Ferralisis - A Feral Dog RP = OPEN!!!

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Re: Ferralisis - A Feral Dog RP = OPEN!!!

Postby Gleon » Tue May 03, 2011 4:30 am

((That's alright. I'm sure you just got busy. ;)))
~Aj~ His eyelids drooped and he lowered his head. No! Aj shook his head and glared at the slowly brightening patch of sky on the horizon. So... tired... Aj stretched his jaws wide open in a huge yawn that made his eyes water. Then, he ran his tongue over his lips, smoothing his whiskers back. Perhaps he could just make himself a little more comfortable... He lowered himself to the ground and watched as the sun slowly rose higher and higher. The higher the sun rose, the lower his eyelids sunk. Just as the golden orb crested the horizon, Aj lost his battle against the sand man and drifted off to sleep.

~Garnet~ She stirred the moment the warm sunlight lit the entrance to the den. With a low groan, Garnet raised her head to stare groggily out into the daylight. Ugh. Everything hurt, especially her ear. Had Aj been chewing on her ear in his sleep again...? No. That couldn't be right... She slowly flattened her ears against her skull. Ah, yes. It was missing. Garnet could feel only one ear against her head. She let her remaining ear and a half fall limply forward again and sighed as her head dropped to the ground again. Garnet hoped this wouldn't affect her hearing much. Oddly enough, she was not really upset about loosing her ear. She had never been one to care about something as superficial as her own beauty.

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