You are only allowed ONE account. Cheaters will be banned.

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You are only allowed ONE account. Cheaters will be banned.

Postby Tess » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:52 am

Each player is only allowed to have one account.
You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason.

Players who create or control other accounts to get extra pets/items will be banned and their pets will be taken away. If you're trading with other people then they have to be real players, and not just accounts which exist to give you pets. If in doubt, don't.

What about playing with my friends and family?
Playing Chicken Smoothie with your friends and family can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure that you are all playing fair. Your friends and family shouldn't use their accounts to give you an unfair advantage.

If you like to send each other gifts or trades then make sure to keep things balanced. You should send your friend gifts of around the same amount and value as the gifts they send you. If you are always taking and not giving, then that isn't very fair is it?

If your friends or family mostly only adopt pets/items to send to you for free then this is usually considered to be cheating. People you trade with should be collecting for their own enjoyment, and trading fairly with you. Telling us that your second account really belongs to your little sister doesn't mean that you'll get away with using that account to cheat.

You and your friends/family will be banned if their accounts are used to help you cheat for extra pets and items.

All trades on Chicken Smoothie are permanently recorded, and will be checked by our cheating detection system for signs of unfair gameplay.

Please note that since you can only create one account, you are not allowed to create a new account whenever you want a fresh identity. Click here for help changing your username. If you have a problem with old posts or account history please talk to staff for advice.

Why does Chicken Smoothie have this rule?
We have limits on the number of pets you can adopt each month from the Adopt pages and the Pound. It can be a challenge to get a full set of outcomes each month, and you'll usually need to trade outcomes with others so that you can collect the ones you missed. If you could adopt as many as you wanted then every outcome would be guaranteed and there'd be no point in CS having trading, or rarity. It would become very boring, as everyone would have the exact same pets. So to keep everything functioning properly, we need to ensure players get only their fair share of pets each month. Cheating to get an extra helping of pets is unfair, and unbalances the site.
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