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Hidden from the humans, far far away, lives a magical land. In this land, dragons and other beats
rule the forest and the skies, soaring high and mighty, their roars echoing with the power of the
ancient blood that flows through their veins. And you are a part of this wonderful world, dragon.


Hello and welcome to my Flight Rising roleplay. In this RP, you will be playing as a dragon(s)
and/or a familiar. You will select your dragon from any species found on FR's website, and your dragon can
be patterned and decorated however you choose. The dragon's world is the same as the one on FR. This RP
simply allows you to play from the dragons' POV and interact with other dragons in a way you can't on FR.

There are several rules to follow, but they are simple. Please read them, though, as they are very important
to keep this role play running nice and smooth. It looks like a lot, but it really is not that much.

1. Your dragon does not have to be from your own lair, but it cannot be from someone else's lair (use predict
morphology for custom dragons)
2. No OP characters, we want this to be fun and nobody should be too powerful. Of course, some breeds and
some dragons are more powerful than others, just don't go overboard.
3. No god-modding, you cannot control anyone else's character, especially when it comes to killing, maiming,
or any major harm. For fights, you must get the other player's consent to injure or kill their dragon (aside from
small scratches or wounds that will heal quickly). On another note,fights cannot typically be over with one move
where your dragon automatically wins, this relates back to OP dragons and god-modding.
4. Be nice to each other and keep arguments out of the RP please (unless they are part of it of course)
5. Follow all of the rules laid out here, as well as all of Tess' rules
6. Post all of your posts in the correct forum please! I cannot stress this enough! I try really hard to keep my forums
neat, especially my RP forums. Questions and comments (and other non-rp posts) go in the discussions forum, character
forms go in the forms forum, and RP-posts go here, on the central forum. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow this. If you do,
it keeps the forum neat and I (or whoever you are contacting) is more likely to see your post and respond to it in the
proper thread.
7. No cursing (heck, dang, crap, etc. are okay though, just keep it mild). Remember there are
children on this site. Try to keep the language family friendly.
8. Just have fun! Try to be active, especially if another character is interacting directly/1 on 1 with yours. Please let me
and anyone you are directly RPing with know of any extended absences you will take (if you can) and I will do my best to
update the active characters list. Thanks!

I hope this all makes sense, and thank you for reading it all. If you have any questions, please put them in
the discussions thread (or PM me if you'd like). You're ready to create your character form and start roleplaying!

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