Art/Image posting Rules [Updated September 30th 2012]

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These adoptables are not official CS pets and cannot be added to your CS account.
Art theft is not tolerated here. Do not copy/trace/edit/use anybody's pictures without their express permission.
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Art/Image posting Rules [Updated September 30th 2012]

Postby Tess » Mon May 16, 2011 7:14 pm

If you're planning on posting any images on CS, make sure you've read these rules.

Breaking these rules may result in a warning or ban from CS.


Rules covered in other topics:
Anthro/Furry Art Rules
Oekaki Rules
Art Contest Rules and Oekaki Contest Rules

Images which are not allowed on Chicken Smoothie:

  • Any images which wouldn't be appropriate for young children.
  • Any images which are overly bloody, gory, violent, offensive, or disgusting.
  • In most cases, images containing nudity should not be posted here, unless the naked person is tastefully covered in all the important spots. Any images of a sexual nature should not be posted.
  • If posting nude anthro or 'furry' art, please read these guidelines first.
  • Images which were copied, edited, or stolen from another artist. (for more details, keep reading the art rules)

Using Free Linearts or similar drawing resources:

Free Linearts or editable bases
  • It's okay to use another person's lineart/base if it was made for free use.
  • If you use a free lineart you must provide a link back to the original, and give credit to the original artist for the lines. You must clearly display this information underneath or above your colored version.
  • You must follow the original artist's rules. This may include leaving their signature on the image. If the rules say you can't sell or profit from coloring it in, then you can't charge pets or anything else for images you create with it.
  • If the lineart is not allowed to be posted on CS, for example if the lineart says 'Deviantart only', then you can't use it here.
  • If the lineart is not for free use but the artist gave you special permission to use it, please provide evidence of this.
Dress-up Games/Character Creators/Fancy Text makers:
  • You must provide a link back to the original game/program, and acknowledge full credit to the original artist/website for images made using their program. You must clearly display this information directly underneath or above your creation.
  • You can't charge people for images made using a public character creator/dress-up game/text generator because anyone could make the same image for free and you don't have any rights to that artwork.
Drawing tutorials or step-by-step drawing guides
  • If you heavily referenced from a drawing tutorial or drawing book to help you draw your image, please provide credit by linking back to your source or naming the book.

Using photo references for your artwork:

  • If you heavily reference your artwork from a photograph then please give credit by posting a link to the original image. The reference information should be clearly visible above or below your image.

Copying/Tracing/Modifying/Claiming ownership of other peoples art/lineart:

  • If you copy, trace, or edit someone else's art (without their permission) this is considered a form of art theft.
  • Don't pretend to have made art which was actually made by another artist.
  • Don't trace or freehand copy another person's art, unless you have their permission.
  • Don't modify or edit another person's art unless you have their permission.
  • Using, copying, or pretending to own another person's character/fursona design is not acceptable.
  • Never edit, copy, trace, or modify any Chicken Smoothie images - including the pets, items, and website graphics. Please view the 'Chicken Smoothie related' section of these rules for more information about using CS images.
  • One person cannot copyright a color, species, name, pose, or marking, unless their creation is highly unusual and original. This doesn't entitle you to copy artwork that someone else has made, but it protects you from complaints about common ideas or coincidental similarities.

Using Chicken Smoothie (CS) Images and Designs:

  • Never edit, copy, trace, redistribute, or modify any Chicken Smoothie images - unless your creation meets the criteria explained below.
  • It's okay to use CS pet and item images to make something like a forum signature/avatar; but you shouldn't change the colors and markings of the pets/items. Nor should you attach any items which don't really exist on CS.
  • Never use CS images, pets, or items as adoptables for another website. It's fine to show off your collection by posting your pets on other websites, but don't try to sell or create adoptable pets from our images.
  • You may make fan-art of CS images, as long as you're not directly copying our lineart. Copying the design (colors and markings) onto a different lineart is fine as long as you give credit to for the design wherever you post your image. The designs remain copyrighted to CS.
  • If you color a lineart to look like a CS pet, you can't charge other users to 'adopt' it from you. We do not allow users to profit from our designs. If you wish to color them for free use that is fine, but only offer them on the Chicken Smoothie forum; do not use them on your own private adoptable website.
  • Trying to make an image to match CS lineart/poses is not allowed. It is also not allowed to edit a CS pet image to make your own custom CS pet design.
  • It is fine to use our pet images for website mascots, roleplay characters, personal characters or fursonas; as long as you acknowledge and display credit to for the design or images you use. Remember the designs remain copyrighted to CS, and other CS users are allowed to use the same designs. This rule doesn't include 'custom pets'.
  • Never use a 'custom' pet for any graphics without permission from the custom's owner. You can't use a custom pet's design for a character/fursona, because that design belongs to the custom pet's owner.

Selling your Art/Designs

Selling your art for CS pets/items/C$ or for currency of another website:
  • You're welcome to sell your art for pets/items or website currencies as long as you're following all of our art rules. You might want to use the Art Shops or Character Design Shops boards for your art sales.
  • If the lineart you're using was made by another artist who stated that it is not to be used for any kind of gain/profit or says 'Not for commercial use', you can't sell that artwork. You can only use it to make free art for people.
  • If you accept payment for art and then fail to deliver the artwork to your customer, you must refund their payment. Selling artwork which breaks our art rules will not count as a completed sale.
Selling/Buying art for real money OR shipping artwork to another player:
  • You are not allowed to sell your artwork on Chicken Smoothie for real money.
  • You are not allowed to arrange sales of real items to be shipped to another player
  • However, you are allowed to link users to another site such as your ebay, DeviantArt or FurAffinity account to arrange commissions there.
  • These rules exist partially because we are unable to help if a cash transaction falls through, and also because sales/purchases or shipping would require sharing a Paypal address, banking details, or shipping information, and this is personal information which we do not allow users to exchange on Chicken Smoothie.
  • We will not be able to help you if a cash transaction or shipping arrangement with another user doesn't work out.

Creating an art gallery:

  • Creating a topic to showcase your artwork is fine, as long as the images follow our art rules. You should post the topic in the "Share your Art" Board.
  • Creating a gallery of other peoples' art without their permission or knowledge is not allowed.
  • Creating a gallery of artwork that has been made specifically for you is fine, but remember to give credit to the original artists.
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