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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:41 am

“Where are your pants!?”
Words: 754
Andrea, Aleana

Andrea puffed up her cheeks and crossed her eyes, making the most hideous face she possibly could at the mirror.
But it didn't change the fact that she looked like an entirely different person with the deep, forest green dress fit for a princess.

She looked... pretty?!?

The idea was as foreign to her as spending the day without her bow, arrows, and daggers. But weapons where hardly appropriate attire for a royal ball.
And she had the strengest sensation that she was half-naked, since wearing pants under the dress was hardly practical.
Her only consolation was that the human half of the Dragon Team was going to be as uncomfortable as she was.
Or so she hoped.

With a groan she picked up the stunning shawl that was colored in the fiery oranges, reds, and yellows of autumn, creating the effect of a forest just turning in the harvest season. She felt she had stolen the foliage of a living tree and turned it into a dress.
Then she viewed the high heeled, treacherously "gorgeous" shoes that she was supposed to wear as well. And shook her head.
Not in all of the Seven Kingdoms.

But there was dilemma that accompanied her decision. If she ruled out the high heels, that left her with the choice of her everyday, worn out, blood and mud splattered boots, or her bed slippers.
Neither of which where appropriate for a ball.

After a seconds thought, she shrugged, no one ever looked at shoes, or, at least not at her shoes.
And put on her bed slippers.

Now for her hair...
She'd simply braid it.

Are you done yet? Chance grumpily inquired as he invaded her mind Hey! where are your pants?!?

I'm not wearing any she snarled back mentally you can't wear pants under a dress!

The pony responded by shooting her a comical image of himself in a dress with his forelegs snarled up in a pair of pants.


It might keep my coat clean

Before she could prepare a barbed reply, there was a solid knock sounded on the door.
"Come in!!" she shouted, trying to disengage her hair from the comb where she had unthinkingly tried to yank it through her thick hair.

In response the door creaked open and barely discernible footsteps marked the passage of the newcomer.

Andrea turned to find herself face to face with Aleana, who was clad in a simple deep purple dress.
"Yes?" she asked testily, still trying to pull the comb out of her hair.

"Pray tell," the Oprian Elf asked with a hidden smile in her voice "what are you wearing?"

"It's called a dress... Same thing your wearing."

"No need to be rude, I am just surprised. I though you preferred pants."

"I do," Andrea freed the comb with a vicious yank that took not a few strands of hair with it "Only, this piece of cumbersome apparel came with a royal decree."

Aleana's thin black brows curved upwards over her crystalline amethyst eyes "His Highness...?"

"Yes," Andrea sighed "I look ridiculous."

"Hardly, in fact, it rather becomes you," The elf cast a crititcal eye over the Wandereress "Though, I would recommend wearing something other then bed slippers and what are you going to do with your hair?"

"I'm going to braid it."

"It would look better if you simply let it fall loose over your shoulders."

Andrea gritted her teeth "The last thing I want to do is look any more attractive that I have to."

"Oh, Andrea," Aleana snatched the brush away from her and began to gently detangle Andrea's birdnest "Sometimes I wonder if you dislike Colton for what he is, rather than who he is."

"You it be fair to say I'm not interested?"

Aleana chuckled "Poor Colton."

"Poor Colton!? I'm the one who has to wear the dress!'

"No, dear, not that. I meant that every eligible girl in the kingdom would gladly marry him. All but the one he loves."

"Did you come here just to lecture me on what I know?"

"No, I came to fix your hair," Aleana gave a final flick of the brush and stepped back to review her work "Wear it like that. Now for the slippers."

"It's either these, my boots, or bare foot. I will skip the entire blasted ball before I step foot in those castle turrets."

"Oh, alright. Now come, it is time to make an entrance."

Andrea groaned and grudgingly followed her friend.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:37 am

“I can’t do it. I just can’t.”
Trace, Mena

Trace smoothed his paw nervously against his fur. This wasn't what he wanted.
True, he had managed to implicate Lionel in High Treason, forcing their father to disown and banish Lionel.
Of course, that meant Trace was next in line for the Chieftainship.

But though Lionel had been disowned, he was still alive.
Still alive meant he was still a threat.

It would be irresponsible to leave a threat open. In fact, it had been irresponsible of their father to even have had to force Trace to take matters into his own placings. Only the basest of fools would believe that idiot brother of his could ever command the clan.
Lionel was far too soft-spoken, gentle even, to protect them. But Father didn't realize that.

But though his brother was quiet, there was always the possiblitiy that he might find a way to return to the clan and secure a pardon.

For the good of the clan, Trace wouldn't let that happen.
And he already knew what to do.
He would have to kill his own brother. He was a traitor after all, wasn't he?

Trace laughed quietly at his joke. Then turned his thoughts towards Mena.
She had loved Lionel. But he was counting on her sense of duty to the clan and her revulsion to his supposed betrayal.

"I can't do it, Trace, I just can't!" Mena sobbed quietly "Wasn't banishing him enough? Why must he be pursued?"

Trace ran a comforting paw down the distraught female's back "I know its hard Mena, but it must be done. I'm afraid there is no other way to do this."

"B-but how can you expect me t-to do th-th-that to him!"

Trace lifted her chin in order to meet her eyes "Where does your loyalty lie Mena? With your clan or with that traitor? I know what I am asking you to do is hard, but it must be done to protect the clan."

"But why me? Why not you, or your father? Does it have to be me? How can I do that to him?"

"How? Think of what he was going to do to you Mena. What I am asking you to do is not betray Lionel. He has already done that himself. But aid your clan. Play a part in keeping it safe."

Mena was quiet for a long while, then ventured softly "If you capture him. What will you do to him?"

Gently he gripped her paw and, in a voice tended to sound full of controlled grief he answered her softly ""What must be done, will be done. It can be no other way."

The utter hopelessness in her round eyes caused something to shift inside of him. Guilt maybe?
No, he was doing what was best for her- the clan he meant.

Her shoulders slumped and her head tipped forwards, in a shaking voice she answered him with a desolate tone "I will do it."

"Thank you," he breathed "Thank you so much."
She sniffled and drew back from him and turned away, then straightened her shoulders with a tight jerk and said in a cold unwavering voice "Lionel did make his choice and he chose foolishly, chose to make us his enemy. I make my choice now, that this traitor will not be allowed to even exist after harming the clan that would have held him as leader."

Trace stared at her back, shocked by her sudden unexpected attitude.
She turned back to face him, her face was agonized, her own words had hurt something deep within herself.
Again something shifted inside Trace, he realized that he hated that pain filled look in her eyes.

It was Lionel's fault.
But it was his as well.

He knew she would not be so pained if his brother had not been banished.
But if Lionel had stayed, Mena would have died if he had been allowed to rule.

Trace longed to comfort her, but when he reached out for her, she shrugged him off violently, swirled around and stumbled off, leaving Trace feeling confused and conflicted.
This wasn't right, but it wasn't wrong. He couldn't straighten his mind out enough to discern what he was feeling.
This feeling was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. It caused his heart to beat fast and heat to crawl around under his skin.

Maybe this was why Lionel had been so interested in her. For the feeling that swarmed inside him when she was near to him.
But Lionel would never have been able to take care of her. Yet he would have still claimed her as his own.

Trace found yet another twisted way to hate his brother.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:02 pm

“I do.”

Words: 758
Ryder Scio

"Do you trust me?"

The last words anyone expects to hear from the thing that they've been raised to hate, to kill, to destroy.
Yet by will of God, Ryder was staring at beast who had been the antagonist, the enemy, in a war that raged for two thousand years.

And yet the dragon had just asked if Ryder trusted him.

If Ryder didn't, it would mean that both of them would stay here, in this unknown enemy's camp, probably to die soon.
If he did trust the dragon, they had a slim chance at getting away. And if they did get away, Ryder had no assurance that the dragon wouldn't simply eat him, or drop him to his death.

Ryder looked down at the crude key in his hand, then back up at the bands of metal that restrained Scio.
The words that the dragon had confided in him, they could all be lies.
Scio probably didn't even intend to take Ryder with him when he flew out. If he did.

Ryder stared back down at the key.
If he wanted to positively absolutely loose whatever standing he had with other humans and elves, all he had to do was twist that key in a couple of locks.

It was also the only thing he had to do if he wanted to get out of there.
He couldn't do it by himself; surrounded by thousands of warriors in an unknown place.
If he wanted to leave, he would have to fly.

Ryder stared into the dragon's orange eyes and with a dried out voice forced out words he didn't truly mean "I-I do."

Then, before he could think about the full impact of his words, he reached up with a trembling arm and quickly clicked open the dragon's restraints. The one that muzzled him, the one that locked his small forelegs together, and several others that immobilized him.

When the boy was done Scio locked his iron sinews as if his fiery blood had been suddenly frozen.
Then with a descending jangle, the chains slide off the dragon's scales as he gathered his huge hind legs underneath him and reared his body upwards.

'This is it' Ryder thought 'He's going to leave me behind.'

But Scio didn't. He folded his legs again, nearly level to the ground again, his neck stretched out.
"Get on," he urged in a fierce whisper "They'll be here in any second."

Suddenly Ryder's mouth was sand parched, his limbs heavy as stones, his vision blurred slightly.

He couldn't do this. It went away from everything he knew, had trained for, had been raised for. Dragons where evil.
Every word he had heard spoken against the dragons began to ring in his mind. Every razed village. Destroyed crops. Murdered people.
Yells of alarm began to ring out around them as the foe began realize that there was an unchained dragon in their midst.

"Hurry!" Scio snarled "You don't have a choice human! You must trust me if you wish to get away from here."

Still, every inch of Ryder's being screamed at him not to move. Not even the approaching pound of soldiers stirred him.

Scio gave an anguished howl and spread his wings wide, preparing to take off into the air. The blast of air from the red wings sent the world spinning as Ryder lost his balance.
But before he could regain it, the world started moving again. Not in whirling circles like before. Instead, the world was moving downwards in undulating dips.

The rush of wind nearly deafened his ears and the cold sting of the night brought burning tears to his eyes, leaving him nearly blinded.
Every time he rose a little higher, there was a yank around his middle. It should have been obvious. But it took Ryder a long befuddled time to realize that the dragon had him in its claws.

When he finally understood his situation he was hundreds of feet in the air.
Fortunately, that reality stopped him from struggling. But even so, he couldn't help but stiffen every muscle in his body.
What he was trying to do, not even he could say.

If Scio should decide to relax his grip and let Ryder fall, then tensing himself into knots certainty wouldn't help anything. Neither would it aid him if Scio suddenly was hungry after the long weeks of near starvation.

There was nothing he could do at all.
He knew it and it terrified him.

Whether he liked it or not, he would have to trust a dragon.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:42 pm

“Get back here!”
Words: 751
Anjii, Clive

The space port was bustling with activity, it seemed that every humanoid had a definite destination in mind and certain path to take to reach that destination. Together they formed a rushing stream of bodies that eliminated all individualities.

A tall slim man stood off the way, underneath the intersection of two bulkheads, unmoving, with a small white box held in his steady hands.
He would have been unnoticeable, save for the fact that he was noticeably still. He was a rather unremarkable person.
He was entering the beginning years of his prime, yet, retained a rather smallish boyish figure. His face; not imperfect, but rather plain and ordinary. His hair, a deep brown, the same as his shining eyes.

His eyes. They where bright and intelligent. Likened by the few who had been privileged to know the man as to shimmering stars. Windows that revealed his great intellect within the simple personage.
But he usually kept his prime feature fixed on the ground or pressed against a microscope or otherwise averted from contact with other eyes.

Right now the shimmering stars where nervously gazing at an annoying remotely controlled drone. It kept buzzing within a few inches of his head, then darting off a couple of feet, then returning.

His preoccupation with the flying robot caused him to fail to see the Preoclulum with the long case slung across her shoulders.
The case hit him in the small of his back with enough force to send him stumbling forwards and the box he had protectively held went flying out of his grasp.

He scrabbled to his feet in a panic, expecting the precious contents of the container to be smeared across the causeway.
His eyes darted around, frantically trying to find the box. But could see nothing through the crowd.

A sudden buzz brought his gaze upwards; the drone grasped his white box firmly in its claws.

Breathlessly he reached up for it, hoping that the robot would let him have his own back.
His fingers brushed against the box, but in vain; just before his hand closed around it, the drone hummed inches out of reach.
Futilely he stepped closer and stretched out for it again.

The drone moved again; only, this time, it didn't stop and wait for him. It shot over the crowd.

"Come back!" he shouted. But the drone had other ideas.
It zoomed overhead, maddeningly out of reach, forcing him to chase it.

He tore heedlessly through the stream of bodies, pushing against the flow. Brushing hard against several different life forms; something with a tail, another something with feathers in place of its ears. All the while trying to keep the drone in his sights.
He thought he had lost it after crashing into a lady with black hair dyed partially blue, but a sharp beep cut through the noise of the crowd and brought his attention to the robot.

The drone hovered over a long staircase.

Oh no.

Oh yes.

He charged up the metal steps, his legs and chest protesting vehemently, but he had to catch the drone. The drone had his box!
Though he tried his hardest, he was by no means the most athletic, and had fallen desperately behind the drone halfway up the stairs.

Panting and heaving, he mounted the last steps, sweat blurring his vision. It didn't matter. That hay-wire machine would have disappeared into a ventilation shaft by now.
But a beep proved him wrong.

"You couldn't have taken the lift?" He gasped out in frustration.

"EEEEP" It whirled round and soared off.

The chase commenced on the second level of the space dock.
There where fewer people up there, making it easier for him to move. But he came no closer to catching the little electrified beast.
Round crates and through high piles of metal sheets, he barely managed to keep up with the thing.
Finally, when his legs where turning to Veldeian jell, the drone turned one last corner and he came face to face with a familiar face, framed with deep green hair and overshadowed with antennae. The drone buzzed obediently above her shoulder, his box still clamped in its claws.

"Anjii!" He yelped when he had recovered enough breath.

Her brown lips parted in an impish smile "Clive! Still hauling this white elephant around with you?"

"Give it back," he moaned.

She twitched her fingers, which where encased in metal gloves, and the drone flew down to eye-level and held out the box.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:15 am

“Well, this is awkward.”
Word: 754
Maggie Farida

It was only nine o'clock, but already the sun blazed down on my unprotected head, causing sweat to dampen my thick blond hair that curved around my head like a helmet.
Thankfully it was only a short distance to the community mailbox.

But the heat of the sun was quickly forgotten when I rounded the corner.

She belonged in the Arabian desert, in a hundred years past.
Or a movie set.

She was wearing a red silk shirt that flowed downwards, her loose pants where the same red as her shirt, the cuffs hung just slightly above her ankles and bare feet.
Her skin was nearly a void against the red shirt and the overall brightness of day, so dark-toned it was. The same with the hair that spilled over her shoulders and shone like oil.
Even more shocking where the thick gold bangles that hung from her wrists and the heavy silver chain necklace that cut a shining curve against the red cloths.
Another piece of gold chain jewelry dripped a large white stone encircled by tiny rubies down onto her forehead sort of like a crown.

She wasn't real.

Her cloths where a cheap costume and the jewelry was well faked plastic.
And any moment now she'd open that pretty mouth, laugh at my gawking face and walk away.

Her lips did part, but not in amusement, she screamed something at me in a bizarre language and beckoned towards me angrily.
I stared at her, trying to decide whether or not to run, while the thoughts of terrorist and spy rang through my mind. Maybe she was with ISIS or some unknown group of people who wanted to invade America.

"Come here!"

She was speaking English now, but her voice had an exotic flavor that sounded like an accent from a Third World country. It also carried the tone of a princess speaking to a slave.

I didn't move.

"Do you not know how to treat royalty in this forsaken place? Boy, come here!"

Now I rolled my eyes and took a step closer. "I'm a girl."

Her midnight eyes flickered in disbelief "You bring shame and dishonor to the name of your family by the way that you treat your hair. And you wear pants. I do not want you. Leave."

Perversely, I walked closer until I was just a few feet away from her. She glowered at me with intense fury at my blatant teasing.
I just smiled.

"Leave me. You are showing a great disrespect to a High Princess."

My mouth hung open slightly. Not from her words. But rather the lack of them.
Now that I was closer to this stranger I noticed that her lips didn't move at all when she spoke, her mouth didn't even open at all.

Yet I could clearly here her voice and her irate words.

There was something entirely wrong about this girl.

Her eyebrows knit together "I said leave!"
The words where loud, but her lips never moved.

I stepped back, trembling "What are you."

She tossed her head, causing her black hair to ripple like water a night covered stream "I am Farida, the High Princess of the Third age of the Wandering tribes of the desert. First in line to rule and descendent of the Moon Woman."

Her lips didn't move.
But something occurred to me that set my mind a little more at ease: she was a projectionist or something. She could talk without moving her lips.

But what about this junk about being a high princess of the third age of the wandering tribes? That just sounded crazy and I gave her a look that told her as much.

"And who are you, lowborn girl?" she asked in a condescending tone that could not quite just cover the hint of curiosity in her voice.
I gave her a look over the tops of my glasses "Wouldn't you like to know."
She gave me a royal scowl "I demand to know!"
I shrugged "Demand all you like, highborn princess, but I don't give out my name to royal snots."

She stepped back as if I had slapped her "How dare you! You- you-"
Her English broke off and her mouth opened again as she began to scream again in that weird language.

I edged away from her slowly. This girl was creepy.
Then I realized I had to go past her to mail the letter.
I sighed. Braced my legs. Set the mailbox in my sights.
And ran.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:44 pm

Words: 774
Sundust, wolves, others

"We need a distraction," no sooner than Elvory had given body to her thoughts than Sundust kicked up his heels and raced away, a golden streak against the night clad hills.
"No!" the pearl mare whinnied in distress "Come back!"
she started to follow the headstrong stallion, but Thunderun surged beneath me and he moved in front of her.
He flicked his waving mane "We must go for the Lost Ones, Sundust will handle himself."
The Worlds-walker paused in distress, her moon gaze lighting on her two companions and myself.
Then quickly lowered her noble head in a nod "Let us be gone."

Sundust could hear the blood chilling howls of the phantom wolves and whisper of their specter paws in the dew tipped grass.
Though the others would scold him for his recklessness, this was one of the crazy reasons he loved life.
The thrill of the chase, the utterly euphoric feeling of his sun colored mane and tail beckoning to fate and fortune to catch him.

Moonlight glinted off the surface of the stream, he gathered his legs beneath him and soured over it like a rebel sunbeam that had remained after nightfall. His hooves connected solidly with the earth after his flight and he chanced a glance behind him.

The wolves raced behind him, their mist colored bodies shining faintly in the star light. They looked like crystals that had taken on life of their own.
Beautiful, true, but killers through and through.

Sundust let out a squeal of defiance towards them, challenging them to catch him, then reared and bolted.
The night was yet young and the ageless stallion could race tirelessly for hours through the hills he had haunted for millennia.

But his foes knew the hollows and glens as well as he did; and there was but one of him and many of them.

Hoofs pounded pebbles in a dry stream bed, followed almost immediately by immaterial paws that clicked the stones with thorn claws.

He climbed the steep bank now, flanks flecked lightly with sweat.

Sundust had not yet reach the crest of the hill when he heard panting from above him. They where closing in.

It got tricky now, racing sideways on a wet, slanted slope. But there where wolves above him and wolves below him. That left forwards as the only option.
He corrected himself with an amused flip of golden mane; it was the only obvious option.
The wolves where used to their prey flying forwards, in the opposite direction of death.
If there was one thing in the world Sundust was least afraid of, it was death.

If there had been a wind on that night, pushing Sundust away from his foes, then it would have most certainty changed direction as he did.
Violently, unpredictably, and changed from east to west as the stallion turned on the perpendicular ground and raced towards the wolves.

The star clad forms stumbled backwards as the horse burst through their ranks. And to add to their confusion, he didn't dash away again.
Instead he began to dance around them. Then it might as well have been another phantom in their midst.
When a wolf dove for his flank, it found itself smashing into another wolf.
One snapped at his neck, instead its jaws ripped into another predator.

Howls of frustration began to ring out in the mists of the night as the pursuer's hunting formation was utterly confused by the pursued.
Sundust took the space of a second to glance upwards at the sky. The moon still rode high, it would be hours before the dawn came and the power of the wolves diminished.
He could stay ahead of them, but he would have to run again.

Dancing through the struggling wolves, he mounted the hill and reared, waiting for them to come.
It only took them a second. Then the frantic chase was continued.

Sundance could see the dark forest looming ahead of him, behind him the wolves let loose a terrible noise as they tried to drive him towards the trees. The forest in the shadows was their domain, if he went within he lost all his advantages, size, agility, speed, in an instant.

But nor could he turn back, the wolves where aware of that trick. To his left rose a cliff and his right was the wide river.
That left an option that he did not favor.
Stand and fight.

On the eves of the forest he whirled to face them, a huge pack of hungry monsters.
They paused for a second, then one of the bolder one charged and the rest followed.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:18 pm

“Well, I finally got your attention.”
Words: 935
Jade, little gecko-dragon

It was utter folly. Utter and complete.
Sit on a rock and wait to a Terreloth to come, then get one of its teeth.
The creatures that ate dragons. Not dragors, or Frill dragons.
Terreloths' ate wyvern's and greats.
Wyverns and greats.

The desperate things people do for family.

Under normal circumstances, Jade wouldn't have even wanted to speak to that crazy human... thing.
But Jasmine wouldn't survive without his 'help'.
Oh, if only Jade hadn't insisted on coming here without help. Without telling anyone else about her stupid idea.

Now Jasmine was sick and Jade was off on a fool's errand.
Jade hated being told what to do. And the man's haughty attitude irked her to no end. But she would do anything to help Jas.

The tiger's eyes roved over the rock field, trying to find a way of sidestepping actually coming face to face with the huge monster.
She sighed slowly and silently, trying to remember everything that human had told her about the rock field.
It had mostly been instructions on how to get there, but hadn't he made a vague reference about mother Terreloths?

Jade closed her eyes and began to concentrate: mothers meant babies. Babies where small... well smaller. Would the juvenile monsters be small enough to take on? And the mother probably defended the young.
She frowned. There was something there. But just beyond what she could think of.
Leaning back against the big slab of stone she tried to formulate a basic plan. But every single one she came up with was discarded as quickly as Jade could find the smallest fault.

The sun was at its zenith when she gave up with plan making, jumped off the rock, and slunk closer to one of the huge stone piles that could've possibly been a nest.
Jade wondered if she was big enough to qualify as prey to the dragon eating monsters. She'd heard several a story or two where humans had been completely ignored by the monsters. Maybe she was just too small for the beast to even notice.


She frozen when she reached the top of the mound. Looking down she saw two huge terreloth babies curled up next to each other.
A chill ran down her spin at their monstrous size, and ugliness. This was going downhill faster than she would have liked.

She could only hope that the rush of loose pebbles wasn't enough to awaken the humongous juvenile monsters.
Apparently it wasn't, for as far as Jade could tell from, their breathing stayed steady and the pain in her back was from her impromptu slide into the nest, not from the merciless bite of a terreloth.

Despite that fact, Jade didn't move.
In fact, she was at a loss.

Of all the times to run out of brilliant ideas.
Why now?

A loud crunch distracted her. Driving self-pity from her mind and reminding herself she was in a huge dirt pit with animals that swallow her whole, Jade slowly eased her head up.
A scream welled in her throat as a huge claw tip filled her vision. Another crunch and Jade felt the loose pebbles shift dramatically beneath her. Every nerve in her tightened, freezing her in place. Panic began to course through her in a way she hadn't felt since she before she was a recruit. The instinct she relied so heavily on began to fail her.

"Movemovemovemove!" a raspy voice hissed down her ear.

The urgency cut through her terror, and her limbs reacted by lashing out in one direction, throwing her bulk the opposite way.
The ground shifted wildly beneath her, trying to suck her downwards. Adrenaline surged through her, somehow giving her the drive to force herself over the edge of the nest, then to catch herself as she tumbled down the other side.

She lay still, chest heaving, hidden underneath a large rock she had slide under.

"That was one of the more foolish things I have seen."
The voice again.

Jade blinked and turned her head, trying to find the speaker.

"I am right here." something moved on the side of the rock and slowly took the form of a tiny, gecko-ish looking dragon.
"Oh," Jade squinted.

"What where you trying to do out there? Aside from die."

Jade hesitated in answering, then shrugged, right now she could care less about who knew what "Trying to get a tooth."

He stared at her for a second in disbelief, then began to laugh so hard that tiny bursts of flame issued from his mouth "Y-You w-w-where t-try-trying t-to w-what??! Why!?"

Jade sighed "Because I need it."

The gecko-dragon rolled its bugging eyes "That is... the worst lie I have ever heard."

A thin smile crept across the tiger's face at the audacity of the tiny creature "Fine, some human says that the terreloth teeth hold some sort of healing property."

The gecko-dragon bobbed his head "I have never heard that."
"Thanks, your positivity is helpful." Jade slowly clambered to all fours and began to back out from under the rock.

"Wait! Where are you going?" the dragon scuttled out beside her.
"I'm going to figure out something."
"It will include yourself getting killed, no doubt."
"No, it will not."
"You're right, it won't."
Jad glanced at it "Would you please make up your mind on whether or not your going to be positive or pessimistic?"

"What I meant was, I can help you get a tooth, not get killed, and not have to even face a terreloth."
"Go on," the gecko-dragon had her full attention now."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:51 pm

“I’ll just follow you.”
Shift, people, wolfcubs

Dawn rose grey over the silent forest. No creature nor Folk dared stir whilst man hunted in their woods.
None save for the one who was hunted.
But she counted herself the hunter and man the hunted.

Her fur did her no favors, an unlucky twist had turned it red and cream days after birth. But it had not claimed her natural instincts. She went quietly, on silent black fingers, following the blatant trail the fur hunters left behind them. It took no skill to follow them. They where over-confident, sure that their quarry was ahead of them, not behind.

Humans where fools.

It made them unbelievably easy to kill.

But Shift would not allow herself to make the same mistake of over-confidence, to go too fast. To make a fool of herself.
She wanted the men dead, patience would accomplish that.

Her nose told her the men had passed this way hours ago, early yester-eve. Her ears told her that they had made camp further ahead, and where just beginning to awaken.

A sadistic smile twisted its way across Shift's muzzle, she could kill them all before the sun had risen.
She moved quicker and with more care, if such a thing was possible. The only sound that broke the silence was the whispery breath that flowed from Shift's own lungs in short slips of mist.

Then she stopped, held her breath, her little body went ridged, nothing moved. But she could still hear the distant coarse breathing of the man.
She was being followed now.

Shift shrugged her shoulders ever so slightly. It would just make things a little more interesting. She dropped to all fours and continued.
But a few steps into the forest she became aware that there where significantly fewer men at the camp than there should have been.
A frown creased her furred brow, this was wrong.
Her ears swiveled in a slow arch, dim sounds, alien to the forest, registered faintly.

It was getting interesting.
Hunter followed hunted followed hunter.

Shift snorted at the thought. It was they who where the hunted. Those who followed and those in front. They where the ones who would be dead.

She began to move again. Close to the waiting men. Five paces towards them she heard another noise.

A child's scream.

She broke into a run, disregarding all caution, at the same time cursing herself for being so assuming.
It had been so easy to think they where coming after her, but they weren't, they where after someone else.
She was an idiot.

It took her no more than a second to reach them. Guilt twisted inside, for not realizing, but she pushed it aside brusquely. No time for that.
Swift as thought her paws loosened the reed from her side, long black fingers found the poisoned dart and slid it in, then with a deep breath it was flying towards its target.
Six men where dead before the first had even fallen to the ground. Another five stood in confusion around two very young wolf cubs who cowered in absolute terror.
Shift didn't feel any need to wait for the hunters to draw their own weapons and attack. They hit the ground, toxin coursing through their blood, while they wondered what type of bug had bitten them.

The two wolflings, one white, the other grey, stared at the red-furred raccoon with almost as much fear as they had given the humans.

"Uuhh..." Shift felt a total loss over the situation. What did a rebel know about children? "Where's your parents?"
That seemed like a nice safe question to ask, and hopefully and easy problem to remedy.

Or not.

"Don't know." Was the soft, clipped reply from the white one, a male from the pitch of his young voice.

"Alright," Shift closed her eyes and took a deep sniff of the morning breeze, filtering out the dead men's scents, the wolf cubs, and her own. Something was there, faint, similar to the cubs, and thankfully alive.
She opened her eyes and tried to smile at the cubs "Let's go see if we can find your parents."

Neither cub moved, except to blink uncertainly at her.
Shift could feel her patience draining away, but for once she made a huge effort to retain it. She knew what it was like to be so scared you couldn't move, your family gone, and your gut telling you not to trust anyone.

"Please, just follow me, we'll find your family," she tried again.

The grey cub glanced at the white one, who nodded slightly then spoke "We will follow you."
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Scene 58

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:52 am

“Would you please just be quiet?”
Words: 794
Klana, Whisper, Jeffery

"Crawr, crawr, crawr," the insistent whimper brought Klana from her warm deep sleep. Groaning, she rolled over, trying to ignore the gleeful chirrups that had started as soon as she had revealed she was awake.
Then she felt a weight on her back and sighed "Go back to bed you. Its too early to get up."
"Oohhm, ooohm."
Klana wrapped the blanket around her head, trying to block out the pathetic sobbing. For a moment, it was quiet, and she began to drowse back to sleep.
Then, oh horror! The warm blanket was ripped cruelly from her leaden limbs, exposing them to the frigid air.
She tossed the pillow aside and sat up with terrific quickness, yanking her legs towards her chest in an attempt to bring back some of the lost heat. But it was futile.

Klana glared over the edge of the bed at the guilty perpetuator, who stared back innocently; with Klana's blanket hanging from her sharp-toothed mouth.
"Give it back, Whisper," Klana hissed.

The baby velociraptor shook her head playfully and skipped a few feet away. Then dropped the blanket and whined.

'Fine!" I'm getting up!" Grouchily Klana swung her shivering body out of bed and stumbled out of the room, her eyes still thick from sleep.
The little raptor chirped happily and got underfoot as Klana tripped into the hallway.

"Will you stop that! I'm going to get your- oof!" Klana sprawled palms down on the tile while Whisper cried in confusion.
Rubbing her stinging hands, Klana twisted around to see the hatchling triceratops staring at her curiously, as if wondering how she had gotten in such an indignant position.
"UGH! TIREO GET YOUR DINOSAUR OUT OF THE HALLWAY!" Klana yelled at the top of her lungs while giving her younger brother's door a thudding kick.

There was a angry mumble from the room, then silence.
Klana rolled her blue eyes and stood up. Whisper was no help as she pushed her thick little head against Klana's legs and back, trying to hasten her ascent.
"Klep, klep, klep!" the velociraptor frantically reminded her keeper about breakfast.

"Will you please be quiet?! I'm going to feed you, ok!?" Klana sighed as the baby dino continued her barking call.

Klana finally managed to get to the pantry and wrestled the cold knob to open the door.
As soon as the door began to swing in, Whisper slammed her head against it and crashed into the long shelved room.

Klana rushed after her, hoping that Whisper had not hurt herself. The baby dinosaur looked up at her mournfully from her sprawling position on the tile floor and whimpered pitifully.
Klana dropped to her knees and quickly ran her hands over the crying raptor, but couldn't find any injuries except for a slight bump on the raptor's head. But Whisper wouldn't stop mewing.

"Serves you right," Klana scolded after she had assured herself that her dino was unhurt "If you had just waited I could've opened the door for you."
Whisper shook her head and continued to whimper.
"Oh hush, the minute I open that can you'll be spry as a pterosaur," Klana stood up and pulled a large can off the shelf and pulled at the tab until the thin metal lid peeled away and allowed the strong scent of meat to waft down to Whisper.
The velociraptor was back up on her claws in the space of a second and begging for the food.

"Told ya," Klana muttered as she dumped the contents of the can into the rubber bowl and watched the ravenous raptor devour her breakfast in seconds.
Then the girl yawned and walked back into the kitchen, then scowled at the time on the microwave.
Way, way, waay too early. For people at least. Whisper had been waking up this early for the past month and had still enough energy to act up during training.

Something sharp jabbed Klana in the leg, she yelped in anger and leapt back.
Jeffery the Triceratops barked up at her; he wanted to be fed too.

"No, Jeff, you have to get Tireo to feed you," Klana snarled.
Whisper clicked out of the tile pantry and yipped at the tri-top. Jeffery let out a bellow of terror and dashed away.
Whisper, never one to give up a chase, squealed gleefully and tore after him.
Klana moaned in despair at their uproar and raced after them, hoping to quiet them before they woke her parents.

The little dinos stopped in front of Tireo's door where they began to tussle, creating an even louder noise than before.
Klana snagged Jeff by his frill and lifted him up. Whisper jumped after him, but Klana forced her down wither other hand.

"Tireo! Get out here now!!"
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:28 am

"We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?"

Words: 790
Class, Whirl-whip, Ruth

Ki-lei could feel the tenseness of her teammate's scales through her legs, she wished she could say something to comfort the Brown dragon, but truth was, she was twice as nervous as he was, for good reason. She didn't have wings, Korian did.
When you where flying into the teeth of a sea gale, that made all the difference. Even if it was only a drill.
She caught a continuous muttering from the dragon flying next to them, a sun-set drake. Below the rush of wind and thrum of wings quiet words reached her ears.
"..... Bit of rain... bit of wind.... nothing to be afraid of..."
Ki wasn't the only one who heard the dragoness's fearful whimpers, the Flight Instructor, who's hearing was twice that of any in the group also heard.
With a fanciful twist of her great wings, the wyvern dropped into a separate air current, shot backwards, then broke back into the class was flying.
"Everything alright Glorial?"
The young dragoness bobbed her head nervously "I-I think so ma'am! It's j-just some rain and wind. Nothing dangerous..... Right?"
The huge wyvern didn't hesitate to correct her student "Course its dangerous! That rain lowers visibility drastically and totally dampens any firepower, and the wind, well, it makes flying terrible! It either pushes you too fast or is against you. Also makes hovering draken near impossible."
Everyone in the flock felt the false comforts they had been holding, shoring up their confidences' with, begin to melt.
Then a loud cough from Whirl-whip's back, brought their attention to the half elf.
"What Whirl-whip is trying to say to all of you is that these weather systems are terrible difficult to navigate. Which is why we're flying directly into this storm. To teach you how to survive, in case any of you ever need to fly in these conditions."
The youngsters relaxed, just a tiny bit.
Then the winds hit them.
Ki saw Glorial vanish in a blast of air, then felt Korian wobble into a roll.
"What are you doing?" she screamed, clutching at his scales with her legs and fingers.
"I can't stop!" he roared "Hang on!"
And hang she did, as the Brown Dragon literally flew belly up as a humid thermal of air shoved them upwards.
"What's going on!? What going on?!?" someone shrieked as they plummeted by.
Ki-lei's thoughts where screaming the same question at her. No one had mentioned this- this- madcap labyrinth of wind and water that had been hurled at them out of nowhere.
Korian's every muscle seemed to lock, then with a tremendous effort he was flying right side up.
"What do we do?" he shouted.
"No clue!" she shouted back. "Where's Whirl-whip?"
"Right here," suddenly the pair found themselves yanked out of the thermal and into a fairly even current of freezing cold wind.
The huge talons belonging to their Instructor let go of them as she backed into the air.
Follow me!" bellowed the wyvern, banking into the forceful wind towards the roiling ocean.
"Where's she going?" gasped Ki, but nobody knew or heard her. But they followed.
For a moment, they thought that she was going to land directly in the raging ocean, then the swirling waves seemed to part beneath her talons and rough dark rocks rise up to give her firm ground.
Hurriedly the rest of the class descended to the sea whipped island, every one of them demanding an explanation.
Whirl-whip shook her wings to silence them "Quiet, all of you! I'll explain if you just calm down!"
She paused and the youngsters quickly stopped talking.
"Those winds where beyond your skill level, nothing more. When they pass we will take back to the sky."
There was grumble of resigned agreement. No one relished the thought of clinging to a wave bashed rock while the wind died down.
Ki-lei hunched beneath Korian's forelegs, trying to keep some of herself dry; and failing miserably.
Just after five minutes, Glorial was already wailing. "How long are we going to be stuck here on this flame forsaken place?!?"
Whirl-whip sighed, but it was Ruth who answered.
"Ten more minutes at best, fifteen at worst. Bright side is there'll be plenty of beginner gusts for you to ride when this is over!"
It took twenty minutes for the 'advanced' winds to die down. And even then, the sky was a bit ratoshk , rough to fly.
"Ok, class, here's where the fun starts." With a twist of her wings the huge dragoness took off with a spurt of yellow flames.
The humans and elves scrambled aboard their teammates as the rest of them hurried to climb into the sky, all of them eager to leave the bit of stone behind.
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