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hit or miss

Postby roony » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:31 pm

      ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ❝ 𝐊𝐌𝐎𝐍'𝐒 𝐒𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐇 .
      heya! kmon here. i'm just gonna keep this short and sweet because there's a
      particular plot i'm craving at the moment. i'm a teenage girl living in the pac
      ific standard time zone. i can write about 500-1000+ or more words dependin
      g on my muse and the amount my partner writes. i have the most experience
      with mxf pairings and it is my main preference, respectfully. i can play either
      gender and am more than willing to double up if needs be; all it would mean
      is that my replies will be slower. i'm an amazing communicator, and when i'm
      not busy i'm active at least once or twice a day. my replies may not be consis
      tent, but it has nothing to do with my interest in our one x one. but if it ever
      does, i will be sure to let you know about anything if something important co
      mes up to where my activity is low.

      so right now i'm pretty much only interested in the tv show supernatural, whe
      ther it be in an au or starting straight from the plot itself. i can play any of th
      e characters, and i am happy to double up with canon x oc pairings if it meets
      both of our criteria. i've legit been obsessed with this show for a while now a
      nd it would mean the world to me if someone was interested in doing one wit
      h me! and of course, if you're not interested in that then i'll be more than hap
      py to hear any other ideas you might come with ^^
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby wolfpack12 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:36 pm

Hi there, I'm wolfpack12 or 'Wolf' for short. I'm a semi-lit or lower role player, sometimes mostly lower if I either lose my muse, on mobile or simply can't think of much to write, in other words writers block. Although, I do try my very best to try and match my partners post. I'd prefer it if I cloud play both genders, but otherwise I don't really mind too much. I will be open to suggestions, and I won't always be on in the weeks because of things going on in my daily life. But I'm mostly active during the weekends, have some free time or on a bit of a break. I'll let you know when I will leave, so you wouldn't have to worry much if I suddenly disappear. I can also mirror others posts, whether it being a one lined sentence or a full paragraph or two. I am not rude, and as mentioned before, I am open to different Ideas. I can do mxm, mxf and fxf. So please do not be afraid to send me a pm.

Rp's I really want to do:
The text in bold is what I really want to do.

Jurassic park/world (really want)
Httyd (any film/series)(really want)
Destiny 2 ( really want)
Rainbow six siege
Sci-fi shapeshifters
Mandalorian bounty hunters (really want)
star wars clone wars (really want)(maybe something that involves the clones)
Titanfall 2 (really want)
Halo (really want)
Terra Nova (tv series)
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space's search

Postby space. » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:42 pm

    hey, what's up, I'm space, and I'm going to keep this really short and sweet.

    a little bit about myself;;
    i'm a roleplayer living in EST. I haven't roleplayed in a little more than a year, so I'll probably be a little rusty. despite school, i'll probably be rather active, especially after school or on weekends. i prefer very literate roleplays(at least 600+ words), and the lowest number of paragraphs i'll do at this point is two (5+ sentences each). i can play male or female, and can also do any type of pairing, including doubling up. as of right now, i can roleplay in threads or pms.

    what i'm looking for;;
    i'm looking for a few main things -
    a partner that can match my writing length
    someone preferably LGBT friendly
    a person who is at least moderately active
    someone i can talk to casually outside of roleplay as well

    plots i'm interested in;;
    runaway teens (something like teotfw like)
    road tripping teens (would be fun if we doubled or tripled up, like a group of friends taking a road trip. maybe even a small group)
    royalty from different countries (like say if all the countries in the world were monarchies) falling in love against parents say (small group or doubling up could be fun for this)
    riverdale but with ocs (really looking for a southside serpent x northsider)
    high school kids (idk i would need to make a full plot for this)
    rich new york city kid x poor new york city kid
    uhhh suggestions that have a similar theme to these are also highly considered. these all can include romance or not! i hope to hear from some of you! ciao!
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A lesson without pain is meaningless

Postby chonko. » Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:36 pm

Henlo! Call me Snoof uwu. I am looking
for a 1x1 partner, as you can see. I write
2 sentences to one or two decent
paragraph(s)! I won't get annoyed
if you are inactive or don't have
great posts, I'm pretty chill! I love
to talk ooc, but I'm really awkward
and rarely know what to write back
in ooc. I started school and may be
inactive a lot, super sorry everyone uwu
I expect my partner to be nice and write
more than one sentence. I don't expect
much, but I also ask that you don't make
your character too powerful and makes
others pity them. Thanks uwu. I am
accepting of all sexuality pairings!

bold means most wanted!
•Fullmetal Alchemist
(No ocs Mainly looking
for roleplays including
Ed, Alphonse, and
•Soul Eater (with ocs
or not, idm)
•Wanting medicine
cat x Loner/rouge/
leader warrior cat
roleplay, (, I prefer
to be medicine cat)
PM me If interested, or
Pm me for other ideas!!
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Petey Parker's 1x1 Search

Postby ghostlyhamlet » Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:52 pm



    About Me:
  • I'm bisexual
  • I'm in pacific time zone
  • I can write a paragraph or two, depends on what I'm given
  • I can reply at least once or twice a day, as I do have a life outside CS
  • I mostly play males but can play females
  • I write in the third person
  • I only roleplay on forms

    About You:
  • Be accepting of LGBTQ+
  • Able to post more than three sentences
  • Able to post at least once a day
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • Realistic face claims

    Things I Can Do:
  • male x female
  • male x male
  • female x female
  • canon x canon
  • original x canon
  • original x original

    Things I Can't Do:
  • real people (actors, musicians, etc)
  • anthro/furry
  • anime
  • anything Tony Stark

    **underlined is what I would roleplay
  • Avengers {Thor Odinson x oc/canon}
  • X-Men {Alex Summers x oc/canon}
  • Spider-Man {Peter Parker x oc/canon}
  • Hunger Games {oc x oc}
  • Harry Potter {oc x oc | Hufflepuff x Slytherin}
  • The Flash {Barry x oc/Iris}
  • Detriot: Become Human {Connor x oc | oc x oc}
  • royals {prince x stable boy | prince x guard}
  • post apocalypse
  • any soulmate AU
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✦ 'my search :)

Postby gabrielle. » Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:01 pm

    hi! im gabrielle c:
    >i live in the aest time
    >i am more used to fxm
    >but im fine with the lgbt+
    >i like plots with romance
    >i prefer forum over pm's
    >i can do multiple paragra
    but i need inspiration & ti
    >can play any gender!
    >vv active
    >reply mult. times a we-
    ek / day
    >can code the forum c:
    >pm me :)
    >comfortable w/ play
    ing a canon character

    >craving - anything to do
    with detroit:become human
    & fox's lucifer

    go ahead and pm me! :)

    detroit: become human- muse a has recently become a
    deviant, they are new to this whole emotions thing. muse
    b was a deviant before the revolution and is helping a disc
    over what emotions truly are.

    muse a is working with their partner- hank, on a few hom
    ocide cases involving androids and deviants. when an and
    roid is sent to help aid the cases;; what happens when bo
    th hank & muse a have an irrational hatred to it and want
    to quite literally burn it alive.

    muse a has a huge fear of androids. theyre just so freaking
    lifelike-- its creepy! whenever they see an android they ha
    ve an internal and external breakdown, meaning they dont
    often leave the house. it all started when (...deep dark pas
    t plot thing). but when their neighbor gets an android/ and
    roid partner- muse b, muse a is forced to intereact with it.

    muse a is a deviant android that has murdered their owne
    r. when muse b (whom works with the fbi / police departm
    ent, android or human) comes along and arrests muse a--
    how will muse a convince muse b to let them go,, and wil
    l muse b even become convinced?

    ^^ comfortable with either roles,, can also be canon x oc !

    i'm also looking for a tv-based rp
    , the tv show being fox's "lucifer"
    ... i can play either canon or oc'
    s but i would like some sort of l
    ucifer pairing!

    muse a is an angel, one whom h
    as nearly no freewill whatsoever
    . yada yada, muse a meets muse
    b in a twist of events-- muse b i
    s a demon // ?? from hell and is
    probably the nastiest creature o
    ut there. but for some reason, t
    he two clashing personalities fit

    muse a has been sucked into the
    ir favorite tv show only to meet
    the characters in it. and muse b
    is one of the main characters...
    what happens next?

    also any warriorcats or dog role
    plays with interesting ideas that
    seem relatively unique are cool!

    i dont really know what else to
    say?? uhh, i would prefer more
    frequent replies and also some
    one who wont randomly aband
    on the roleplay after like two r
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby Chasezer4life » Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:30 pm

Hi! You can call me Hollywood, my nickname. I'm the (self-appointed) biggest fan of JC Chasez and *NSYNC, and I am interested in a celebrity or fantasy (WoF, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Pegasus, Warriors), or making our own thing up. PM or send me a trade if you're interested, I check quite a few times daily so my reply shouldn't be too late.
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby lil spooky » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:02 pm


hello, my name's ℭastiel, but i just go by cas. i've
been bored so i'm looking for a one x one or small
group rp. my life is super busy right now so i'm not
on all the time, but i can at least get on for a cou
ple hours a day during the week and longer on the

about me
- post at least three times a week
- write at least a paragraph or more
- only plays males
- help with the plot

about you
- post at least one or twice a week
- write at least a paragraph w/ decent grammar
- plays either gender but mostly female
- help with the plot

underlined = role i prefer
bolded = craving

antman x oc
antman x wasp

tales from the borderlands
august x fem oc/sasha
jack x rhys
✦ oc x oc

demon dean x fem hunter oc
human cas x dean
✦ oc x oc
- double up

detroit: become human
✦ deviant x android/human
- preferably platonic idk
- mxm or mxf

- idk maybe
✦ markiplier? yes
✦ oc x oc
- mxm or mxf

mutant x human friend/cop/scientist/whatever
hero x villain
werewolf x hunter
✦ vampire x hunter
alien x researcher
✦ zombie apocalypse

criminal x undercover cop/investigator
amnesia victim x nurse
killer/criminal on the run x good girl/sheriff's daughter
road tripping teens
- anything cute/fluffy/romantic
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whispers' always open search

Postby sounds of silence » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:05 pm

hello. I just came back to Chicken Smoothie after a hiatus and looking delve back into the roleplaying
world so I figured, why not do that with some potential partners. If anything interests you below, do not
hesitate to send me a PM. I look forward to hearing from anyone that reads this. c: But first, unfortunately,
I do have some guidelines along with a little information about myself.

So I can post about 300 or more words per post. Despite my real life gender, I write as both males and females.
I do not mind doubling or tripling up on characters. I am on Central Standard Time. LGBTQ+ friendly.
Communicative and patient. I only write through the threads, too. Like to add twists and turns to the current
story. OOC Chatter.

I expect my partner to keep up or match my writing length, do not be afraid to double or triple up on characters,
but it is not required, communicate with me, willing to write through the threads only, do not be afraid to surprise
me with your own twists and turns, write the story with me and not let me do all the work and be willing to OOC
Chat about almost anything. Also, plot with me!! I'd love to hear your ideas, too. Do not message me with 'wanna
rp?' let me know what you are interested in, please.

I have ideas for most of these.

♡ Medieval or Historical ♡
(Kings, Queens, Princes or Princesses, Lords, Ladies, and Pirates)
♡ Romance ♡
(Does not want it to be the whole entire plot of the roleplay)
♡ Modern ♡
(Almost anything will work here)
♡ Supernatural ♡
(Witches, Vampires, Werewolves & Demons)
♡ Tragedy ♡
♡ High School or College ♡
♡ Band ♡
♡ Superpowers ♡
♡ Assassins ♡
♡ Spies ♡
♡ Reunion ♡
♡ Best Friends ♡
♡ Exes ♡

I will only write as original characters but do not mind if you write as canon.
I have ideas for most of these, as well.

♡ Game of Thrones ♡
♡ Avatar: The Last Airbender ♡
♡ Legend of Korra ♡
♡ Pretty Little Liars ♡
♡ Riverdale ♡
♡ American Horror Story ♡
♡ The Vampire Diaries ♡
♡ Teen Wolf ♡
♡ X-Men ♡
♡ Arrow ♡
♡ Flash ♡
♡ Teen Wolf ♡
♡ Glee ♡
♡ Manifest ♡
♡ Hunger Games ♡
♡ Divergent ♡
♡ Salem ♡
♡ Beverly Hills, 90210 ♡
♡ Reign ♡
♡ The Tudors ♡
♡ Harry Potter ♡
♡ Gossip Girl ♡
♡ Melrose Place ♡
♡ Dear White People ♡
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby Anonymous.Logophile » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:15 pm


About me;;
▪ 18+
▪ Flexible with gender and amount of characters
▪ Any pairing. Most experienced with fxm
▪ Horrible memory
▪ Detailed.
▪ Quite active
▪ Looking for a long term partner
▪ First and third point of view
▪ Semi-literate/literate. Can do 100-7000. It all just depends
▪ In-rp-descriptions and character sheets
▪ Romantic fanatic but not required
▪ Mountain Time Zone
▪ Won't do furry/animal rps

About you ;;
▪ I don't require you to be 18+ but please be mature.
▪ Just be straight up when introducing yourself. (Ex. Tell me your
pairing/sexuality preference, what gender you prefer playing,
what age range you are comfortable with, what perspective you
like etc.)
▪ Please be active
▪ No one liners
▪ Communicate
▪ Be detailed with your replies in the rp
▪ Help build plot

Plots/Pairings ;;
▪ Student x Student
▪ Roommate x Roommate

▪ Librarian x OC
▪ Cafe owner x OC
▪ Tattoo artist x Client

▪ Neighbor x Neighbor

▪ Admirer/stalker x OC

▪ Part-humanoid x OC

▪ Creature x Creature | ➸ Creature x Human
ex. Wolf x Wolf, Wolf x Neko | ex. Vampire x Human

▪ Runaways
▪ Soulmates

Genres ;;
▪ Post apocalyptic/apocalypse ( Could be zombie or not )
▪ Fantasy
▪ Futuristic
▪ Slice of life
▪ Romance
▪ Adventure

(( I have plots of my own but I'm too lazy to add them in but I'm also pondering on if I should add them in or make google docs. for them. Also, the pairings are just an idea for you to get the concept, it doesn't have to be Wolf x Wolf for a Creature x Creature role play. ))
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