Lika Pride ~ Wild Cat And Dog Role-Play [O/A]

For roleplaying regular/real-world species with real-world limitations, e.g. cats, dogs, wolves, lions, bears.

Lika Pride ~ Wild Cat And Dog Role-Play [O/A]

Postby Scararb » Thu May 24, 2018 5:56 am


Welcome To Lika Pride
a place where no matter what type of animal you are matters, everyone in the pride is equal and treated as such. The Pride is ran by a female cheetah known as Chuki, her family had created this pride when others had denied them shelter in theirs. The Pride is often shunned from the others in near by areas for having such divers animals that create the pride.

The pride-land is made up of mostly plains with trees every so often in the land, on some of the northern edges of the pride is a jungle with lush trees that reach the sky with cool pools and rivers of water. On the southern edges of the pride is a large mountain range that reaches far, the lower levels rocky and barren while the top cold and brisk. The rest of the lands are plains with waterholes, trees every once in a while with small dirt like hills.

*All Tess rules apply
*Please be kind to one and another
*Have as many Characters as you wish but only have as much as you can handle
*Please do not be mates with your own characters
*No God playing
*Please no mini modding
*Fade to black if and when needed
*No Mary Sues or Garry sues, all characters have flaws
*Do your best to stay active, if you know you will be gone for a week or longer please let me know because if i am not informed i will remove you from the Role-play
*When in OOC please use []{}() although it would be best to use the discussion thread
*Post forms in the discussion thread
*At least 2 sentences per post please, this is the bare minimum
*Have fun

Type's Of Animals That Can Be In Pride
*Mountain Lion-Puma-Couger
*Desert Cat
*Fennec fox
*Bob Cat
*Maned Wolf
This is only a few, if you want to be an animal and you do not see them please tell me and i will add them.

Code: Select all
[center]Image/Description here [img][/img]
Meaning of name[If Any]:
Sexual orientation:
Other Relations:
Any Other Information:[/center]


Female Leader
Chuki-5 Years, Cheetah-Pg 1 Scararb

Male Leader

Lead Hunter

Sky-2 Years, Serval-Pg 1 Scararb
Sekhmet-2 Years, Serval-Pg 1 Northernstars
Fuli-3 Years, Cheetah-Pg 1 Sensei Nikita
Vixen-1 1/2 Years, Fennec Fox-Pg 1 Sensei Nikita

Lead Guard

Kai-4 Years, Spotted Hyena-Pg 1 Scararb
Kato-4 Years, Maned Wolf-Pg 1 Sensei Nikita

Lead Scout

Blitz-2 Years, Tiger-Pg 1 Sensei Nikita

Mothers/Expecting Mothers
Aki-4 Years, Maned Wolf-Pg 1 Scararb

Tobu-6 Months, Maned Wolf-Pg 1 Scararb
Aspen-3 Months, Cheetah-Pg 1 Sensei Nikita

Sam-10 Years, Leopard-Pg 1 Scararb

Those Outside Of Lika Pride[Rouges]
Kaze-4 Years,Black Panther-Pg 1 Scararb
Naku-3 1/2 Months, Black Panther-Pg 1 Scararb

A has a crush on B >
B has crush on A <
A and B Share A crush <~>
A and B are Mates <3
A and B are ex Mates </3

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