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Postby it lives » Thu May 24, 2018 4:21 pm

LAVENDER RHEE────────────────────────────
( role ) educational performer 1 ( gender ) female ( location ) lounge (tagged) russ

    "i don't know," lavender sighed, "but when we moved in her parents had that 'rich,' look to them," she continued, emphasizing the word with air quotes, voice lowered in a hint of disdain. "so maybe she's just up for class, i'm here so i don't know. at least i don't have to hear her snoring." with a roll of her eyes she she slumped back in the chair and set her drink down on the space before her. it wasn't an ideal situation but lav was gone long enough that she usually was only in the dorm suite for the evening, she didn't talk to anyone there anyway, they were all rich classy kids who didn't give a crap about anyone not able to afford their lifestyles.

    she was drawn out of her downward thought process when her appearance was complimented. 'oh my god' ran through her head in a continuous stream as a blush creeped all the way to the tips of her ears. "w-well. i- maybe?" she couldn't look at russ now, and to draw attention away from her face by taking some of her hair in hand and looking at it. "i kinda dozed off while doing it." her voice trailed off and finally looked back at him, full on heart eyes mode. she'd refuse to admit putting on makeup and blush and was relieved when edgar came in. a little longer and she'd do something she'd regret. a barely raised hand was her only greeting/acknowledgment of his arrival.
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