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9 Of Us (Complete - 3,365 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:19 pm

"Wolfstorm, are you ready?" Icewing cooes to Wolfstorm from the entrance of her den.

"Sunhigh already?" The young ginger she-cat yawns before getting up to stretch. She walks to the entrance of the den, greeting Icewing warmly.

"As promised, I will lead you to our ancestors. You will become a leader that I will happily follow." she smiles warmly at the leader to be. Wolfstorm nods her head at her medicine cat in acknowledgment.

"You know the way better than I, perhaps it is you who should lead us." Wolfstorm exclaims to the white she-cat.
Icewing flicks her ear, signaling that she heard. She starts walking towards the camp entrance, Wolfstorm follows closely behind.

The two she-cats trek through the grass thickets in the territory until they come to a peaceful meadow-like area. Icewing looks back to her leader to make sure she's keeping up. She waits a bit at the edge of the grass thickets for her leader to be beside her. Wolfstorm catches up to her and they both look at each other briefly, before giving each other a nod and continuing their way through the meadowlands.

They get to the edge of the meadowlands, where a forest seems to bloom.

This forest is rather peaceful and full of life. They walk into it for what seemed like only a heartbeat.
They walk over a small hill before coming to a beautiful site below them.

A stream is flowing gently and birdsong can be heard from almost every direction. A small cave can be seen on the other side of the stream.

"We're here." The white she-cat informs Wolfstorm, flicking her tail towards the cave.

Wolfstorm proceeds to take lead into the cave as Icewing follows behind.

The stone floor felt icy underfoot. The unfamiliar place seemed to give off an almost radiant, yet gentle blue glow.

Icewing lept ahead, into the illuminating light of the cave.

"Over here." her voice could be heard somewhere further down in the cave. The light seemed brighter that way, as if were coming from something over there.

The ginger she-cat treads lightly on the stone path before her to get to the white she-cat. A little wary of what might be around the corner as she turns to catch up.

What wolfstorm gazed upon surprised her. Light shone from a luminescent pool of light blue. Icewing stood over the pool, crouched down to gaze at the flowing liquid. Her white fur now shining in a dazzling shade of blue in the light. She looked up at Wolfstorm from the gentle pool that flowed under her nose.

"This is it, Wolfstorm." She gives her a nod, before turning to gaze down at the water again. "Are you ready to meet your ancestors? To meet our ancestors?"

Wolfstorm gazes shyly at the small pond before shaking her head. "No, I can do this, I've gotten this far." She thinks to herself.
She nods her head to Icewing before stopping to crouch beside her.

"Take a small drink of this water, this will take you to starclan, our ancestors. Be sure to find somewhere safe to rest in this cave, you will be granted a vision and don't want to fall into the water during this." She informs Wolfstorm, before drinking some glowing water and then getting up and settling down in the corner of the cave.

Wolfstorm follows her example and drinks the strange liquid, a little concerned as to why it is glowing the way it is, but trusting Icewing enough to go first. She sits by the pool, closing her eyes and waiting for the vision to arrive.

Confused, she feels as if nothing has happened. No vision? Perhaps she wasn't meant to be the leader after all! Oh no. She starts to panic a little as the thought sets in. But still, there's nothing. She opens her eyes, a little disappointed. That's when she sees it. A magnificent forest of spirits, glowing blue in the midnight sky. At last, she finally got it. This is why that water must have been glowing blue, a signal that it lead to the spirits.

Can such a thing really exist? It was so beautiful and serene. So... peaceful. There seemed to be no worries here. No worries of starvation or clan life troubles. Everything seemed to work in perfect harmony. Wolfstorm took a few steps back, taken aback by all of this, having to have a moment to herself to believe that such a place could really exist. She takes a moment to compose herself, before taking a few steps forward. she figured she'd need to find someone to talk to, so that's just what she intended to do.

"Oh, a newcomer. And they're the alive kind, my favorite!" a silver tabby approaches her, waving his tail in greeting. Stars flow through his pelt, giving him an almost angelic appearance.
"Hey there," He goes on. "I'm Fishleap and Welcome to starclan!" He mews cheerily.

This is starclan? This is the place that clan cats go when they die? It's... wonderful. Wolfstorm couldn't help but gawk at the beautiful scene that was laid out before her. She then snaps back to reality, realising that Fishleap was talking to her, while she was just staring like a fool. She quickly composes herself before introducing herself to him.

"I am Wolfstorm, Icewing has sent me here to become the leader of Stormclan. A prophecy was given to her, so here I am." She informs the bubbly tom who is now bouncing around in excitement.

"And right you are." A sleek black tom steps out from the stary trees, eyeing Wolfstorm up.

"This is her. This is the one that will lead the new clan to greatness." He looks at her again before asking her the question that was bound to change her life forever. "Wolfstorm, are you ready to become the official leader of Stormclan and be granted your 9 lives? It will be a hard journey to start your own clan, but we will be here to guide you." He informs the ginger tabby, his green gaze warm and calm, yet his voice authoritative and almost commanding, with a hint of excitement at the thought of a new leader and a new clan.

"Yes, yes I am." She mews, head held high and sure of herself and that this is something she truly wanted for herself and her new clan. At this moment, she was no longer uncertain of her leadership. This is something she could do, she knew it.

"So be it!" His voice rung out for all of starclan to hear. "Let the ceremony of Wolfstar begin!" he boomed.

7 cat-like shapes gathered behind the black tom. Fishleap looked astonished and just stood where he was. The black tom cleared his throat and the silver tom jumped before mumbling a quick "Oh of course, sorry Spiderstar!", before taking his place in the line behind Spiderstar.

Spiderstar himself was first to step up to her. He resites the clan laws, which she agrees to follow on her 9 lives that she is about to receive.

"I, Spiderstar, gift upon you the life of leadership. May you use it to lead your clan to greatness. It will grant you the ability to lead your clan into anything it may face." He nods to her before quickly but gently whispering in her ear. "This might hurt, be prepared. Now, bow down so you are ready to receive your life." he stares at her, expecting her to follow his command.

Wolfstorm, now nervous by what he meant about it hurting, bows down to him in compliance. He rests his chin on her head. Sure enough, a large shock that started from her head, soon ran out across her body, making her shake. As soon as it started, it stopped. She had now received her first life. Spiderstar dipped his head to her before turning to walk to the end of the line.

Fishleap steps up hesitantly. He gains more confidence as he gets closer.

"I, Fishleap, grant you the life of dignity, so that you may always be worthy of honor and respect. Even the greatest of warriors will obey your command like it is law." His gaze quickly meets hers before she bows to him, preparing for the shock of the life that she s about to receive. Fishleap rests his chin on Wolfstorm's head. This time there isn't much pain, but just a small bolt that runs through her body and then vanishes quickly. Fishleap cocks his head, in awe of the power he had just given her, then waves his tail to her and walks away, into the forest. Perhaps to watch the rest of the ceremony in secret.

Next, a ginger tabby pads up, her tail swinging gracefully in the gentle breeze.

"I, Scorchspring, give you the life of empathy, so that you may always empathize with your clanmates and do things for the benefit of all in your clan." Her voice gentle. Wolfstorm bows to the ginger tabby she-cat, awaiting her third life and the pain that would come with it. Scorchspring lowers her head and softly rests her chin on top of Wolfstorm's head. What Wolfstorm thought would be pain, was instead replaced by a warm feeling and fond thoughts of her clanmates. She felt she could now understand everyone better. Scorchspring weaves her way into the forest, disappearing.

A small mink point tom approaches next, in almost leaping bounds. He stares at her intently before speaking.

"I, smallberry, shall give you the life of patience. May you use this life to be patient and hear out what every cat in the clan has to say and be patient for every mistake your clan may make."Judging from the scent of his breath, he must have been a medicine cat. It had a hint of sage to it, Wolfstorm gathered. She dipped her head to him, just like she had to the others. Smallberry lightly placed his head on hers. At first, Wolfstorm felt... nothing? Had this life not worked? She began to panic a little, so she looked up to smallberry, sharing a confused gaze. Then it hit all at once in a huge rush, making her stagger. A large jolt that convulsed her whole body and surged through her. In a heartbeat, it was over, but the effect still remained, leaving her feeling exhausted. Smallberry gasped, then winced, a little surprised at the severity of the life he had just given her. He then mouthed a "sorry" to Wolfstorm, before abruptly leaving in a hurry.

Wolfstorm didn't know if she could take another life, especially if it was one like that. But she knew she had to be brave and continue if she wanted to be a leader, so she continued. She nodded to the next cat in line, signaling that she was ready to continue.

A tortoiseshell she-cat was next up. She delicately walked over to Wolfstorm, her whole body swaying gently in the slight breeze.

"I hope you're not too hurt, that last one looked rough. It'll be done soon enough, I promise." she empathized with Wolfstorm.
Wolfstorm flicked her ear, trying to show that she was unphased by it and she just wanted the ceremony to continue. The tortoiseshell had a look of... worry? Perhaps because she was afraid her life would be like the previous one.

She continued. "I, Bluebird, give you the life of equality, so that you may value all and every life in your clan equally, no matter what rank. You must look after anyone and everyone to make sure all their needs are met as best as possible". She gives a gentle smile to Wolfstorm before placing her head on hers. This life felt much like the second, not much pain and was over fairly quick. As soon as the small jolt was over, bluebird disappeared as quickly as she arrived, dancing into the wind.

Wolfstar looks confused at the next in line. A... kit? Her heart broke for the poor thing who had died at such an early age. Unaware of the pain she was already feeling, the kit bounded up to her, a spark of importance and eagerness in their eyes.

"I, heronkit," He giggles a little before continuing. "give you the life of bravery! So that you may always be brave and fight off the meanies! Even when you might feel scared to. You'll be brave, just like me!" he bounces gleefully as he says this. Wolfstorm gave a warm look and couldn't help but smile at the kit's enthusiasm. She knelt down so that she could receive the life from this tiny kit. The kit placed his two front paws on Wolfstorm's nose so that he could reach his head on top of hers. At first, she could only feel warmth from this life, but then she felt a sudden urge to fight even the mightiest of enemies. Heronkit took his paws off of Wolfstorm's nose and mewed a quick "Bye-bye Wolfstar!", before bouncing playfully into the trees.

A long-legged chocolate tom is next. He takes powerful strides towards Wolfstar, his muscles rippling under his skin. He stops and gazes down at Wolfstorm.

"I, treeleg," his voice low and booming "grant you the life of compassion, so that you may understand the feelings of even the most stubborn warrior, to the friendliest kittypet or even the fiercest rogue." his stare intense as he waits to Wolfstorm to bow, she does just that. He places his head on hers rather rough. A small crackling feeling started from her head, it suddenly burst to the rest of her body and made her shudder rather violently. The tom looked concerned, but lept into the trees once it was over.

The next cat also seemed rather small, but it was hard to see. It seemed... oddly familiar? But she couldn't see until he stepped out from the shadows. The cat she saw surprised her. It couldn't be. There's no way. She let out a gasp.

"Ash?!" she nearly screamed the name in shock. She ran over to him to check that it was actually him.
"It's... It's you. I thought I'd lost you. I missed you so much." she blurted out, nuzzling him affectionately, tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Please, never leave me again. I... I finally have my brother back... I love you." She choked a little at the last part.
"I love you too." He purrs back, nuzzling her and trying not to tear up himself. "I'm really proud of you. I've been watching over you, I never left. I've always been with you and always will be. That's a promise." He lifts her chin up with his tail, making her look into his eyes that were filled with love and admiration.
"Let's get this ceremony done with, shall we?" he beckons to her with his tail to stand back where she was before. She walks over to the spot, him following closely behind.

"I, Ashbreeze, gift upon you the life of love, so that you may love all your clanmates as if they were all your own kits or family." he smiles up at her. She kneels down so the apprentice-sized tom could place his head on hers. Wolfstorm was filled with a strong feeling of love for all of her clanmates that seemed almost overpowering. Ash gives her a quick nuzzle, before returning next to the last cat. Wolfstar tilted her head, a little confused why he did that instead of just leaving. She soon found out, although she wishes she didn't.

The next cat steps forward. A dark brown tabby tom who's eyes were the gentle amber that she always remembered.

"No... Not you too." she whispers before collapsing to the ground. She couldn't take it anymore, between the pain and exhaustion that the lives brought, to seeing her brother that died... And now seeing her oldest brother in front of her when he should be alive to protect her last two siblings? It was too much for her to bear.

Ash takes a step forward, to go help Wolfstorm. But the older, darker brother was one step ahead of him. The brown tabby leaps to her side, nuzzling her. "This isn't your fault, I promise." He mews gently to her.
"If I didn't leave to explore then maybe you'd still be alive..." She sobs back, her claws digging into the ground, body shaking violently, as if she was receiving the life that smallberry gave her all over again.

"No, I died protecting Holly and Ridge from rogues. I did it, I managed to protect them. But I was bleeding heavily from an injury and didn't make it. Holly and Ridge are safe, I promise." He looks thoughtful before continuing. "Would you like to see them? I can grant you a vision of them at present." Wolfstorm nods, knowing it would cheer her up to see her two siblings that were alive.

The dark tabby nods, before dipping his head to hers. She closes her eyes, ready to see what her siblings looked like all grown up. She suddenly opens her eyes to see a light brown tabby tom and a black tabby she-cat nestled closely together, grooming each other and sharing tongues. Ridge was talking away like he always does, while Holly was intently listening to her brother. They looked happy. "I'm glad they're okay at least." she whispers, a smile rising onto her face and the sadness disappearing. She closes her eyes, wishing to return to her leader ceremony and gain her last life to become a leader, but also to return to her brothers.

She opens her eyes again, to see the dark brown tom staring at her, patiently. "Oak! Thank you. You always know how to cheer us up and protect us." she stands up and nuzzles into his chest fur. Ash now by their side, eyes watery at the sight of the two.
"It's okay, little one. Like Ash said, we'll always be here for you. We always have been. Now, shall we continue this ceremony?" he playfully bumps into her side, giving her a reassuring smile. Wolfstorm nods and they both get back into position for the ceremony.

"I, Oakleaf, give you the life of protection, so that you may protect your clanmates with everything you have, just as I have done for you and our siblings." he gives her a wink. She bows to him and he places his head on hers. "The last one, you've got this." he whispers to her. A large jolt seeps through her body, making her stagger to the ground in agony, claws unsheathed and teeth bared into a scowl, this was by far the most painful and longest-lasting of the 9 lives that she had received. But she had done it. She had gotten all 9 lives.

"Wolfstar, Wolfstar!" Oak and Ash give a hearty chant, bounding over to her.

"Spiderstar, who had gone to join the end of the line earlier, was now staring at her.
"It is done." His voice echoes through the forest once again. "May this cat now be known as Wolfstar, leader of Stormclan!"
The cats that gave her lives all appeared from the forest now, to sit beside him.
They all then started chanting her new name.

Wolfstar opened her eyes to find that she was back at the cave with the glowing pool. A little confused and disorientated at first, so looks around. She sees Icewing stirring at the corner of the cave and remembers where she was and what just happened.

Icewing, now awake, gets up and greets Wolfstar.
"So... It happened? You're officially leader now?" Icewing's voice had a hint of curiosity.
Wolfstar nodded, too exhausted to talk.

The two she-cats make their way back to camp to take a well-deserved rest, but the words of Wolfstar's brothers will always be in the back of her mind. They will always be there for her. She smiled, dipping her head as she succumbs to the strong urge to sleep.

Lives given (In order):
Spiderstar - Sleek solid black tom with green eyes - Leadership
Fishleap - A silver tabby tom with minimal white and blue eyes. - Dignity
Scorchspring - A ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes. - Empathy
Smallberry - A small mink point with blue eyes. - Patience
Bluebird - A small tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. - Equality
Heronkit - A small black and white kit with blue eyes. - Bravery
Treeleg - A long-legged chocolate tom with moderate white and amber eyes. - Compassion
Ash - Small silver apprentice with minimal white and blue eyes. - Brother of Wolfstar - Love
Oak - Large dark brown tabby with amber eyes. - Brother of Wolfstar - Protection

Holly: A black tabby with moderate white and amber eyes. - Sister of Wolfstar
Ridge: A light brown tabby with minimal white and blue eyes. - Brother of Wolfstar
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Inexperienced Scamp (Complete - 422 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:36 pm

Rustling could be heard from a closeby bush, Thistlespot was confused at first but then stifled a sigh as he realized what was going on.
He pads towards the noise, uncovering a scene before him.

Dovepaw was trying to pounce at a nearby shrike, getting the posture of his crouch completely wrong and off-center.
He pounces, missing the small bird completely and causing it to call out a warning call to the rest of the forest.

"You know that's not how you pounce, right? I thought I taught you how to pounce." Thistlespot sighs.
Dovepaw jumps a little from hearing his mentor's voice so close, when he thought he was alone.
"At any rate, we don't have time for this. This is a border patrol, not hunting practise." He spat the last word bitterly.
He'll never be rid of this kittypet. Why was it him he had to be stuck with, out of anyone in the clan? He'll never know. But he respects Wolfstar's choices and knows that this is the way it must be.

"I'm... really sorry Thistlespot." The young chocolate point drops his head, now ashamed at his poor excuse of a pounce.
Thistlespot flicks his ear, acknowledging the apology, before beckoning Dovepaw to follow him with his tail. Dovepaw hesitantly takes one step forward, before shaking his head, gaining the courage to follow.

"Now, this place right here is where we mark our borders." He gestures towards a small patch of grass near a large tree, before stopping and showing Dovepaw how to mark the borders.
Dovepaw nods his head furiously, eager to take in this information to help his clan.

Before they knew it, they were at the last marking post for the day. Dovepaw's paw pads were aching, not that he'd ever let Thistlespot know. He didn't want to show any signs of weakness, or that he couldn't do this.

"I think I'll let you do this one, so that you may learn yourself." Thistlespot mews gently to the young tom, trying to encourage him.
Dovepaw's eyes brighten from hearing that he can help in some way.
He lifts his head high before marking the borders himself.

"Good job. Now, how about we take a nice, hard-earned rest?" Thistlespot nods to him in approval.
"You bet!" Dovepaw bounces happily at the thought of being able to rest his aching paw pads.

Both toms pad back towards camp, getting rest and checking in with Wolfstar, telling her any news about the border that she wanted to know about.
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To Stone A Dove (Complete - 865 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:04 pm

It had to be what seemed like the billionth time that he passed those rocks, he swore it.
Perhaps the next turn will be different. This was the young chocolate tom's hope, at least.

For a "quest" this journey seemed pretty bleak and uninteresting. Just the same barren land and the same old rocks for what felt like miles.
The young tom sighed, he'll find the right place eventually. He was determined to prove his worth and become an actual warrior, not just some mere apprentice. He wanted to prove thistlespot that he had learnt everything that there is to learn about the warrior code and about what it takes to be a warrior. He was ready, he could feel it.
Now if only the scenery felt the same way about it too.

He scans the horizon once more, still full of hope that he might just get the smallest glimpse of the smooth, reflective stones that would soon be adorned in his warrior name. As per tradition in stormclan, one must go and find these reflective stones when their apprentice training is completed, then their warrior name is to be carved into the soft surface. Symbols that reflect one's own name, such as a wolf and a star for wolfstar. Dovepaw thought wolfstar's carvings were always so charming and couldn't wait for the time in which he would finally have his own warrior stone added to the cave of stones.

At least the trip to the barren lands itself was no problem, he thought. So many potential predators and harmful things that could happen. Dovepaw couldn't quite understand the tradition, but he would honor it nevertheless.

As he continues his stroll through the dry, dead land, he spots a glimmer out of the corner of his eye and whips around, eyes sparkling with hope. Could this be it? The thing he had journeyed all this way to find?
It seemed to be stuck near the top of a small dirt mound, so Dovepaw got to work almost immediately and started to paw the small stone out of the soft, flakey earth that crumbled under his paws.

"Yes! I found it! Warrior duties, here I come!" He yowls in triumph, giving a little bounce to his step in delight at his accomplishment. All of his warrior training had led up to this moment. The moment where he would find his warrior stone and proudly strut into camp, head held high and awaiting the praise of cheering clanmates.

He makes his way back home, the soft stone gently placed in his mouth so he could carry it without damaging it and to be able to walk without any awkward positioning of legs. His paw pads were getting sore, after all, and he didn't want to make it any harder on himself than it already was.

He proudly walks into camp and gently places the stone out the front of Wolfstar's den.
"Wolfstar, I have returned from my quest to get my warrior stone!" he gently announces to her, trying his best to hold back the excitement in his voice, yet failing miserably.

A few rustling noises could be heard from her den as she gets up to check on him. She slowly pokes her head out of her den, nodding him to acknowledge his arrival.
"I see, you have returned." She looks at him, curiosity in her eyes.

She was fully out of her den now, fur shinning the brightest shade of orange and almost reflecting the colour of sunlight itself.
"And, what has become of your journey?" she mews at him, expectantly.
Dovepaw could do nothing more than match her gaze, before gently gesturing downwards with his tail, towards the stone.
"I see." A smile rises across wolfstar's face briefly, before taking the stone gently in her mouth and proceeding to gracefully pounce onto high rock. She places the stone in front of her as she prepares to announce to the clan.

"Gather around, stormclan! Dovepaw has returned from his journey. It was a success," She looks to him, smiling and waiting for the rest of the clan to gather before continuing, "This once brave apprentice has shown talent in many ways, particularly in his hunting. We may never truly understand it, but we are honored to have such a great hunter with us. In honor of the way you hunt, you will now be known as Dovecall." She pauses, before carving a dove into his stone, followed by three individual lines coming out of the dove's mouth, signaling the dove's call. Once she is finished carving, she holds the stone up in her mouth for the rest of the clan to see.

"Dovecall, dovecall!" The clan starts to chant his new name.

Wolfstar places the stone next to her den, in preparation to take it to the cave of stones at dusk.

Dovecall never felt more invigorated than that moment. He felt... Pride.
His work hadn't been for nothing and he was now finally accepted as one of them. No longer a cast out kittypet. He lifted his head, feeling the gentle breeze blow on his face. This place now truly felt like home.
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A prophecy (Complete - 578 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:17 pm

It's getting dark now, yet another day that the young she-cat wasted when she could have caught some prey instead. If only she could hunt.

She tried her best, she really did. Hunting was not one of her strong points and she realises that. She wishes that she could at least go a few nights without having to scavenge scraps from the lucky ones or beg twolegs for the bland, tasteless pellets that only kittypets seem to enjoy. At this point, any food was food to her. She ate when she could to survive, while growing jealous of those more fortunate.

Oh well, perhaps another day she'll be able to feed the insatiable hunger with scraps or whatever else she can find. For now, it was completely dark and she had only one thing on her mind besides the hunger, which was to sleep.

The white she-cat settles down into her small nest made from soft grasses. At least this was somewhat comfortable and kept her content enough.
She dips her head into her nest, succumbing to the gentle calling of sleep.

She opens her eyes, realising that she is in a far off world. Stars coat the forest floor in a ghostly shade of blue.

Where... Where was she? This place so beautiful, unlike anything she had ever seen and hard to even think that it was something right in front of her two eyes.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" A dark pelt appeared next to hers, so familiar yet so distant from her own. Stars scattered against his pelt, as black as the night sky.

She jumps at first, startled by the sudden appearance of the starry figure. Starting to relax more as she realised that it was a fellow friendly cat, she finally got the courage to speak against the icy breeze of the unfamiliar place.

"What..." She stammers at first. "What is this place?" She stares at the figure, curiosity gleaming in her blue and amber eyes.

The black tom chuckled a bit, before placing his tail on her shoulder, a sign of both reassurance and guidance. It felt... warm to the touch.

"This, my dear, this is starclan. A place where all good cats go when they die, a peaceful-." Icewing practically leaps in front of him, her eyes blazing with a slight hint of something, though he couldn't decide what it was.

"Is snow-" She breaks the tom off, hope bursting through her voice, making her nearly shout the words.
"No." He gives a somber shake of his head, cutting off the sentence he already knew was coming.
He offers her a brief moment of silence, partnered with a sympathetic look. He then shakes his head, as to not let the moment destroy his mission,

"Now, as I was saying, starclan is a peaceful place that clan cats go when they die. But... We may also grant visions to those fortunate enough to see us in their dreams. You, Ice, are one of those cats. Seek out the wolf with the ginger fur, she will lead you to greatness. Bring her to the rockpool." He brushes his shoulder against hers and she was instantly granted a vision of the rockpool.

She knew where to go, but now... The wolf with the ginger fur? Whoever could they mean by that? Only time could tell, she brushed it off before fading from the dream, into a waking state.

Time to prepare for yet another preyless day.
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Thunderkit's rescue (complete - 965 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:23 pm

He crouches slowly, alert and ready, wind sweeping the scent his way. He makes sure to stalk from downwind, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

One moment, that's all it took. One opportune moment is all he needed.

He noticed a fault in the small silhouette that he was following, this was what he needed.

He pounces, claws at the ready.

Small squeaking can be heard from under his paw pads. He had caught it, the mouse that was invading his territory.
Its soft, frail body wiggling under his weight.

He lowers his head to take a swift bite of the back of its neck before he heard a small yet startling yowl ring out across the forest.
Smokestep couldn't recognize the yowl at first and could only sit there a second, before realizing who was in danger.
"Thunderkit!" he rose to his feet immediately, forgetting all about the mouse. It was less important than protecting his valued clan mate.

"Don't worry, I'm coming!" He yowls out into the darkness, hoping that Thunderkit could hear and that it wasn't too late.
Should... He go back to camp and get reinforcements? Or was it too late to do that? He was running out of time. He had to do something, anything. Even if it wasn't enough, at least he could say that he tried to save the small kit.
His paws thudded against the hard forest floor, panic rising in his chest as he gets closer to the place that the yowl came from.

The scene he stumbled upon, scared him to his wit's end at first to the point of him considering leaving. But he couldn't. Thistlespot would claw his ears for leaving his son there.

What he saw, was Thunderkit cowering as a fully grown rogue was about to strike at him.
This rogue was like no other, powerful and large with muscles that were larger than he had ever seen!
This was going to be a tough fight, but he had to do it. For Thunderkit, for thistlespot and for himself. He would not back down and he would not be a wimp.

He circles around the giant rogue, quickly and with precision so that he may save Thunderkit in time.
He looks at Thunderkit's face before striking. Fear plastered across the young kits face, only making smokestep more protective of the poor kit.

He pounces at the giant rogue, claws slashing at it's back in anger. He managed to grip onto it's back and it lets out a loud yowl of surprise. But smokestep wouldn't stop at that, this was his clan they were invading and attacking a kit, no less. How low can a cat go? Have they no honor?

"This is for attacking a kit and invading stormclan territory!" Smokestep growls at the rogue, his ears pinned against his head in anger.
Thunderkit looked confused at first, unable to figure out just who came to his rescue until he heard the voice. His eyes suddenly light up as he hears the voice, understanding it was smokestep. Fear now slowly leaving his face, now being replaced with relief.

"Smokestep!" The kit mews. "Thank starclan it's you! I'll... I'll go get dad! He can help you, he's the bravest warrior I know!" he takes one more look at the two toms who are wrestling, sharing blows, before racing off to get his dad.

Sadly for smokestep, he was so fixated in anger at the rogue, that he did not hear Thunderkit or even notice that he disappeared. All he could now think about was the fight. He had to win. He was concentrating too hard on attacking, that he completely forgot to block. A hard swipe to the right side of his head knocked him from his position and off of the intruder.

He lies flat on the ground now, dazed.

"Perhaps it is you, who shouldn't have gotten in my way, mousebrain." The rogue spat back in a deep, bellowing voice, before aiming a finishing blow at smokestep head. This was it for him. He looked over to Thunderkit, hoping he didn't have to see what was about to come. But... wait? He had gone? At least he is safe now. Smokestep had saved him. If this was how he died, then so be it, at least his conscience would be clear.

Rustling could be heard by a nearby bush. It's getting closer, ever so gradually. Something seemed to be rushing towards them, full pelt. But what?

A familiar golden shape leapt from the bushes, directly at the rogue. clawing at him. The rogue swipes at the shape, a little startled. Too late though, the figure dodges and then swipes at the larger tom's throat. The rogue falls to the ground in pain.
"Yeah, that's what I thought" The golden tom sneers at the intruder, before going to pin him down.
"Now, you are to leave and never come back, do you understand me?" He growls at the tom.
The tom nods quickly.
The new cat lets him go.
The rogue rushes away, fear in his eyes.

"Well done Thistlespot, that'll surely show him!" Smokestep gets up, a little dazed still.
Thistlespot gives a flick of his ear, acknowledging the praise.

"We better get you back to camp, Icewing can heal you right up" Thistlespot's green gaze now showing concern for the fluffy tom and his injuries.

"Smokestep!" A loud and excited yowl could be herd back at camp as the two toms arrived.
A small shape rushes to him, playfully rubbing against his leg.

"Thank you so much for saving me!" He bounces happily.

All smokestep could do was share a warm smile at the enthusiasm that never dies from the young kit.

He was glad to save him.
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Snowballing (Complete 709 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:38 pm

White pelts amongst leafy green ferns could be spotted in a small clearing. Soft, fresh bedding scattered against the grass. The two cats lay in peace, happily relaxing in the presence of one other.

"Are you okay, my dear? You look a bit ill." The smaller white cat looked up to the larger, fluffier tom, concern clear in her amber and blue eyes that reflect small pools of both fire and water at the same time. She tilts her head and her tail sways in the breeze, tail tip twitching a little. Anxiety growing deep within her.

"To be honest Ice, I'm feeling a little bit ill. My stomach is hurting rather badly." He returns a small smile, dropping his head to give her cheek a gentle, loving lick.

Ice's concern and anxiety now melts away, realising that she might be able to help her love. All she needed were juniper berries to ease the pain. Just one should be enough to cure him of the pain, that's all she needed.

She abruptly stands up, startling him a little bit. She gives an apologetic look, showing that she didn't mean to startle him.

"Hang on snowball, I'll be right back! I know just what I need to fix that!" Her eyes gleaming with happiness at being able to help her mate.

She dives into the forest surrounding them. Eager to search for the berries, she finally finds a bush with pink berries.

"Yes, these must be it!" She thought, still as bubbly as ever. She picked one out. The biggest one just for good measure, before racing back to the white tom who was now lying on his side and clutching at his stomach with his paw. A painful look now sprawled across his face.

She pads up to him, her worry now growing again.

She gently purrs, tapping his shoulder with the tip of her tail as to not startle him once again.
Snowball looks up at her lovingly, giving a small grin once he saw her again. He suddenly closes his eyes and groaning in pain.

She reaches out a paw. A small, pink berry could be seen on her paw pad.
"Snowy, please take this berry, it'll make you feel better soon, I promise!" Her concern growing at his condition, but managing to keep her voice calm and gentle like the cool blue of her eyes. She tries to seem optimistic to try to assure him that it will be all be okay.

He slowly opens his eyes which were glazed with pain.

He looks up at her weakly, before hurridly lapping up the berry from her paw. Blissfully unaware of what his fate would be after that.

He felt better for only a heartbeat, then he felt a shudder that shook him from head to tail. His eyes widen in surprise and shock. He lets out a few more spasms, each getting weaker than the last, before closing his eyes. Never to open them ever again. His body grows limp and cold, lifeless.

Ice could only watch in surprise as the whole thing unfolded in front of her, powerless to stop it. She finally recovers for a second, then is overcome by a wave of grief. She runs to his side, collapsing into his soft, white fur that was now void of any warmth.

"No, don't leave me! Please, I beg of you... Not you too. Anyone but you... Please." She sobs into his fur, praying that he will be returned to her.

"This... this is fine. It'll be okay. I can fix this." She tries to help snowball to his feet.
"Come on, please get up. Please snowball." Her attempts are in vain as she is just causing the body to fall each time. She finally gives up after a while, residing to cuddling into his fur, not wanting to leave the love of her life and everything she had built with him.

"I'll become a better healer and learn from this, I swear. I love you and will always love you, snowball." Through a tear-soaked face, she swears to him that she'll be a better healer and will never take another mate, hoping that one day she'll be reunited with him.

One day.
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Mr Brightside (Complete - 532 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:40 pm

Nothing ever changes, just the constant feeling of being trapped in a small cage with no way out and being forever bored out of his mind. The same bland, tasteless food that has been left out for weeks and had gone bad.
He looks at the vile pellets for a second, unable to hide his visibly disgusted reaction to the rotten mess. Gagging at the sight and the putrid smell it gives.

Does this twoleg even care for dove?
That was something he found genuinely hard to answer for himself.

At least when he was with his family he had a warm, soft bed and all the milk and affection that he could ever ask for.
So why did it change? What made this twoleg take him away from that, a seemingly perfect life with his family and twolegs that actually took care of him?

His name, a signal for something so elegant now reduced to nothing more than a sickly small, skinny frame. Hardly able to live as a real cat should.

He shakes his head to clear his mind of the gloomy thoughts.
He had to escape this cage, had to find a way to free himself and make it a better life for himself. Something that he'd look forward to when waking up, not just another day of a sigh and "here we go again". He longed for aventure. Something new, something... Different.

His gaze sweeps across to the fence of his yard. A sizable leap, sure. But he believed that he could make it with enough effort. So, he leaps for it. Climbing his way up, claws dug in hard against the rough birchwood planks that seemed to splinter with each claw dug into them. He took note of this and was careful not to get any splinters in his still soft paw pads.

One day they'd grow hard and accustomed to the terrain of his new home. But for now, this is what he has to deal with. He struck the pale wood again with his claws, propelling himself upwards.

Before h knew it, he had made it to the top of the very thing that was always holding him back from leaving. He pauses to feel the gentle breeze whisp against his pelt, ever so softly. Now comes the easy part, jumping down to freedom and... A forest? that's what it looked like beyond his fence. Large oakwood trees that went on for miles, plastered all along the fenceline.

Hesitant at first, he musters up the courage to leap down into his new home. He'll get used to it eventually, but it may take some time yet.

He takes one look back at the fence and wonders briefly if his twoleg will miss him. Who is he kidding, how foolish could he be? Of course that ragged, moldy rat wouldn't miss him.

He takes a step forward, ready for his new home. Dedicating his life to this and no longer being a kittypet.

"I'm coming out of my cage," he whispers to himself, half smiling.
"and I've been doing just fine." He holds his head high, proud to start his new life as a wild cat.
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Junebug (Complete - 1,020 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:12 am

Faint mews could be heard from a large twoleg den as the new mother grooms her 3 young kits. 3 kits in total, 1 male and 2 females. She decided to call them all names that her two-leg would approve of. Petal and Rose for the two females and Junebug for the male. She was excited about the new arrivals and already loved them all so much. They were 5 moons old, not too young but also not that old.

The small creatures stretch, unaware of the big world outside of their home or just how hard life really could be. For the three, it was nothing but play, eat and sleep. Just the way they liked it and the way they hoped it would always stay. Cozy inside the home of their two-leg. But there was something that they still didn't know, they never knew their father or any other cat and were always very curious of the outside world, so close from just outside the window.

The crunching of leaves outside of a nearby window signaled the arrival of something... Something she was dreading... A cat, but not just any cat. The father of her kits.

He jumped up to the window, bravely strutting to her without any hesitation, holding his head high with a sharp look in his eyes. The look of joy? She hoped it was that. But no, it looked like... Anger?

She lept up, now afraid of what he might do to the small lives that she had only just brought into the world. He wasn't going to try to take them out of this world so soon already?

"Relax, sweetie. I'm not going to do anything to them. They are mine too, after all." He joked with her. His eyes grow more gentle, a rarity for him to show.

She looks at him, confused for a second.
"What do you want then? Why are you here, Thorn?" She hisses at him, defensively. He must have a good reason for being here after treating her so horribly during her pregnancy and not bothering to show up until now, 5 moons into their lives.

"I just came to take what's rightfully mine. An equal share, if you will." His eyes turn towards the now cowering kits. He pads over towards them, gaze never leaving them for a second. He inspects their pelts behind their mother, who is still fiercely guarding them.

"Darling, may you please move aside so that I may see our wonderful kits?" His voice was eerily gentle. He seems so... Different than how she remembered him. Maybe he truly has changed?

The mother gave up and finally set herself aside, yet still close by in case he tried something.

He pads closer to them, looking down at the small morsels.

"Genders?" He looks at the mother, questioningly with a small flick of his ear towards the tiny beings.

"Two female, one male." She speaks more calmly now, curious but now accepting his presence.

He sighs for a moment, sounding almost disgusted at what she had just told him.
"Well, that simply won't do..." He growls softly to himself.
"Which is the male?" His voice was more demanding this time. He twitches his tail, showing that he was growing a little uptight.

She sensed that he was starting to run out of patience. Not wanting him to explode into a fit of rage like he used to, she tried to be gentle and kind. She wanted him to get out and leave as quickly as possible. She wouldn't try to agitate him and put her kits in danger.

"The one on the left." She flicks her tail towards the young golden tomkit who was bravely staring back at his father while his sisters huddled together.

"Perfect. He'll do." He grabs the tom in his mouth and prepares to leave, before he was stopped by the mother who practically leaped in front of him. The small tom gives out a startled squeak as this stranger that he never knew until now just randomly picked him up.

"What do you think you're doing?" The she-cat hisses at the large tom, tail swishing aggressively and ready to pounce to save her only son from this... This monster.

He gently places the kit in front of him so that he can talk.

"As I said, I'm taking what is rightfully mine. I am taking this one and in exchange, you are allowed to keep the two... Girls." He spat the last word, almost sounding ashamed and disgusted that he had produced two daughters. He impatiently flicks his ear while the she-cat tries to think of the right words to say.

How could she give up her son? A kit that she had loved so dearly and raised for 5 whole moons? But it would ensure the safety of her two other kits. Surely since he is the kit's father, he wouldn't do anything too rash to the small tom? She realised that there was no compromising with him and it was the only way to save the rest of her family.

"Alright, you can have him. Just please, watch over my poor junebug and make sure nothing bad happens to him." She pleaded with him, trying to get him to promise that he would take care of the kit.

"Junebug?" He instantly spat, hearing the name. Thinking it so fowl and unsuiting for a cat that was his son.
"Well, that needs to be changed." He eyes over the kit, trying to look for any distinguishing features. His eyes finally caught on something fascinating about him. He had slightly longer claws than the usual cat.

"How about... Thistle? For those long claws of yours?" He asked the little kit in a rather playful tone. The kit nods, giving his dad a small cuff on the leg, claws sheathed.

The father just laughs. "Maybe I can turn you into a fighter after all."
He gives a brief nod to the she-cat, before picking up thistle and turning to leave.

Never to be seen by her again.
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Thistle's Spot (Complete - 306 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:02 am

He couldn't even tell where he was anymore, all he knew was that he was now far away from the cat that he once called his "father". Something he'll be sure to never call him again. He never wanted to see the harsh rogue again, only wanting to live in peace now.

He ducked under the tall ferns of the oak forest, hoping to find somewhere that would be good enough to call home. Even if it were temporary, it would be good enough for now. Just until he had gathered enough strength to heal. Both physically and mentally.

He stopped at a large, circular lake, taking in the fresh air and taking a moment to glance into the cool blue pool. Seeing his reflection he could see his eyes were dull, void of any happiness that he used to feel when he was a kit, or when he was making that rogue proud. Something that once filled him with a sense of purpose now fills him with disgust to even think about.

He lays down for a bit to lap at the water and rest, unaware of his surroundings but not wanting to travel much further than this for the time being.

He felt... Relieved. Like he could finally breathe without having someone always looking over his shoulder and making sure he always did just what they wanted him to do. He would never allow himself to be used like that again, no. He lowers his head to the ground, resting in the peaceful oak forest and enjoying the birdsong. Enjoying the feeling of freedom.

This place would be his new home for the next few moons.

Finding a nearby cave after a few moments of rest, he took pride in catching his own prey and warning off any cats that threatened his new home.
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New Recruit (Complete - 703 words)

Postby WolfstormSC » Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:05 am

Thistle stood at the edge of the lake once again, back turned to the forest while he stares out into the beautiful lake in the oak forest.

That's when it came. Sharp and sudden, a stinging pain in his left shoulder as a figure viciously clawed at it. He looked at the smaller figure in confusion for a heartbeat, before smirking and giving them what they wanted.

He lunged at the smaller cat, teeth and claws bared, ready for a fight.

"What are you doing in MY territory?" The small ginger tabby hisses at the golden tom defiantly, unaware that he had in fact been living there for a few moons now. She flicked her ears at him, waiting for an answer.

"I could ask you the same thing." Thistle snarls back.

How dare she accuse him of trespassing in his own territory? It was completely ridiculous and profound to him. He gives a warning slash at her face, signaling that he is not messing around anymore and will cause more injury to her if it meant his home would be protected.

She dodges the blow and slides under his paw, pummelling his chest with a flurry of claw marks. He was quick to react and bit her scruff, causing her to stare in shock for a second, before looking up at him.

"Who... Who are you?" Her gaze never leaving his eyes, still challenging but also filled with a new sensation. Curiosity, as it may seem.

She flicks her ear and lowers her body, showing that she is submitting and is no longer interested in fighting. She doesn't take her eyes off of him, hackles slightly raised in case he thinks about attacking her in such a vulnerable position.

He flicks his ear in acknowledgment of his victory in the battle and then proceeds to lower his body to the ground, showing that he is no longer a threat and does not wish to continue the fight. Seeing this, the ginger she-cat relaxes, hackles now beginning to lower and her fur settling.

"My name is thistle, I came here a few moons ago to escape my father. He was an evil rogue. I couldn't stand his ways anymore and I left." He looks away for a heartbeat breaking eye contact with her, briefly lashing his tail in anger at having to remember the brutal creature.

He realises he didn't know anything about the ginger she-cat and quickly rushed to ask her a question.
"What is your name, by the way? I didn't catch it." His tail sways calmly in the wind.

She gazes at him sympathetically, realizing that he is not here by choice, but out of fear and the need to escape his past. Her eyes grow much more gentle and friendly now, hostility only a past memory in the intense pools of hazel.

"I am wolfstar, leader of stormclan." She puffs out her chest proudly beore continuing. "Well, thistle, was it? How about I invite you to stay with me? I live in a clan called stormclan. So far it is just icewing and I, but we are working on expanding and working together to survive in a group of cats." She offers the golden tom, hoping that he might join. He seems like he could be a good and reliable ally, especially in times of battle due to his muscular stature and intriguing battle skills.

Thistle cocks his head curiously, thinking over wolfstar's offer before making any rash decisions that he could end up regretting. Finally, he comes to a conclusion after a few moments of thought.

"You know... I think I might take you up on that. Keep in mind though, if any of you so think of attacking me, my claws will be at the ready." He laughs the last part of his sentence, meaning no real harm of it. Perhaps it could be fun to live with other cats that weren't like his father after all.

Wolfstar slowly rises from where she lay, signaling with her tail for thistle to follow her to his new home.

A new beginning for a new cat. He will never be like his father, not anymore. He swears of it.
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