Yarn Dogs | Badge and Prize Pick-up

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Yarn Dogs | Badge and Prize Pick-up

Postby sparrow,, » Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:36 pm

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Did you earn a new badge? Perhaps you won a prize on the discord? Well, this thread is for claiming those prizes! Badges must be claimed before you can add them to your storage, and prizes must be claimed before they can be used!


I will be explaining what badges are, what they do, and all the badges you can earn!

Badges are basically level markers. Once you reach a certain level, you can claim a badge. These badges give you perks, such as being able to join specialty-specific events, get unique items, and more! I will not be listing badges for each separate specialty, as they all have the same basic gist.

Basic Badge
This badge is given when you sign up for a specialty. These do not give any special perks, but help you identify as a certain specialty.

Intermediate Badge
Once you have completed one event related to your specialty, won 1 adopt with your specialty, and completed 2 activities related to your specialty, you may claim the Intermediate Badge. This badge earns you 1 standard custom. These are to be designed by an artist. The Intermediate Badge allows you to participate in special events hosted for higher level users, as well as have a randomized perk sent by PM.

Expert Badge
Completing 2 events related to your specialty, winning 5 adopts related to your specialty, and completing 5 activities related to your specialty, you can claim the Expert Badge! You must also have marked the main page, joined the discord, and acquired the "Specialty User" role on the Discord (please refer to [url=link]this[/url] post for special discord roles!). Note: These guidelines are added onto the intermediate guidelines. i.e. when you get the intermediate badge, you must still get 5 more adopts added onto the overall total of adopts you've ever won. You will also receive a common custom, to be created by an artist!

Once you earn every badge, you can use them to earn a Specialty Add-On Ticket (you can specialize in another specialty!) as well as a randomized UNIQUE item (sent by PM). These items are obviously unique, so don't go around trading them for just anything! There will only be one in existence!

Note: Adopts may also be substituted for customs, nursery adopts or re-adopts.

Disclaimer: Items somewhat related to a unique item may still be created for main adopts or as another unique item. You may only receive up to 2 unique items in your lifetime. You may only receive 3 Specialty Add-On Tickets in your lifetime.

To pick-up a badge, please post the correct form. Do not PM me.

Basic Badge -
Code: Select all
[i]Basic Badge Pick-up[/i]
► username:
► specialty:
► post: this post is the one where you asked for a specific specialty!

Intermediate Badge -
Code: Select all
► username:
► proof of event completion:
► adopt won:
► activity #1:
► activity #2:

Expert Badge -
Code: Select all
► username:
► proof of event completion #1:
► proof of event completion #2:
► adopt #1:
► adopt #2:
► adopt #3:
► adopt #4
► adopt #5
► activity #1:
► activity #2:
► activity #3:
► activity#4:
► activity #5:
► your mark on the thread:
► discord username:

All badges earned will be archived in your personal storages! Prizes earned from badges will also be archived within 1 week.


Prize Pick-up

Did you win a prize in a discord raffle? Pick it up here!

Code: Select all
discord username:
proof: can either be screenshot or just the date the prize was given
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