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Re: Songs of the Otherworld

Postby Ranger of the North » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:36 pm

TheSongOfTheStars wrote:lol, it's the person switch prompt on the ultimate challenge. The prompt says to switch around the POV you typically use, so, I did. Also decided to write it in present tense. Not sure why, sounds cool though.
Oh! Nice work :D
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Re: 20 random things

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:12 am

best friends

1,272 words

"It just had to be raining," Kwet stood in front of the window, glaring up at the overcast sky.
"What's got your wings all up in a twist?" Aveth asked, once again th majority of his attention focused on his communications tablet "You spend all day inside anyway."
"Today was my day off and I wanted to actually use it to be productive."
"Well, the rain won't kill you, friend. And it's not far to the terminals."
"I can't get where I want to go from the terminals."
Aveth looked up, a furrow of concern touching his face "Wait. Just where are you going?"
Kwet paused, his stiff wings twitching outwards "To the lower towns. Why?"
"Because last time you went to the lowers you where gone for hours and when I finally found you, you had a dent in your core the size of a moon."
"I told you, I wasn't paying attention and flew into a wall."
Aveth sighed, he wasn't great at lying, but he could at least tell when someone else was.
"Alright, you like your secrets, you can keep them. If you're not back before dark I'll come find you."
"Well I'm not going now," Kwet shivered as a current of wind spattered a volley of rain against the window "It's raining."
"Then work on your box."
"It's not my box it's...." Kwet trailed off and crossed his arms as Aveth smiled down at his tablet.
"It's a secret."
"Yes," Kwet rolled his eyes and sat on the chair opposite Aveth, pulling his legs up to his chest "You know you frustrate me."
"Oh? Sorry.... How?"
"I get all defensive, prepared to defend my actions, but then you never attack. You just go along and...and..."
"Let you keep your secrets."
"You say that like it's a bad thing. What do you know about secrets anyway? You don't even have any."
"Kwet, that would be the point of a secret."
Kwet paused, his head tilted "Wait. Do you?"
Aveth smiled, glancing up for a brief second "If I did, I couldn't tell you."
"That's not fair, you know a lot of my secrets."
"Well, maybe I just don't have any."
"Aaaaaaveth," Kwet flipped around in the chair, draping his legs over the back and letting his hand hang off the edge.
"You require a rediculous amount of mental stimulation," Aveth set his tablet down "What if I promise to stay right here and you can work on your box in the other room?"
"It's not that anymore, do you have a secret?"
"Not telling."
"Not even a little one?"
Aveth set the tablet aside, looking at his friend with gentle amused curiosity.
He'd known Kwet for a while now, but never had he seen him quite this relaxed. Like Aveth knowing about his past had lifted a barrier that Aveth hadn't even exsisted. Now something else dared to poke through in this form of teasing or prying, perhaps both. Aveth let his expression turn to a smile. Even if it was only Kwet being pesky, it was also him being the slightest bit vunerable and not at all expecting Aveth to take that to his advantage. They really were becoming friends, real friends.
"Please Aveth?" Even upside-down, his pleading look was effective.
"Alright, I'll give you a hint-"
"So you do have a secret!" That seemed to please Kwet more than if Aveth had told him what the secret was outright and he twisted around so that he once again sat naturally in the chair.
"Yes. Not as... well not like yours through," he was going to say dark, but that would probably damage the fragil mood "But still, personal."
Kwet paused at that, his usual sensitive disposition beginning to reclaim him "I'm sorry Aveth, you don't have talk about it, I was just.... Curious."
Aveth shrugged and leaned back in his seat "It's not a big deal Kwet, not a real secret because you're right, I don't really have any of those. It's just not something I usually tell people. I wouldn't mind if you knew, you're my friend, I trust you."
Kwet didn't seem to know how to respond to that and for a second Aveth though he was going to cry, but he shook himself slightly and seemed to regain control "Th-thank you, Aveth. But really, you only brought up because I'm annoying you."
"You aren't annoying me."
Kwet stood up "I'll go work on my box."
He was trying desperately to be casual, but Aveth could see the curiosity eating away at him like a corroding acid. That part of Kwet was always prominent, no matter how the doctor tried to suffocate it, hide it, erase it. It was as ingrained as his own Light and it could pull him apart if it wasn't satisfied.
"I read."
"What?" Kwet turned at Aveth's statement.
"That's my little secret. I read."
"Aveth... I know you can read."
Aveth just smiled and waited. Kwet was incredibly smart, but sometimes he just needed a minute.
"Wait... You mean like... Recreationally? Like fiction?" Kwet was back in the chair, eyes bright with surprise and fascination "I wouldn't have imagined-"
"Yeah, that's why I don't usually tell people. I don't really fit the stereotype. I'm not blazingly intelligent or creative, I just enjoy the escape. And plus I'm slow, I've been reading the same story for near a full Orbital year and I'm only half way through it."
"Wow, so is that why you spend so much time on this thing," Kwet's feet didn't even brush the floor as he flew to Aveth's side and scooped up his tablet "You're reading?"
"Mm-hmm," Aveth watched as his friend tapped his feet against the side of the chair.
"What's it about? The story? Have you read many? Have you always liked reading fiction? Do your parents know? Do you know any other readers? Oh! What about writers? Do you know any writers? Do you write?"
Kwet would have gone on if Aveth hadn't held up his hands and waved them "Whoa, whoa, heh, too many Kwet, too many."
"Right, sorry, I shouldn't-"
"First off," Aveth cut him off before he could try to leave again "yes of course my family knows. Second, yes I've read quite a few fictional stories though I haven't been keeping track. I've liked reading as long as I've been able to read. I know other reader and a couple writers, but I've never written anything myself and like I said, I don't really fit in with the others."
Kwet bobbed his head in response to each of Aveth's answers but when he was finished, he didn't ask anymore.
"That's incredible," was all he said,
"What, no more questions?"
"I don't want to pester you. I..l should go, I need a part for my box as you put it."
"Alright," Aveth stood, stretching his wings "Well that rain isn't letting up so sooner rather than later, huh?"
Aveth smiled "I promise I won't ask any questions and I won't go in with you. But on the way there you can pester me all you like."
Kwet paused, his stiff wings half open and fluttering in excitment "Are... are you sure?"
"Mm-hm. Y'know, no one actually ever actually asks me about my reading, if they end up knowing, they act all awkward an drop the subject. It's nice to talk to someone about it."
"Okay, so..."
It wasn't so much a conversation as an intterogation and it was as relentless as the rain that beat down on their wings, but Aveth enjoyed it nonetheless.
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