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100 stories to tell

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:20 am

51 Mute Done
52 Blind Done
53 Deaf Done
54 Do No Evil(Shizaru) Done
55 Simplicities Done
56 Doors Done
57 Hall Done
58 Cloth Done
59 Ragdoll Done
60 Imaginary friend Done
61 Listening Done
62 Seeing Done
63 Holding back Done
64 White noise Done
65 Growth Done
66 Plants Done
67 Skies Done
68 Waves Done
69 Harmony Done
70 Tune Done
71 Whistle Done
72 Sleeping Done
73 Dreams Done
74 Denial Done
75 Tea Done
76 Numbers Done
77 Color Done
78 Lacking Done
79 Crippled Done
80 Annoyance Done
81 Glasses Done
82 Coat Done
83 Sewing Done
84 Knitting Done
85 Surprise Done
86 Dogs Done
87 Wolves Done
88 Hedgehogs Done
89 Dragons Done
90 Foxes Done
91 Snakes Done
92 Pocket dragons Done
93 Quiet Done
94 Hope Done
95 Battle Cry Done
96 Goodbyes Done
97 Hellos Done
98 Reunions Done
99 Friends/Enemies Done
100 You
1 Bells Done
2 Drawing Done
3 Paint Done
4 Singing Done
5 Snow Done
6 Poem Done
7 Tears Done
8 Letting go Done
9 Hurt Done
10 Dance Done
11 Grief Done
12 Emotions Done
13 What If . . . Done
14 I can’t Done
15 I will Done
16 Religion Done
17 Lost Done
18 Found Done
19 Hiding Done
20 Wind Done
21 Clouds Done
22 Rain Done
23 Light Done
24 Name Done
25 Heart Done
26 Self Done
27 Luck Done
28 Theft Done
29 Money Done
30 Rich Done
31 Poor Done
32 Love Done
33 Kiss Done
34 Electric Done
35 Danger Done
36 Flight Done
37 Wind Done
38 Swimming Done
39 Fire Done
40 Warmth Done
41 Birth Done
42 Moving on Done
43 Hands/Fingers Done
44 War is a curse Done
45 Smiling Done
46 Masks Done
47 Earth Done
48 Glass Done
49 Sand Done
50 Fifty! Choose your own! Done
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:21 am

Bells- 251

Shift listened to the thin notes of the tiny silver bells, dancing on the wind.
So sweet, so impermanent.
"We're like those bells," she said leaning against the tree, watching the ribbons float in the same wind that disturbed the bells.

Matthias grunted.

"In a lot of ways actually, strangely enough. Folk like us, we're only noticed, only heard, when we're disturbed, when there's a problem and even then, it takes many of us to make any type of a stir. We each can only say one thing, sing a single note, chime once on one level. But together, we're beautiful, each making our own noise, together a soft symphony, that if multiplied could drown out even the ocean," The raccoon paused, trying to gauge her companion's reaction.

The fox slowly switched his broad ears back and forth, trying to feign an interest to stave off an excess of irritated comments.

But she took it as an invitation to continue.
"You might be tempted to think that a more impressive instrument would be larger, but it may only make a single brazen clang. Massive perhaps, but distant and far removed from anything warm. That is the voice of the Emperor, these are the voices of the people."

"Shift, have you been drinking whatever it is you put on those darts?"

"No," she looked at him, slightly confused "Why would you think that?
"Because you're monologing about bells."

"Of course I am, it's pure inspiration."

"Right," He breathed out a weak sigh.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:21 am

Drawing- 382

Shift used the half charred stick to scratch an image onto a lesser burnt part of the building.
Freeta caught the rough sound and the returned to watch the rebel at her business.
When she finished and tossed the stick to the ground, the little white fox approached Shift's work with scrutiny.

"What is it you have put on there?"
The raccoon shrugged passing a careful finger over the sooty glyph. "It's an old symbol from stories. It means 'to rest without disturbance."

Freeta looked around the still smoking village, at the creatures who were gathering up the dead to be buried, and nodded sadly.
"It is fitting, then."
"That is what I thought. So many have gone today, to sleep never ending."

The fox peered at Shift's face, the extreme pain etched deep in her eyes.

For a second the raccoon didn't notice the intense stare, so focused was her gaze on the small symbol, but she looked back down the narrow snout into the green and blue eyes after sensing their light on her face.

Freeta shrugged her slim shoulders and looked elsewhere "I expected you to be enraged over this destruction, you so often are."

Shift sighed, bowing her head "I am raging- inside. But I cannot help but feel the intensity of the pain wreaked here. So many families, so many mothers and fathers, parents and children, brothers and sisters will not see each others face again in this life. So many children who will grow up, forgetting how it was to be sung to sleep or even what it was like to be touched by loving fingers. The Empire will be a broken place many years after this war is won."

"But, perhaps stronger," Freeta suggested after pondering Shift's words for a moment "Mothers and fathers who endured this time will rise and teach their children that the Emperor's word cannot always be trusted and that thought they are common folk, they have great worth."

"Perhaps," Shift conceded "But what consolation is that to the mate who calls out and is never answered? To the orphan who is doomed to wonder why their parents had to die?"

The fox shook her head, ears limp and eyes bright with tears "I know not Shift, I know not
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:22 am


The berries mashed against the staining wooden walls off the bowl, their juices forced out by the blunt end of the stick.

When the berries had been fully turned to pulp Rin Soong sent down the stick and dipped her finger into the dripping mass, scooping up a lump under her claw and smearing the juices beneath each eye.

"Still painting your fur, Rin?"

Startled by the tiger's unexpected approach, Rin dropped the berries back into the bowl.
Laughing a bit at her edginess, the wolf turned towards Jasmine.
"I am. Foolish as it is in this horrible place."
Jasmine shrugged her massive shoulders and sat down beside her "Force of habit and familiar things are what keep us sane here."

"True, but it does seem vain."
"It was never vain for you. It was tradition."
Rin nodded "Right now, tradition is being turned upside down. My world is spinning in a different direction."

Jasmine picked up the stick a jabbed a bit at the berries "I would have never imagined you to defect, right as the rebellion is. What happened, what did you see?"

The wolf's shoulders slumped deeply.
"I think I saw the end of the world or the darkest pit of hell..."
It took her several moments, breathing heavily, mouth hanging open to recover from the memory.
"There was an order-scout the lower range of the Stone Rises- ensure that the area was secure before a contingent entered the area. It was clear and we moved in.
Another order came in- this time to move towards a small village, with no more than a hundred inhabitants. We all thought that we would just camp there for the night, but when we reached it, they had us round up those who had lived there all their lives, who'd never offended the Empire in any way. We treated them like dumb animals, the cattle humans drive. Forced them to stand in a shallow canyon that held a pit of stinking, foul water. None of us understood what we were doing and no one was comfortable. An uneasy feeling ran through the soldiers, but no one disobeyed. Not until the humans arrived.
It was the middle of the night, but no one was sleeping, when they came, bludgeons and knives in hand. And they began to murder the villagers. We weren't supposed to know about it, but the screams of dying children cannot be covered.
We all rushed to arms, but we were ordered to stand down. But none of us could betray ourselves like that. These were the creatures of the country we were sworn to protect.
We... Our commanders died that night and we fought the humans, killed all of them, but lost many good soldiers and nearly all the villagers.
I'd heard about rebel camps and prayed I could find one before I lost the rest of them...

Her voice trailed off amidst the tears and Jasmine did her the respect of looking away until she had regained a modicum of her composure.
"That is why I am here and I am sworn to tear down this dictating monster at the head of a heartless body."

Jasmine pulled back a breath that pressed against her shoulders "Your story is one of many, Rin Soong, and your motivation just the same."

The wolf nodded "I know."
She picked up the stick and used the point to smear more red juice beneath her eyes "Red. Paint, juice, blood, whatever it may be I paint my fur with, I'll remember tradition and how sickly it may be twisted."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:22 am

Singing- 253
"I love you my darling
No matter where you are
I love you my darling
No matter your face
I love you my darling
No matter your deeds"

Matthias paused in his swift steps through the camp to listen to Guinevere's song, frowning in annoyance as he realized a good deal of creatures who should've been working were gathered around her.

She was such a distraction-that gypsy- but if it had only been her songs, he could've dealt with it. But she was a firecracker, always urging Shift onwards, encouraging the already volatile raccoon to direction misguided attacks on extremely superior forces. She had no foresight and minimal hindsight.
He knew that she had suffered at the hands of the humans, loosing her entire family, but so had the rest of them and he wasn't willing to needlessly sacrifice the few warriors they had to satisfy the whims of two unstable, revenge hungry rebels.

I love you my darling
So walk with me a while
Stay by my side
Trod the dusty road with me

She could sing, he'd give her that, quite wonderfully actually.
He shook his head in annoyance at being distracted himself by her pretty voice and sharp eyes. He had no time for petty grievances with one vixen, there was a rebellion to be won and an Empire that needed repairing.

Though you be far removed from my side
Though we wander beneath separate skies
I love you my darling
And will walk evermore until I find you
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:23 am

Snow- 636

Freya sat at the edge of the firelight, her bow leaned against her knee and her eyes trained on the darkness beyond.
Achran approached her hesitantly, looking down at the hot soup between his paws and then at her back covered with a thin blanket.
He knew she hadn't eaten yet and he also knew there wasn't anything left to eat.

A smile touched his face momentarily and he took the last few steps across cold ground to sit by her side.
"You doing alright?"

She glanced up at him and shivered "Not really."
"Och, well, maybe this'll help a bit."
He held the bowl out to her and she accepted with a grateful smile that warmed him twice as much as the soup could've.
"I never realized it could get this cold out here,"she said after sipping at the steaming broth for a bit "I spent most winters exclusively indoors."
"Oh, this is nothin' compared ta winter on tha Mountains," he said, slipping his coat off and draping it over her shoulders "Mar o' a spring breeze ta me than anything really."

She looked at him, now clad solely in a thin, sleeveless vest, his blond fur catching snowflakes "You don't have to do this you know."

He lifted his eyebrows "Do what now?"
"Keep me company, or give me food, or your coat. Take it back right now."
"It's fine, Freya, I told you, nothin' but a spring breeze. I dinnae mind tha food or your company anyways."

She shook her head and shrugged the coat off "Really, please don't do this."
He held up his paw to stop her "What's wrong? I would nay do this unless I wanted to."
She shook her head again and held the coat out to him "I understand that you feel guilty about my parents, but please don't try to make it up to me. You couldn't have done anything. Nobody could've."

He stared at her for a long second before accepting his coat back with a sigh "Ta be honest with ye, Freya, that's 'ow I felt at first, but I'm not train' ta make it up to ye any mar."
She blinked at him confused "Then why? Why do you single me out when You could be keeping your friends company right now?
He looked back at her, throat tightening "we're friends, aren't we?"

Her tongue darted out to moisten her chapped lips "I suppose so, but not like you are with Lionel and Lily and all of them."
"Nay and really," his voice began to catch "I didnae want it to be like that."
She laughed a little in suprise "Why not? The friendship you have with them is... It's phenomenal. It's going to change the world!"
"Because I didnae care about changing the world," his voice continued catching as it took on an intensity she did not recognize in him "I care about you."

For a second they stared at each other in equal measures of shock and surprise. Achran recovered before she did and stood up hastily.
"M sorry, Freya, I didnae mean ta go so far."
She stood up with him, still silent.
"Really, I just meant ta say that... What I wanted to say was..."he trailed off shaking his head at himself "M sorry, Freya, really I am."
He took a step backwards, meaning to leave but she halted him with a shake of her head.

"Don't leave."
She sat back down and motioned for him to do the same.
"The snow really is quite lovely in the dark, isn't?" She asked staring back out into the night as he retook his seat.
"I suppose it is," he agreed, but he was looking at her face, watching the firelight dancing off the tips of her fur, not the snow.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:23 am

They've started calling you Rebel Red.

It was apt, she supposed, running a finger through her disturbingly red fur. She almost liked that name. Poetic, but one the Emperor would learn to fear.
Yes he would fear her, but she was just the face of the rebellion, the figurehead of a great ship that could not and would not be stopped.
A great, burning ship, sailing through icy waters.

She flipped the charcoal over and over between her forefinger and thumb before putting the black tip against the paper and beginning to write.
I am Rebel Red
My heart is fire fed

A gust of wind ripped through the tent, reminding her that there was more than just red fire and burning souls in the camp. There was cold determination, a freezing resolve that not even the heat of the Impearial soldiers torches could melt

For I am Winter's child
Frisky and wild as the frozen wind
I can handle whatever the cold day may send

So different the two feelings, so different were the Warriors in the camp who carried these different yet equally powerful resolves. Yet so many of them would end in the same place. Fire would be doused and ice would melted, all would end in death.
A cough shook her shoulders, reminding her of her own mortality.
It would all end in death.
I walk two paths
Leading down to the darkness
That will douse my fire
And melt my ice
It will consume my soul

They might all die, assuredly she would, rather through execution or the illness stalking her bones. But she wasn't afraid and as she peered out through the tent flaps at the fighters, the soldiers gathering their weapons and their courage, she realized they weren't either. They'd all felt it so many times before it had become void, worthless.

Yet I am not afraid to lie my head
Down upon a stony bed
To let my deeds go as they are done
To let the searing of the embers in my flesh turn to ash
To allow the ice run to water
And sleep.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:24 am

Tears- 692

Shift cradled her brother's head for a long time after his gaze had become fixed on nothing and his sides had ceased to contract and expand.
Only when her tears threatened to soak his peaceful face was she able to lift her head.
The morning was breaking out of the night with a pallid light that unkindly showed the carnage of her village.
Again feeling the bile rise to her tongue she looked back down at Terri's face.

All the pain had been eased away by death and her tears.
She couldn't bury all of them. There were far too many bodies, disgraced shamefully by the monsterous humans. She could barely looked at them without crumpling, so horrible was the bloody sight.

But she could bury him.

She worked her fingers though the knots in his stained fur, tears running down her face like a waterfall as she wondered where he would have wanted to be laid to rest.

He had loved to visit the cemetery were their mother was sleeping, but the earth there was hard, full of stones, she couldn't do it on her own.

Then she thought of the massive tree outside the village. He had loved to sit there and stare up at branches he could not climb and the leaves he could not touch.

At the serene memory of him surrounded by the green sunlight, sitting in the middle of the gloom, she began to sob again.

The sobs continued to rake through her body as she set her brother's body down and stumbled to her feet.
There was a small shovel leaning against one of nearest buildings, an ordinary tool that someone might've been using to garden before the massacre. Now as she lifted it in her paws, she wondered sadly who it had belonged to. Who had died that she had known that made this shovel with their own paws. Paws that were now still and cold.

She tried to force herself to think only of her brother, but thoughts of him continued to bring torrents rolling down her cheeks.

Her tears like raindrops watered the earth as she turned it over, beginning to dig.

She dug for hours, continually disatissfied that the grave was neither deep enough nor wide enough.
Finally, when there was blood on her paws from digging too hard too long, she tossed the shovel aside and drug her aching body back to the village.

The summer sun had been beating down on the dead creatures now for hours and it was obvious as flies swarmed around her while she stumbled down next to her brother's corpse.

She gagged as the smell hit her, a wall of disgusting fetid oders that nearly sent her unconscious.
Unable to hesitate she pulled Terri's body away until she could breathe again. Then she was able to slip her arms beneath his back and carry him as if he was only sleeping.

But he was never going to wake up. Never.

The thought tortured her mind as she knelt to lie him in the ground. Suddenly she realized she couldn't let go of him, couldn't give him up.
She clutching at his cold stiff shoulders, pleading mindlessly for him to come back so she wouldn't have to put him in the ground.
So she wouldn't have to be alone.

But as a few inquisitive flies began to buzz about his face and she remembered with a choke the horrendous scent of decay in the village, she realized there was nothing to be done. She would not allow his body to be slowly eaten away by insects, exposed and rotting beneath the hot sun.

With another long and excruciating sob, she let him slip down into the dark cool hole.

She watched as the earth she flung down began to cover his face, clumping his fur and mixing with her tears to form mud.

She finished and stared at the path of earth, her stomach churning. But there was nothing left to heave up.

With a weak sigh she drove in the small cross she had formed from two twisted branches.
"I love you, little brother."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:24 am

Letting go-399

Freeta stood in front of the gravestone. It was huge, a boulder that rose up twice the little fox's height. All the side were naturally rough but the front was worn down so the words could be etched into it.

Rebel Red
Known to her family as Rosette

I am Winter's Child
Frisky and wild as the frozen wind
I can handle whatever the cold day may send
I am Rebel Red
My heart is fire fed
Yet my spirit is frozen cold

How many times had Shift rewritten that poem? Even now Freeta doubted she'd be pleased with it.

"But you can't really help it, can you, my friend?" She said to the stone "I only hope that it was close enough to want you were looking for in it."

A sigh ran through the thin white fur and her shoulders slumped as she reached out to brush her fingers over the name, the rebel had given herself.

"Why did you choose that? Why did you change your name at all?"

A sob threatened to choke Freeta as she stared at the polished words.
"It was because you were different, isn't it? You had changed so much in such a short time you couldn't bear to think of yourself as a rose anymore."

She turned to look at the little wooden cross drooping sadly next to Shifts grave.

"I've asked them to make a stone for your brother. So he'll be remembered as long as you are. I think you'd be pleased with that."

She stopped talking and looked up at the spreading branches of the great tree. It would guard over the two graves of the young sister and brother for an age to come, it would watch over them still when Freeta was gone.

The fox was able to pull a small comfort from the thought.

"I think I'm ready," Freeta said, directing her words once again at Shift's gravestone "I have to let you go now, but I think I can do it. You'd want me to. You'd want me to help start to rebuild this broken place, wouldn't you? Now isn't a time for warriors, it's for healers. I have helped with the first, maybe I need to lead with the second."

She sighed and for the first time since Shift's death a smile touched her face.
"Yes, I can do it."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:24 am

Lionel shifted his leg with an uneasy wince and frowned down at the white plaster cast. He wondered if it was good or bad that he'd broken his already crippled leg because it could either mean that he didn't have two crippled legs or this one was going to get worse.

But secretly he was glad of the physical pain, it helped him form a shield from a reality he simply couldn't handle at the present moment.
The Emperor was dead as well as Shift, Freeta was unresponsive when they found her next to Shift but not dead, Jade and Jasmine had returned with Kif and overwhelming news.
And Lily was gone.

His little sister was gone.
She was gone after all this time after all the fighting after all the desperately clinging to life no matter the circumstances.


Even though he was avoiding thinking about all of it by focusing on his leg, having the knowledge in his mind hurt him a hundred times worse than the broken bone.

There was a scratching on class on the floor outside his room and Jon-tai peeked in.

His eyes met with the elder otter, who nodded, then he came bounding in, a satchel flying behind him.

"You found it," Lionel said both relieved and unwilling to look at the woven bag.
The boy nodded and held it out "Freya had it, she got it before they threw it away."

"Thank you," Lionel said accepting it and resting it in his lap "And if you see Freya again, thank her for me as well."
Jon-tai nodded,slipping off the bed and making towards the door.
Half way there he stopped and turned back around.
"Is there... Is there anything I can do, Lionel? Do you need some water... Or some food?"

Lionel stared at the young boy a second before answering "May I have your company for a while, Jon-tai? I'm rather lonely in here."

Jon-tai smiled a bit and nodded, then sat himself on the chair next to the bed.
"No, here," Lionel patted the blankets by his side.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."
Lionel shook his head "You won't hurt me, I promise."
Still doubtful, Jon-tai gingerly crept up to Lionel's side. Then after ensuring that he hadn't caused his friend any discomfort, he laid his head against Lionel's shoulder.

Lionel wrapped his arms around the bony frame, grateful for the physical comfort of the familiar heaving of the boy's chest.
In returned, Jon-tai slipped his scrawny arms against Lionel's back and they sat hugging each other until they both felt a bit better.

Swallowing hard, Jon-tai pulled back and plucked at the straps of the bag.
"Do you want me to give this to Lily? It is hers right?"

Lionel looked down at him with pained superise.
"You don't know?"

Jon-tai shook his head, fear washing across his face "No."
"There was a storm-"
"The ship she was on was blown towards the rocks."
Lionel's voice began to sieze up "no one made it."
"Not her too!" Jon-tai flung his arms around Lionel, drawing a grunt of pain from the cook.

Why did it all have to hurt so much?
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