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Scene 30

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri May 01, 2015 7:26 am

“I don’t even want to be here.”

Words: 780
Teri Rosette (Shift)

"I hearby banish you, Rosette for one full moon from this village and you are forbidden to have contact with any residents within. At the end of the month return and your case shall be reexamined. The sentences is to be instated from this moment; leave."
She locked eyes with her father for a moment, stunned at his sentence, then glared at the ground.
Still staring at the ground, she whirled and marched through the crowd, her red fur standing out like a sore thumb among the greys, blacks, and white of the other raccoons.
She could locked her eyes to the ground to avoid the hateful glares and accusing glances, but she could not stop her ears from listening to the angry mutterings and poisoned whispers.
Don't look up she told herself and somehow she made it out of the village without collapsing in tears.
Once she had passed the half burned buildings she allowed herself to look up, but only ahead.
This is going to be fun she told herself no one around to get in trouble with, tell me what to do, or bother me!
But it sounded hollow and empty
Oh come on, cheer up, they won't miss you and you won't miss them
True, there wasn't anybody who would truly care she was gone...
"Sis! Wait! Wait for minute!"
She stopped abruptly and spun around as her little brother tripped and crashed into her, crutches and all.
"Teri! What do you think your doin'!?" She barked angrily, but she was secretly relieved that he had come to say goodbye.
"I just wanted to give you something," he held out a small bag, carefully crafted out of scraps of cloth "It was going to be for the full moon festival, but I want you to have it now."
She laughed bitterly "Yeah, maybe since I won't be there, this would be a good time."
He held it out to her "Take it."
She accepted it. The bag was heavier then it looked, there was obviously something in it.
Rosette flipped open the small flap and peered in.
Teri beamed proudly as his big sister stared at him in shock.
"Did you make this?" she gasped as she pulled out the magnificent journal.
"Yup. I know how upset you where after Father took your old one away."
"Ehh, there wasn't anything good in it anyway."
"And... you have to show me what you write in it when you come back."
Rosette frowned at him "I might not even come back. Not after what happened."
"No! You have to come back! What will I do if you don't?" Teri whimpered with large frightened eyes turned upwards towards Rosette.
Rosette stared back down at him, his fur tousled, legs spread as far apart as they could go in a painful looking crooked position, and his hateful crutches that she could never accept.
Her shoulders slumped slightly as she scrambled to think of something to excuse herself "Well... you would have that... pray to."
Teri sighed sadly and stared up at her "I don't like it when you talk like that."
Rosette let out a huff of air "Sorry."
"I know. And anyway, I would still miss you."
"No one else would."
"Father would."
Rosette snorted loudly "Yeah he would; if I never came back he wouldn't have anyone to yell at!"
"Father loves you Ro," Teri said gravely.
"Yeah, uh-huh, well he could try showing it for once. Unless he expresses love through banishment."
"You brought that on yourself," Teri chided her remorsefully "you shouldn't have been playing with fire."
"It was only a jo- forget it, it doesn't matter now," Rosette helped Teri back to his paws and steadied him on his crutches "You're disobeying Father just by being out here with me."
"Your changing the subject. You will come back?"
Ro hesitated a moment before answering "I will. But I might not stay after that. No promises little brother."
"Just come back," Teri repeated, then leaned his crutches forwards so he could hug his sister.
Tears pricked in Ro's eyes and before she could stop them, began to pour down her red-furred cheeks "I will."
"I miss you."
Ro choked out a laugh "Bet you won't even realize I'm gone, life'll be nice and quiet."
Teri let go and frowned at her "Life is always nice and quiet. For me at least."
"Okay. Just stop making me cry so I can see the road," She turned quickly, slung the bag around her shoulders, adjusting for the weight of the book.
"Just come back!" Teri called after her.
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Scene 31

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat May 02, 2015 2:17 am

“This isn’t over.”

Words: 751
Mr. Bear, Miss Collingham, Kellie, unknown

'They've killed the White and the Silver, now they're going after the Brown.
The dying man's word's ran over and over in Kellie's mind.
They would have sounded strange and threatening to most anyone else.
They didn't to Kellie though; the words where a promise.
A promise that the person she loved the most would be killed.

"Tickets, ticket please!"
The fair-haired man looked over the top of his newspaper directly into sparkling brown eyes.
"Ticket please sir," the smiling aged conductor asked.
"Of course," The fair-haired man twisted his hand out of sight into his pocket and fished around for a moment,, then drew out a yellow train ticket "here"
"Thank you," the brown eyed man accepted the ticket, punched it, and returned it to the fair-haired man.
"Thank you," the fair-haired man replied as he accepted his ticket and resumed reading his newspaper.
The conductor continued along the nineteenth century train with practiced ease until he reached the very front car.
Velvet red curtains blocked the sunlight, leaving a dusty red glow to light the heavily perfumed interior.
The brown eyed man walked through the emptiness, not looking left nor right, there wasn't ever anyone in this car.
Which was why the old man stumbled backwards in mute surprise as a large form presented itself out of the musty dimness.
"Your work's been less than satisfactory Mr. Bear," A deep husky yet female voice barked.
"Miss Collingham!" Mr. Bear gasped "What may I ask are you doing here?"
"I am inspecting my trains for weak links, Mr. Bear. And by the stars I have found one."
"Me Ma'm?"
"Yes, Mr. Bear. You see not only do I base my employee's on their current performance but also what they have done in the past," the large figure heaved itself closer to the small man "It took much digging, Bear, but I found out a lot about you."
Mr. Bear gulped slightly in fear but kept his voice even "I'm sure its nothing interesting Miss Collingham, I've lather dull life."
"On the contrary Mr. Bear, I think you've led a very fascinating life. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to fire you."
"Fire me?!"
"Yes, Mr. Bear. Please get off my train."
"But Ma'm, it's moving!"
Bear could see the amused sparkle in the heartless smile she flashed him "Oh. I'm sorry. I suppose it would be hard to find a suitable exit on a moving train," she snapped two thick fingers together "Boys, I think Mr. Bear needs an escort."
Two large figures materialize out of the dark alongside the bulky woman and lunged for Bear.
The fight was fierce but brief, the younger men gripped the conductor's arms behind his back with merciless enjoyment.
"Don't forget your manners," Collingham laughed "show him the front way out."
"If you do this, you'll be a murderer!" Bear shouted as the two men dragged him towards the engine.
Collingham laughed again "I already am. And you won't be the last."
One of the men wrenched Bear's arm in cruel mirth "Yeah, we found your little girl. And she won't last long all by her little self."
Bear yanked his arm back "You'll never take her; she's too smart."
"Ugh," Collingham groaned "Take him out, he's getting boring."
It was simple for the much larger men to drag Bear out to the front of the train.
The wind screamed in Bear's ears and his heart roared; fear cut through them both. Not fear for himself, like most would feel; but fear for Kellie.
She was smart, but could she really take on the Mists of Avalon?
"Say your prayers old man, 'cause you're going to need them," laughed one of the men.
"Let's just get this done with; like Mom said, this is getting a tad boring. Hopefully the girl'll be more interesting to find," the other complained.
"She will put you both in jail," Bear growled.
"Oh, for heaven's sake, can we just push him over now?"
"Yes," one of them chuckled.
It was the work of a moment for them to push the old man forwards, while at the same time, kicking his feet out from under him.
There was barely a complaint from the engine as it raced over the small, fragile body, crushing it completely.
The men laughed as they heard the faint thud and felt the small rattling.
One job well done.
One story had ended.
But so many more where about to be played out.
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Scene 32

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun May 03, 2015 3:54 pm

“I’m sorry… I didn’t know.”

Words: 750
Raymond, Nickia, Farrarim

"You have a daughter?!!" Nickia's voice was high pitched and angry "How can you have a daughter?? You're not even married!"
Raymond clasped her shoulder gently but firmly, hoping he could calm her down before she drove him to tears "Kia, sit down."
She complied, but not before she had given him a look that hurt Raymond much more than her angry words; it was a look of pure mistrust.
Swallowing the stone that had solidified in the back of his throat, he gingerly sat next to her.
In this mood, he knew she would say things she would regret, and when she did, he would be completely ready to forgive her. But it helped to be cautious.
He reached out a hand again "Nicky, please listen?"
She was tense as a bowstring, but at least she didn't shrug him off.
He let his words lie for a moment; she would answer him when she had an answer.
Finally she sighed and relaxed slightly "Alright."
"Thank you," he pulled in a deep breath, trying to decide where to start.
"How'd you meet her?"
Confused, but glad she was speaking to him, Raymond glanced at her "Meet who?"
"Your... wife," the word sounded alien on her toungh, even more so since it was Raymond she was speaking to.
He pushed away the tears pricking in his eyes at the tender yet oh so painful memory, at least it gave him a good place to start.
"It was just after Thoruea's death-"
"My sister," Raymond realized that Nickia knew next to nothing of his past "You see, my mother died a few months after Farrarim was born. Thoruea was the eldest and the only female left in our immediate family, so she took over caring for the house and for me and Rim.
"She was more of a mother to us as we grew up than a sister. Which made it all the harder when she died<" Raymond paused to breath and to dissuade the tears that where asking to fall "It shook Farrarim the most, but affected me badly as well. Ireana helped me so much during that time... it was nothing complicated after that, I asked her and she said yes. For a while, I thought my life was perfect; I had a beautiful wife, two loving children, and a good job at my own smithy.
But that was when I didn't know how fast things could change.
And change they did.
I was working late one night a-and when I finished and went outside, t-there was... was..." Raymond paused to still the aching pains shooting through his chest, but before he could fully grip his emotions a soft hoarse voice took up the story.
"A glow of fire. When we got back to the house, we thought there was nothing left but a mass of flames. We're still not sure how Reya got out," Farrarim sighed,let his scales relax into a drab grey-purple, and sat lightly on the edge of the couch next to his brother.
"And Raymond, you left out my part," Farrarim glanced at Nickia "I started the whole thing."
"Farrarim. It isn't important," Raymond murmured softly "You know it wasn't your fault."
Farrarim tossed his shoulders, and his normal cold attitude returned "Well, if you're over with the history lessons, I left Reya by herself."
Raymond looked over to Nickia, asking her with his eyes if she could handle the next few moments.
She nodded, then leaned close and hugged him tightly.
"I'm sorry for being so dramatic," she breathed "I was unprepared. And when you told me who she was... I just over-reacted."
"Hardly, you didn't know anything about what happened. Nickia, I'm sorry for not telling you until the very last moment."
She let go and leaned back so she could grin up into his face "No apology needed. Anyway, its not as if I gave you much time for such reflective moments."
Raymond chuckled as he thought about the past eighteen years "It's been an adventure."
Farrarim cleared his throat loudly and impatiently.
Nickia rolled her eyes, but stood and offered a hand to Ray.
He took it, even though they both knew he could stand up fine.
"I think a proper reintroduction would be good," Nickia suggested.
Raymond squeezed her shoulder "Sounds like a good idea. What do you think Rim?"
Farrarim glanced at his brother in surprise "Huh? Oh, it sounds good to me."
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Scene 33

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed May 06, 2015 11:04 am


words: 752
Telya, Kolin, Clinthi

I stared sadly at the broken dragon egg, wondering what to do with it.
Well, it would have been a life if it hadn't been destroyed, so like I would with any person, I would bury it.
Carefully I wrapped the broken fragments in a large cloth and braved the freezing outdoors to bury the innocent egg.
Anger fueled my limbs and chased away the cold as I resolutely pried a hole into the cold dirt.
How could someone do this? For heaven sakes, the war was over!
I knew that hundreds of years of bloody wars wouldn't be instantly erased, but for crying out loud, don't take it out on the children!
Bitterness coursed through my arms and sent a rock flying out of the earth as I remembered my Father's condoning words
"Telya, you are a fool to run that dragon shelter. You are alienating yourself from decent humanity!"
What decent person could kill a baby?
Despite my anger, I managed to gently set the tiny bundle gently in the three foot deep hole I had opened, and to return the clods of earth to their resting place.
I stared at the freshly turned patch of ground, not wanting to go back inside to the bereft mother red dragon's awful tears.
It had been her last connection to her dead mate, and her first egg, her first baby, her last comfort.
I sniffed back my own tears, and caught the sickening of oil. The kind they used in lamps.
I frowned, I didn't use it in the dragon shelter, too much of a risk with young fire breathing reptiles around, I used light stones.
So why on earth was...
I dropped the shovel as I realized what was going to happen in a matter of seconds.
But by then there was nothing I could've done to prevent the dreadful events about to unfold.
The ground shook a few seconds before the wave of sound threw me backwards and the flames exploded into the sky.
It was as though a small corner of hell had been unleashed on my world, on my dragons, on my friends.
From my paralyzed position on the ground I had the perfect viewing as they where consumed by the heat; I watched as a young Frill dragon spread his wings to try and escape, only to have the thin leather like skin catch fire and burn to ash; as an ancient Dray was trapped beneath a falling support beam; as a male Stone tried to get his chick to safety, only to be surrounded by the hungry hellfire; as a Blue desperately pulled her brother out of the inferno.
I tried to move, to help, but another explosion seemed to rock me, this time multicolored lights danced blindingly behind my eyes, but it was only as cold darkness crept over me that I realized the explosion had been inside my head.

"Tel... Telya... wake up... please," a deep voice rumbled, bringing steadiness to the shaking waters around me.
With a groan I slid my eyelids open and found myself peering into Kolin, the Stone dragon's face.
With a groan, I forced myself to sit up, hoping desperately that the nightmare would stay in my head; but as I looked around and saw the black remains scattered against the stark ground, I knew it was all real.
I turned my gaze back to Kolin and with a voice thick with grief and shock asked "Who got out?"
"Me and Clinthi," he motioned to the chick huddled between his forelegs "Caro and Lin-" he motioned to the brother and sister Blue dragons "And I think the Dark angle wasn't even there when the explosion went off."
"Five," I murmured slowly.
There had been nearly thirty dragons in the shelter, now there where five.
"Are you sure?" I asked hollowly.
Kolin nodded gravely "Yes, Telya."
I slumped back onto the ground, shock blanking out anything else.
"Tel, Lin's hurt and Clinthi," Kolin's voice faltered slightly "she won't stop coughing. We need help."
We need help.
The words gave me a reason to move, to push away the intense grief that threatened to suck me into a dark void.
I stood on shaking legs and scooped up Clinthi in my arms, pressing my fingers gently against several places on her throat.
"Its just the smoke," I sighed with relief and let the squirming chick down so she could dash back between her father's legs. "It'll where off soon."
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Scene 34

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri May 08, 2015 9:18 am

“Follow me.”

Words: 751
Lionel, Freeta, fox natives

Lionel stared anxiously at the black furred foxes who surrounded them "Do you have any idea who they are?"
Freeka shook her head slowly "None."
"They seemed pretty excited when they saw you."
"Probably never seen a fox with white fur before," she replied lightly.
Just then the warrior foxes parted abruptly to allow passage for another, slightly smaller fox who held herself with rigid regality.
She paused when she saw Freeta, her golden eyes widened in disbelief, she staggered forwards a pace, garbled words pouring from her mouth.
"Do you understand anything she's saying?" Lionel whispered.
"No," Freeta breathed, her eyes betraying her uncertainty and fear.
The black fox stopped her outpour of words long enough to pull in a deep breath of air, then she shoved a paw against Freeta chest and barked one single, stunning word.
The white fox stumbled backwards into her otter friend.
"S-she knows your name?" Lionel gasped, nearly as shocked as Freeta was.
There was no time for her to respond, the black fox snapped out a command to the surrounding warriors and instantly they where being prodded gently by the spears.
"Ouch!" Lionel yelped as one of the tips dug into his shoulder.
Freeta spun around on instinct, her paw already enclosed around a dagger.
The female black fox rushed over towards them, snapping angry orders at the warrior, then trying to cajole Freeta to replace her dagger in its sheath.
Grudgingly she complied, but didn't remove her grip from the hilt.
Silently they filed after the she-fox, surrounded by warriors and the passing jungle.
They seemed to walk forever through the sea of green; neither Lionel or Freeta wanted to stay in that hot plant mass longer than necessary, yet nor did they want to find out what was at the other end of their unwanted journey.
But there was no other real options, so, eventually they left the jungle and entered a huge village made out of mud and roofed with thatch.
Lionel and Freeta walked as close as they could without stepping on each other, trying to avoid the amazed and terrified stares that the resident foxes gaped upon them.
They where escorted to the center of the heathen city, then forced to stop in front of a huge building.
It was different than the mud huts, so much, it was almost a painful contrast to the squalor around: it rose high in the air, its side smooth as liquid water, it seemed to be carved from a single vast piece of dark stone, overall the thing seemed to have been built in ages past, and had been bestowed with a maleficent power over the tiny subservient pats of dirt around it.
"What is that thing?" Lionel breathed, shattering the dark awe that had entrapped Freeta.
before Freeta could clear her head enough to answer; the dark female snapped out an order.
Instantaneously the warriors sprang to obey; Lionel felt the explosion of pain in his head for the briefest second before his muscles went limp and his body hit the ground.
"What are you doing?" Freeta screamed as she lunged to protect her fallen friend, daggers already drawn.
Paws yanked at her forelegs, dragging her backwards through the air, as soon as she landed she could feel the daggers and knives being yanked from their places on her belt, but for all her struggles, the only thing she gained was a cruel cut to the side of her head with the tip of one of her own weapons.
Another order from the female, the warriors scrambled away from Freeta, leaving her helplessly staring up at the female fox.
The dark fox had Freeta's favorite knife in paw, she knelt within inches of the white fox's face and held up the sharp steel.
Freeta waited for her to bring the weapon down, tensing in anticipation of the strike, but it didn't come.
Instead, she felt herself being gently pulled to her hind paws.
The dark female gestured for Freeta to follow her into the monolithic building.
Freeta shook her head tersely, she wasn't leaving Lionel; she allowed her gaze to rest behind her for a second, then spun around completely with a cry of disbelief.
Lionel was gone!
She felt a tug on her arm, the black female pulled her a few steps towards the entrance with a strength Freeta couldn't compete against and despite her best efforts, she found herself dragged into the foreboding darkness.
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Scene 35

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon May 11, 2015 2:28 am

“Why do I have to wear this?”

Words: 767
Colton, Ryder, Ruth

"Now Colton," Ryder started in a reasonable tone, his back to the farthest wall from the door "I want you to ask yourself if this is entirely necessary, it is, after all, just an insignificant dinner. Nothing... really... important!"
Ryder dropped to his knees and rolled as his older brother lunged for him.
Colton may have been older, but he really did not stand a chance of catching his brother, who could probably over-power Colton if he wanted to.
"Ryder! For heaven's sake, why won't you wear it?" Colton growled in exasperation.
Ryder shrugged "It itches."
Colton howled in disbelief "You can rider dragons, fight wars, but you can't wear an itchy shirt for one afternoon?!!"
Ryder pursed his lips "Nope."
"What do I need to do? Send out a royal decree? I can order you to put the shirt on."
"I'll just flee the country."
"There are some who would count it profitable to obey their king."
Ryder tipped an eyebrow up, causing the scar that ran up his cheek to twitch disturbingly "I'm completely fine with living the life of an outlaw again."
Colton groaned and buried his face into the starched shirt "You're impossible."
"Careful, don't smudge your crown."
Before Colton could think of an absolutely scathing reply, the door flew open and Ruth danced in, clad in a simple, lightly colored dress that flowed down around her ankles.
"Aren't you ready my Highnesses?" she asked in a teasing tone.
"I am, but your friend refuses to change shirts," Colton groaned in reply.
Ruth eyed Ryder's tatter mud, grass, and blood stained shirt "What's wrong with the one he has on?"
"Nothing, except that its literally been through the wars," Colton snarled "Its dirty, its stained, its been patched hundreds of times."
"It has character," Ryder defended his shirt.
"Since when do you know about character in cloths?" Ruth queried.
Ryder shrugged "Well at least this shirt hasn't been dipped in glue."
"I didn't soak your shirt in glue!"
"It's stiff enough to be that way."
"You're over reacting!"
"Where is this awful shirt?" Ruth asked.
Colton held up a well made, white shirt.
Ruth studied it for a second then looked up at Ryder "I think it would look nice on you Ryder."
"Not you too!"
"Pleeaase?? I've never seen you wear anything besides those cloths you wear everyday," Ruth begged "And you would look handsome in it!"
Ryder slumped his shoulders in defeat "You think so?"
Ruth bobbed her short, wavy, blond hair "I think you would look good."
"Oh... alright have it your way."
Ruth tipped her head to one side "Gotta go, Leb's callin' me!" and she breezed back out of the room, closing the door in an after draft behind her.
"Are you going to actually put that shirt on?" Colton whispered, close to total shock.
Ryder nodded his head slowly "Ruth likes it."
"Seriously? I beg and plead and all Ruth has to do is say she likes it?!" Colton howled.
Ryder shrugged "I respect Ruth's opinion."
"You respect her opinion over mine?"
Colton opened his mouth, then closed it abruptly, a sly glint creeping into his eyes "O-ooh, I see-ee."
Ryder glanced warily at his brother "What?"
"You like her... don't you?" Colton asked in a tone that demanded redress.
"You should talk. Everybody knows how you look at the Wanderess when she's too busy to notice," Ryder countered smoothly, despite the blush that had stolen his face.
Colton faltered, his own face beginning to brighten with flushed blood "Be quiet you and change shirts so you can impress your girl."
"She's not my girl!"
"You only wish she was."
"At least I'm not staring at an empty cloak and sighing."
"Change. Now."
Ryder shrugged of his shirt and exchanged it for the stiff white one "See ya lover boy!"
Colton gave a howl of indignity and gave chase to his fleeing brother.
"Aggh!" Ryder wailed as he desperately tried to scratch his back and avoid his brother "No fair!"
"I'll throw you in the dungeon for that!" Colton made a grab for Ryder and missed him by inches.
The prince dodged and raced for the door, stopped by the wide shoulders of Gathro, the King's personal guard.
"Your Majesty, is all well?" the tall man asked, concerned.
Colton straightened his crown with royal dignity "Yes Gathro, it was a small misunderstanding."
Ryder stepped back and rubbed his back against the wall "All is not well," he muttered ominously "If this shirt gets any itchier, I'll head for the hills."
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Scene 36

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon May 11, 2015 2:55 pm

“Don’t make me go alone.”

Words: 758
Freeta, Lionel, dark furred vixen

The second the foul liquid had burned its way to her stomach, the wall began to disinigrate back into mist.
Every tendril dug into her body with a vengeance, not willing to break down and give way.
But there was something more powerful than the blanket of angry fog, pushing through and forcing it away.
To compensate for its failing; the mist drove nails of hot agony through her nerves, and twisted her muscles into spasms.

Pain had left her weak, helpless on her back, but the mist was gone, and where had once been a wall was now a precipice.
"You're awake," a soft voice crooned in a pleased tone.
Freeta cracked one eye open with a great effort; what she saw sent fear shivering down her already pain drenched body.
"I know you understand me now Freeta," the dark female murmured "You don't have to speak, I know your in great pain, but the mist is gone and all you must do is search your mind, there you will find the answers to the past."
Freet groaned softly, but the movement of her chest brought almost more pain then she could deal with.
"Careful, you must take it slowly."
Breathing shallowly, Freeta tried to sort through her wild emotions, looking for something to bring her stability; Lionel's face floated into her mind and with a slow, drawn out, self-deprecating sigh, she remembered the sound of his body hitting the ground.
"Lionel, I cannot do this without Lionel," her voice was hoarse and cracked, but worse, she was speaking the same language as the dark fox.
"Who?" the stranger seemed gently confused.
"The... otter... please," Freeta creaked out of her rusty throat.
"Alright, I believe it may help," the vixen sent out a volley of orders; paws marched away on the stone floors, sending echoes of buzzing electricity through Freeta's body.
She had to hold it together for a little bit longer, just until she was alone with Lionel, maybe then she'd have the strength to peer into the darkness that had burned away the mist.
The 'little bit' seemed to turn into endless hours as she waited; fear, pain, exhaustion, worry, they all clawed at her heart, vying for her shattered attention.
Silence contrasted the war within, broken only by her own rasping breath, she desperately wanted to scream, but her voice was firmly caught at the back of her throat, held there by abrasive hooks that refused her the sound she desperately sought.
After all of eternity her limp ears caught the returning sound of pawsteps, in a few seconds she could feel the presence of the other foxes, she wanted to open her eyes and see if they had returned with her friend, but even that small strength had seemed to have fled her.
"I have brought him as you have asked," the vixen's voice floated coldly down to Freeta.
"Good... you... everyone else... leave... it hurt so much to speak, to drag the words past the cruel spikes in her throat.
There was a pause before the dark female answered "As you please, but I will not be far."
Receding pawsteps, then there was only one presence in the room beside her.
"Free?" Lionel's voice was fearful "What... what happened? You're talking their language."
"I don't..." Freeta couldn't finish, the words where too entangled in her throat, tears from the pain welled up underneath her limply closed eyelids.
Lionel's paw gently brushed away the tears that had spilled down her cheeks; it felt like a gale-force wind was driving icicles through her skin, yet his familiar touch was comforting.
"Lion... the mist... gone..." she tried to tell him that she thought she could retrieve those memories she had lost years ago, but couldn't yank the rest of the words out.
Fortunately, the otter didn't need very much to understand her "Your memories."
She managed to reply "Yes... need... you close."
He slide his paw under her back and slowly lifted her into a sitting position, then hugged her carefully to his chest; Freeta wanted to scream from the cruel agony, but after she was pressed safely against her friend, was glad she had been able to endure it, his close presence was much better than the cold strangeness of the dark furred vixen.
She sighed cautiously, then closed her mind to the outside world and gingerly peered through the wavering shadows, they dispersed even as she touched upon them, and a whole corner of her mind was set loose.
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Scene 37

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue May 12, 2015 2:13 am

“Oh, this is going to be good.”

Words: 811
Sevrn, Icara, Whirl

Icara grinned, then turned and jumped.
"Icara!" Sevrn screeched, peering over the edge of the concrete bridge.
Icara timed it perfectly, a millisecond before she hit the ground, she activated the laser board.
Balancing with her arms wide-spread, the girl inventor shot along the deserted hovercar roads with ease.
"Was that entirely necessary?" Whirl beeped into her headset.
"Did you see how he was acting? Its nothing less than he deserved."
"I meant your reckless behavior."
"Yes, that was necessary as well."
"Do you intend on leaving him behind? We might have need of his skills."
"He'll catch up."

But, Sevrn being Sevrn, did much more than catch up, he bypassed the pair, in a hangskater no less.
"Whaa?" Icara yelped in surprise "Come on!"
Whirl sighed mechanically as his creator recklessly raced after the young man "Please be careful."
Careful was the last thing on either of the young people's minds, they only wanted to outdo each other, and get through the city at the same time.
They neared the one-track high train lines, Sevrn paused a brief second, either he was letting her catch up or he was scared.
Icara didn't wait, but she did slow down, much to Whirl's programmed relief, before placing her feet so that they where length-wise on the board and then leaning so that she slowly road on the thin track.
"Oh, no you don't," Sevrn growled, maneuvering the lines to his glider so that he as well was balancing on the opposite track to Icara tensed, waiting for the violent drop ahead, then she was flying downwards, her body near parallel to the track, then there was a sideways twist, a switchback, an overcross with Sevrn's track, she came so close to him she could see the words pouring out from his lips, but their speed made hearing impossible.
She screamed as she was sucked down a tunnel without warning and was plunged into darkness.
There would have been light any ordinary day, but these days nothing was normal.
She was still racing at a breakneck speed; she could slow down, but even if she did, how could she get back?
But before she had time to act an electric green glow bathed the track ahead of her in light.
"I really wish you'd have waited for me."
"Sorry, Whirl, got a little carried away."
"I believe the proper word usage would be a 'lot'."
"Touché. Now what do I now?"
There was a moment of silence as Whirl referenced his maps "May I suggest that I interfaced remotely with your board? It would be much faster than if I relayed the instruction to you vocally."
"Go ahead."
The board seemed to take on a life of its own, moving with no direction from Icara; she felt like a passenger, but that was alright.
She didn't mind riding along now and then, unlike Sevrn, who wanted only to be in control of his own movement.
With Whirl guidance, the ride through the tunnels was amazingly easy and quick.
When they exited, Icara was surprised to see Sevrn waiting for them.
"What's wrong? Scared to go by yourself?" she shouted tauntingly.
Sevrn shrugged "It just isn't very sporting to abandon a competitor when they get lost."
"I wasn't lost! I took a shortcut!"
"Uh-huh, lets go," Sevrn twisted around on his skates and used his glider to jump to the nearest highwalk.
"Gimme my board back," Icara growled into her headset.
"I had anticipated that request and had done so even before you had thought of it."
"Thanks," She leaned her weight forwards and shot towards Sevrn, it was a flat stretch through the city's outskirts now, and an all out race to see who's tech was faster.
The wind screeched around Icara, making her thankful she had taken her robot's advice and worn one with eye protection.
They where even now, neither one ahead nor behind, their tech a perfect match to the other.
The race ended with the highwalk, they where out of the dead city.
"It was a tie," Whirl informed them both before they could start shouting out claims.
"Robot's right Cara, we're tied," Sevrn sighed dejectedly.
Icara didn't mind the tie as much as she did the name he'd called her, she stepped within an inch of him to get her point across "Hey, don't you dare ever call me Cara, electro-magger. Got it"
Servn shrugged, "Don't jump off bridges without my permission again?"
"You...." Icara's words began to make less and less meaning the angrier she got.
Or maybe it was just Sevrn, maybe it was because Icara was so close and so angry.
He hadn't noticed until now how pretty she was, with her dark hair peeking out from beneath her helmet and her eyes flashing from behind her glasses.
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Scene 38

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri May 15, 2015 12:41 am

"I thought I'd lost you."

Words: 818
Nickia, Raymond, Scarlet

It was all so horribly wrong, it stillness of her chest, the greyness in her skin, the harsh rattling in the back of her throat when she breathed.
He loathed that sound, yet it was the only thing that assured him that Nickia still clung to some pretense of life.
Another sound punctuated the deathly silence, a small squeak of broken pain.
A miserable ball of ragged red feathers huddled on the headboard of the bed, trying not to cry, and all but failing.
Agony filled eyes rose to meet his, and for a brief second she twitched a wing; her words gone, but she had no need to speak for once.
Raymond picked the owl-hawk up and cradled her in his arms; his eyes returning to the fragile form.
Helpless, he was completely helpless; would he have to watch as yet another person he loved was taken away?
It was terrible, this waiting, waiting for someone to die; death in no form or fashion was an easy thing, but waiting for endless hours for it to come was almost more than he could bear.
Her breathing came even shallower now, every inch of her being seemed to be a uniform grey, her once thick brown hair was now thin, stringy, and the same grey tone as her skin.
Setting Scarlet down on the coverlet, he gingerly brushed away a few strands of hair from the hateful bandage that covered the entire left half of Nickia's face.
Her breath was barely discernible now, her heartbeat all but faded away; she was leaving.
Gently he kissed her right cheek, silently whispering a goodbye.
He looked up, his eyes meeting with Scarlet's wide dark ones, he knew she could hear what he already felt; the silence, the absence of a third heart-beat.
For a moment, all either of them could do was stare in shock at each other; then a broken schreech followed Scarlet as she fled the room.
Raymond wanted to follow her and try to comfort her, but he could barely breathe, let alone walk.
His eyes where riveted on the much too still form.
"Why her too?" he whispered brokenly"Why?"
Would everyone he loved go before him? Would loving someone always hurt so much?
He had no answers anymore, only tears.
"Why her too?" he didn't realize he was still speaking, the words pushed themselves out as automatically as the stinging tears.
Slowly his legs crumbled beneath him, until he was kneeling on the cold wood floor, his face pressed against the blanket as his wet tears stained it a darker color.
For hours maybe he knelt there, pain and grief blocking out any sense of time.
Pain, like a knife being twisted into a salt-covered wound. The intensity of its agony made it nearly impossible to breathe, his heart felt as though it had been broken all over again, darkness seeping back from the places he had pushed them so long ago, hundreds of detestably familiar emotions flooding through the cracks into the foremost of his mind.

Sound... words?
Rippling like starlight on a dancing stream.
Breaking like warm rain on a frozen lake.
Distorted, as if there was a strong wind blowing between her and the speaker.
She wanted to move towards them, but she felt so tired.
Yet, it was a pleasant sleepiness, the feeling one acquires after a long day of hard work, a warm bath, and a good meal.
But it was out of place, not quite right; there was an undeniable feeling that she was needed, somewhere and how.
Was Raymond alright?
Was he the reason she was needed?
It took a great effort, but she managed to drag her eyelids open.
For a moment, she couldn't focus on anything definite; just vague, oddly shaped, forms, split too, she couldn't see out of one eye.
Before she could blink to clear her vision, she felt a tremendous pressure on her chest, like she'd been underwater for far too long.
She tried to breathe, for a second she was blocked from the air, but the obstruction quickly fell away, and a large drought of air flooded her lungs.

Dimly, Raymond felt a movement beneath his hand, he looked up, not thinking about the cause of the disturbance.
What he saw didn't even register for several long moments; the rising of Nickia's chest as she breathed was beyond belief.

Nickia managed to focus her eye, she was slightly worried about her other one, but it wasn't too important; when she did, she stared back at Raymond, wondering why he was crying.
"What's...wrong?" her voice startled herself, it was low, cracked.

Trembling, he reached out a hand to clasp hers, words escaping him.
With what little strength she had, Nickia gripped his hand.
"I thought..." Raymond couldn't finish, more tears spilled down his face, but the grief and pain was gone, replaced by awe and thankfulness
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Scene 39

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri May 15, 2015 2:41 am

How dare you?!? changed from “Where were you?!”
For Contest
Words: 904

A rasp and a scratch at the entrance of the cave awoke Straigth.

With a soft growl, he curled around and stretched his wings, flashing the silver underneath.


The young golden drake gasped as the older dragon stirred.

"Mio," Straigth's gaze traveled to the golden drake's empty back "Where is Naomi?"

The bright eyes went guiltily instantly.

A rattle of scales and claws rang out against the stones as Straight heaved himself up. His voice went low with threat "Where is your teammate?"

Mio backed towards the cave entrance, head down, wings half open, ready for flight. "S-she decided to stay down at the mountain base.... She wanted to.... to play with Thrake."

He scurried back another half-step. The sun caught on his gold scales, turning every bit of him into a prism.
Except for his claws. His red stained claws.

A trail of black smoke trickled from Straight's open maw. A tinged blue flame flicked around his teeth for a second as shock coursed through his blood like creeping frost.

Mio hissed and took advantage of the older dragon's immobility to prepare a searing fireball in his throat.

He locked his claws onto the very edge of the cave and spread his wings. Then slammed them shut as he let the blaze tear from his throat.

There was no time and no room for Straigth to move. The full intensity of the young drake's blast seared into the sensitive underside of the silver and black wings.

A long howl of pain rose in the Black dragon's throat. He writhed, trying to duck away from the heat.

Suddenly it was cut off and a rush of air back flowed over Straigth's burned wings.

For a second, he lay still, too stunned and injured to think. Then with a roar he heaved himself to his talons and lurched to the edge of the cave.

The seared skin on his wings split as he stretched them and hurled himself into the air.

Straigth plummeted as he struggled to make his wings work. He could hear and feel the crisp snaps as the burnt flesh peeled back and ran over with blood.

The hard flat plain rushed up to meet the flailing dragon. He had inches to spare when he finally caught a draft and managed to arch his body upwards.

His nostrils flared as he tried to catch Mio's scent. But the building pressure threw his senses off.
The storm clouds glowed red and yellow in the dying sunlight. But only one thing glittered in the sky.

Ignoring the complaints from his wings, Straigth wheeled and forced himself to fly faster.

Within minutes the air had grown tumultuous with opposing winds clashing with each other and the two dragons found themselves caught in the same vortex.

Straigth was already in agony, his reserves of strength nearly spent, but his anger and his flame where hot.

Mio whirled over on his wings, still trying to flee. His long tail whipped out as he banked into the wind.

Straigth powered himself forwards, neck craned and jaws open. The finned tip of the golden drake's tail came within reach and Straigth sunk his teeth down into the thin skin.

Mio screeched in surprised pain. He reeled mid air and tried to shake the older dragon loose.

Blood spattered the wind as the drake wrenched himself away, leaving a large part of his rudder fin still clamped in Straigth's mouth.

Both dragons where stumbling in flight now; Straigth from the exertion of forcing his burned wings to stay open and Mio from the open blood loss.
The gold drake gave up on fleeing, deciding to fight. But neither of them could get close enough to hit another bite or blow.

Straigth felt the wind shift beneath him and tensed, waiting for the right moment to dive.

Mio struggled against the air, sensing the older dragon's tactic.

But before either of them could stir a wing, a blinding flash of heat and sound split the sky.

The Black dragon wheeled and roared, berating himself as he realized he had flown right into the heart of a lightning storm.
He had to get out or he'd be fried on the wing.

But the young drake didn't realize the ultimate danger he was facing; anger from Straigth's attack was all he felt.

Straigth dove, hoping to get to the ground before more lightning sparked up. Mio dove, claws reaching out for Straigth's black.

One claw snagged the side of the Black dragon's wing, throwing him off kilter and he flipped, belly up and wings dripping towards earth.

Mio's claws raked Straigth's belly, pulling up scales and tissue in one dig.
Straigth waved his own talons upwards, trying blindly to score a hit. Mio squealed, but the Black dragon couldn't see the result.

He had to get back on his wings or the lightning wouldn't matter nor would Mio. They'd both be dead.

He wrenched himself over, the thick spiked end of his tail smashed into resistance and something wet covered and dried onto it.

Then he was simply falling; Mio was gone. But he didn't have time to wonder. He could pry his wings open for the pain. The earth rushed up to meet him and his body smashed lengthwise into it.

Through the hazy dimness a numbness covered his body. But he could see the rain. He could feel the regret.
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