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Postby hannahbun » Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:27 am

    so I noticed two of my drawings were moved from intermediate to beginner. Without reason, that's just a slap in the face, and so I wanted to ask why or if there are any "standards" that have to be met. (and if there are standards that's just kinda mean if they have to do with skill level).
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Re: oekaki q

Postby Orchid Sprig » Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:47 pm

I'm not a mod, and I can't speak as to why your art specifically was moved. When the advanced board was added though, Tess gave general guidelines for each board.

Tess wrote:Beginners:
- Artwork by people who are still learning how to use the oekaki tools effectively and sometimes have trouble with tidy coloring or smooth shapes and lines
- Artwork by people who are still learning how to draw, or are drawing something new and don't feel very confident yet
- Artwork by people who are still learning how to draw accurate body structures/anatomy
- Artwork that doesn't have many "finishing details" like a basic background, shading, or detailed design
- Artwork which is very simple and didn't take much time or effort to complete

PitchBlack oekaki/image/image.php?id=86145&size=large&format=auto&rev=1273890755
PitchBlack oekaki/image/image.php?id=481070&size=large&format=auto&rev=1307673487
PitchBlack oekaki/image/image.php?id=746531&size=large&format=auto&rev=1322940002
PitchBlack oekaki/image/image.php?id=446805&size=large&format=auto&rev=1305262100
Orchid Sprig oekaki/image/image.php?id=40713&size=large&format=auto&rev=1264985204
Orchid Sprig oekaki/image/image.php?id=47384&size=large&format=auto&rev=1266538217
Coalchaser oekaki/image/image.php?id=8059&size=large&format=auto&rev=1255761481
Coalchaser oekaki/image/image.php?id=139&size=large&format=auto&rev=1251052373

- Good understanding of how the oekaki tools work
- Lines and shapes should be clean, smooth, and not shakey (where appropriate)
- Coloring should be tidy/purposeful and stay inside the lines (where appropriate)
- Extra effort in details like shading, a simple background, or intricate designs/details to "finish" the artwork
- Good understanding of anatomy, even if the artwork is stylized/simplified

art which is intentionally "messy" or fuzzy/rough/soft/sketchy in style may not meet some of these criteria but can still be considered intermediate when done well


Metallic Dragon oekaki/image/image.php?id=627968&size=large&format=auto&rev=1316155467
Metallic Dragon oekaki/image/image.php?id=1002785&size=large&format=auto&rev=1338676016
Metallic Dragon oekaki/image/image.php?id=1563211&size=large&format=auto&rev=1371694146
PitchBlack oekaki/image/image.php?id=571197&size=large&format=auto&rev=1312854148
PitchBlack oekaki/image/image.php?id=429380&size=large&format=auto&rev=1304016887
Coalchaser oekaki/image/image.php?id=120223&size=large&format=auto&rev=1278120442
Sorren Fey oekaki/image/image.php?id=383481&size=large&format=auto&rev=1300547711
Ricorn oekaki/image/image.php?id=399329&size=large&format=auto&rev=1301861843
Ricorn oekaki/image/image.php?id=348065&size=large&format=auto&rev=1298092371

- Artwork by people who can use the oekaki tools very effectively
- Great understanding of anatomy
- Very detailed drawings and intricate designs
- Coloring is applied creatively and purposefully, with detailed shading/highlighting
- Detailed background is preferable, so artworks appear "complete"

Yağmur oekaki/image/image.php?id=762577&size=large&format=auto&rev=1340104459
Selkiegal Forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1318948
(we need more examples so please let us know if you want us to put yours up :))

As far as it being fair for the boards to be skill-based, you can also read through that thread. There was a lot of good debate about whether or not that was a good thing. Ultimately it was decided to have the boards be separated as outlined above.

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