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Postby Griffin Torrens » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:10 am


If you read it, feel free to PM me with opinions/ideas/constructive criticism!
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Postby Griffin Torrens » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:07 pm

ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 πŸ™
2,426 words

This was it. The moment of truth. Duskpaw felt crazy for even believing it to be true, because why would StarClan choose her out of everyone? She was a nervous wreck who struggled to trust any cat! There was no way she was suited to go on a quest with six others that could take who knows how many moons. However... She couldn't deny that she welcomed the chance to get away from that wretched place.

Pricking her ears, she shook the thoughts away and glanced around, hearing pawsteps. Deep breaths... she reminded herself. A ginger tom appeared over the top of the hill, his gaze steady and determined. The she cat took a deep breath and spoke to the newcomer.

"Hi there, I'm-"

"I think we should wait for the others before we do our introductions. That way we don't repeat ourselves and no cat has to worry about missing out on anything," the tom interrupted her.

Startled, she managed to stutter out a "o-oh, yeah alright." Curiously she watched as the tom took a seat a little way off from her, tail curling around his paws. She'd admit she was slightly relieved someone seemed to know what to do, because she was clueless and confused, more than happy to sit back and wait - even if it did make her anxiety rise.

The two sat in silence for a while before a third cat appeared. It was a she cat with white and brown fur and smelt like the undergrowth. Unwilling to embarrass herself, Duskpaw decided to let the tom do the talking.

"Hi, if you're here for the same reason as us, we've decided we'll wait for the others before we introduce ourselves, save repetition." It was kind of ironic as it seemed he'd be repeating this same line anyways.

But the new she cat smiled brightly and settled down opposite them both. "Okay!" Her relaxed and almost joyful voice was a little concerning, but Duskpaw wasn't one to judge a cat without knowing them first. Instead she set about to checking out her surroundings.

As she had been told in her dream, the meeting point was indeed a large hill with a single tree sprouting out the top. There didn't seem to be any rocks, bushes or other places for prey to hide up there, but the surrounding are was seething with life. Behind her was a large, flat plain of grass where she was certain rabbits would be streaking across it, the white tails like a taunt to chase them. In front of her she could see a tangle of trees and undergrowth. Closing her eyes she took in a deep breath, smelling the signs of all kinds of prey. Mice, birds, squirrels, cat- cat??

Opening her eyes she watched as a white cat approached. Ignoring the tom's routine talk, she watched the cat with interest. The cat stared right back. Without a word they came and sat between Duskpaw and the tom, eyes closed. Duskpaw was surprised. The she cat seemed almost blank, emotions unreadable. Before she could dwell on it, a second tom came prancing over the hill.

"Hope I didn't keep ya waiting too long, but here I am! The one and only!" The second she cat to arrive chuckled at this, failing to hide it behind her paw. The new cat was rather fox like and incredibly fluffy with striking green eyes. However, what stood out the most was his short and overly poofy tail that he held high.

As the ginger tabby tom yet again repeated his words, the fox cat nodded and took a seat, tail like a little cloud behind him. Duskpaw was left wondering if his tail had always been like this or if something had happened. Even she knew that was too personal a question to ask, and either way, the cat seemed pretty happy about how it looked if the way he kept swishing it was anything to go by.

Finally, after a short time of listening to the birds sing and the wind rattle the leaves, the sixth cat arrived, a small, spiky black tom. He looked around the circle, eyes narrowed. As he opened his mouth to speak, the tabby interrupted him. "We haven't introduced ourselves yet so that no cat would miss out. Now you're here, we can start. Would you like to take a seat?"

"Who put you in charge?" The black tom remained standing, fur fluffed up even more than before.

Unfazed, the tabby responded calmly "No cat put me in charge. Any cat could have said that, I simply did it first. Now would you please sit down so we can start? I know I speak for every cat."

With a furious hiss, the black tom obeyed, sitting opposite the tabby so he could glare him down. "Fine, but not because you told me to. And I'll go first!" Glaring around the circle of cats, when no one objected, he continued. "My name is King. I'm from the Clan that was by the beach. I specialise in fighting! I was called here for a quest."

Glancing around, Duskpaw realized that she should probably speak next as she was to King's left. Oh, a new name... Uhh "I'm Griffin. I'm from the Clan by the forest, and I guess my best skill would be hunting?" Slightly worried she'd messed up, Griffin sighed in relief when the white she cat next to her started talking.

"Zero. My Clan was based in the twoleg ruins. My skill is tracking."

The tabby tom nodded before saying his piece. "You can call me Cash, and I come from the Clan by the lake. Truthfully my best skill is decision making and problem solving."

"Not swimming like the other fish cats?" The snide tone King used made it obvious he had something against the tabby and would challenge him at every opportunity.

Cash's eyes narrowed and his tail tip twitched. "No. No if you'd listen to what we say, like we did for you-"

"Stop trying to boss me about!"

The fox cat stood up then, stepping in front of Cash. "Name's Axel! I'm from the Clan that lives in the hot sand rocks, and if I had to pick a best skill, it would be my defence."

"And I'm Kai," the brown and white she cat quickly added, not giving King a chance to offend anyone else. "I come from the cold mountains, and my skill is healing!" When a few cats gave her odd looks, she elaborated. "I know the healing properties of different plants and can help cure infections."

Cash looked incredibly impressed. "That is a useful skill. I don't know why no cat in my Clan ever though of that."

"It started off as a hobby... I just find plants really interesting," the she cat explained, blushing.

No cat spoke for a few heart beats, unsure of what to do next. Shuffling her paws in nervousness, Griffin spoke up. "The sun's almost setting. If StarClan is going to tell us what to do it'll be at night. I reckon we should eat before we have to set off again..."

"That's a good idea," Cash approved. "I'm starving. We'll meet back here when we've caught something, alright everyone?" The tabby looked at King, waiting for an objection, but the tom just glared and stalked off into the undergrowth. Rolling his eyes, Cash headed in the opposite direction, towards the open field. Deciding she was too tired to sprint after a rabbit, Griffin followed King into the forest, but kept her distance. The smell of prey was everywhere, but so was the unmistakable scent of fox. On edge, the she cat kept low, following a trail of mouse. She could see it now, nibbling on a nut, a squirrel next it eat, tail flicking. I wonder if I could get both...

Body low, tail just above the ground, Griffin put each paw down carefully, glad she was down wind of them, and thankful for her dark pelt. When she felt she was close enough, the she cat bunched her muscles, judging the distance and taking in the surroundings. The closest tree was just to the left, and by the way the squirrel would glance at it every few heartbeats, that must be it's planned escape. Smirking, Griffin leapt forward. Her front paws crashed into the mouse hard enough to stun it, and a heartbeat later she bounded away and towards the tree trunk, claws outstretched and snagging the squirrel's tail as it attempted to escape the mouse's doom. Dragging it down she quickly bit it's neck before scooping up the dazed mouse as it stumbled around, finishing that off too.

"Nice catch." Griffin jumped, fur puffed out. She cursed herself for being too caught up and letting her surroundings go unnoticed. King was stood behind her, hidden in the shadows with a vole at his paws.

Unused to the praise as she preferred to hunt alone (who would she have hunted with at home anyway?), she stumbled over a thank you. Nodding in response, the tom turned and headed back to the tree hill, leaving the she cat staring after him in confusion. If he can be polite, then what's he got against Cash?

Shrugging, Griffin picked up her prey and followed the spiky tom. She felt bad for catching more than she knew she needed to eat, but seeing as her skill was hunting, she decided she might as well get an extra in case another cat wasn't so lucky. This proved to be a good idea as Kai came back, blushing, empty pawed. Zero had been sat there with a blackbird, Cash with a young rabbit and Axel with a shrew that couldn't be enough to fill his stomach. Griffin dropped the squirrel in the middle and kept the mouse for herself. "Anyone who's still hungry can help themselves when Kai's done," she told them.

Said she cat visibly relaxed, rushing over to pick it up. "Thank you so much! I've never been the best at hunting, I always get too distracted by the plants near by... I found honey!" Griffin smiled politely,not being able to share her excitement as she had no idea what a cat would want with honey.

All the cats ate in silence, Axel accepting the last of the squirrel from Kai, but not willing to admit the prey he caught hadn't been enough. When they'd all finished, the sun was long gone and silverpelt had covered the sky. The six cats sat there, waiting for any kind of sign. "Maybe we need to be aslee-" Kai cut herself off with a gasp, fur rising. "Something's coming!"

They looked around frantically, when a star shot across the eye, catching all their attention. It flew over to Griffin's left, towards where the sun would be rising at dawn, before fading away. Sharing a look, no cat said anything, knowing the sign couldn't be more obvious. As always, Cash was the one to take charge. "Normally I'd suggest we sleep and head off tomorrow, but we've tested a while already and eaten. I think we should travel that way until moon high, then get some rest. Do you all agr-"

"No I don't! I think you should stop pretending you're our leader. StarClan said we were all important and part of this! They never, NEVER said you were the leader and more important than the rest of us."

"Once again King, I never said I was the leader. I'm simply putting my ideas forward and suggesting a plan. I even asked for all your input."

How Cash managed to stay so calm was beyond Griffin, but King didn't back down. He stood up, hackles raised and face close to cash. "I don't care what your excuses are, stop telling me what to do!"

Kai spoke up then, hoping to diffuse the situation, "Look, King, we're all in the same situation here-"

"Well what would you suggest then, huh?" Axel snapped at King, ignoring Kai. "No one's stopping you from taking charge, but so far you've just challenged everything Cash has said. Either tell us what you want to suggest like a mature cat, or SHUT UP, and stop behaving like a kit who was told he can't go and fight a badger!" Every cat went quiet, surprised at Axel's outburst. "I'm fed up of your whining, grow up."

King snapped. With a screech he leapt at Axel, claws unsheathed. White flashed across the top of the hill, and in a flurry of limbs, Zero was on top of King, one paw on his throat and one on his front paws, holding him down with her back legs on either side of him. "You're not the only who can fight, so I'd suggest you don't start unnecessary drama and end up getting hurt." Hissing, King pushed the she cat until she got off of him, and stood up.

"I'm leaving," he hissed, turning around and stalking down the hill. "Good luck completing this mission with only five!"

"Good riddance," Axel spat after him.

Griffin bit her lip. StarClan had told her that it would be difficult, but they had trusted her to keep the group together. Hissing in frustration, she sent an apologetic smile to the other cats. "You four go ahead with Cash's plan, I'll try talk to him and we'll catch up with you."

"Why waste your time on him?" Zero asked in a cold voice, eyes searching.

The brown she cat sighed, watching the black shape march across the flat plane. "We were all picked to do this for a reason. It may be difficult, but we have to be considerate of everyone, yes, even if they're a pain in the tail," she explained. "We have to remember we don't really know that cat. Maybe he has his own reasons and explanations of why he's behaving like that. I'll talk to him."

Cash sighed and nodded. "I agree with Griffin. We should head off and meet you there. Any objections?"

"I want to go with her," Zero demanded. Cash raised an eyebrow. "I don't trust that cat not to lash out and hurt her." Griffin shrugged, and Cash nodded his agreement. He turned to check with Axel and Kai. Both cats nodded, following the tabby as he headed the way the shooting star had shone. Zero looked at Griffin. "Let's go," she mumbled, and both cats set off at a sprint towards King.
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Postby Griffin Torrens » Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:55 am

ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 𝟚
2,354 words

It didn't take them long to catch up to King, but the tom was set on ignoring the two cats. "King, talk to me. What's wrong? Why are you acting like this?"

"Go away."

"Please King. We need you," Griffin pleaded. The tom rounded on her at this, eyes blazing and fur on end. Griffin could see Zero unsheathing her claws and making to step forward, but the brown she cat stuck her tail out to hold her back, letting King speak.

"I hate the way that cat acts like he was born a leader and has the right to boss me about!"

Griffin cringed slightly at the anger directed towards her, but pushed her nerves down. "And we hate that you act like you were born an argumentative fox heart who thinks he has the right to be mad at a cat trying his best." King was quiet. "If we can look past your sharp tongue and quick temper and try to get to know the real you, can't you try and look past your hate for order and control, and make a judgement on Cash himself?"

The tom let out a frustrated hiss. "I guess you make a point. And it's not like I even have anything to go back to. I guess I'll stick with you guys. For now at least."

"And you'll listen when other cats take charge?"

"Fine," he muttered, tail swishing to and fro. Griffin smiled, turning to leave. Zero nodded at her, impressed, and waited to take the rear. The three cats set off at a quick trot, heading around the hill rather than over, and quickly catching up to the other three cats. King refused to look at any of them, and Cash continued like nothing had happened, walking next to Kai.

They travelled in silence that night, no one being too keen on the idea of starting a conversation. At moon high, the six shared a plump rabbit Griffin had managed to chase down, before they settled in to sleep.

* * * * *

A paw prodding her side stirred Griffin out of her light sleep. "Come on, we're gonna hunt and leave." The she cat opened one eye to see Axel silhouetted by the first days of sun.

"The sun's hardly even up! Can't we sleep some more?"

"My thoughts exactly, but King insisted we get an early start, and Cash agreed. It's a miracle I'm not gonna waste." Griffin rolled her eyes but sat up anyway, stretching. Axel had already padded away, heading towards where Kai was still asleep. Spotting the other three cats gathered together, she headed over.

Cash nodded to her in greeting and she smiled back, before settling down and looking around. They had spent the night under a large rocky overhang. Behind it was a sparse forest, and on the side they stood was a collection of rubble that was most likely what was left of two-leg dens. Beyond them were more wide open grassy fields, and the faint sound of a river in that direction. From the direction the sun was rising, Griffin realized they'd be travelling through the ruins, between the forest and fields. She could hunt in either place. "I think I'll go hunt in the forest again," she announced to nobody in particular, parting from the group.

She'd only made it a few paw steps before a soft voice called her back. "Griffin! Hang on!" The she cat paused and waited while Kai caught up, rubbing sleep from her eyes. " Could I hunt with you?"

"Umm, I usually hunt alone..." she mumbled. Hunting with others had never appealed to her, it was distracting and made her feel self conscious of her skills. "You're welcome to be in the first though, it's big enough for both of us," she added, hoping she hadn't sounded rude.

Kai didn't seem to get the hint though, her smile only brightening. "The more the merrier though!" When Griffin didn't respond, her smile fell slightly, turning nervous. "Okay I'll be honest. I really don't know how to hunt and was hoping you could show me..."

This surprised Griffin. "If you can't hunt how did you survive? In my clan every cat had to hunt for themselves."

"Oh, well, there was this kit that was like a sister to me. Her mother used to bring me prey in return for me teaching her kit about herbs. Well, until-" the she cat shut her mouth, eyes going dark.

Pretending not to notice, Griffin nodded. "That makes sense. I think the others want to leave as soon as possible, so if you head back to camp I'll bring something back for you," she meowed, bounding away before the cat could argue. It probably wasn't the nicest way to go about it, but she could already imagine how awkward and embarrassing it would be to try and teach another cat to hunt.

It didn't take the skilled cat too long to find and catch and sparrow and a mouse. She picked both up, trotting back to camp happily. Being alone in the forest with nothing but nature always lifted her spirits. Back at their temporary camp she found Kai talking to Cash, who was eating a mouse. Griffin padded over, curious about the green leaves at the other she cats paws.

"-helpful if we're going a long way. Don't worry, I know my plants, they're the right ones!" Cash was nodding as she spoke, seeming to agree with whatever the she cat had said. "Oh, Griffin! Is one of them for me?"

Nodding, the she cat dropped the prey. "Pick whichever one you want." She then glanced at the leaves. "What are those?"

Kai looked up from the mouse she'd picked, smiling. "Oh, well, I felt bad about sitting around while you hunted for me, so I went and found these! They're herbs that give you strength for long journeys!"

Cash sat up then, having finished eating. "I think it's a great idea, and I know I'll have some, but the others have to decide from themselves too."

"I'll eat some," Griffin added, more than a little curious as to how herbs could give you strength. The other she cat smiled brightly, sliding two leaves to each cat present. Griffin bent down and lapped them up, chewing them hesitantly. "BLEGH!" Quickly swallowing down the bitter pill, she shook her head before wolfling down her bird, getting rid of the taste.

"Most cats have the same reaction," Kai said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She was right too, Cash was left rubbing his muzzle with his paw, disgust clear on his face. When the others arrived back with their food, Kai went around and handed out the leaves. To their surprise every cat - even King - ate the leaves. Then they all set off towards the now fully visible sun.

Once again, the cats were back to walking in an awkward silence. King had stubbornly insisted on taking the lead, but no cat minded. Griffin hung near the back, beside Zero. She'd been curiously examining the twoleg ruins as they'd past when Axel spoke up.

"Let's play Truth or Dare!"

"Seriously? That's an apprentice's game," Cash pointed out.

"I'm pretty sure all of us technically are still apprentices," Kai pointed out with a laugh.

Axel beamed, resting his tail on her shoulder. "Thank you my dear Kai. At least someone here knows how to have fun!" Cash rolled his eyes at this,but didn't disagree. Axel moved back to his spot, glancing around the cats. He smirked. "King! Truth or dare!"


"Awww, is the little scary King afraid to play a team building game?"

"Fine, dare!" Griffin chuckled, amazed at how easily he fell for the other tom's teasing.

The fox like cat glanced around thoughtfully for a minute, before his eyes lit up. "I dare you to climb up to the top of that ruin and shout,wait hold on," he said, trotting up to the black cat and whispering in his ear.

King blinked a couple of times, before opening his mouth as if to argued, and then shutting it and bounding towards the ruins. The other five cats stopped walking, watching as he jumped onto one of the walls and scrabbled higher, muscles shaping beneath his fluffy pelt, all while Axel was stifling his laughter. Once the black tom reached the top, four or five tail lengths off the ground, he looked out over the ground below them. "MY NAME IS KING, AND I DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE A PRINCESS, SO GET ON YOUR KNEES AND KISS MY PAWS," he yelled at the top of his lungs, echoing around the ruins. Axel was first to break, his laughter broken by gasps for air, quickly followed by Cash. Within a few heart beats, all the cats were clutching their sides, tears in their eyes. The most surprising part however, was when King made his way back to the group, a badly hidden smile on his face.

Who knew Axel, the cat I thought cared most about his self, would be the one to break the ice?

"Cash, truth or dare?"

Okay, maybe this was a bad idea after all, well done Axel you mouse brain.


"Whats your biggest fear?" There was an edge to the tom's tone that made Griffin think he had bad intentions for this information.

"Water," Cash responded, stopping King in his tracks. He quickly picked up his pace again, folding his head as he looked at Cash.

"Well, don't worry, when I was in the ruins I saw an old twoleg bridge going over the river were crossing."

Cash nodded, and every other cat stared in awe at the two being civilized. King was right too, as the rounded the next ruin they saw the bridge, stretching out over a wide, fast flowing river. Griffin looked at the black tom, curious as to what was going on in his head. He must know what it's like to fear something like that...

She didn't have long to think about it though, as Cash continued the game, seeming to be unfazed by his truth. "Kai, truth or dare."

"Oh, um, truth!"

Cash walked on in thought, stepping on to the stone bridge, the others following. Griffin strayed closer to the edge, but still couldn't see. Jumping up onto the raised wall, she peered down as she walked. She could see fish swimming against the current below, and the sun dancing on the surface. How can someone be scared of water? It looks so nice! I'd love to go swim now

"Be careful, a fall from that height won't end well." Griffin startled, but kept her footing. Zero was walking below her, peering up with concern in her eyes. Nodding, Griffin jumped down, walking back towards the group with Zero on her tail. "Cash asked Kai what one thing she wants in her new life is."

"Thanks," Griffin mumbled awkwardly, embarrassed that Zero had caught her spacing out. She looked over at Kai, who seemed to be deep in thought.

The she cat's ears perked up. "Oh! I know. I want there to be new plants I haven't seen before so I can study them!" The others chuckled at what should have been an obvious answer. "Okay, Zero! Truth or dare?"


"Which tom do you think is the best looking?" She smiled brightly at Zero, laughing to herself. King and Cash both groaned, while Axel puffed his chest out, short fluffy tail held high.

But the she cat just rolled her eyes. "None of them," she answered without any hesitation. Axel let out a indignant noise and Griffin smirked to herself, agreeing, but probably for a different reason. She didn't really do 'looks' if that even made sense. To her, all cats looked cute in their own way, but no cats appearance would make her want to be their mate.

Kai didn't seem to agree though. "That's not fair Zero, you have to answer! Out of these three, which one is the cutest?"

"Fine fine, I think fuzzy little King is the cutest tom here," she meowed, accompanied by the most sarcastic wink anyone had ever seen. King sent her a death glare, and Zero shot it straight back like she hates the situation just as much. This was enough to get all the other cats laughing again, while the two held their deadly eye contact. Finally, Zero smirked in his direction, catching him off guard. He went back to looking at where he was walking, and Zero just shrugged off the questioning glances.

They'd finally crossed the large river and were back on the grass, heading towards a forest that ran through a valley, rocky walls on both sides. The sun was high in the sky at this point, and the cats continued on without complaint. Remembering it was her turn, she looked at Griffin. "Truth or dare?"

"Fox dung I though I'd get away with hiding..." There was another short doing of laughter at this, the mood light between the six cats. Smiling at the atmosphere, she answered "Dare? What have I got to lose."

Zero looked almost disappointed, and Griffin figured she hadn't planned for the quiet cat to pick dare. In her mind though, she'd much rather do something dumb than admit something embarrassing about herself. And anyways, everything she did was mouse-brained so it wasn't anything new. "Okay then. I dare you to..." The she cat looked around for inspiration, and froze. Keeping her voice low, she meowed "see how close you can get to that deer."

Sure enough, on the outskirts of the forest in front of them, was a buck, his horns looking more than a little intimidating. Griffin didn't hesitate though, she dropped low and snuck off to the right, keeping to the bottom of the steep hill bordering the forest. King glanced warily at the buck, and then at Zero. "Isn't that a little dangerous and irresponsible of you?"

"She can do it," Zero assured quickly, eyes never leaving the brown she cat.
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Postby Griffin Torrens » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:20 am

ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 πŸ›
2,338 words

Griffin treated it like prey. She kept low and down wind of it, paying attention to where every paw went, things in the surrounding and most importantly, the deer itself. She looked for any signs of what it was thinking. Ears pointed forward, meaning it wasn't expecting danger. She could see a small group of doe a little way deeper into the forest, meaning, since it was a buck, in danger it would run in the opposite direction as to lead it away from his heard. That would be towards the other journeying cats. Perfect.

Knowing it would be dangerous to come from behind (even Kai's herbs would struggle to heal a kick from a deer) and from the front (not only would it see her but those horns are not to be messed with) she decided she might as well go from above. The she cat was still a way off from the deer when she swiftly pulled herself up the trunk of a tree. Planning her route across the most stable branches and ones least likely to shake, Griffin expertly jumped between the branches and made her way across the thicker ones. Finally, she was above the deer. Looking over to check the others were watching, she dropped down.

Landing squarely on it's back, she dug her claws in for grip and the startled creature kicked it's legs out, jumping around on the spot. Griffin clung on, pressed flat against it. When there was a pause in the movement she reached her front paws up and held onto his antlers, pulling his head to the left. With a little pressure on her back paws, the confused animal set off at a sprint, right towards the others. The she cat clung on as it pranced past, the cat's scrambling out the way of its hooves. Just as it reached them she pushed off, landing neatly in front of them with a smile in her face.

"Ta da! Was that close enough for you?" Looking expectantly at the cats before her, she saw awe and wonder, and a look of interest on Zero. Kai looked the most concerned, but relief and amazement were quickly taking over.

"I told you she could do it," Zero pointed out to King, smiling. "You sure know your way around animals."

Griffin shuffled her paws nervously, suddenly not wanting to be in the spotlight. "They've always interested me. It's kinda like Kai and her herbs. I've ridden a horse before, but never a deer. I assumed I'd have to me more forceful with them and I was right. Where as with a horse if you ask nicely they'll take you where you need!" Before anyone could question her further, she added on "Axel, your turn. Truth or dare?"

The others seemed to go with the conversation change, setting back out in their walk through the forest, the doe nowhere to be seen. "Dare," the tom replied confidently. The she cat had no idea what to say to either choice, so was left struggling to come up with something good. Something to further lighten the mood and get the cats closer. She looked around at the forest. Nothing but trees and undergrowth, steep walls on either side. Oh!

"I dare you to climb to the top of the hill and see how fast you can get down."

"Ha! Lucky for you, I've done something before that will work perfectly," he boasted, rushing off to climb up the hill while still keeping up with the walking cats. Griffin smiled. Perfect,a chance to show off his skills, like I had.

Continuing to walk and unable to see up the hill through the trees, the cats were relieved when they broke out of the forest a few minutes late, still no sign of Axel. They stopped on the outskirts, scanning the peak. Then they saw him.

At the top of the slope it was impossible to miss the orange cat. He was stood on what seemed to be a small chunk of loose bark, and when he spotted them he kicked off behind him and crouched low on the makeshift transport. Kai gasped, amazed by what they all saw. Axel was sliding down the slope at an alarming rate, leaning his body to dodge any large clumps of plants and rocks. In a matter of seconds he was at the bottom, heading right towards them. They were frozen, not having time to react, when Axel swerved to the side at the last heartbeat, zooming past them. No longer on a slope the bark had slower, and Axel hopped off, head held high and tail twitching with pride.

"Show off!" But despite the comment King was smiling, whiskers twitching in amusement. Axel stuck his tongue out to confer him, basking in the others stunned silence.

"Where did you learn that?" Cash questioned curiously.

"I said my skill was protection, right? I'm good with my paws and working with my surroundings. Everything's an opportunity to me!"

"Okay, so we've seen Kai's herbs, Griffin's hunting and your... protection. My skill's nothing special, but I'm curious to see King's fighting and Zero's tracking now. It seems StarClan really did send the best of us."

"Champions," Zero corrected. "StarClan called us the Champions of our skill."

Cash nodded, remembering. "I guess we're all Champions then. Champion Herb Gatherer-"

"Healer. I want to be called the healer please, because I'm most concerned about making sure cats are healthy."

"Okay, the Champion Healer," he ammended, pointing at Kai. Then he turned to Griffin "Champion Hunter. Champion Protector, Champion Tracker, Champion Fighter. And what about me?"

King stepped forward, taking the opportunity to show off his sharp tongue. "Champion Smart-tail." The other cats ignored his contribution so he stepped back in line, rolling his eyes. "You guys are so boring."

"I think you should be the Champion Leader, no King, I'm not saying he's our leader. We're all in this together. I just mean he's obviously the one that can lead us to make the right decisions, you know?" The others agreed with Griffin's statement, and Cash smiled at her, failing to hide how relieved he was to have his own skill. "Can we hunt though? I'm starving..."

After a short stop to hunt the cats set up camp for the night, huddling under a large tree in case of rain. It was a pleasantly warm night, and the six cats slept well, aching paws finally getting a rest.

* * * * *

"I'm bored."

"Shut up Axel, it's too early for your whining," King snapped back.

They'd been woken up by Cash before the sun could even be seen, hunted, and set off just as the first light was showing. Kai and Cash were the only ones that looked normal being up at this time, the others were dragging their paws and walking with heavy eyes. Axel yawned before shooting an angry glare back at King, but the tom has stopped paying attention.

"Ugh, can we play truth or dare again?"

This time it was Cash who answered, cutting king off before he could spit out an angry reply. "I want to get as far as we can today. I can't explain it, but I've got this odd feeling that we're on a timer, and we've already been traveling for 3 days if you include the time it took us to meet. So let's just walk with no distraction. Is that okay with everyone?" Axel reluctantly agreed, and the others just nodded, continuing to walk.

It was slow going, the valley seemed to drag on forever, now barren of plant life and just two rocky walls with a harder dirt path. Countless animals must have passed this way, their feet hardening to the ground, scent still lingering. Griffin managed to pick out deer, fox, mountain goat, and even a horse with a new scent on it, one she couldn't recognise. The other cats were silent, all left to their own heads, but unlike the first day it was a comfortable silence that they didn't mind.

Finally, the cats broke out of the valley, the rocky walls falling on either side of them. To their left was a large open grassland with a forest going down the side closest to them. There was a river flowing, cutting them off from the area, but an old wooden twoleg bridge stood, only a few planks missing. To the right, the side they were on, the walls of the valley seemed to rise back up, taller than before. It bordered a forest in front of them, crossing the river and ending past the open fields to the left. They needed to go straight ahead, but asking any cat to climb up the sheer walls of the cliff was a bad idea.

"We'll have to cross the river, the field, and head throgh the gap there," Zero said, pointing with a paw. "With the way the land looks, there should be a path curving back around and up. It's a detour, but will bring us to where we need to be." She sounded so confident, and no cat questioned her analysis. "Oh wait, hold on," she added, closing her eyes and opening her mouth. The others waited patiently, unsure of what she was doing. "I know where we're going. There's a large cliff that sticks out over the edge of this island. We'll be able to see everything that side from there and figure out what StarClan's suggesting."

"How can you possibly know that?"

"I read it on the wind," she told Cash, acting as if it was the simplest thing possible. "Let's go," she meowed, walking towards the bridge.

Griffin trotted up to her, wanting to walk beside the odd she cat. "How can the wind tell you the paths and about a cliff?"

The white cat smiled, clearly happy to explain her skill as the others had done before. "Well, firstly, the wind didn't tell me about the paths. I figured that out by looking at the way the land here is shaped and what little can be seen over the mountain. That tells me that there will be a forest, and then another running to the left of a path we will follow upwards. A little while after that," she paused, scanning the distance again now they were over the bridge. "Ah, I reckon there's a large river, and we'll cross it somehow, not sure of that part. And that path can either lead us down to a beach, or if we go up, we'll find a tall cliff. I know this part because of the wind. I can taste it faintly, and the direction it's coming from tells me what I need about location."

Griffin stared at her blankly, completely lost."I don't understand, but that's amazing." Zero laughed at this, smiling. The two carried on walking next to each other in silence, the other cats not far behind, and Cash taking the rear, checking every cat kept pace. It was easy walking through the fringes of the forest, and before long they were at the end of the field, the sun making it look warm and inviting.

By sun high, they'd cleared the area and were approaching the gap in the towering rocky walls. As Zero had predicted, on the otherwise was a cool, dense forest. Using this opportunity to hunt, the cats seperated before quickly gathering up again and heading off, few words spoken. As the first was so small, it wasn't long before they all saw the path Zero had spoken of.

To the right was a large body of water that came from a flowing river further up. The path did indeed go higher up, leaving a deadly looking drop into water to their right, and a rocky wall that led to a forest to its left. Like between the valley, the path was hardened by moons of animals travel, which was proof that the path was safe to use, as long as you kept away from the edge. Some way up the daunting path was a thin strip of land that seemed to bridge to the top of the mountain on the other side of the river. It looked to be half a tail length wide, and the angle made it impossible to see what that side of the cliff looked like.

"Don't tell me we have to not only go up there, but cross that thing that could give way any second..?" Griffin voiced all their thoughts.

"I'm afraid so," Zero confirmed, waiting for an objection. However, the cats just nodded, and began their track up the path.

It felt sturdy, and was wide enough for three cats to comfortably walk side by side, but the six Champions kept to single file, unwilling to risk a fall. It was steep, and a tiring walk, but no cat spoke their worries. It took a while, and the sun was close to dipping below the horizon when they reached the middle of the path, where the bridge was.

Up close, it was clear that, no matter what it looked, it was safe. Yes, it was half a tail length wide and about four fox lengths long, but was also thick and sturdy, the same dirt that showed thousands of footsteps as the rest of the path.

"I'll go first," Zero volunteered, confident that this was the way to go. No cat complained, and she made to take the first step onto the bridge.

Thump, plat, tink.

Six cats watched as a pebble bounced across the path and over the cliff.


It hit the water. Turning to find the source, they stared in horror at the black and white striped face of a badger, glaring at them over the edge of the forest topped cliff just a tail length above them. It bared it's teeth and took a step, paw scrabbling onto the cliff face as it slid to the path.

"Run! Over the bridge!"
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ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 𝟜
2,959 words

Cash's call seemed to snap everyone back into action. Zero trotted over the bridge, careful not to slip, Griffin close behind her. The others filed after them, anxious to get away. King waited, going last. Zero had just made it across when she skidded to a stop, staring in devastation at what was before her. A dog was stood there, head cocked to the side, watching them. "We've got a problem! There's a dog!"

"Well it's better than a badger, just GO," King called back, hissing at the approaching badger.

Zero couldn't argue with that. Letting out the fiercest yowl she could, the she cat lunged towards the dog, claws unsheathed. The creature froze, confused by the action, and she used this as her opportunity to strike. In a flash she'd clawed it's nose and darted past it, drawing it's attention. It yelped, eyes locking onto its now attacker as she pelted away, and gave chase.

With the path now clear, Griffin made her way quickly and cautiously over the bridge, followed by Kai and Axel. Cash made it half way across before he stopped, checking on King. The tom was dangerously close to the edge of the cliff, unable to look behind him and see where the bridge was. The badger used this to its advantage, leaning in with snapping jaws before pulling back away from the claws of its prey. But King had a lot of fight left in him.

Risking a glance to his side to check the others were safe, the small tom made his move. When the clumsy creature had pulled it's head back again he leapt forward, front paws grasping its front leg, claws digging in, while the momentum kept him going, rear end sliding under the badger, hind legs kicking out at its back leg. The combined action of him pulling on a front paw and kicking out the back was enough to make the confused animal lose its balance, rolling over. King maneuvered out the way, using this opening to take his claws through its thick fur, before backing off and pelting across the bridge to safety before it could get to its paws.

Five cats set off at a sprint up the grassy top of the cliff, putting as much distance between themselves and the badger as possible. When Zero came trotting back from a little way off, they let out a collective sigh, slowing their pace so she could catch up. Panting, the she cat nodded, taking a place beside King at the back of the group. "You handled a badger?"

The tom nodded, pleased with himself. "It was too big to get some proper wounds on it, but I knocked it over so we could escape. No way that stupid thing was getting over the bridge," he explained. "And you were worried about a dog, I pity you," he added, unable to resist.

"Very funny. It's not easy to fight when you're on a bridge half a tail length wide. I managed to surprise it and lead it away though. I've got speed on my side." The tom didn't respond, unimpressed by her small feat, but Zero had expected that and didn't particularly care what he thought anyway. Sensing that was the end of that conversation, she quickened her pace and weaved through the group until she was beside Cash and Griffin who took the lead.

"It's still a long way off," she meowed. "I think we should find somewhere to sleep. Travelling on cliffs is hard enough in daylight, but in the dark we wouldn't know if we walked right off the edge."

Cash nodded, an irritated look on his face. "I know you're right, but what if we miss whatever StarClan sent us for?"

"We have to trust them." Griffin had a determined look in her eyes, like she was silently begging Cash to understand. "StarClan knows these things. I'm sure they have it all planned out. And besides," she added, "what use is it if one of us trips on a rock and falls to our death?"

"Morbid," the tom mumbled. "But true. Alright everyone! We'll break now, hunt if you need and get some sleep. We leave at sunrise." Axel sighed in relief, flipping down on the spot and grooming his tangled pelt, complaining loudly about sore pads. This caught Kai's attention, and the she cat padded over quickly to inspect.

Leaving the others, Griffin trotted off to look for an area where prey might be. The last rays of sun were sinking and she couldn't deny that she was tired, but she felt it was her duty to provide food for the others, especially those who struggled to hunt for themselves or had spent their energy fighting. Scanning her surroundings, she spotted a large pile of scattered boulders, clumps of brambles and ferns sprouting between them. Checking the sky, her heart skipped a beat when she spotted a young hawk circling. Perfect!

Trying to pinpoint it's prey, she froze when she spotted the white pelt concealed in the dark grass. Moving swiftly she intercepted Zero before she was close enough to alert neither mouse nor bird. "Psst, hold on," she breathed out, voice as quite as possible. She received a confused look in return, and Griffin nodded up to the sky. This just seemed to confuse the other she cat further, so Griffin rolled her eyes and signaled for the other cat to lay down. Careful not to startle her, she lay her fluffy tail over the white cats body, not wanting the bright colour to catch the hawk's eye. Zero opened her mouth as if to question her, but a friendly glare kept her quiet.

Spotting no danger, the bird swooped lower, going in for the kill. Knowing it's eyes were focused on its prey, Griffin shot forward, racing over the grass as stealthily as she could. The bird grabbed the mouse in it's talons, but before it could take off the cat crashed into it, pinning it against the rock. It flapped about in a frenzy, screeching and scratching, but Griffin used a paw to hold its beak down, finishing it off with a nip to the neck. When it stilled, she sat back and smiled at Zero.

"Sorry! I thought it could feed us all better than one mouse," she explained, "and your bright pelt would have given you away." There was no scorn in her voice, just a friendly laughter.

"Ah, that makes sense. I'd never have though of that, but how do you kill it without getting your eyes pecked out?"

"Easy! This one is still young and not used to being on its own. If it was an adult I would have needed another cat to help, but I don't hunt with others..." She trailed off, her nervous habit of shuffling her paws kicking in. Zero didn't comment on it, instead bending down to pick up the mouse.

Following suite, Griffin picked up the hawk and padded happily back to their temporary camp, where Kai was attempting to fuss over King, looking for scratches, but got a mouthful of insults in return. Spotting the prey, she gave up on the tom and walked over excitedly. Cash was returning too, his embarrassed look of returning back empty pawed replaced by one of shock.

Placing the bird between the gathered cats, Griffin sat back. "It's for everyone to share, it should be enough."

"Thank you!" Kai dived in without needing to be asked twice, grateful for the food. Axel joined her, eating in more dignified bites, while Cash and King waited, preferring to eat if it was less crowded.

Zero dropped the mouse at Griffin's paws before silently making her way over to the bird and eating her share. The she cat wasn't sure why she hadn't eaten it herself, but shrugged and dug into it anyway, more than happy to eat a little way away from the others.

The sky was completely dark by the time they'd finished, yet with no signs from StarClan the cats deemed it safe to sleep and settled in for the night. It was considerably colder now they were higher up, so the cats shifted closer to each other without acknowledging it, and before long they were in a huddle, pelts brushing as they slept.

* * * * *

No matter how many times she was poked awake at the crack of dawn, Griffin wasn't going to get used to it. She mumbled something unintelligible and swatted away at the paw, curling herself into a tighter ball. When she headed a small chuckle from what sounded like Zero, she sighed and stood up, hoping to not embarrass herself further. "Mornin' Ze-" the she cat paused, letting out a yawn. "Mornin' Zero."

Said she cat chuckled again. "Good morning. Now hurry up, Cash is acting like he slept on an ant's nest."

Griffin glanced over, understanding what she meant. The tom was pacing in circles, ears and tail twitching periodically. His eyes flicked between the cats, clearly impatient. Kai was carefully checking a still sleeping King for any injuries, Axel was grooming his sleep ruffled fur, and Zero was making her way over to the restless tom. Sighing, Griffin shook the lingering sleep from herself and followed.

Once Kai was satisfied the feisty tom wasn't injured she prodded him awake, and they joined the waiting cats. Without voicing his annoyance, Cash set off at a steady pace, glancing back to check the others followed.

They continued along their path, trusting Zero for directions and catching some food as they went. They passed open fields, rocky peaks and a variety of forests, each one left without a second thought. None of the cats knew where they were headed, but there was an unspoken resolve to travel as far away from the old Clan's as possible. Griffin thought back to the cats she'd left behind. Never having felt completely at home there, she hadn't had second thoughts about leaving the corrupt cats behind. StarClan had told her themselves; there was nothing anyone could do for those cats. Any in their right mind would leave. They were right of course, a few cats had already bailed, liking their chances of survival better alone. The ones that hadn't had slowly been destroying themselves and those around them. She didn't regret leaving them.

What about the others? It hit her then that she knew practically nothing about these cats, not even their true names. Had they left someone they cared for behind? Was it hard for them to leave? Are their paws wanting to lead them back home? The she cat shook her head. Our paws are taking us home, she reminded herself. We all know that.

It was sun high now, and the scenery was the same. Spirits were low and paws ached.

"Let's play truth or dare!"

"What is it with you and that game?"

The tom shrugged, brushing off King's question. "It was my turn anyways, so Kai! Truth or dare?"

"I'm picking truth again," she meowed sweetly, hoping no cat minded her lack of desire for a dare.

Axel seemed to be ready for this, padding closer to the she cat so he could walk beside her. "Which cat do you think is the best looking?"

Kai laughed, batting the tom playfully on the ear. "I hate to raise your ego, but i admit, your pelt and eyes are captivating," she said honestly, a light blush dusting her cheeks.

"Can you focus on the mission and not each other please?" Cash was glaring back at them, tail lashing in irritation. The she cat rolled her eyes in response, and Axel opened his mouth to argue until Kai nudged him, almost knocking him off his feet. Taking the hint, he stuck his tongue out at the back of Cash's head.

King wasn't one with self control though, and had to say his part. "Who put brambles in your nest?"

"No one. StarClan gave us a mission, and if those two want to flirt, they can do it afterwards."

"Hey! I'm just playing the game," Kai interjected, mild hurt laced into her voice. "And even if I did want to get to know Axel better, what's that got to do with you?!"

Cash sighed, stopping and turning to face the cats glaring at him. "Okay, you're right, that was uncalled for, and I apologize. I'm just stressed and didn't sleep well, I shouldn't have taken it out on you." The tom looked genuinely regretful, and his eyes were dark with lack of sleep.

"I think he's jealous that you said I'm the best looking," Axel fake whispered in to Kai's ear, but the she cat gave him a disapproving glare and walked up to Cash.

"Don't worry, I forgive you. I can give you some herbs to help you fall asleep tonight, and if there's anything bothering you, you're welcome to come and speak to me, I'm not just here for your physical health." Her voice was quiet and open, relaxing Cash. He nodded, mumbled a thanks, and continued walking without another word.

"One last thing Cash." The tom paused. "Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to eat that plant there," she meowed devilishly, tail pointing towards an orange flowered plant.

The tabby gave her a suspicious look before he trotted over the the plant, sniffing it. "This one?" The she cat nodded, so Cash bent his head and bit off the entire flower, chewing it. It can't have been in his mouth for more than a heartbeat before he'd spat it back out, eyes streaming. "You fox heart! My mouth burns!"

Kai let out a laugh, gasping for breath. The other cats looked between a breathless she cat and a tom shovelling grass into his mouth like it was water, clueless. Finally, Kai managed to stifle her laughter enough to explain. "I call them fire flowers. They grow in cold places like my old clan, and if you eat them it's like a fire lights inside you. You could eat one to keep you warm, but you'd never have more than a petal!"

"You're evil," Cash spat with fake venom, whiskers twitching in amusement. "Pure evil. I had to eat mud to to cool it down." This was enough to set the rest of the cats off laughing with Kai, spirits high once again. "I'll get you back for this," he warned them. "Griffin! Truth or dare?"

"If that's the kind of dares we're doing, I'm going safe this time. Truth!"

"How in earth did you figure out how to ride a horse? That just sounds impossible."

Griffin's eyes lit up in excitement. "I can show you! What if we rode a horse some of the way? It would give our paws a rest and speed us up!" Her enthusiasm was met by five doubtful and concerned pairs of eyes. "I promise it's safe. I reckon we could fit three of us on a horse, and you never find a horse on its own, so it'll work!" When no cat offered any kind of agreement, the she cat rolled her eyes. "Okay, well I'll communicate with the horse and show you it's safe, then you can make your minds up."

Not waiting for a response, she ran off, eyes flicking in all directions, looking for a horse. She rounded one of the grey peaks jutting out the grass and, lo and behold, a small herd of horses were grazing. Signalling excitedly to the others, she sat and waited for them to catch up, needing them to see how friendly the large creatures were.

Once they had reached her and sat down to watch, Griffin had a sudden rush of nerves. "Umm, I've never done this with other cats around before, and I tend to mess up when I'm under pressure, so if it goes-"

"We're not going to judge you," Zero assured her. "Go do your thing, be proud of your skill." Stuttering out an agreement and practically tripping over her paws, Griffin made her way towards the horses, keeping low and hidden.

She paused when she was half way there, taking deep breaths to calm herself. Just pretend they're not there. Focus on the horse. Puffing her chest out half heartedly, she continued on her way, making sure not to be seen. The basic idea was like how she'd gotten on to the deer's back, just with a different approach and a different ending. Simple!

Now only a few tail lengths away from a large black horse with a long white mane, Griffin tensed her muscles. With a powerful kick off the ground, she wrapped her paws in the creature's mane, clinging on with sheathed claws. The animal below her let out a neigh, kicking its back legs out in surprise. However, unlike the deer, once it realized this attacker wasn't hurting them, it went still, turning it's head curiously. When it's eyes were on her, the cat let out a happy prrow and blinked her eyes slowly at it, a sign she'd discovered was peace.

Blinking back, the large creature tilted it's head, unsure of that it's new companion was doing. Settling down on its back, she tapped it with both her paws, and the friendly giant started to move. She then tapped just her left paw down on its shoulder a couple times, and the horse offered it's course so that it was walking left, towards the onlooking cats. However, before it had got to far, she jumped off its back with a thankful meow, and made her way back to the others, leaving the horse to go back to grazing.

"You guys ready to try?"
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ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 𝟝
2,918 words

It was decided that they'd pair up and pick a horse, the most confident cat getting on the animal, and the second would join them afterwards. Griffin paired up with Kai, the she cat being the most nervous. Zero went with Cash, while Axel was stuck with King.

The three who were going to catch the horses gathered in a huddle. "Okay, we'll want to do it at the same time, or the rest of the heard will get frightened and scatter. You all remember what I told you?" Zero and King nodded, paws itching to go. With a final nod, Griffin signalled for the cats to split up and make their way to a horse. Griffin had offered to go to the one furthest away, one the same colour as her pelt with a long black mane. King was tasked with the black one she'd ridden as demonstration, and Zero was left with a ginger that had a fluffy blond mane.

All carefully getting into position and unable to see each other, they glanced at where the other three cats were. Their tails were up in the air, confirmation that every cat was in place. Three, two, one... with a mighty push, Griffin once again leapt high, hauling herself onto the huge animals broad back. It behaved much like the last horse, kicking and making its complain vocal, before calming down and inspecting it's rider. After the routine meow and blink, the she cat turned to check on her companions. Zero had calmed her horse, a relived look on her face, while a slightly shaken King was communicating with his horse.

Now it was safe, the other cats came sprinting over, jumping up to join them on the horses. Kai approached hesitantly and prepared to jump, startling slightly when the animal turned its attention and gazed at her. Taking a relaxing breath, she leapt up, almost slipping off the other side. Griffin steadied her, smiling reassuringly. "Is everyone ready?" Turning her attention back to the others, she looked to see four other cats balancing haphazardly on the horses, none of them looking too confident. "Let's go!"

Tapping both her front paws down on its back, the horse began its requested trek, body swaying from side to side. The cat behind her let out a surprised squeak, pressing herself flat against it's back, scared to topple over. Not commenting (as she'd reacted that way too her first time), Griffin turned ahead to see Zero's horse taking the lead. According to said cat, traveling at the speed of the long legged animals, they should make it to the cliff top before sunset. All that was left was to stay steady, and hope the horses didn't have anything better to do.

They did. After a previously silent and univentful ride, the trio of horses found a patch of grass that was apparently too good to pass on - literally - and they stopped to graze, refusing to budge. Knowing she had no right to complain as they'd just given the six cats a free ride without gaining anything in return, Griffin jumped back to the ground with a thankful meow as farewell. Copying her actions, Kai stood beside her, wobbling slightly. "Well that was an experience!"

"You can say that again," Axel agreed, stopping beside them to smooth his ruffled pelt. Zero, Cash and King seemed to be fairing better, steady on their paws and looking fascinated rather than nauseous.

"If it's alright with you two," Cash said, sending a worried glance at the wobbly cats, "I was hoping we could use the energy we saved and run the rest of the way."

"We're almost there, I think we'd make it before nightfall," Zero agreed. When no cat complained to the idea, the cat set off at a run and the rest followed, Cash taking up the rear again.

It wasn't long before Axel broke the silence. "I'd suggest continuing our game... but... we'll all be out of breath... before long," he panted, pace unfaltering. Griffin hummed in agreement, not having enough energy to form words.

At times like this she remembered that if they were still in their old Clans, she was sure they'd all still be apprentices. Except maybe Cash, the tom looked just about old enough to be a newly accepted warrior. There was no way any of these cats had the same strength and stamina as an experienced cat, one they'd all aspired to be. I guess I'll never truly be a warrior then, seeing is there's no leader to make me one.

Abruptly pulled from her thoughts by her stumbling paws, the she cat realized the others had slowed down to a walk and she'd crashed into King. "Hey! Watch where you're going mouse brain!"

"Sorry," she mumbled, glancing around her surroundings. splayed out before them like a falling leaf was a huge, jutting patch of land that curved slightly as it got wider, before falling away to nothing. And at the end, features hidden by the fading light of the sun, was a cat. They were just sat there, waiting, facing them. "Oh. We could... Just go somewhere else?"

"No, if he's in our way, we can easily chase him off. There's six of us and one of him!"

"Be quiet King. What if they're what StarClan lead us to? We should at least find out what their deal is." The spiky black tom rolled his eyes at Cash's response.

Axel flicked his tail in annoyance, taking a few steps forward. "While you sit here and argue I'm going to go talk to the cat." Ears falling deaf to their protests, the tom started walking forwards, and the others had no chance but to follow. As they got closer, Griffin could see them more clearly.

He was a tom with a fluffy grey pelt that lightened at his stomach and darkened at his back and across his tail. He was sat up straight, carrying an important aura, a smile on his face. The most noticeable thing however, was his eyes. Not only did they have an odd, excited look that the she cat couldn't quite place, but they were two different colours. His left one was a misty blue colour, the right one mirroring the setting sun.

"I've been waiting for you," he meowed in a deep and alluring voice. "The cats of long ago told me about you."

"StarClan?" Cash had stepped forward, speaking up for the Champions.

The grey tom hesitated, a confused look on his face, before it cleared up. "I'm not sure, I wasn't told. I've been a Rogue my whole life. But then a cat came to me in my dreams, telling me of six cats. According to them, our paths cross and our destinies are in each other's paws."

"What's your name?"

Pausing again, the cat answered slowly. "It's not my original name, but please call me Karma. What're your names?"

"I'm Axel," the fluffy cat said proudly, puffing his chest out. One by one, the other cats introduced themselves with their chosen names, and the formalities were done. It was then that the tom, Karma, stepped aside, tail flicking to point over the edge of the cliff. Griffin followed the other cats to the edge, crouching low and making sure she didn't slip. When she saw it, she gasped, speechless.

Far below them was the surface of the water, barely lit up by the dying sun. On it's surface, bobbing up and down in the waves, was a gigantic stone monster. It had a row of glaring yellow eyes, and a single, tall tower poking up from it's body.

Kai was the first to break the awestruck silence, whispering the question on all their minds. "What in StarClan's name is that?"

Griffin pulled her eyes away from the giant, curious about Karma's answer. "I can't be sure, but it's some kind of Twoleg contraption. It's like a huge rock fish, except it's some sort of unnatural material that floats. It came swimming in a couple of mornings ago and a bunch of Twolegs walked off it from a wooden ramp near the shore. It's been sitting still there ever since."

"This has to be what StarClan led us here for," Cash mumbled to himself. "Are we supposed to escape this land on it? Hope it takes us to a new place? But how can we be sure?"

"I say let's go for it!" Surprisingly King was the first to agree with the tabby, a determined look in his eye.

"I'm not going on something like that, a horse was bad enough for my mind and fur."

Zero rolled her eyes at Axel, disregarding his input. "We can't get much further away from the corrupt Clans than across the whole Sea." Kai and Griffin nodded to show their agreement, while Karma remained silent.

The seven cats shared a look. Even Axel seemed to realize it wasn't really a choice. If StarClan had led them here, there wasn't anything more obvious than a Twoleg's sea monster.

"Well, we can't do anything now. We should definitely sleep, but I suggest we leave a cat to watch the sea monster, so we don't miss it when it moves." The other cats nodded, most impressed by Cash's show of clever reasoning. "I'll take the first turn, you guys get some sleep."

However, before the tom could settle down to begin his shift, Griffin noticed Karma padding up. "Hey, you look half asleep. I'm sure you're tired from your journey... and looking after that lot," the tom whispered. "Why don't you go get some sleep and I'll take the first watch?"

Cash blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting the offer. "Oh, um, I'm fine thanks. I'm more than capable of staying awake a little longer while the others rest."

"Don't be ridiculous. They don't deserve to sleep any more than you do. It'll be fine don't worry, go rest that pretty little head of yours," he purred in a smooth tone. Griffin felt hurt by what she had overheard the tom say. Pretending not to have noticed, she made her way to where the others were settling close to a large rock in an attempt to escape the wind.

He has no right to say that, he hardly knows us! It's not like we think it's his job, he just offered! the she cat glared over at where the grey cat was sat, eyes on the boat like a hawk. His pelt was fluffed up to keep the cold out, but the occasional tremble of his whiskers gave away the fact he still felt the chill. Then she spotted Cash, curling up to sleep, eyes glazed with fatigue and stress. Griffin's gaze softened. Karma had good intentions, and she had to remember she hardly knew the tom too. Sorry Karma she apologized to the tom in her head, even though she'd never accused him of anything out loud.

Curling her tail over her nose and shifting closer to the warmth of the group, she was left alone with her thoughts. Are we really going on that huge sea monster? I wonder what it really is. Either the Twolegs have it under their control, or the monster is the one controlling the Twolegs. I can't imagine that thing swimming though, it's way too fat! Where did it even come from? Where's it going? I hope wherever we end up is warm. Oh, and with a river! I haven't been swimming for ages, it's way too cold. The she cat shivered at the thought, and she shifted her position so she was tucked in on herself even tighter.

What's going to happen to us when we find a new home? Surely after this journey we won't just seperate... I never thought I'd say this, but I think I like these cats. Cash is calm and managed to explain things really well, something I wish I was better at. Kai is really sweet, and I'd definitely like to be friends with her, but I doubt she want to be anywhere near me... I'm just annoying and pretty horrible. If I try get closer to her I'll scare her away. Although, King is probably the most scary. Not necessarily in a bad way though! I think he would be a really loyal friend if he knew how to behave and stop pushing everyone away. A bit like me. Axel on the other hand, he tried way too hard to be liked. I don't get how any cat could be that proud of how they look. ...I guess he does have really nice fur though, it looks so soft and warm! I wonder what happened to his tail? Maybe he'll tell us one day, he seems like he'd be happy enough talking about himself, haha. Oh, and I can't forget Zero, that's for sure. She seems easy to get along with, but I don't want to bother her. She's probably more interested in being friends with Kai or someone else nice. I'm way too awkward and annoying for her to want to be friends. Maybe I can be friends with Karma? He's new to the group and I don't want him to feel left out. Maybe-

"Griffin." The she cat jumped, heart racing and eyes flying open. Zero was stood in front of her with an amused look. "You've been tossing and turning for ages. At this rate you won't get any sleep before it's your watch shift."

"Oh, uh," she chuckled, looking down at her fidgeting paws in nervousness. "I was just thinking about-"

"Sleep." The white cat padded around and curled herself up behind Griffin, their pelts brushing. "I'll help warm you up, but only if you promise to actually sleep."

Smiling, Griffin nodded and rested her head on her paws, tucking her tail back over her face. It was working, she already felt much warmer and her mind quieting. I hope I'm not annoying her and just keeping her awake... With that, she fell asleep.

* * * * *

"Hey, wake up." Griffin shivered, pressing herself further into the soft warmth behind her. When her personal heater shuffled around, she blinked her eyes open in confusion and glanced over. Oh yeah, I'd kept Zero awake.. "Hey!"

Remembering that she was originally woken up by a whisper, she looked over to see King glaring at her. "Wha' d'you want?"

"It's your turn to watch the sea monster. Hurry up, I wanna sleep!"

With a long yawn, Griffin nodded and stood up, instantly missing Zero's warmth. She probably wants some time to sleep in peace though, the she cat realized guiltily. Shaking her head to clear her mind, the fluffy cat sat down to take her watch. Glancing down, she could see the monster sat in the same position, it's eyes dark. It made sense for it to be sleeping, but you could never be sure with giant floating things, so it made sense to keep an eye on it. Now looking up at the sky, Griffin could see the first greys of dawn showing. She must have been given the last shift because it wouldn't be long before the sun rose and Cash would be waking them all up.

Never one for patience, Griffin quickly became bored. She tried counting how many little white flowers (unlike Kai she'd never bothered to learn their names, even the common ones) but got bored when she realized there were more than 50. Deciding it would be more fun to play a game, she tried to think of an animal for every letter of the alphabet. Ant, Badger, C.... That was a stupid game anyway. Attempting to pass more time by reciting some key hunting facts in her head (you need to watch out for other birds warning the one you're hunting) she shouted "Crow!" Then proceeded to cover her mouth and check she hadn't woken any cat up. Crow, Dog, Eagle, Finch, Grouse, Horse, I... I... I hate this game. That fits, she meowed to herself sarcastically before blushing at her childishness. Feeling like an idiot, she sat up straight and kept her gaze on the sea monster, determined to do her job properly.

After a painfully slow and boring while, the sun was apparently debating on whether it wanted to get up today or not. However, the sun was the least of Griffin's concerns when she noticed the rows of amber eyes flickering to wakefulness. Then it moved. The she cat didn't even need to wake the others up though, the monster seemed keen on doing that itself.


A deafening wail erupted from the mysterious thing, announcing it's presence. While the other cats jumped to their paws in confusion, Griffin gripped on to the wirey grass hanging over the edge of the cliff and peered down. On the beach, far below, was a long wooden bridge, and the sea monster was pointed straight at it. Cautiously crawling back away from the edge, the she cat sprinted back to the group.

"What was that?!"

"The sea monster," she told Kai quickly before moving to over where Cash was looking around for the source of the echoing noise. "Cash! That was the monster. It's opened its eyes back up and it's moving slowly, I think it's heading for the long wooden Twoleg bridge. I don't know how long it'll stay before it leaves, we need to go, now."
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ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 𝟞
2,428 words

The group of cats sprang into action, tripping over their own paws in a hurry to get going. Zero led the way, having an idea of the fastest way off the cliff to the sea bridge, and Cash took up the rear. Griffin was near the front, anxious of being late and desperate to move quickly. They ran, paws flying over the grass at an outstanding speed, the adrenaline of what was to come giving them the strength.

Now off the top of the cliff, the cats were running down a winding path. Every cat was panting, but they kept going at an alarming pace. Finally, after what couldn't have been more than a few hundred heartbeats but felt like the whole season of leafbare, the cats scrambled to a halt. The earth they were stood on ended here, replaced by the golden powder of sand. Gasping and sucking in deep breaths, the cats took a few minutes before observing the scene that lay before them.

Twolegs had started to gather along the wooden path, horrendously bright sacks ditched in their meaty paws. It was ordered. The Twolegs would walk up to plain looking one standing next to a slab of gold coloured material. They would then give the sack to the one there, and then would place them into the slab. There were a long line of slabs, and the cats noticed another plain looking Twoleg who would drag the slab across the bridge and into a small door on the side of the monster, while the bright ones climbed onto its head.

"They'd spot us before we even got close to ramp, I think our way in is obvious," Cash stated. The surrounding cats nodded. "The only question is, how do we get onto a slab without being noticed?"

No one had a decent answer for that.

"We could just make a run for it, hope we're not seen," Zero suggested helplessly.

More silence.

It wasn't like the cats could sneak on from the side as the slabs were positioned further out on the bridge, deep water on either side. Even for Griffin who liked swimming, the waves were too rough, and to get onto the bridge a cat would have to climb, pelt heavy with water, up one of the legs, past the overhang, and leave a wet trail to their hiding place. Not a good plan. There wasn't really any other way to do it.

Cash finally sighed, caving in. "I think we'll have to do what Zero said. I can't see another way in." The tom looked around at the gathered cats, hoping for one of them to have seen something he missed. Griffin stared cluelessly back at him, stumped. She wasn't looking forward the stress that would come with a mad dash, and the constant nervousness of what they would find inside the monster was eating away at her, making it hard to concentrate.

Snapping herself back to the present, she glanced back at the bridge. The colourful Twolegs were almost all gone, supposedly all being on the monster already. With no new sacks, the row of slabs was quickly shrinking, the end one being left unattended as the Twoleg helped move the others.

"Now's out chance," Cash said, taking a deep breath. "I'll go first to check it's safe, you guys run over one at a time, and try to be discreet!" With that, the tom crept along the edge of the beach, his tabby markings helping him stay unnoticed. When he reached the end of the wood, he waited, muscles bunched. Once the Twoleg had turned its back on him to push a slab, he sprang into action, pelting it across the wood. The watching cats held their breath in suspense, but the tom made it without any trouble. He scrambled in-between the sacks, disappearing from sight. Before long, his head reappeared, a signal that it was safe.

"Zero you go next." Griffin jumped in surprise at the voice, unused to hearing it. She glanced at Karma I'm confusion, wondering why he was making decisions. "Hurry! If cats with a brighter pelt go first, then worst comes to worst, the darker ones will have an easier time sneaking on. The sun is still low and will hide them."

The white she cat shrugged, having no reason to argue. Copying Cash's previous actions, it wasn't long before Cash was waving the next cat along. Kai and Axel took their turns, and then it was Griffin's. Saying she was nervous was an understatement. The small cat waited, shifting her weight from one paw to the other as she waited for the signal. The tabby head reappeared again, his nod only just distinguishable with the huge distance.

Not giving herself a chance to back out, Griffin started moving. Are stepped off the path, her paw pads tickling on the soft sand. Keeping her body low down, but high enough not to stir up her surroundings, the she cat acted as if she were stalking prey. The wooden bridge was getting closer, and her nerves were rising steadily. You can do this. The other cats did it easily!

Then she was at the bridge. Once again moving before she could hesitate and change her mind, Griffin spared a quick glance at the retreating Twoleg before she shot across the path. The wood was unpleasant against her paws, making it harder to run, but she didn't stop. Before she even had time to find something to worry about, the slab was in front of her. She spotted the shadowed hole between the bright sacks and leapt in, bracing for the impact.

She hit something soft, bringing her to a stop. Griffin glanced up to see bright blue sack. It felt soft under her paws, unlike anything she'd ever felt before. Deciding now wasn't the time to examine these Twoleg objects, she glanced around quickly, eyes adjusting to the dark. Cash was sticking his head out the opening, signaling to the last two cats. Zero, Kai and Axel were harder to spot, having burrowed themselves into smaller hollows nearby, there not being enough room in the main one.

Squeezing herself back between the blue sack and one decorated with fake flowers, Griffin curiously leant forward until she could look out the opening. Karma was making his way towards them, while King waited at their previous spot. When the tom was close, she pushed herself further into the sacks to give him room. When she saw him jump in, landing neatly on all four laws, she realized her entrance hadn't been very dignified, and her pelt felt hot with embarrassment. No cat mentioned it. Maybe they didn't notice..?

Concentrating again on looking outside, the she cat could see King getting closer to the bridge.

The tom was roughly half way across when the slab lurched into action, being pulled away by the Twoleg. His eyes widened in fear before he seemed to trip over his own paws, tumbling over in a flurry of limbs. Griffin watched in horror as he tried to stand up only to collapse back down in pain, getting further and further away. They were nearing the monster. King didn't have long.

With no warning, Cash jumped out of their hiding place, streaking across the bridge before anyone could stop him. It would only take the tabby a few heartbeats to reach the black cat, but every heartbeat the others were getting closer to the monster's entrance. Griffin panicked and made to jump out as well, unable to just sit and watch. She hadn't even taken a step towards the opening before a cat bit her tail, pulling her back. Glancing back quickly, Zero gave her a stern glare before turning her attention back to the scene outside.

Griffin bit her lip, frustrated. Cash had made it to King, hurriedly nudging the cat up before slipping his head under the tom's front right leg, supporting him. The two cats set off at a wobbly and unsteady run, painfully slow. Then they were gone. The slab had turned, cutting off their view on the two cats, and the world was growing darker as they entered the monster.

A Twoleg shouted from somewhere behind them, and the slab stopped. The waiting cats sucked in a collective breath, watching in tense silence, unable to see anything but a small amount of bridge before them. Where are they...?! Everything outside was still. Each heartbeat that passed dragged on like an eternity. A flash of movement. Cash and King entered their field of vision, bumbling along the path as fast as they could. The cats waiting stepped back, giving them room, except for Zero. The she cat stretched her head out, grabbing King's scruff when he was close enough and hauling him inside while Cash shoved from behind. Fluffy black fur fell into a heap in their hollow, panting. Cash jumped in behind, squeezing his way around every cat so he was stood in front of King. "What in StarClan's name happened back there?"

All the cats stumbled then, the slab moving once again, leaving the cats in darkness. King groaned, trying his best to sit up. "I don't know! I got distracted by this thing moving away and didn't look where I was going. I think I stepped on something, but I don't know what. It was clear, and it hurts like a-"

Kai cut him off, pushing the cat until he was lying on his side. She sniffed at his paw. "That's a lot of blood," she mumbled in concern. But King wasn't paying attention to the she cat, instead concentrating on Cash.

"You came back for me..."

"Well, yeah? I wasn't going to leave you, you're part of the group," the tabby explained like it was the most simple thing.

King wasn't convinced. "I thought you ha- OW!" He glared down at Kai, who was attempting to clean the bloodied paw pad with her tongue. "I thought you hated me? I haven't been particularly nice to you..."

"That's the biggest understatement I've heard in my entire life." Axel received a swat over the ear by Griffin, unamused by his attempt to be a comedian. "What?!" She glared at him, and he shut his mouth with a childish huff.

Having waited for the annoying tom to finish, Cash turned his attention back to King. "I don't hate you. . Don't get me wrong, I don't appreciate your attitude, but I'm not going to hate you for it."

King didn't respond. He instead pushed Kai away and set about licking his paw clean himself. Cash shrugged, figuring the conversation was over, and set about checking that every cat was alright. Griffin tuned out from the rest of them, tired from all the stress, and being lulled to sleep by the movement of the slab.

It didn't last long. The she cat was jolted awake when the slab crashed to a stop, pushed against something, most likely a wall. The seven cats waited in a startled silence, listening to the Twoleg's footsteps. They were walking around, doing who knows what. Curiousity getting the better of her, Griffin was desperate to look out. Their entrance had been blocked by the wall, so the small cat shuffled around and squeezed her way through the gap she was in. Letting her nose seek out fresh air and using her whiskers to figure out where she could fit, she managed to scrabble along a few paw steps and push her face up to a small gap between the sacks.

It took a while for her eyes to adjust to the artificial light outside, but it wasn't long before she could start to pick out details. The walls on the inside of the monster were a creamy white, and the floor seemed to be made of a deep red moss. Against the wall to the left of her vision, she could see the other slabs, each liked high with the colourful Twoleg sacks and boxes. The Twoleg was walking between them, examining a few closely before picking them up and handing them to another Twoleg with some some words in a strange language. I wonder what they're doing with the weird sacks? Haven't they only just collected them? Then it hit her.

Eyes widening, she pushed her way backwards, suddenly feeling trapped between the sacks pushing on her from all directions. "Hey! Guys!" She was whisper screaming, but it did the trick to convey her urgency. When she was back in the big hollow they were all gathered around each cat was looking at her in concern. "The Twoleg is moving these sacks away. I saw some of the slabs already empty. They're going to find us!"

The others stared back in confusion, looking at her as if she'd grown a second tail. Griffin opened her mouth to try and convince them, but was cut off by a loud shuffling noise. They could hear a Twoleg talking above them, and the following sound made it obvious they had picked up one of the colourful sacks. This was confirmed as the objects above them shifted around from the change in pressure above. Kai let out a stifled scream, the thing above where she was stood having slipped down and pushed her against the floor. With a small struggle, she dragged herself out from underneath it, crowding into the now smaller hollow area.

"Okay, I believe you. But what do we do?" The white and brown she cat looked towards Cash for answers, but the tom looked nervous, having no plan.

"Oh! I have an idea," Griffin meowed quickly, thinking back to the scene she'd spotted on the outside. "If we can make our way through the two, no three other slabs lined up against this one behind Zero, then we can climb out in the corner of the room rather than the middle where we'll easily be spotted."

"What if they move the sacks and spot us? They might see the shuffling," Zero questioned.

Griffin tried her best to recall every detail she could remember from outside the slab. "They Twolegs seemed like they were working on emptying the ones to the opposite side first. We should be able to make it in time."

"We're wasting time, let's start moving," Cash meowed calmly. "We can decide what to do when we're out and can actually see. Griffin, you lead. I'll take the rear so no one gets left. Alright?"

Six cats nodded in nervous agreement.
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I actually have no idea how boats and cruise ships work so I'm making it all up :)

ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 𝟟
3,054 words

It seemed impossible at first. The sacks were piled up high and thick, the gaps between them being small and wonky. Griffin had the difficult task of finding the best path through them, something she thought Zero or Axel would have been much better suited for. The she cat would have to hook her claws into the soft pelts and pull them out her way, shoving them with her shoulder, all while making sure not to disturb the pile too much in case it collapsed or alerted the twolegs to their position. She felt sorry for the larger cats, her and King wouldn't struggle too much to squeeze through the path she made, but Cash and the others would have a much more difficult time.

It was slow going. Griffin glanced left and right, figuring out where to go from this seemingly dead end. She took a deep breath, smelling nothing but dust and an odd flowery fragrance coming from the sacks. Glancing up, she spotted a small tunnel created above one of the harder square sacks. Listening for the sound of nearby twolegs, she decided it was safe and made the small jump. Her claws slipped on the shiny surface, but she managed to stay on the object, pressing her body low and slipping through the opening. We must be half way there now, the she cat thought, recalling the distance she'd seen to the far wall. The slabs had been pressed right up against each other, making crossing from one to another easy.

Slipping back down and nudging a horrendous looking bright yellow sack out the way, she curled around and found herself at the gap to the last slab. The wall in front of her was a tightly packed mass of the twolegs objects. It didn't look as if there would be any way in. She looked down. I guess I spoke too soon, she realized, noticing this slab was placed a few pastels away and slightly wonky. Unable to see a way into the sacks, she gripped the one she was standing in with her claws and lowered herself down, peering at the base of the next slab. The golden thing was raised of the floor by stubby legs with round paws, leaving just enough space underneath for cats to fit if they pressed their stomachs against the floor. Glancing behind her, she decided she'd just go for it. Zero was watching,waiting patiently to see where they were going next.

Taking a deep breath, Griffin listened once again for the sounds of twolegs. Deciding the were far enough away, she let go and slipped down to the ground, bending her body so she could wriggle under the slab. The she cat was slightly surprised by what she felt. Her pads felt cushioned on the deep red moss, but it was softer than she could ever have imagined, feeling warm and fluffy. Ignoring the chill she felt on her back from the stone like material above, she crawled across the ground. It was easy moving to the end, and Griffin peered out quickly, seeing the feet of the twoleg walking backwards and forwards.

Before long, the other six cats had slid down and we're lined up beside her, all cautiously peeking out. Griffin could see the inside of the monster more clearly now. In front of them was a a huge rectangular hole that the twolegs walked through. It was impossible to tell where it led to, but it was the only entrance in sight, so would have to at least lead back outside the monster.

"Does anyone else feel a little nauseous?" Axel was pressed flat against the floor, face pressed into the twoleg moss. Now that he'd mentioned it, Griffin could notice the slight rocking she felt in her body.

Kai shuffled closer to him. "It's just the monster swimming," she reassured. "I'm afraid I don't have any herbs to help, but take deep breaths and keep your eyes shut for a little while. Try and keep your mind occupied with something other than the monster."

The tom simply groaned in response, but did as she suggested.

Griffin felt something brush behind her, and she twisted her body until she could see Karma. He was moving towards the edge of the slab closest to the wall, most likely looking for somewhere for them to go. We can't stay here, she realized. We have no idea how long this thing will be swimming for.

"I found something," the grey tom called out quietly, catching her attention. She turned to see what he had discovered, shifting over to give the other cats room. On the creamy wall, the cats could now see a silver, shiny rectangle. It was hanging at an awkward angle, acting like an unhinged door to the tunnel running behind it. Every side of the tunnel was the same shiny silver material, and was two tail lengths wide and one tall. It sat low to the ground, and seemed to lead inside the walls.

"It's literally sparkling. If that's not a sign from StarClan, I don't know what is," Kai meowed in wonder. She made to step closer, but cash flicked his tail out to hold her back.

He kept his gaze locked on the tunnel. "We can't just assume things are sent by StarClan. They didn't send this monster, the twolegs did. StarClan simply brought it to out attention. Now we're in a strange new environment, and we need to keep our wits. Treat everything as it is; an unknown. No rushing off. Do you all understand?" The cats nodded silently, King no longer doing it sarcastically.

"I think we should go in," Zero meowed matter-of-fact. "My mental map has been fuzzy and confusing since we got in here, but I can smell the wind in there. With a taste of salt. It can at least lead us outside."

Cash nodded to her impressed. "If we have a sound reason to trust it, then we should go."

"Just one problem," the white she cat added. "The air from it is all muddled up. Some of it tastes fake or stale. I think there are multiple paths, like a rabbit's burrow."

The other cats looked less eager now. Griffin herself would chose to stay here on the soft moss rather than get lost in the hard, cold walls of the tunnel. She looked at Cash, wondering what he'd say, but the tom's expression was unreadable.

Figuring she wouldn't be much help to this debate, Griffin swiveled around again, facing the rest of the area inside the monster. She glanced down the line of slabs, realising the twolegs had uncovered their hiding hollow, but were none the wiser. They were, however, moving further up the line, and getting worryingly close to their new hiding spot.

Now nervous, the she cat went back to her previous position, listening back into the conversation. "-could lead up to the monster's head, or down, further into its belly," Cash had been reasoning.

"Hey guys? They twolegs are getting closer. We should move soon, and we'd better decide where quickly."

Cash sighed at this, closing his eyes in though. A few heartbeats later he reopened them, nodding to himself. "Let's vote." The other cats exchange confused glances. "If you think we should go into the tunnel, sat here. If you think we should find another plan, go the other side. Whichever one has more votes, we'll do."

Griffin thought about it for a second, but she knew that tunnel seemed the safest and most reasonable choice, so didn't move. Gaze scanning the others, she saw most cats remaining where they were. Only Axel shuffled a little way away, mumbling something about curling up to die. Kai rolled her eyes and stuck her paw out, trying to pull him back by his tail with a "There's no point idiot, it's been decided."

With another cautious glance at the tunnel, Zero crept closer to it, checking quickly for twolegs. She must have offered to figure out the way while I was looking at the twolegs, Griffin explained in her mind, cursing herself for getting distracted like always.

No cat made a move forward, so Griffin shrugged (as well as she could pressed between the floor and slab) and shuffled forward. Checking for twolegs by routeing, she slipped out from under the slab and padded over to the tunnel, sticking her head in. Zero was looking back at her and smiled, shuffling backwards to give her more room. Stepping off the fluffy moss, she winced at the sharp stab of cold that ran through her paw. Ignoring it, she brought her whole body in, shuffling back like Zero had, turning to watch for the next cat.

Axel flopped himself into the vent, eyes screwed shut, Kai pushing him from behind. "Oh hurry up you big baby," she whispered. "I thought you were good at everything! Why are you so bad at being inside a monster?"

"Hey! It's not the monster, I'm fine with that! It's just... Too hot is all," he countered. "See, I'm fine now we're in here, nice and cool." The fluffy tom stood up, a pained look on his face, and walked forward with wobbly legs. No cat corrected him, as it hadn't actually been warm in the last place, because this was a huge improvement than a grumpy blob of fur.

King was the next cat in, looking more annoyed then he had earlier. Karma followed soon after, and lastly Cash. Now that all the cats were squished in, Zero set off, her pace slow and doubtful. Curious, Griffin took a deep breath in, trying to figure out what the she cat was following. The difference between stale and fresh air was usually easy, but Griffin couldn't sense anything. It all tasted old and plain, just as it had in the area they were in before. Shaking her head to make herself concentrate, she watched the she cat in front of her, mimicking every turn she made.

* * * * *

Griffin was getting stressed. At this point she could no longer tell how long they'd even been in the tunnels. There was no sunlight, yet also no dark to go by. Every tunnel looked the same. They'd moved left and right countless times, and climbed up a few times. The only noticeable landmark had been when they came across another if the holes they'd first climbed in through. When they'd looked out, they'd seen a huge space, bigger than all six of their camps combined, and so tall they'd had to crane their necks to see the roof. Twolegs were swarming it. Overwhelmed, they'd quickly moved on.

The atmosphere was sour, cats fed up of walking, Axel still hiding his nausea, and Griffin trying not to panic at feeling lost and trapped. Zero, however, kept moving. If she was lost, she didn't show it. Her ears had now pricked, and her whiskers were quivering. "I think we're almost there."

A sigh of relief echoed down the line. Griffin took a deep breath, finally being able to pick up on the salty air Zero must have been smelling this whole time. The seven cats picked up their pace, eager to be out of these tunnels.

All of a sudden Zero stopped, causing Griffin to crash into her, and Axel into Griffin. It was like falling rocks, and before long all the cats were hissing in complaint. The small brown she cat tucked her head low, attempting to see past the cat in front of her. She could see sunlight, so at least they hadn't been in the tunnels for as long as it felt. "What have you stopped for?"

"It's covered in twolegs."

"Are you joking?!" The irritation was obvious in King's voice. "What the hell do we do then?"

Zero glanced around outside a while longer. "I think we could hide down there for a little while. I can tell you guys are getting stressed. If you wait, I'll go explore the tunnels more, see if I can find another opening we can hide in."

There was no hesitation in everyone's nods of agreement, all of them just wishing to be out in the open. Griffin watched as Zero disappeared outside, before she crept up to the edge of the tunnel herself. The she cat has been right. They were at the top of the monster, it's long head flat and covered in twolegs. They were say around on weird objects, and some where splashing about in a rectangle of water. The she cat shook her head, never able to understand these odd creatures. Turning her attention back to Zero, she saw the white cat stretching, hidden from their sight by a pile of wooden boxes. Glancing quickly left and right, she jumped down to join her, greatful for the feel of air around her.

It felt amazing to be in the open again. The sun was high in the sky, warming her pelt, while a crisp breeze ruffled her dusty fur. It was perfect. Once the other cats had joined them, Zero hopped back into the tunnels and was gone. Kai began fussing over King's paw again, scolding him for not telling them he was hurting. "You've just made it worse by walking on it as if it were normal."

The tom wasn't listening though, preoccupied with glaring at nothing in particular, deep in thought. Cash and Karma were talking in low whispers, heads bent together. From the words she could pick out, it was something to do with finding food. At that thought, she suddenly realised how hollow her belly felt, not having eaten since the day before. Apparently Axel was thinking the same thing.

"I'm starving," he meowed between licks of his pelt, apparently no longer feeling sick.

"Maybe we could catch a sea bird," Griffin mumbled, already doubting the idea.

Axel's eyes lit up. "You can do that? Yes please!"

Shuffling her paws nervously, she muttered out a "I doubt it..." The fluffy tom deflated, going back to his grooming. Deciding to humour her idea, Griffin snuck up to the the lowest box and stood on her hind legs, peering over the top. For the first time in her life, Griffin couldn't spot any signs of prey. The floor was flat with no space for mice to hide, and the sky was clear of birds. She took in a deep breath to see what she could scent, but a tidal wave of strange twoleg smells made her shut her mouth, wincing. There has to be something around here we can eat.

Closing her eyes, the she cat opened her mouth again, this time taking in a much small gulp of air. There was the taste of the salt water from the sea surrounding them on all sides, and a acrid smell coming from the water the twolegs were in. Then there was the mixed scent of hundreds of twolegs, each one different. The she cat tried her best to block this out, searching again. Bingo!

It was impossible to tell what it was as she'd never smelt it before, but it was edible, and that was unmistakable. Taking in one more breath, she searched for the scent's origin, glancing around. It was coming from her left, the opposite direction of the mass of twolegs. The path was practically clear that way, save for a tall, black cylinder. On the floor beside it, she could see a scrap of something. Biting her lip with nervousness, she checked behind her, seeing the same scene of twolegs and her fellow cats, none paying her any attention.

With one last deep breath, she jumped silently up onto the top of the box and down the other side, dashing to the black cylinder. She kept low and close to the walls, the shadows helping to conceal her from sight. When she reached it, she bent her head and picked it up without thought, running straight back to their current hiding spot, hopping expertly over the box. I've on the other side, she dropped it and bent to examine it.

The scrap had a strong smell, and before she had a chance to figure out what it was, the other cats were curiously walking over.

"Where'd you get that?"

"What is it?"

"Can we eat it?"

Griffin glared at them, silencing them. "I found it. Now be quite while I figure out what it is." Content that they obeyed, the she cat bent down again. There was a long tube of red stuff sat in a fluffy bed. Pulling it with her paw, the two parts seperated. She leant down and sniffed both. "This red bit is meat, I know that much. But it's not one I've ever smelt before. And I have no idea about the white stuff, but it's not meat."

Stepping forward to take a sniff herself, Kai's eyes lit up in recognition. "It smells like wheat. I know that's edible, but it doesn't taste good."

"It's the closest to food we'll get, shall we spilt it out? Each of us getting some wheat stuff and meat," Cash meowed, taking charge. Griffin nodded, doing her best to split the small scraps into seven raven pieces, having made sure to remember Zero. When she'd finished, she looked down proudly at her work, stepping back so each cat could take a pile.

There wasn't much each. Only a paw size of wheat stuff and an eye size of meat, but food none the less. The cats bent down, eating it hungrily. Griffin started with the wheat stuff, biting a chunk off and chewing it, enjoying the odd, fluffy texture, but not very keen on the taste. I've she'd eaten it all in a few hungry bites, she ate the meat slowly, trying to savour the taste of food. It was an odd taste, nothing like the fresh prey she was used to. It felt almost fake, stuffed with other strange unnecessary tastes. Yet it still only lasted a few heartbeats before she'd finished it, left wanting more.

Sighing, she curled herself in to a ball, tail covering her face. There was nothing left to do but hope Zero returned with good news.
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Postby Griffin Torrens » Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:08 am

ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 𝟠
2,610 words

Unable to sleep and left to her thoughts, Griffin found her mind wandering to all kinds of things. She thought about the cats she'd left behind, of everything that had happened on their journey so far, and speculated on what may come.


Startled, Griffin's head shot up as she dragged herself out of her tboughts. She glanced around in confusion before she remembered where she was. The sky had darkened now, the sun low sun the sky and the majority of the twolegs having disappeared. Kai and Axel were asleep, King was curled up, paw scaring across the fake wooden floor in bordem, while Cash and Karma were still talking about StarClan knows what.

Looking around for the source of the noise, Griffin spotted a small sea bird - a tern she reminded herself - flapping around and swooping down. Curious, she stood on her hind legs, looking over the top of the same box as before. The animal was attempting to perch on the side of the black cylinder, sticking it's head in. But the animal kept slipping off the edge and falling to the floor with an ungraceful thump.

The she cat's heart rate rose in excitement, mouth watering the idea of actual prey. Remembering to check for twolegs, the small cat slipped over the top of the box and slunk along the edge, greatful as always for her dark pelt. It was difficult to keep her self control and not run at the bird in excitement, but Griffin was a trained hunter, recalling every technique she had learnt the hard way. Unfortunately the wind was blowing towards the prey and there wasn't much she could do about it. She hoped to StarClan that the smelly twoleg cylinder would cover her scent.

Still flapping and sticking it's head inside, the tern was thankfully unaware of her presence, and she got close enough before bunching her muscles and waiting for the creature to fall to the floor again. She watched closely, waiting for the exact moment it's feet slipped.


With a huge leap she stretched her forepaws out, claws extended. The bird then noticed her, but it was too late. She crashed into it, pinning it to the floor and nipping it's neck before it could make a racket. Proudly picking her prey up, mouth watering at the warm smell of fresh food, she bounded back to their spot. Jumping on the lowest box she looked down just in time to see Zero landing on the floor, panting. The white cat's eye's lit up when she saw her, most likely because of the prey.

The other glanced backwards and forwards between the two, unable to decide what to be more excited about. Hunger quickly won over, and the cats gathered around Griffin, excited. It wasn't close to orderly. Pushing and shoving in the desperate attempt to grab another mouthful of the salty tasting prey. However, even in the frantic rush, no cat ate more than their fair share.

After not very long the cats sat back, having finished every scrap of the much needed prey. Finally, they gave their attention to Zero, eager to get out of the growing chill. Yet no cat spoke, waiting for the she cat to start when she was ready.

"I think I've travelled most of the monster through those tunnels. The exits were at all kinds of places, most filled with twolegs. Don't worry though, I found somewhere we should be able to camp out without being found. It's only small and not the nicest, I think the twolegs have forgotten about it, however we'll be safe."

Most of the cats eye's lit up with hope, but Griffin still had her doubts. "What about food? I highly doubt I'll be able to catch another bird, that one was just really stupid."

"Ah, I found somewhere full of food! I think it's the twolegs fresh kill pile. They were in the area when I saw it, but I doubt they'll leave a guard, we should be able to raid it at night," Zero reassured them.

"Speaking of food, if you're still hungry we saved this for you," Griffin meowed, pushing the scraps from earlier over. "It's not much but may help," she finished nervously.

The white she cat smiled greatful and bent down to devour it in a few bites. Once she'd finished she stood up, gaze going over the surrounding cats. "You all ready to get going?" No cat seemed keen on the idea of going back into the cold, dark network of tunnels, but they gave a half-hearted nod nonetheless.

Taking the same place in line they had the first time, the cats jumped up one by one and followed the white cat. Zero moved confidently, keeping a steady pace and never hesitating at a junction. It was dizzying how much the twisted and turned, Griffin quickly lost her mental map. Relying on the she cat before her should have been a worrying thought, but the air of confidence she radiated was contagious, and it felt like everything would be fine.

After one more turn right they came to a long corridor of the tunnel, turnings leading off every few pawsteps. Zero moved faster, and soon all the cats were running along the cold floor, steps light and body's kept low so they would fit. It was quickly getting too hot in there, and Griffin's breaths started coming in ragged gasps. She was worried she'd have to ask the cats to stop, but sighed in relief when Zero took a left, and the heat seemed vanish, replaced by a cooler air. They slowed their speed again, and Griffin took a deep breath, hoping they were almost there.

Her prayers came true. "We're almost there," Zero called back, slowing to a walk and then halting. "This bit is slightly different... It slopes down and you'll most likely end up slipping, so just slide down. Watch the ending though, it's a small drop and you'll want to land on your feet."

Before any cat could question her she stepped forward and lay down on her tummy, sliding away. Peering forward, Griffin watched as she vanished into the dark. Waiting a few heartbeats so she didn't crash, the small cat nervously stepped forward, lowering her body. She could feel the drop with her front paws and shuffled herself forwards until half her body was hanging over it.

Not as steep as I feared, she realized. Not wanting to keep the others waiting to long, she shut her eyes and kicked off. It felt like she was slipping off a cliff, but more pleasant. The smooth surface sped her up and she didn't have to worry about cutting her paws on sharp rocks. Despite this, it was still terrifying, the feeling of speeding to who knows where, unable to stop.

Yet it was over in several heartbeats. Spotting the light Zero had mentioned, she braced herself, paws outstretched. She shot out the end, landing messily on her paws. Decided she'd rather not be landed on my the next cat Griffin quickly jumped to the side before she took in her surroundings.

This part of the monster looked abandoned. It was a small section, the size of Griffin's previous camp. The walls were grey and looked like stone, and the floor was cold and hard, nothing like the mossy coating they'd felt in the first place. There were no other exits visible, but a golden outline of a rectangle hinted at one of the gas the twolegs could open and close. As for what was inside, it was chaos. Piles of odd and broken twoleg items littered the floor and went up the walls. If it were anywhere else it would be invested with mice, but there was no where for the small creatures to get here.

A soft noise pulled her out of her thoughts, and she turned to see Axel and Kai had now joined them, King coming out just behind. The cats all gathered around in a tight group in what little empty floor there was, and finally Karma and Cash joined them.

"This could work," Axel mumbled to himself, approaching the clutter and slipping into it, weaving around the litter. The other's watched curiously, unsure of what the fluffy tom was doing. "I can make us a nice camp here," he explained. "There's loads to work with! I'll want a couple cats to help me, and the rest of you need to clear off so you don't get in the way."

"Right," Cash said with a nod, taking charge. "Griffin and Kai, will you stay and help Axel? Karma, King, Zero and I will go scout out this food source, see if we can start on a fresh kill pile. It could be days before the monster reaches its destination." Every cat nodded, having no reason to argue.

Griffin watched as Zero jumped back into the tunnel, scrabbling against the slippery surface, followed by King. Turning her attention back to Axel, she spotted a flash of orange fur. "Uhhh, what shall we do then?"

"Kai, can you help me clear out a space and support it? Griffin, your job is to scavenge around and make a pile of useful things. Stuff like support or nest material." The two she cats nodded, moving in their sperate directions.

Unsure what exactly was useful, Griffin set about clambering on the pile and inspecting anything that looked interesting. It was hard in the dim light, but something red quickly caught her eye. Padding over, she bent to sniff it. Dust went up her nose and she sneezed, shaking her pelt. Sticking out a paw she gave the item a pat. Surprisingly the object felt much like the red moss, but with shorter fur, much like a mouse's pelt. Unlike those two things though, it dipped under her weight, cushioning her paw. Curiously she brought all four paws onto it and sat down, enjoying the feeling of sinking into the comfort.

Deciding it was useful and could easily make a nice best the she cat walked behind it and pushed the square with her nose the small distance to the empty spot of spoke, starting her pile. She then headed back to the stacks of things, climbing a little higher and glancing at things as she went.

The next thing of interest she found was a long, straight stick with bristles in the end. Shrugging to herself, Griffin grabbed a spiky mouthful and dragged it to her pile. Heading to a different part of the mess she spotted a shiny green cylinder similar to the one outside, but with no top and much smaller. She peered inside, pulling back in disgust at the grimy water inside. Wrinkling her nose at the stench she quickly moved on, deciding to take another long stick, the one hard like stone and with softer, foul tasting strips on one end.

She worked relatively quickly, scouring the huge tower of objects and pulling out a few sticks and other soft pelts that she'd seen twolegs wearing or carrying. Having just found another of the soft rectangles, this one leaking fluff from one corner, she dragged it down to her pile, noticing it considerably smaller. Her unspoken question was answered when Kai came padding up, grabbed one of the sticks, and pulled it back into wherever she had come from.

Griffin didn't question it, going back to her gathering. Sure she had taken everything useful from the top, the small cat started to pick her way through the seller parts of the pile, waking between odd twoleg things. A pile of bright colours caught her eye, and she made her way over. It was a selection of smaller versions of some things she had already seen. A small, blue cylinder - luckily empty -, some small sticks with a flat end or a spiked end, and another flat object filled with neat rows of tiny holes. The she cat had no idea how anything like that could be useful, but grabbed the blue object anyways, thinking they could store something in it like the twolegs had with acrid water.

After that she dragged out a few more soft things before going back to look for something more interesting. Weaving through the gaps left between the dumped objects, she glanced left and right, searching. Spotting another soft looking pelt she made her way over, grabbing the corner and pulling. However, unlike every other piece she'd found, this one just kept coming. Before long, she was dragging a huge rectangle of pelt out of the cluster of objects. It was a deep blue and a little ragged, but the softest thing she'd ever felt. Proud of her find, she dumped it on the top of the considerably smaller pile.

"Hey Griffin! Bring that in, we can lay it across the floor," Axel called to her. Curious, the she cat grabbed the pelt again and pulled it towards where she'd seen the orange face.

Amongst the thickest tangle of objects was a a small, black tube. What it was doing in twoleg's clutter was a mystery, but Griffin discarded the thoughts and crawled through it, tripping on the long pelt. It went into the pile quite a way before she exited into a hollow, glancing around in surprise. They looked to be under a large, flat wooden roof, stood on three cracked legs. Axel had somehow propped it up using the sticks she'd found, making it stable. Random objects had been arranged around the edges, making a solid wall that kept it warm. At the furthest end were the soft things, arranged into seven relatively even nests, looking warm and inviting.

The tom behind the stunning structure padded over, easily pulling the pelt from Griffin's awestruck mouth. Kai made her way over without needing to be asked, grabbing the other corner and pulling it flat across the remaining clear floor. Shaking her head to bring herself out of her daze she attempted to neaten the end left at her paws.

"This is amazing Axel! I didn't realize you meant you could use your surroundings like this!" That's when she realized. It was embarrassing that it took so long. "Wait, I can see. Where's the light coming from?"

Sure enough, the cozy space was illuminated by a soft, orange glow she hadn't seen before. A quick glance led her to the source, and she padded over to the apparent mini sun. With the entrance at the left corner, and the furthest two covered in nests, the right corner was left empty. A small, black cylinder was stood on its end, the top a disc of blinding light.

"I'm not sure what it actually is, but watch," the tom meowed when he reached her. Sitting beside it and placing a forepaw on either edge he flicked one of his paws. The light cut out and the cats were left in darkness. Griffin equaled in surprise, eyes blinking in an attempt to adjust them. Another click sound and the light flared to life again.

"That's amazing!"

"There was tons of cool things we found when clearing this place," Kai explained happily. "We also found a long, tough tendril. It was like super sturdy ivy. We gave it to Zero. She said she needed it for some buzzard reason."

"Speaking of Zero," Axel interjected, "All this work has made me starving! Let's go and wait for them."

Griffin nodded, taking a last glance around their new camp before following him out. Maybe we really do have a bright future ahead of us.
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Postby Griffin Torrens » Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:36 am

ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕑π•₯𝕖𝕣 𝟑
2,451 words

It wasn't long before the cats came back, mouths full of food. Nothing that looked like prey, but food nonetheless. "Bring it into the den and near the light, just in case the Twolegs come in," Axel instructed them. They shared confused Glances, and Griffin noted that from outside they light couldn't be seen.

Seven cats trailed into the den, the prey baring ones last. Zero was first to place her food; what looked like two of the meat stick they'd had a scarp of earlier. King had brought a crispy looking chunk of meat that had an odd scent of bird, while Cash had a mouth full of mini green trees. What surprised every cat was Karma's prey though; a fish. It wasn't fresh and had been tampered with by the twolegs, some of it missing, but it was unmistakably fish.

"Seeing as we've already eaten today and the Twolegs are in the food place at daytime, I'd reccomend we save it to eat tomorrow," Cash advised. Axel sighed, mumbling about doing heavy work, but agreed. Griffin and Kai nodded their agreement, while the others were too busy gawking at the den to hear.

"Every cat choose a nest so I can turn the light out," Axel instructed, padding over to the black cylinder. "Oh, but the nest one the middle is mine."

Curious, Griffin looked over and noticed that the nest in the middle was, obviously, the comfiest looking. A square, plump white pelt like thing. Rolling her eyes, she padded over to the nests quickly, determined to get one in the corner, away from the others. It's not that she didn't like them, the she cat just preferred to be alone. In the back right corner, furthest from the entrance was a nest of thinner pelts piled up. Some she recognised as raggy and rather dusty, but a clean blue one covered them all, making it look nothing short of appealing.

Picking that one, she lay down, curling herself into a ball. She watched as the other cats took their places, Kai in the middle, King in the other corner surrounded by Cash and Karma, and lastly Zero took the best between her and Kai. Finally, Axel flicked the cylinder, cutting off the light by some magical force, and the den was dark.

It was rather calming. She could feel the gentle rocking as the sea monster swam on its impossible journey. The walls of the den left little room for the heat to escape, making it a much needed warmth. Not to mention the softness of a nest she'd never experienced before. Burying herself deeper into the pelts, she sighed. Life seemed good.

Yet she couldn't help but think of what was to come. In all honesty it was daunting. While she didn't miss her home, it then hit her that she was far away from anything she'd ever know, and there was no way back. It should have scared her, however she didn't feel homesick in the slightest. That wasn't too surprising, as she'd never truly felt at home there in the first place, feeling more like an outsider with no real family. Would she finally feel like she had a place in the world at their new home? What would it even be? Anything away from that torturous place is fine by me, she thought.

Tired, Griffin let her thoughts wander to happier things, like the new friends she had made, and sifted off to another restless sleep.

* * * *

For the first time in who knows how long, Griffin woke up in her own time. No paws prodding her, no cats shouting, no bright lights, only the feeling of her soft nest and the fading fuzziness of sleep. The small cat woke up with a yawn and stretch, padding over to the not so fresh kill pile. There was no trace of the fish, most likely taken by the first cats awake. No worries, I don't like fish anyway. Griffin bent down and picked up the reminder of the odd looking bird chunk, taking it out of the den so Axel and Karma could sleep in longer. It was still dark thanks to the lack of sunlight, and it confused the she cat, but Kai and King were awake too, so it had to be daytime.

Griffin ate her food in silence, unwilling to break what was already there. King had been pacing around while Kai was sat grooming. No sign of Zero and Cash. But the brown she cat finished her food before asking.

"Where are they?"

King paused in his pacing to glance at the she cat, the tunnels, then back to the she cat. "Cash suggested they scout around outside, see if there's any sign of our destination. Zero took him because he doesn't know the way." Nodding, Griffin sat down, unsure of what she was supposed to do now. Multiple days of sat in that small room doing nothing wasn't very appealing, even with the pampered den...

It wasn't a long wait before Zero reappeared from the tunnels, followed by Cash. Karma had just padded out if the den with a meat tube when they arrived, but Axel was presumably still asleep. The grey tom bent down to eat while the others gathered around the returning cats.

"No sign of anything but the sea. I suggest we check every sunset and sunrise though, just in case," Cash reasoned. "I'll let you each know when it's your turn."

"What should we do for the rest of the day then? Sitting around doing nothing is mind numbing," Kai mumbled with a yawn, already bored.

"Truth or Dare!" No cat was surprised when they tired to see where the voice and come from, and spotted Axel, licking what was left of his mean from around his lips. "I think it was your turn Griffin?"

Unlike previous times, no cat had an excuse not to play, and the game was welcomed. "Oh, right," Griffin mumbled, glancing around. "Karma, Truth or Dare?"

The grey tom in question blinked, unsure. "I've never played this before, but I think I know how... Truth"

"I'll start off nice and simple with a clichΓ© for you. Do you currently have a crush on any cat?"

"Yes." There was no hesitation in his response, and his eyes never wavered in nervousness. Coos of Oooo were the obvious response, a few cats calling out Who is it? "The question wasn't who though, so that can remain a secret. My turn, correct?" The cats nodded. "Okay then, King, truth or da-"

"Dare!" The spiky black tom glared at Karma, challenging him.

The grey cat didn't take the bait, keeping calm, taking his time to think. "Okay then. I dare you to... do the politest impression you can until you're next called on."

A few cats widened their eyes at this, surprised but the cat's genius. King opened his mouth to spit back a retort, but closed it again stiffly. He simply nodded. "Axel," he meowed in a soft voice that was strange coming from the tom. "Truth or dare my good friend?"

Said tom chuckled before managing to form words. "I pick dare."

"Not to be mean, but you could have made a smarter choice. If you would recall, I ever so nicely told you that I would get you back for the dare you made me do, make it nice and fair." The fluffy orange tom looked worried now, remembering clearly what he'd made King about before. "So my good buddy old pal, come over here so I can whisper to you."

Axel nodded, cautiously padding over as if he were approaching a sleeping tiger rather than a smaller than average cat. Griffin couldn't hear what was being said, but the tom was nodding his head along to the instructions, before letting out a groan. "This is so embarrassing," he mumbled as he walked towards the stacks of Twoleg waste.

Every other cat watched in interest as he disappeared into the mess, a few shuffling sounds and curses coming from inside. King's expression wasn't giving anything away, so they had to sit there and wait patiently.

Finally, the tom re-emerged.

He had a scrappy red pelt draped over his body (one Griffin had left behind the day before as it looked too dirty to use) and was carrying a thing black cylinder with a point at the end, one they'd seen Twolegs scratching on things before. To top it all off, the tom was making intelligible noises and balancing on his hind legs. He attempted to walk, but after only a few wobbly steps he fell over backwards, crashing into the pile of stuff, sending lots flying.

Griffin spluttered out a laugh, unable to hold it back, and the other cats quickly joined in. The orange tom didn't seem to share their humour, glaring at the floor and frantically licking the dirt off his pelt. "Cash," he managed to get out between the licks. "Truth... Or dare..."

"Oh, right. I'll go dare this time."

"Perfect! I dare you to find me a drink, I'm starting to get reply thirsty and this food isn't fresh enough to help that."

"That's not really a-"

"I can dare whatever I want," he counted, staring Cash down.

The tabby just shook his head though. "Even if I could find water, what do you expect me to do?"

Griffin perked up at this. "I know! I found something yesterday when looking for nest material. Where did I put it.." The small she cat glanced around her before spotting the little hollowed object. She walked over and picking it up by the curved white bit, demonstrating how it could be carried while holding water. "Da Twodegs have a bigger version vat vey stored viquid in," she mumbled around the object, hoping they could understand her mangled words.

"Axel are you really gonna use your dare to make me your slave?"

The tom didn't even need to think about his answer. "Yup!"

With a sigh, Cash came over to Griffin and took the object from her, glancing at Zero and the the tunnels. The she cat nodded, jumping in before him to lead the way.

"Oh! And not sea water," Axel clarified with a smile.

Once they were out of earshot, King glared at Axel and opened his mouth before pausing. "That wasn't particularly kind Axel. If you were thirsty don't you think it would have been nicer to get it yourself?"

Said tom looked back at King in confusion before it clicked. "Oh right, Karma's dare. This game doesn't have many ruled King, other than you need to do the dare." The black at didn't bother arguing, and Griffin yawned, bored once again.

It was a while before the two cats came back, Cash struggling to not slide down the tunnel slope in fear of tipping the water everywhere. He explained how it was almost impossible to find any clean water, but they managed to find a pool of it that was formed by Twolegs turning on a small waterfall they drank from. However Axel wasn't interested, content just to lap up the cool water. When he was finished Griffin padded up to take some for herself. The cool liquid did wonders for her throat after inhaling so much dust the night before.

"If that's covered then, it's my turn. King, truth it dare?"

"Finally! I'll get you back Karma," King screamed, shaking his pelt as if to rid the politeness from it. "I don't think I've picked truth yet, so that."

Cash glanced around for inspiration, but came back blank. He sat in silence for a few more heartbeats before speaking. "Okay then, tell me King. Why's a cat like you so... spirited anyway?"

Confusion plastered his face, followed by anger, then quickly replaced by thoughtfulness. Most surprisingly though, was when he eyes went dull and dark. "My Clan must have thought something was wrong with me. Cats would avoid me like I was some kind of disease. The other kits, then my mentor, even my own mother. I was so confused and... I've though about it a lot. The only way to get those cats to notice me was to make them. I later found out it was because they thought my black pelt was a bad omen and that I was sent by the dark forest, or some other equally ridiculous fox dung." The tom then looked up at the cats again, noticing their concerned gazes. "I don't need your sympathy! I don't need anyone. Kai, your turn to pick."

"Hmm? Ah, right!" The she cat shook her head quickly to clear it. "I'll go dare I think."

"I dare you to be the first one to try the green food Cash carried home. I don't trust it."

The she cat laughted softly and ducked into the entrance of the nest, popping back a few moments later with the last of the food; the miniature green trees. "I've never seen these plants before but they small safe enough to eat," she mentioned, prodding them curiously. "Here goes." She bent her head and quickly took a night out one of the leafy branches, licking up the tiny bobbles that fell off. Griffin watched in amusement as a number of expressions flashed quickly across the other cats face. Kai finished chewing then swallowed with a loud gulp, leaning towards the water and lapping up a few drops.

She then looked back up, realising they were waiting expectantly for her verdict. "It's not horrible like those strength herbs I fed you before, but it's not even close to the nice taste of fresh kill or honey."

That was enough for the peckish cats. It wasn't long before the plant had been split up evenly and eaten with mixed responses. Griffin had to admit to herself, it was an odd texture and she hoped she'd never have to eat it again. "It's gotta be sunset by now. I think we should go find some more proper food," she suggested, her internal clock a bit muddled as she'd woken up so late and seen no sunlight.

Cash nodded, taking control of the situation. "Okay, Zero, you lead. Bring Griffin, Kai and King with you this time. I can remember the way to the lookout, Axel, you come with me. Karma can stay here just in case anything happens. That sound alright?" Griffin nodded along with the other cats, excited to see what this Twoleg food place would look like.

"Let's go," Zero called, hopping up into the tunnels. Griffin followed eagerly after, Kai and King close behind.
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