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i know what you did last summer | mxm | open

Postby pereyra » Fri May 04, 2018 2:06 pm

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i know what you did last summer | plot

Postby pereyra » Fri May 04, 2018 5:08 pm

    camp fellowship is a summer camp for boys in their junior and senior years of highschool.
    the camp operates in one-month sessions- the first month, the juniors visit, and the second,
    the seniors.
    the group of juniors that visited last year is now returning as seniors, and while there are
    some new additions, the same dramas remain from the year before. however, things have
    changed just a bit in the last year. not much, but enough to make a difference.
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i know what you did last summer | couples

Postby pereyra » Fri May 04, 2018 5:54 pm

imaginary parties
- come a little closer, baby
we can pretend like i'm the new kid in town-

ironically, character a and alec knew each other long before camp fellowship was
even on their radar. growing up in the same town, the two have not only known each other
since they were in fourth grade, but they've been dating since the seventh grade. when
character a's parents started sending him to the camp, alec followed.
while it might seem like a love story for the ages, dating the same person for so long can,
frankly, get pretty boring. both character a and alec are starting to feel the
monotony of their relationship weigh on them, so they decide to spice things up. and what
better way to do so than to go to the camp together and pretend like they've never even
met before? it's difficult to pretend like you know nothing about the one person you know
better than yourself, but the two are determined to create their own whirlwind summer
romance, while not leaving behind the person they consider their soulmate.

character a; name | user
character b; alexander calton | ▪♛▪【ᴅɪsᴀsᴛᴇʀᴘɪᴇᴄᴇ】

bad 4 us
-so tell me why, boy
nobody can make me feel the way you do-

elliot and alex are both returning to the camp as seniors, and are an infamous
duo that everyone returning knows about. last summer, elliot and alex had
a month long fling that ended in the two of them breaking up at the annual end of the
month bonfire. loudly. in front of everyone. of course, if you ask either of them, they
broke it off with the other, and for their own reason. elliot claims it was because
alex was too clingy, alex claims it was because elliot wanted to
continue the relationship after camp, despite their agreement to end it at the end of the
now, they're both back, and while neither really wants to talk to the other at first, it
quickly becomes apparent to the both of them that they still have some sort of feelings for
each other, and despite the fact they've both grown up a lot since the year before, both of
them are way too stubborn to admit they still like the other.

character c; elliot johnstone | consulting_angel
character d; alexandre braun | mairon

worth it (perfect)
-the rumours are true, and you've gotta do you
not trying to change you, babe-

nico is returning to camp fellowship, and this time, he's bringing someone with him-
daniel. the two couldn't possibly be more opposite. nico is a very straight edge
person who rarely steps out of the lines, while daniel is your classic bad boy
stereotype, here to break all of the rules. the two met during their senior year of high
school, and both are falling hard for each other.
nico has spent the last few months trying to fit in with daniel and his friends,
doing everything he can to rebel with the others. meanwhile, daniel does everything
he can to fit in with nico and his friends- giving up drinking, smoking, and a million
other things to become more straight edge. both think the only way the other will like
them is if they become more like the other. what they've both failed to communicate is
that they like the other just the way they are- no changing involved.

character e; nico colletti | spacekid.
character f; daniel montegomery | bear?

-alright, i'm coming for you baby
hold tight, let me break on you like a wave-

to the rest of the world, elijah seems untouchable. he's ambitious and driven,
determined to make it in the world. however, elijah isn't always as bulletproof as he
would like those around him to believe- he's been dealing with an anxiety disorder for as
long as he can remember. he does everything in his power to hide it from those around him.
growing up in a very business-oriented family, he knows that's what's expected of him.
camp fellowship is where he meets diego, though, who is living much the same way.
diego is a genuinely kind, sweet person hiding his entire personality under the facade
of being some sort of rebellious player stereotype- because that's what people expect of
him. the two meet for the first time at the camp, and while they don't exactly get along at
first, it isn't long before they realize they have a lot more than they anticipated in
common- and they maybe even start to like each other more than they thought they could.

character g; elijah sang | carotid
character h; diego alirez-ojito | balenciaga

sexy ladies
-i'm just here to make your ex man jealous
dance the night away with me-

lizando is best friends with nicholas's older sister, which is probably why it's so
surprising for the two of them to see each other at camp fellowship. the two have never
really talked before, but seeing as they're both pretty close to the same person, it only
seems natural for them to do so, especially since lizando has never been to the camp
before- it only makes sense for nicholas to show him around.
on their little tour, lizando learns that nicholas's ex, matthew, is also at the camp,
and already has his sights on someone new. considering the two had a pretty public break
up, nicholas is reasonably upset. wanting to help him out, lizando comes up
with a genius idea- the two of them should pretend like they're dating, just to make matthew
jealous. at first, they only put on their lovey act when matthew is around, and then
when other people are around. however, over the course of the month, it slowly becomes
less and less of an act and more real.

character i; lizando schmidt | balenciaga
character j; nicholas womack | consulting_angel

-we can sneak out after dark
be an angsty teen, let you break my ♡-

matthew has been to camp fellowship before, and during his last stay, he managed to
break the hearts of several of the other campers, nicholas included. however, he now
has his sights set on someone new- aluin. aluin has never been to the camp
before, and has never met anyone there, so he has no clue about matthew's reputation.
that being said, aluin has a reputation as a player in his own right.
matthew quickly snags aluin, and the two have a very, very sudden relationship.
it should be over quickly, but as time goes on, matthew can't bring himself to end things
with aluin, and he can't find a way to justify it, but he knows that he's never felt this
way about anyone before. aluin feels the same way, but he's a little better at
pretending he doesn't. both of them are completely unaware the other actually has feelings
for them, they just think they're trying to out-play each other, so when camp is only a
week away from being over, aluin dumps matthew, and he's pretty harsh about it,
too, after hearing a rumour that matthew was planning on leaving him the same day.
that leaves everything on matthew's plate, though, and now he's torn between mourning
the loss of the realest relationship he's ever had while keeping his reputation, or dropping
his reputation and fighting to get aluin back.

character k; matthew adler | ▪♛▪【ᴅɪsᴀsᴛᴇʀᴘɪᴇᴄᴇ】
character l; aluin barrett | carotid

future friends
-if it all ends, i promise one day
we could be future friends-

daveed and mortimer are lifelong best friends, quite literally. the two grew up
next door to each other, and they've always done everything together, including camp
fellowship. both share many of the same interests, are openly gay, and are completely in
love with each other. it's not a secret, though- they both know it. the problem is, the two
don't want to risk losing their friendship over a relationship that may or may not work out,
so they've spent the last few years of their lives as the ultimate will-they, won't-they
with their senior year of high school over, though, the two decide that now is probably the
best time to at least give a romantic relationship a shot, just to see how things work out.
they agree to date during the month of camp, just to see how things go. of course, their
relationship comes with a terms and conditions page, the main one being that, if things
don't work out, no matter how messy the end might be, they will eventually be friends

character m; daveed graves | the force awakens.
character n; mortimer ortiz | marriage maze
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i know what you did last summer | rules

Postby pereyra » Fri May 04, 2018 6:41 pm

- all of tess's rules apply.
- use common sense- don't godmod, don't power play, avoid mary sue's, etc.
- please write in third person and avoid one-liners.
- all races, religions, etc are heavily encouraged here. i lose five years off my lifespan for
every roleplay where every character is blonde and white.
- all of the characters here must be male or masculine-presenting nonbinary characters.
trans boys are totally welcome, as they are male. looking for the fxf version of this? (there
will be a link right here when it's done but just pretend there's a link here for now). looking
for the mxf version of this? transfer $50 to my paypal account and then i'll consider making
- obviously, there should be no heterosexual characters. this one really doesn't call for the
generator, but i put a lot of work into that so here it is anyway.
- characters need to be either 18 or 19. they're high school graduates.
- for the sake of this roleplay, i will allow reservations. here's a quick fun fact about me; i
absolutely hate reservations because people make them and then never fill them. so if you
make a reservation here, you have 24 hours to fill it, unless you have a valid reason as to
why you can't fill it in 24 hours. i won't send out any warnings when your 24 hours are up,
your role will just be open again. please don't make me regret doing this.
- you may have as many characters as you want, given that they are not from the same
- i will not accept your form if your character's gender is down as 'obviously male, duh' or
'clearly female' or some other thing like that- that's just thinly veiled transphobia and i
don't have time for that.
- i also won't accept your form unless the words 'climate change is real' are somewhere on
- forms belong on the discussion thread. they are totally up to you, just make sure they
include the basics- name, age, gender, pronouns, sexuality, personality- all that nice
- i might sound really harsh, but i'm actually a really nice person, i promise, i just hate the
way the roleplay community on every website- not just this one- conducts itself. but i'm a
very nice person.
- just be nice to your fellow roleplayers.
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i know what you did last summer | cabins

Postby pereyra » Fri May 04, 2018 6:58 pm

cabin one;
character a
alexander calton
daveed graves
mortimer ortiz

cabin two;
elliot johnstone
alexandre braun
character k
character l

cabin three;
nico colletti
daniel montegomery
lizando schmidt
nicholas womack

cabin four;
character g
diego alirez-ojito
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i know what you did last summer | reserved

Postby pereyra » Tue May 22, 2018 6:36 am

    just in case.
    please don't post below this until the roleplay has started. only post on the discussion thread.
    this is probably my biggest pet peeve, and if you still chose to post here before posting is
    open, you will be kicked out of the roleplay.
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Re: i know what you did last summer | mxm | open

Postby pereyra » Sun May 27, 2018 8:18 am

    bump! we still need one character before we can start!
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