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Postby frog the demon » Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:42 am


❮❮ ABOUT ME ❯❯

★ call me frog ( he / it )
★ semi-lit ( 2-4 paragraphs avg. )
★ my replies are fairly quick ( 1 week at most )
★ i have no pairing preference ( FxF, MxF, MxM, etc. )
★ i usually type in all lowercase ( can type regularly if desired ! )
★ i have many humanoids, anthro + feral OCs to choose from for OC roleplays
★ non-canon is preffered over canon, though i'm down for whatever :P
★ i can roleplay on the CS forums, discord or toyhouse
★ romance roleplays not preferred but are usually fine regardless



★ any + all writing abilities are welcome ( semi-lit, literate, etc )
★ is okay with OCC talk
★ dunno what else to put here; i'm pretty much chill with whatever :3



★ pokemon ( feral / anthro / humanoid )
★ ena ( humanoid )
★ undertale / deltarune ( anthro / humanoid / feral )
★ friday night funkin' ( humanoid / anthro )
★ steven universe ( humanoid )
★ furby ( anthro / regular / oddbody / humanoid )


★ fantasy themes ( humanoid / anthro )
★ dystopian themes ( humanoid )
★ royalty / kingdom themes ( humanoid / anthro )
★ anything involving demons ( humanoid )


★ i'm pretty much open to most things, even if they aren't listed above, so dont be afraid to ask ! :D



★ via ChickenSmoothie DMs ( on-site )
★ via toyhouse DMs ( can be found under the user @frog_demonz )
★ via discord ( please DM me for my discord handle -- i'm not comfy sharing it publicly )

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what’s up

Postby cassiopeiaa » Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:34 pm

I wrote:hi i am cassi and i..
* used to rp all the time but
i have gotten busy
* in the central time zone
* a part time college student and work
part time (28hrs/week)
* semi lit, 150-200 words but I can match you
* use she/her pronouns
* can rp any sexuality
but prefer mxf or fxf
* can rp any gender
*prefer offsite (discord) but don't mind onsite
you, preferably wrote:you are..
*not homophopic/racist/terf (dni please)
*fine with inconsistent posting but at least
a few times a week
*good ideas
*fine with human(iod) rp
*flexible :)

ideas wrote:i prefer slice of life or realistic roleplays.
oc x oc is ideal to me because i don't follow a lot of stuff
red dead redemption
outlaw x bounty hunter?
mercenary x outlaw
ranch hand x outlaw
(any oc x oc or oc x character)
rival oc x rival oc
(trainers- not animals)
(any oc x oc or oc x character)
hunger games
STRICTLY oc x oc

if you like my ideas feel free to pm me on here or discord. if you message me on discord let me know you are from here :) cassiopeiaa#2126


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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [read the rules!]

Postby Firefoxx01 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 2:19 pm

Firefoxx01 wrote:
Firefoxx01 wrote:
Firefoxx01 wrote:

Hello! My name is Sai/Fire/Firelight, and I’m in a very specific search for a long-term (or short term) fandom based roleplay partner!
Here’s what I’m interested in doing at the moment (italic characters being shipped characters I can roleplay):
. >> Genshin Impact (preferred atm)
. - Albedo x Aether (Craving)(Bonus points if its a Corrupted!Albedo AU)
. - Xingqui x Chongyun
. - Open to do some other ships too! (Absolutely will not do Kaeluc though)
. >> Danganronpa
. - I’ll do most ships; I’m strongest at playing Shuichi, Rantaro, Mikan, or Mitarai
. >> Your Turn to Die
Here’s some things to know about me if you’re interested!
I use any pronouns but if you need a choice made for you, she/her is good with me! I’m in high school, but I have a rather good literary skill. I am in an AP English class at the moment (: I am LGBTQ+ friendly, so I’m fine with any gender ships/sexuality headcanons. Right now I’d prefer to do a romance/ship/fluff/angst ship. I can double up characters without trouble. I usually mirror my partner’s response and very rarely use one liners. Other than that, I consider myself semi-lit. I don’t mind the literacy of my partner as long as I have lines to work off of. I can help with plots, but I’m usually good at going with whatever, and I’m all good with doing AUs(I don’t really care for clichés though like high school AUs because they don’t have much of a plot. But hanahaki is always good with me). I can also do OCs if wanted! I can also do characters that I didn’t italicize but I can’t guarantee I’d be very good with them. I would prefer the rp to be on discord, but I can do it here on CS if wanted!
If you have any questions or are interested, send me a PM and we can talk! Thank you for reading and considering me if you did ehe ^^
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [read the rules!]

Postby Spiritstar3 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 2:37 pm

Spiritstar3 wrote:(Image here, maybe)

Hello I'm Spiritstar3. I'd love to get back into 1x1s.

Some info about me:
*I have weird times, like I get on at night a lot
*I am not always home
*On weekends I'm on as much as possible
*I love to draw, mostly dogs
*I usually mirror the other person's post, sometimes i try to write more
*I think my grammar is good
*A part of the LGBT+ community
*Can do the Rp in Forums, can try pm
(Add)*Can do under 200 words, unless mirroring you, but I have to do 300 PER character on another site, so kinda hate it...

What I expect from you:
*Write at least one sentence, more is appreciated.
* Post at least once every few days, let me know if something comes up.
*Let me know if you're not going to be on for a while; don't just abandon me without a word...
*Be nice :mrgreen:

Types of role plays I would like to do (jumped on bandwagon of bolded is what i’m craving, fandom wise)
*M x M
*M x F (used to playing girls
*F x F
*Persona 5 (I have lots of ocs), can do angel demon AU
*Supernatural (Cas x Dean, Gabe x Sam, Crowley x Bobby; will play Dean, Sam, Bobby)
*(Add) Dr Who (Doctor or Corin (Meta crisis doctor) x Rose (they have a kid together), 11 x River, Jack x my oc)
*(Add) Sherlock (manga or BBC) [Sherlock x OC, John x Mary, Sherlock (manga) x Moriarty (manga), Sebastian (manga) x my oc, ‘James’ (manga) x my female oc, Louis manga) x my male oc, Fred (manga) x my male oc
*Owari no Seraph (all LGBTQ+ pairings)
*Kuuchuu Buranko
*Phoenix Wright (Nick x Miles, others)
(add) *Lumine (older possesed/cat! Kody x older Lumine)
(add) *Danganronpa (Nagito x my oc x Izuru, Shuichi x Kokichi/ Amami x Shuichi x Kokichi, Kaito x Maki (normal or male) and Kaito x Maki (normal or male) x my oc, Kaede (normal or male) x my oc, Gonta x Himiko, Angie x Himiko x Tenko or just Angie x Tenko, male Kirumi x oc, Keebo and male Miu x oc)
*(add) Legend of Zelda
*Detective Conan
(add) Cardcaptor Sakura
(add) Cuticle Detective Inaba
(add) Digimon
(add) Free
(add) Gurren Lagann
(add) Haikyuu
(add) Katekyo Hitman Reborn
(add) Kuroko no Basuke
(add) kado
(add) natsume Yuujinchou
(add) Ouran high school host club
(add) tsubasa
(add) tegami bachi
(add) wagaya no oinari sama
(add) wolf children
*Black Butler
*Shokugeki no Soma (legal aged, so 18 or older)
*Hikari no Go (legal aged)
*Kingdom Hearts (18 or older, and Sora x Kairi, Riku x my oc)
*Stardew Valley (Seb x my male oc, Maru x my female oc, oc x oc)
(add) Harvest moon
*Just realized Mo Dao Zu Shi is mostly about drama and stuff, not anything against CS rules, I think, so that too (WangXian, Zixuan x Yanli, Lan Huan x Jiang Cheng, Qing x OFC x Ning, OT3 SongXiaoXue, Jing (that's what the Untamed calls her) x OFC, Fairy dog x my dog of that I already have pups too, Jingyi x Sizhui x Jin Ling x OFC)
(Add) Marceline x Bubblegum, what is male bubblegum named x Marshall Lee
*(add) noragami
(add) Sirius the Yeager
(add) vampire knight (Zero x Yuki, Ai x my female of x Ren if you're up for that, or I could make a second oc)
*Chinese or Japanese (ancient, but not written in Chinese or Japanese)
*Nekos (cat people)
(add)*Mythology (Loki x my oc, Eros x my oc, Kami (Japanese gods)
*Any oc of yours x any oc of mine

If you have something else on your mind that isn't on my list send me a PM anyways and ask if we can do the role play you're thinking of.
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [read the rules!]

Postby Francesca.Demonessia » Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:15 pm

Ciao Ciao, I'm Francesca (she/her :3)~
As you can see I'm just looking for a 1x1 I can roleplay and possibly gain a new friend?
Haven't been on here in a while, usually just on here to get new pets and all, but I found that I miss my roleplays :3

-I can roleplay either on discord or on CS, but I do prefer Chicken Smoothe over Discord :3
- I have been roleplaying for about 5 years, but I will match your word length to the best of my ability.
-I play either one of my 4 characters who are all sisters and demons, so, As you can tell, I usually like fantasy roleplays.
- I usually use realistic faceclaims, but I really don't care what faceclaims you use!
- All of my forms for my characters are premade, so I already have my character forms ready :3 I will wait if you don't have a form however!
- I usually only play females, sorry!
- I'm open to pretty much anything, I really don't mind unless it goes against my characters. (eg; one of my characters who 18+ going to school.)
- My timezone is Australian Eastern Daylight Time, (yes I live in Australia XD)
- I would like to talk and make new friends with people I'm doing a 1x1 with!
-I usually only play romance, but I can mix. Like Adventure mixed with romance :3
-Since I am in school, my times will be a bit off, but I usually get on regularly.
-I don't do animal roleplays-- Sorryyss!


-I would like if you could respond regularly, at least once every 3 days, but in all honesty, I say that but I'm fine with anything, just don't leave the roleplay suddenly and ghost me lol
-I don't have much of a pairing preference, but, I don't do well playing males, so MxM is out of the question. I usually roleplay MxF but I will roleplay FxF sometimes if you wish :3
-Dunno wat else to put here since I'm fine with anything lmao

FANDOMS/IDEAS- (bold = roles I want to play)
Again, a romance roleplay between two trainers or somefin idk-
(I will probably use my own pokemon since I am obessed with pokemon lmfaoo)
(Also, no demons in this one lol)

Mainly oc X oc.
Either angel x demon, demon x demon, human x demon (or any character I dont really care lol--)
Gonna be honest not much to say here hehe-
Other then the fact I took a bit of a break, but I'm here XD

Name's Francesca, most either call me Fran, Franny or Demon. I like Demon though :3

Pansexual ~ She/Her/Hers ~ Loves fluffy things and roleplays

~ My Friend Adri <3 ~ Zoker!! <3 ~ Wiiinch <3 ~ Tropic ;-; <3 ~ Ember <3 ~ Unravel ~

~ The Demon/Angel War ~

Drabbles ~ Demon Storage (Is this the third or forth..) ~
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [read the rules!]

Postby lievenn » Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:49 am

Small group | No literacy expectation | Post-apocalyptic fantasy

Hey, I'm Levi. I'm looking to start a small private group roleplay with two to four other people - I've provided a premise at the bottom, but I'd love to develop the major plot arcs together to suit our collective interests and characters.

  • He/him
  • EST
  • Widely varied post lengths. Probably around 4-6 lines usually, but I don't really aim for anything in particular, I just write however much I feel I need/want to.
  • I usually prefer to play male characters and MxM relationships, but I can do anything, and romance is by no means necessary for me to be interested in a roleplay.
  • I can play more than one character if needed, though I prefer not to have more than two or three at once.
  • I'm happy to roleplay through the forums or on Discord.
  • I love OOC chat, for planning plot arcs and just getting to know each other! PMs or Discord are fine.

  • No expectation on your post length or literacy, I don't really care too much so long as I can understand what you're writing and you have fun ideas to contribute.
  • I do prefer to roleplay with people who don't strictly stick to posts longer than two or three paragraphs, it's hard for me to stay focused on reading longer things, and I find consistently long posts don't really facilitate the style of organic character interaction that I really enjoy. If the situation calls for long posts sometimes, totally go for it, and the same goes for dramatically short posts, but if all of your posts are three paragraphs long I'm probably going to struggle to respond regularly.
  • Willing to plan together, and to make spontaneous moves in-roleplay without prior discussion to keep things interesting and throw in a little surprise for each other.

    Generations ago, something happened. Little is known about the catastrophe aside from the destruction it left in its wake; society fell, cities were left crumbling as new growth broke through their concrete shrouds, and much of the earth was left as a dry, cracked wasteland. Today, few, isolated pockets of civilization remain, supported by magic integrated into daily life as though it were electricity powering society. The Order - a peacekeeping organization of the world's only sorcerers - upkeeps the world's magical systems. Not much is known about The Order amongst common folk - they bind themselves to neutral ground, swear oaths to a code that demands they abandon any semblance of their past identity, from name to family, to devote themselves fully to nonpartisan service of the order, and while they seem to be a tight-knit group, they rarely form bonds with anyone outside The Order. Most young applicants to The Order's academy assume their acceptance is immediate; such is not the case. There are many trials to first be passed before only a select few are accepted into mentorship, the rest returned to their lives and sworn to oaths of secrecy. The roleplay will follow our characters, young new applicants to The Order from vastly diverse backgrounds, going through trials to earn their place in the ranks of The Order, progressing through their apprenticeships, and banding together to get up to all the things overly curious young apprentices might get up to in a world shrouded in the mysteries of a disaster long passed and a mysterious organization that gatekeeps the power a broken world relies upon to scrape by for survival.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested, let me know your communication preferences, and I'll put together a group chat for us to figure out plans and get to know each other in.
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nyah's search

Postby nyah, » Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:28 am

── about me:
hello! my name is nyah, but feel free to call me that or laurabeth - whichever you like. i am a cisfemale
who uses she/her pronouns and i live in the eastern standard time zone. basically, i have waaay too m
uch time on my hands due to physical injuries so i'm fairly active. you can expect to see a response from
me every one to two days or you might possibly see me post multiple responses in a day. i can write a
nywhere from a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs depending on my muse. i've recently been w
riting around 400 words, so i'm very comfortable with anything that's semi-literate. i'm also comfortabl
e with roleplaying as either a male or female along with any pairings. since i'm bisexual myself, i've been
leaning more with fxf and mxm, but am very accepting of all character genders, sexualities, and ethnici
ties - it's actually something i'd like to see in character pairings! i only roleplay on threads but am open
to chatting through discord or pms.

── about you:
as i said before, i'm comfortable with any level of literacy. all i ask is to write enough for me to respond
to. that could range from a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs. i would also like for you to be l
q+ friendly and accepting of character pairings and the characters themselves. if you'll be gone for
awhile, i'd like to be told. it's frustrating not knowing whether somebody has lost interest in the rolepla
y or if they are taking time to create their post. communication is important to me! i'd also prefer some
body who can post at least two times a week, but i am very patient with replies. with posts and forms,
i'd like for you to keep everything looking neat.

── interests:
♟ - craving | itallics - prefered role
avatar: the last airbender {firebender x waterbender, ocs} ♟
hero x villain {anything marvel related, ocs}
post-apocalyptic world {zombies, natural disaster, nuclear fallout} ♟
horror {spooky ghosts, stalked by killers}
roadtrip {best friends to lovers} ♟
bounty hunter x target
musician x fan ♟
very open to ideas {no animal roleplays} ^^
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way too motivated currently;;

Postby Xintea » Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:41 pm

Well I guess I should start this out by saying something about myself. Hey, I'm Steph, a young writer
looking for someone to share inspiration with. I've been writing on cs for quite some time now, and
have years of experience with writing in group rps. I used to be obsessed with 1x1s and I guess decided
to get back into them recently. My evenings are (mostly) my free time and when I'll have time to post.
I'm up for mostly anything; any sort of topic or plot I find interesting usually gives me tons of ideas
I'm willing to share! I have literally nothing against LGBT+, however I'm currently looking for relatively
slow burn mxf roleplays. Other than that the sky is the limit! Fandoms, movies shows, just let me
know and we can work it out.

Other;; I use she/her pronouns and I'll use whatever you're comfortable with.
Literate-\\ AVG 300+ words \\ 2-3 posts a week \\ Active at least 4-5 days a week
++ (means I'm more interested in that topic specifically)
++Dystopian, Historical, Supernatural, ++Futuristic

++(some fandoms I've been into lately)
++TMR, My Hero Academia, The Hunger Games, ++Percy Jackson

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Postby trish » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:13 pm


    hello, im trish or kiana (they/it)
    my timezone is mountain standard time
    i'm a semi-literate roleplayer with around five years of experience
    my average response is two paragraphs long
    i mirror response length

    i am currently searching for a jojo's bizarre adventure roleplay
    it can be canon or oc
    i personally prefer cs dms but i am fine with forums and discord
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [read the rules!]

Postby higurashi » Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:53 pm

abt me:
hello! my name is zen. i use he/it/they pronouns and i'm an adult in the PST lookin for roleplay! i love
cats, anime, nd various kpop groups. i'd describe myself as just a little guy, though my best friend has
said i'm the embodiment of the knife cat image. for a roleplay partner i'm looking for someone who is
also an adult and is normal (not homophobic, racist, etc lol). i very much prefer discord but i wouldn't
mind roleplaying on chickensmoothie.

abt my roleplay:
i'd consider myself semi-lit; my replies consist from 200-400 words depending on the scene. i prefer a
mixture of romance and adventure and love doubling up on characters! i prefer to rp mxm but if we're
doubling up i can do any! i prefer oc faceclaims to be made in a picrew because i love customization!!
due to the current circumstances of the world i'm online pretty much all day, and will try to respond at
least once per day. i use // to indicate ooc messages and i'm hoping we can become friends as well as
rp together! pm me if interested!

what i'm looking for:
below are specific sources i'm into and whom i'd like to roleplay italicized! underlined is what i'd really
like to do. these could be set in canon or an alternate universe :3
genshin impact: childe x zhongli, albedo x kaeya or aether
oc ideas:
i love any sort of rivalry to romance. we could do villain(s) x hero(s), opposing gangs, whatever
scenario drama might arise from. any sort of supernatural entities would be cool, i like horror as well!
something that's really fun is creating a danganronpa au together; we each have 8 characters and create
the plot together! it can be source based (like we choose 16 characters from a source) or oc only! i've
done a detective conan themed one with my friend and it's going super well (i'd prefer discord for this).
i would also like an idol rp where we make units and managers! we'd have multiple chars nd
i think it would be really fun. we could go through the character planning process together! idk i like
discussing roleplay before jumping into it. I'M OPEN FOR MORE IDEAS i have lotsa ocs im sitting on.
brainstorming together on plot is preferred for me. tysm for reading!

zen - he/it - entp7w8
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