Hidden Land of Mystery

For roleplays featuring human or human-like characters which have inhuman abilities or live in an (original) fantasy world. E.g. vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves. However this category does not include roleplays based on existing fandoms such as Twilight or Harry Potter

Hidden Land of Mystery

Postby Seeley » Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:30 pm

There once was a time where mythical creatures and humans lived together in peace for several years. Then one day someone with evil intentions, tried to destroy all the mythical things, so a huge war began. The war went on for quite some time till eventually the war ended and the evil was overthrown but the mythical creatures escaped to a magical world till humans and creatures could get along.

Fast forward to several years later and humans would like to have the mythical creatures come back and join them, but no one knows where they have gone to. Some say the place is a legend, a myth, a folks tale, but a group of people think it’s real and are determined to make things right again. So will you take on the journey of finding the hidden place of mythical creatures or will you just brush it off and think it could never happen?

• 1) you may play both human and creature
• 2) no perfect characters please
• 3) there is no limit to how many characters you can have
• 4) please try to post more than 3 to 5 sentences per post
• 5) have fun and if you have any questions, pm me(:

Name|| Aymara Wilton
Age|| 25
Gender|| female
Personality|| Bold, curious, sweet, kind, hard headed, blunt, and very determined to get what she wants.
- height|| 5 foot 3
- weight|| 124 lbs
- hair|| long strawberry blonde hair, always pulled back into a braid that hung halfway down her back.
- eyes|| light green eyes
History|| she was born shortly before the war, and though vaguely remembers much of it, she knew that it brutal. Her parents had told her stories of the beautiful creatures that shared the land with them before the war. Pictures hung throughout the house, especially of one particular creature; a huge Snow White winged wolf with piercing icy blue eyes. Her father told her many stories of the wolf, named Nymaria, and how she was so sweet and loving with a bit of a protective side. Aymara could remember all the stories that her parents would tell her every night before bed. With the war now long gone, Aymara wanted to keep the promise that her father asked; to find where the mythical engage gone and to bring them back safely.
Crush|| none
Bf/gf|| none; has no interest yet
Other|| none

Name|| Nymaria
Age|| no one really knows
Gender|| fae, female, vixen
Personality|| sweet, loving, caring but very protective when need be. She can also be very shy and quiet if she thinks she needs to.
Species|| winged wolf
- larger than average wolf
- it’s not polite to ask a lady’s weight; plus it’s all the fluff that makes it seem she’s chunky.
- she is muscular, well built, lean and long slender legs.
- pelt is a pure snow white with a pair of icy blue eyes
History|| Nymaria really doesn’t remember much other than that she was separated from her parents at a young age and doesn’t remember anything about what happened to them. All she remembers is Aymara’s family and how kind they were. She formed a friendship with the family, especially the father. Then the war happened and the winged wolf took off with the others and left everything else behind.
Crush|| none
Pups|| someday
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