🎄Pixel Pup's Christmas Event!

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Re: 🎄Pixel Pup's Christmas Event!

Postby 2FrostyPaws » Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:03 pm

I'm finally back home! Yay! It was fun but definitely taxing, 'specially 'cause I got sick the last two days and that darn etd...oh, and school's starting very soon, so isn't that a joy. And because of school, I'm hesitant to resume normal litters since I haven't even finished updating yet, so I hope it's fine I stay in hiatus a bit longer :/

Uhh, also those who received those licenses from their ss as a part of a huge PP item bundle, I somehow forgot those are limited and they didn't notice, so... sorry but have 20 cherries instead :c

-finished with xmas transfer ticket+ss bank items
-finished w/ tab 22 archive stuff
-everything done :DDDDDDDDD
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