I could easily just make the plant growths just a sunflower print/pattern on their coat instead.

Why do you want to enter?
    Even since I got my Kal, Gogh (around December of last year) whose tail
    design always reminded me of Van Gogh's stylistic brush strokes. I really
    wanted a Kal that was actually based off of one of his pieces and thought
    this be a good opportunity to see that come to light!

Do you have own a legendary kalon?

Anything else to add:
    Thank you for the opportunity ^w^
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Re: kalon legendary MYO giveaway + five readopts [open]

Postby sugar.fiz » Sun Nov 22, 2020 10:39 am

I'm Entering For The MYO!

Username: sugar.fiz

Please tell me your ideas:

      Rain Concept
    > Moodboard
    > Mood song for Rain’s early life as a child, Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted . Mood song for Rain’s cold heart arch, TheFlatRat, Slaydit & Anjulie - Stronger [MonsterCat Rlease]
    > Fantasy World
    > Rain, male, 28.
    > (Some traits will only appear in his human AU form) Long, black, thin messy hair. Scars littered all over his toned body (Human AU). Half breed monster with black feathered wings, and dragon like talons. Rain’s eyes are to be determined with final design. Smokey charcoal skin (Human AU). Very natural design, with barbed wire like markings as well as black to charcoal gradients. Horns above ears, reverse munchkinism, and long spindled tail with thing wispy hair. (His design is not finished.)
    > Occupation: A young bounty hunter mostly hunts monsters, but will accept outlaw bounties.
    > Personality: Grumpy, irritable, insensitive, self-sacrificing, Hot-Tempered, Reserved, and Punctual. If something needs taken care of, there is no procrastination when it comes to Rain’s job. Rain prefers to work alone to get his job done as quickly as possible. Despite being alone, Rain has no desire to be around others. He is not lonely. Rain views others as a liability and they hold him back from getting his work done. Despite the reputation he carries, he isn’t bothered by the opinions of others.
    > Idiom: “You sleep, you weep.” (Motto)
    > History/Past:
    Born in a big city caused his parents to flee from the back lash the people had put on Rain’s parents. Living on the outskirts of several cities, Rain’s parents couldn’t afford to put Rain into public schooling lessons, and so, his parents schooled him themselves. Anytime Rain and his parents ventured out of their home, they covered Rain in hopes it would keep him from receiving harassment from their neighbors. It worked for a while, and Rain started to become more confident in outside. Eventually, his love for nature grew.

    Rain was a very lazy child at first, he didn’t understand responsibility, and his skittish nature kept him from developing good social skills. It was a challenge for Rain’s parents to get him. One thing that didn’t change however, was his self-sacrificing spirit. He was use to not having much materially, often sharing his books with the neighboring kids. Some were nice, some avoided him. Many times, his parents came home, they would find him with a neighboring boy, teaching Rain how to read. Any parent would be filled with joy to see their child having a normal, enjoyable life. Nothing made them happier.

    Sad to say, all good things come to an end. Unfortunately in this world, civilians shared their world with monsters, creatures of un imaginable power. Some small, some a hundreds of feet tall. There was constant war between these two civilizations, there was never rest. Rain’s father was killed in an invasion by smaller monsters, defending the small town his family was in. Despite their efforts, the town’s folk fled, including Rain and his mother. Rain cried with his mother, weeping as they left all they had behind to take shelter in a bigger, more secure city....

    More to his history but it is very long! This is just a snippet <3... (if you want to learn more just let me know!)
    > Kalon Edits/Traits: (“x” are some visual examples!)
    Non-Rarity: Sclera Color
    Standard: Shine, Hair (x x), Teeth, Claws
    Common: Tail, Longer fur
    Uncommon: Shorter fur, Ears, Tongue, Pupils
    Rare: Horns, Glow, Reverse Munchkinism, Colorful blood, (possible) Multiple limbs, (possible) Extra Ears
    Legendary: Wings, Feather Growth

How will the myo be made? I will be making this design myself!

Would you still be interested in using this concept as a one rare myo? For Rain’s concept probably not, but, some of my other concepts could be used as a rare MYO!

Why do you want to enter? I’ve had Rain’s concept and story for a year now? I’ve been working on his concept the most, and have his story, and personality fleshed out the most compared to my other concepts.

Do you have own a legendary kalon? I traded for my first Legendary kal literally this month, November 2nd of this year, so yes!

Anything else to add: If I remember I will! But for now, thank you!

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