Yarn Dogs | Order Station

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Yarn Dogs | Order Station

Postby sparrow,, » Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:45 am

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"Welcome to the order station!" A petite yarn dog says, stumbling over to where you're standing. She pushes her small round glasses up her nose. "I'm Coffee! What can I do for you?"

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What is the Order Station? wrote:
The order station is where you can order a custom Yarn Dog! You will specify each edit that you'd like, as well as material and filling.

The order form will then be claimed by an artist! Payment must be sent to that artist within 2 days of being claimed or the artist will not complete your order. You can send payment by heading to the trading thread.

Prices for each custom will be shown below.

Standard Custom
Unlimited standard edits
12 Yarnballs

Common Custom
Unlimited common edits and below
20 Yarnballs

Uncommon Custom
Unlimited uncommon edits and below
25 Yarnballs

Rare Custom #1
2 rare edits and unlimited under
30 Yarnballs

Rare Custom #2
Unlimited rare edits and under
40 Yarnballs
Order Station Customs are closed

To order a custom, fill out the form below.

Code: Select all
[list][size=85][color=#FF0040]I'd like to order a custom![/color]

custom rarity:
edits: put the rarity in "[]"
color ideas:
design ideas:

If everything was done correctly, your form should be accepted within one week. do not repost a form or ask for a certain artist. whatever artist is available will do your custom. customs will be done on the main adopt thread.

*note to artists: please pm a user once their custom has been finished. just a simple link to the post is fine.*
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