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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby Fizzy-Pop » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:11 am

Fizzy-Pop wrote:

Hello! I'm Fizzy-Pop, but you can call me Fizzy. I am looking for a few 1x1 buddy's like everyone here, and if possible some new CS friends!

Here's what you can expect from me:
•I'm usually on quite often, my busy life might get in the way of how active I am.
•I can be slow, due to my busy life
•If you are sure that I have forgotten about the roleplay, just bump the thread or send a PM my way - I will get back to you as soon as possible.
•I am nice and easygoing and likes to talk in OOC
•I am scared of one liners so i avoid them and you should too and my literacy depends on my partner's literacy
•My characters generally range within the ages of 18-20.
•Rarly, i can't post images for my characters so i describe them. I use real face claims for my characters
•I can play both genders
•I can't do MxM or FxF romance - I don't have anything against them, i have no idea how play them.
•I may add more characters in the roleplay as we go
•I am on phone by day and computer by night/evening so my replies might be a bit shorter when I am on my phone.

What I expect from you:
•Don't ditch me while we are planning/making the 1x1, I find it don't bother of PM me if your planning to do so
•Please don't drop the rp without telling me
•Be friendly
•Please be patient with waiting for responses. you/I never know when I have a busy week
•Contributes to the plot, throw some ideas at me even as we rp, it would be helpful and fun.
•For literacy, I would prefer someone who writes 2 and more lines, and try's to beat the length of my replies.
•Good grammar, spelling, and punctuation is also preferred. Typos and mistakes are understandable.
•I would prefer if you could play both genders.
•I would prefer to roleplay in the forums- my PM's get far too cluttered for me to keep up with a RP there.
•don't drop the rolplay without telling me please
•not to be afraid to add characters as we roleplay, the more the better!

Here is what I want to roleplay:
-vampire x human (I am always up for these types of Rps)
-vampirex werewolf ( I haven't Rp this in ages so I thought it be cool to do one again)
-ghost x human (has a plot )
-Fantasy-themed plots (hit me with those ideas for yours)
-dragon riders (Craving! )
---demon and an angel (I have a plot; plot may include human )
-Pokémon trainers!
-Element people (Have a plot, and requires a good/fun/loyal role-player partner)

What I won't currently roleplay:
-MxM or FxF romance
-Warrior cats.. sorry I have not read the books...yet
-Anything involving the apocalypse or zombies
-Adventure Time
-Hunger Games...I don't like my characters being killed
-normal everyday people. I find it boring....
-Twilight.......VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE!!..... fairies do... :lol:
-Teen pregnancy
-High School (sorry, I lose interest in gets pretty boring, in my opinion... ^~^' If you can come up with a creative plot, I may be persuaded to do this one, however. c:)
-Anything that breaks CS rules
-Gay ships- I just can't rp them

(If there is something you don't see on either list, PM me. I'll let you know if I am interested or not. I'm open to suggestions! thank you for taking a look on my post! I hope to hear from some of you, soon! ^.^
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby verified envy hours » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:11 am

i'm jade. or salty. or enbinite.
one of those.


i've got concepts, and fandoms...

here are fandoms first:
fandom(characters i rp)

ace attorney(sebastian debeste)
moomin(ocs, mayyyyybe snufkin? i'm new to rping him)
fantasy life(ocs, maybe others, i have an au of caffeine addicted damien/daemon going on)
i have more fandoms but mostly ocs on em


fantasy quest thing with lgbtq+ themes (small group. pm me)
going camping with a friend and then getting lost in the now magical woods
royalty(x guard, x servant?)
magician x knight (have amazing idea for this, pm me!)
rival heroes/wizards/knights realize they're soulmates whilst sparring (one of those mark things)
wanderer x small town person
like fantasy is great
alien gets turned into human and has to learn the ropes of being human
slice of life with a twist! like, any twist! it works!

just hit me up

My expectations:

let's discuss plot
you don't mind ocs made specifically for the occasion
you're okay with my writing lengths being inconsistent
You are okay with my replies being inconsistent in timing

What I'll do:
Have semiflexible time
Be extremely lgbtq+ friendly
throughly enjoy this
Talk outside RP? Be internet pals?
only roleplay here
have ideas I may pitch to you to rp
i roleplay fxf, mxm, nbxliterallyanyone, and i'll do fxm even though i prefer others

i've had a design block lately and all my characters are made specifically for roleplays, so please be patient if i take a while with character designs!

"likes anime, bongomon is probably [their] favorite"
- Uniyou in the <^> game
i envy you all.
i the bongo deity.
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also envy is like, androgyny goals!!
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join my cult
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interests in my website: x
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and multiple variants of Objectionary
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby skinklegs » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:28 am

    Hello! I'm skinklegs but you can call me Ollie if you'd like.

    I've been role playing for upwards of ten years and I'm pretty decent at it. I have some very well-established characters that I've been using for years, so if well-rounded and three-dimensional characters are something you value in a role play partner, you've come to the right reptile. Character development is like, my whole thing, and I will straight sit with you and talk about our characters for hours if you feel like it. I average about 400-600 words per post and would like a partner around the same level, but I value quality over quantity.

    I like to role play either on Discord or on the forums since my inbox sometimes fills up fast and it can be hard to keep organized. :^) I'll compromise tho, this isn't like, a rule.

    Anyway, here's some of the stuff I'm interested in!

    (Mostly dogs but listen.)

      » Regular ole wilderness survival. A group of stray and/or feral dogs find each other and form a group to help one another survive. The main focus of this would be on the group dynamics and the formation of a hierarchy. I'll also do a stray dog role play in a more urban setting, but I like the high stakes that come with setting the story in the middle of nowhere: the lack of food, the competition from other predators, and the harsh climate.

      » Military dogs in wartime. Ideally either WWII or a fictional war set slightly post-WWII. The most compelling idea I have for this is for civilians (and their dogs) to be forced into battle and to explore how they deal with that upheaval, but there's a few more things floating around in my head if that's not your scene. Feel free to come to me w/ ideas for this one too!

      » Predator strikes up an unlikely friendship with a prey animal. I'm up for either role. If you want me to play the predator, I'll be writing a dog, and if you want me to play the prey animal, I'll probably be a rabbit or a rat! I don't really have a storyline for this one, I just like the idea of it. Maybe they could play off of each other's strengths to survive in a city or something like that.


      » Town where everything's just a little bit weird, somehow. I guess think of Nightvale. I've never listened to Nightvale but I imagine this idea is pretty similar to Nightvale's whole vibe. There's definitely something supernatural happening here, and nobody really seems to talk about it. Why? What causes it? Is it sinister, or is it just weird? And how weird can it get?

      » Supernatural creatures (werewolves, vampires, witches, etc.) get together once a year every October to put on the best dang charity haunted house the world's ever seen.

      » Private investigator finds themselves in deep trouble with the missing person they were hired to find. Now they're on the run from who knows who, and they can't go to the police. Would very much like this to be a romance between two women. I will be playing a female character at least! I don't have much of a role preference, but if I had to choose, I'd play the investigator.


      » Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed. I prefer GNG but I'll do something set pretty much anywhere in the timeline. I don't follow the manga tho so I know next to nothing about what happened post-Hougen lol. Would prefer to use exclusively OCs for this one.

      » Soul Eater. I have, unfortunately, gotten back into this friggen show for the first time since middle school. I'll do pretty much anything with this one, I just like the setting. I'll do OCs (I like playing weapons), canon (SoMa's my jam), or a mix of the two. I was into this for a long time and I think I can play all of the main characters passably at worst, I just need to shake off the rust.

      » Miraculous Ladybug. Less into this one nowadays but I'm still up for it! I'll only do canon, and I very much prefer to play Marinette. I've tried writing Adrien but I don't click w/ him very well.

      » Dark Souls or Bloodborne. I really enjoy the lore in these games and would love to play around with it! I don't have any plot ideas off the top of my head, but I'd be more than willing to listen to your ideas and possibly collaborate on a story! I'm more familiar with Dark Souls than Bloodborne, but I have gone thru all of the games at least once.

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here nowadays, but i'll still be around
to take care of messages, trades, and
whatever else i might get myself into!

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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby Acronymm » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:36 am

Acronymm wrote:
Hello, I'm Acronymm! ❤️
Animal lover
Literate roleplayer

Here are my characters. I mainly do equine and canines, felines, etc. I also have some characters I haven't added yet, though I can create some new characters to fit in with our rp if that makes sense ❤️ All I ask is you be semi-literate or literate (3-5+ sentences or more. I also prefer roleplaying through a thread, but whatever you're comfortable with.)

Interested in:
- Equines (fantasy/realistic)
- Canines (fantasy/realistic)
- Felines (warrior cats)
- Dragons and other mythical creatures
- Hybrid creatures
- I'm mainly in the Wings Of Fire and Warrior cat fandoms

Thank you! I look forwards to roleplaying with you <33
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making others happy! i also en



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Postby solar. » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:54 am

      hi there! im solar, however, feel free to call me sol or anything else as long as it's not rude. if you have anymore questions, please do. im going to make this quick.

        a bit about me...
        - im currently living in england which means timezones might be a pain.
        - dealing with some life issues, replies might be delayed.
        - ill make sure to let you know if im leaving, apologies if i dont.
        - i can write a decent paragraph (maybe two) depending on my muse.
        - id like to say i have good vocab and grammar?
        - mainly play mxm, wouldnt mind doing fxf or mxf.
        - enjoys ooc most of the time.
        - i roleplay either over cs or over discord, please lmk what platform you'd like to do it.

        i expect you to...
        - pm me if you decide to leave the roleplay, or if youre leaving for the time being.
        - understand that i wont be able to reply everyday.
        - write a good paragraph at least.
        - be able to play either gender if mxf.
        - be comfortable with lgbtq+
        - be okay with developing a plot together.

        my intrests.. [ feel free to ask what i wont do or suggest some ideas! ]
        - warrior cats, preferably something between a kittypet x warrior or maybe leader x warrior,
        stuff like that.
        - canines, wild/domesticated is fine with me.
        - slice of life based, highschools/colleges, etc.
        - anything medieval based, thief x royal family member.
        - demigods, etc.
        - fantasy/supernatual/mythical.
        - anything romance related tbh, lmk some of your ideas.

        ( anything with a strike im not interested in doing at the very moment )

      ** pms might be delayed. things have been going on in my life and im trying to sort everything out, please be patient, thank you! **
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[ ✞. ] -- one x one / group rp search

Postby galaxy, » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:40 am


      hello !! i'm galaxy and i'm kinda craving a harry potter/hogwarts roleplay, whether it's one x one or a group one

      - i'm quite active on cs and i'll post at least once every two days
      - i'm super friendly and always open to discuss plot ideas!! drama!!
      and would like for my partner to also get involved with the planning c:
      - i usually type more than one paragraph but it depends on what i'm given to work with i guess??
      - i could play either male or female but i'd rather make two characters each, one of each gender c:
      - we could chat on discord about planning ! but it's not necessary if you don't have one

      so yeah ! from a partner i'd expect kind of what i put about myself. if you're interested shoot me a dm xx
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Re: Search for 1x1 Roleplays HERE! [please read rules]

Postby frogcat » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:02 am


Hi i'm miku;!

About Me
I'm a returning player and am active at least once every day
I usually do about 4-5 sentences but I'm currently pushing myself to do more
I can write longer then that if you give me a bit extra to work with
I don't mind if you can only write about two sentences
LGBT+ is a okay with me
I tend to use npc's a lot
I can handle being a supportive or leading role in an rp
The rp can be a thread or pm, doesn't matter but let's discuss plot before deciding ony anything ^^

Looking For:
- Most realistic human rp's (action, adventure, drama, or romance)
- Any realistic animal rp's (horse herds, wolf/dog packs can be fun, maybe even just some random woodland creatures idk as long as the plot's good)
- Any fantasy plots I adore (like dragons or dragon riders, unicorns, kirins, wolves with powers, you name it)
- Any supernatural plots too (vampires, werewolves, angels??)
- Fandoms (this one is a bit harder but I think the only fandoms I actually rp in is warrior cats)
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[i need a friend lol]

Postby aglet » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:22 am

it took me so long to find a gif i liked ahh

hello! my user is beautiful mind,
but feel free to call me beau or
adriana. i live in the est, am semi-
lit, and am looking to role-play a
human x mermaid plot. i'd prefer
the human role with a fxf pairing,
either being platonic or romantic.
i post usually about one to three
times a day & write in lowercase.
school starts for me soon so my
posting times may vary with that
change. i would like my partner
to be able to write at least a small
paragraph so i have something
to work with. pm me and we can
brainstorm ideas for the plot! ♡

i have a few plot ideas for
the mermaid x human rp!

i'm also open to role-play
other things. i'm fine w/
any pairing as well. i'm
pretty chill so feel free
to suggest anything
that's not listed below ♡

fantasy, sci fi, adventure
dystopian, apocalyptic
multiverse, non fandom

human x inhuman
inhuman x inhuman

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𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥❜𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡

Postby angel, » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:59 am





        about me;;
        ━ i'm angel! i use she/her pronouns.
        ━ i live in england, so my current time zone is bst (british summer time).
        ━ since it's summer vacation for me up until september, i'm active most days, although i may be busy from time to time
        because i still study and do coursework.
        ━ although i'm more than capable of writing 700+ words each post, i'm looking for something much more casual where i
        can write around 100-300 words as it's less stressful for me!
        ━ i prefer playing as male characters, although i don't mind playing females c:
        ━ i only do mxm and fxf.
        ━ i would also prefer to keep a character maximum to one character per person as i don't like doubling up.
        ━ i like talking and getting to know people, so you'll see me ooc from time to time.
        ━ i tend to use east asian faceclaims.
        ━ i also have a discord, so if you prefer to roleplay there then feel free to ask me about it!!

        about you;;
        ━ i would appreciate someone who's friendly and easy to talk to!
        ━ be comfortable with discussing and sharing ideas, i don't bite cx
        ━ neat posts please! i'm kinda fussy so please write with a font that's 85 and below.
        ━ grammar and spelling doesn't have to be perfect, but make writing understandable and use correct punctuation.
        ━ post at least once or twice a day, if you're busy or going away then please let me know.
        ━ once again, i'm looking for something casual so be able to write between 100-300 words.
        ━ tell me if you're losing interest, i won't hold anything against you c:

        fandoms;; bold = craving, underlined = prefered role
        ━ six of crows - oc x oc, or wylan x jesper
        ━ marvel - oc x oc, canon x canon
        ━ acotar - oc x oc
        ━ the society - oc x oc, harry x oc
        detroit: become human - deviant android x human, deviant android x deviant android
        ━ noragami - oc x oc

        non-fandom;; (pairings/tropes/themes) bold = craving, underlined = prefered role
        ━ royalty x personal guard
        ━ royalty x peasant/criminal
        supernatural creature x human
        demon/angel x human
        demon x angel
        god/dess x human
        post apocalyptic/apocalyptic
        slice of life
        ━ historical
        ━ greek mythology
        fantasy/supernatural/urban fantasy
        ━ university
        ━ gang/mafia/criminal based
        childhood best friends to lovers
        enemies to lovers!!
        ━ street racing
        20s, 50s, 60s themed
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Re: fnaf wanted!

Postby ĸιттιe » Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:56 am

hello, thanks for reading! be sure to read what's in quotes:

topics of interest wrote:fnaf related
animal related, such as
warriors or survivors
about me (: wrote:-young adult
-very active
-years exp
-nervous* (see bottom)
-willing to chat outside rp
-capitalizes only pronouns
-very understanding
(flexible) requirements wrote:-male (absolutely required)
-active daily
-canon(mostly op)
-(op)be springtrap <3 <3
-(op)be afton <3 <3
-fnaf knowledge
-(op)fnaf fan character knowledge
^I can teach above

some info for the two options:
-FNAF 1 or 2 location, unless we do a custom location
-1x1 only
-canon animatronic preferred, OC accepted
-romantic (human x human, spirit x human)
*there are two options for this: fan-based roleplay or story based roleplay. ask me what I mean!*
-significantly less wanted
-1x1 preferred, open to groups
-feral accepted, furry accepted

*I am pretty insecure about roleplaying so I apologize for that. it has been many years since I've even attempted a roleplay, so I might be a little uncomfortable at first. this shouldn't be noticeable though. hence why I just want it to be a 1x1 but I can maybe do groups later?
>PM me if you're interested, please! have had no replies so far!

under construction; removed a lot of junk, more organized, added more valuable info.

edit: I'm potentially looking for some sort of "survivors" based roleplay; a dog pack type roleplay (not canon). I'm not on my laptop right now to make all of this fit in with the rest but if you're interested pm me.
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