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Scene 20

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:53 am

“If you love something, let it go.”

Words: 828
Shift, Freeta, Lionel

"No!" Freeta screamed as the executioner's crossbow clicked and the bolt flew towards Shift.
Shift neither heard nor saw any of it, a dim memory had flashed across her mind and demanded her attention.
Teri, sitting underneath the huge tree that grew just outside the raccoons' village, singing a few verses from one of the Psalms, the look on his face portrayed perfectly the emotion Shift had never once had
Then, suddenly her little brother's voice began to run through her mind.
"I believe the purpose of this life is to glorify the Creator, and prepare for the next life"
"Its a free gift, you cannot buy it, trade for it, or steal it"
"Choose Shift, that's all you have to do, choose with all your heart"
"You'll never find peace unless you ask"
She wanted peace.
She would ask.
'I want peace, I can't get it by myself, only you can give it to me' Shift didn't know who exactly she was asking, but she knew that all she'd ever had to do had been to ask, as a calm seemed to pull itself around the rusty red raccoon.
Freeta stared in horror at the thick dart sticking out from Shift's ribs, the bolt hadn't pierced flesh, it had crushed in the entire left side of Shift's ribs where it twitched sickeningly in time with the raccoon's heatbeat, the beat that was pushing the lifeblood from the small body.
With desperation, the dirty white fox ducked beneath the lowest fence post and ran, slipping and sliding, through the mud, to where Shift still stood, her body locked in place from the shock.
"Shift! Shift! Can you hear me?"
Shift blinked at her friend, what an odd question, of course she could hear the fox, why did she sound so worried?
Then she felt something wet dripping onto her hind paws, and looked down.
'I've been shot" Shift stared at the bolt with surprise "It doesn't even hurt"
But suddenly, standing seemed impossible for Shift and slowly she sank to the soggy ground.
Freeta's paw brushed the arrow, and her tears began to gather in her eyes, she hard worked too long on the battlefield to have any hope for the rebel, but she had to try.
Trembling, Freeta tried to open her medicine bag.
"Why are you doing that?" Shift asked, her voice strangely calm and kind "It doesn't hurt."
Freeta's tears began to pour over "Shift, oh Shift."
For what Shift knew was the last time, the words began to link together in her mind "Freeta, my satchel, do you have it?"
Shaking badly, the older fox gently place the worn out satchel into the young raccoon's steady hands.
Shift flipped the satchel open and by long habit knew exactly where her notebook and charcoal stick where at.
With feverish speed, Shift jotted down her last earthly poem.
Then there was a quiet crack as the stick broke in two and flew in different directions.
"Don't bother," Shift whispered hoarsely as Freeta bent to retrieve the charcoal "I'm finished."
Choking back a sob, Freeta slowly knelt down and gently propped up Shift's head, tears flowing freely down her face now.
"Read my last one. It's got my-my," Shift began to cough violently "Read all of them, but read the last one first."
The fiery black eyes began to loose their sparkle as Shift struggled to speak once more.
"What?" Freeta bent close to her young friend, her triangular ears straining to hear the words.
"Thank you so much, Freeta," the young voice died away at the same time the dark eyes glazed over.
"You're welcome..." Freeta gasped as the body went limp "Shift? Shift?!" she shook the form, not willing to believe that the young raccoon had left.
She felt something nudge her hindpaw and looked down instinctively. It was Shift's notebook, the pages still open to nearly the end with the final poem scribbled in it.
Read the last one first the words from only a few seconds ago echoed in her mind and Freeta slowly read the hastily written words
Its come down to my last battle
I that all this time I was fighting

I dance at death's treacherous edge
now I'm falling
But now I know all I had to do was ask
now I'm flying

Blood red coat's been washed white
by grace and love

Dear friend now that I'm leaving
do not be crying

Friends and family
Brother, Father, Mother
Soon I'll be seeing

Even now my breath is
but my faltering heart is now

Freeta, fox friend do not fear
I'll see you soon in forever

"Freeta!" Lionel's voice called out as pawsteps pounded out behind her "Freeta are you alright."
The otter's voice broke off as he saw Shift.
Freeta looked up at him, the notebook stilled clenched in her paws, the smallest, saddest smile breaking through her sobs "Yes, I'm alright."
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Scene 21

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:55 pm

"I don't need help."

Words; 757
Lionel, Freeta

Lionel was awakened by a dull throb in his side.
Something had gone wrong.
He wasn't dead.
'How can I not be dead?' he demanded silently I got shot with an arrow and fell of a cliff! I can't possibly be alive!'
But he was sure he wasn't dead, his side hurt too much for him to be otherwise.
It wasn't fair; his father had disinherited him, his brother betrayed him, and Mena was....
Again the terrible scene at the cliffs began to replay in his mind, he could hear the scream-
With a pained gasp, he forced his eyes to open, trying to banish the dying noise from his mind.
"Awake now?" an unfamiliar female voice asked with an odd accent, one he had never heard before.
"Who... where are you?" Lionel croaked, trying to sit up.
A mass of dirty white fur floated into his vision, he blinked, trying to focus his eyes.
After a second the mass defined itself into the definite outline of a slender fox face, set in the fur was a mismatched pair of eyes; one bright blue the other a poison green.
"I'm Freeta," the fox clipped "Who are you?"
"L-Lion- none of your business," the otter growled.
Freeta gave him an odd look, accomplished by pulling her neck backwards and tipping her snout downwards, it was actually rather intimidating especially since the intense eyes where burning holes into Lionel's vision.
"What you mean? No my business? I save life! Name can be my business!" the fox yelped, her words becoming confused.
Lionel began to sigh, but stopped as the pain threatened to send him back into unconsciousness "I didn't ask for help."
"Too good, cause I took it!"
It was Lionel's turn to shoot a look "What?"
the fox groaned and rubbed at her eyes with dainty paws "When I am calm I speak nothing forwards."
Lionel stared at her, trying to process her baffling words.
Freeta shook her head, then, in a careful, deliberate tone asked "How is side?"
"You shouldn't meddle in other peoples affairs."
She glared at him "How is side?"
"None the better for your asking. You should've left me."
Exasperated, the fox flung her fore paws into the air "You die if left alone!"
"That's the whole point!" Lionel barked, regretting it almost instantly as the pain sent shock waves through his body.
"Why?" Freeta whispered after a long silence "Why want to die?"
"Why can't you mind your own business?" Lionel growled back softly "You wouldn't understand anyway."
"I can't if you can't tell me."
"I don't want to tell you. I don't even know you."
"I could only help."
"I don't want any help!" Lionel nearly exploded, but the throb in his side prevented him.
"Fine. Leave."
"I'm going."
Slowly, and with a great deal of pain, he managed to gain his hind paws. He paused for a moment to regain his breath and to allow the throbbing in his side to ease a little.
"Staying, are you?" Freeta asked innocently.
Lionel ignored her and put all his concentration on taking a step forwards. He was able to stumble a pace or so before he felt himself falling with no way to stop.
Whiteness blurred at the edge of his vision and from nowhere Freeta was supporting him, surprising since she was nearly a foot smaller than he, and how he had been treating her.
"You need help."
Lionel groaned as much in pain as in frustration. The annoying fox was right, and even if he could move easily, where would he go? He certainly couldn't stay around here. Or maybe he should, if he wanted to die that badly.
"Lie back down," Freeta commanded.
Seeing no other course of action, Lionel did as she told him.
After he had been comfortably rearranged back on the ground the fox bustled off with the excuse of finding food.
Lionel felt a pang of guilt at his hard words to the fox, she was only trying to help. But why? Why on earth would a stranger help a stranger?
"Found berries. You know if they be good?"
Lionel looked up at the dirty white fox, then his eyes traveled down to the purple berries "Yeah, they're fine to eat."
"Good," she bent over to hand the succulent berries to the otter.
He accepted them, but didn't eat "Why are you doing this?"
Freeta shrugged her narrow shoulders "You needed help."
Lionel sighed softly "That's not much of a reason."
"Is for me."
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Scene 22

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:20 am

“That is the stupidest idea you've ever had. Of course I’m in.”
Words: 754

I groaned mentally as I imagined a hundred different things that click could mean; most of the scenarios having something to do with massive damage to the structural soundness of the boarding school building.
I wanted to leave it alone, at least, part of me did, but I swear I'm more cat than human.
So, not wanting to die of curiosity, I allowed my fingers to run along the fine crack that had appeared perpendicularly in the wall. The Wall gave slightly under a little pressure. Giving me another conundrum; I could ignore the crack or push it to see if it would open. What if someone walked in on me while the wall was open?
I quickly shrugged that one off, the principle had said that I had the rest of the day until dinner to get settled. In other words four hours thirty-seven minutes.
I leaned a little more of my weight onto the plaster wall.
click click... creeeeak
the wall complained, before swinging inwards without warning, and leaving me suddenly without support.
Suffice it to say, I nearly gave up on my little adventure here and there; after all the only thing I had gained so far was a mouth full of dust.
But, as I said, my curiosity would kill me if I simply closed the wall back up.
So, without further ado, I rapidly dug into my dufflebag to the bottom, unwrapped my reading flashlight out of the shirt I had covered in in, clicked it on, and shone it into the dark recesses of the opened wall.
Despite the bright beam of my flashlight, I couldn't see anything inside the wall.
Naturally I took a step into the darkness.
Then, of course, the wall swung shut behind me.
"No," I growled "No, no, no."
I clenched the flashlight between my teeth, leaving my hands free to frantically search for a hidden switch, a nick, something that would open the wall back up, bu-ut I didn't find one.
"Well, there's nothing for it but to look around" I tried to reason with myself If there's one opening there's got to be another"
"And of course, if there isn't I can just starve to death slowly"
"Oh, don't say that, I'll break something before that happens"
I cut off my internal debating long enough to trip and fall on my face again.
I sat up, spitting out dust and stuff I don't even want to think about.
"You're stupid, this is quite possibly the most stupid thing you have ever done"
I know, I know"
I stood up, still taking mentally to myself.
How could you ever think that going inside a wall could every bring any positive results?
I dunno
Is that all you have for me? You don't know?!
Pretty much
I shook my head to clear my argumentative thoughts, I could bash myself later, right now, I really needed to find a way out of this maze/tunnel/labyrinth.
Well, not a labyrinth, labyrinths where painstakingly laid out, they where puzzles, not a string of unending haphazard hallways.
I was truly stupid.
But there was nothing I could do about that, my only options where to keep moving or curl up and cry.
I favored the idea of moving.
I began to notice every small thing around me, the hollow thump of my shoes against the wood floor, how loud my breath sounded against the sharp silence, how the darkness seemed to strangle the beam of my flashlight into a thin thread, how dim my flashlight was getting...
"No!" I hissed as the beam began to flicker. I shook it wildly, trying to bring back any life the batteries had.
But it was useless and soon complete pitch surrounded me, worse even the the darkest time of a moonless cloudy night.
Oh why did I have to spend so much time reading after curfew? Who cared if the book was epic, it wasn't worth getting trapped in an old forgotten tunnel in-between the boarding school's walls. Maybe I wasn't even in the school any more, maybe I was somewhere far beneath it-
"No use thinking like that," I chided myself "It was your own stupid choice that led to this, so you need to get smart and get out."
And with those sugar-coated thoughts, I began to stumble blindly forwards.
Without my light, time seemed to belong to another dimension and had no meaning.
I was beginging to feel a little crazy and a lot panicked.
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Scene 23

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:49 pm

"Don’t you dare throw that snowball-"

Words: 756
Lionel, Lilly, Freeta, Achran, Adrian, Avery, Jade, Jasmine

"It snoooooowwwed!!" Lilly shouted at the absolute top of her lungs as she bounced up and down while shaking her brother into wakefulness.
Lionel groaned and sat up, pulling the blankets tightly around himself as he did so "Lilly, what are you doing up so early?"
"Gud ole snoaw!" Achran's thick brogue boomed out alarmingly close to Lionel's ear.
Lionel chucked dryly "What are you two still doing inside?"
Lilly let out a war whoop and dashed out of the small room with the squirrel close behind her.
As soon as they left there was the quietest patter of paws on the floor and Freeta entered the room, a wry smile stretched across her face.
"It snowed," he informed her solemnly.
"So I've heard."
The otter slide out of bed, still draped in blankets "Better get something warm started, they'll be half frozen when they get back inside."
Freeta bobbed her head "Make plenty, I think everyone will be outside soon."
"That's not so many, only a few students have stayed on past the midwinter."
"yes, the tiger girls to name two."
Lionel smiled, catching his old friend's meaning "I'll make plenty. Care to help?"
Freeta gave him a look out of her vibrantly mismatched eyes "No, I'm going to be outside getting half froze."
Lionel rolled his eyes in amusement "Guess I should know better by now."
Freeta nodded "Probably."
"Well, have fun."
"Oh, come on, you're not coming out?"
"Freeta, I have to get breakfast ready!"
A mock pout spread across Freeta's face "I thought otter's liked to play."
Lionel shrugged " Sorry, but I'm not one for getting half froze. Have fun!"
Freeta grinned and bounced outside into the snow.

Achran saw her first, then dashed over to Lilly and bounced up to her shoulder to whisper something in her ear.
A mischievous grin spread across her whiskers and she nodded.
"Get the teacher!" Lilly shouted a few seconds later as she sent a hard packed snowball flying towards the dirty white fox.
Almost instantaneously snow was flying through the air, most of them pelting Freeta.
But the fox gave as good as she got, her aim was exceedingly good compared to her students and soon they where coating with as much of the cold wet stuff as she was.

"What iss going on out there?" Adrian asked as he and Avery peered out the frosted window; the pair had opted to stay inside since Adrian did not deal well with the cold and Avery did not deal well without Adrian.
Lionel paused in his work long enough to come to the window.
"Oh dear," he sighed "It's a snowball fight." Then he bustled back to his work with renewed energy.
Avery swiveled her head completely backwards "They're fighting with snow?" She asked incredulously.
"Yes, and that makes them twice as hungry and three times as cold."
"Avery look at them!" Adrain croaked with laughter "They're covered with sssnow!"
The eagle's head spun around to face forwards and she began to laugh as well.
"Look at Achran! That snowball literally is stuck on him!"
"Look at Freeta! You can hardly ssseee her under all that ssnow!"
Lionel smiled to see the odd pair laughing together; snake and eagle, often place at opposite ends of the scale, yet these two couldn't be much more alike.
"hey, come here you two, and lets eat before the hungry snow monsters come in with an appetite."
Reluctantly they peeled themselves away from the window and climbed up onto the small table.
Adrian sniffed at the perfectly sized bowl that Lionel set down for him "Ssmellss good."
Avery giggled "It's always good if Lionel's cooking."
Lionel beamed at the compliment.

About ten minutes later there was general confusion as the snowball fighters stormed the kitchen.
"Everyone grab a bowl, serve yourself and get out to the dining room!" Lionel commanded above the chaos.
But no one seemed to hear him.
"Please!" He shouted, this time grabbing Jade's attention.
"HEY EVERYONE BE QUIET!!!" The tigress roared.
Everyone was quiet.
"Grab a bowl, serve yourself, and get out to the dining room," Lionel repeated in a normal tone.
Adrian opened his mouth to shout a warning to the ottercook, but he was too late.
Lilly slipped the small pawful of snow down her brother's tunic.
Lionel howled in surprise as the cold wetness slid down his back. He wriggled wildly to rid himself of the snow, much to everyone else's amusement.
"Lilly!" He shouted as soon as the cold was gone.
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Scene 24

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:50 pm

“I’ll just sit here and wait for you to be finished.”

Words: 818
Raymond, Nickia

"Do I have to?" Nickia asked nervously as she peered out through the trees and into the bustling schoolyard.
"We'll try it for a few days," Raymond managed out through chattering lips "You warm enough?"
Nickia tugged the warm hood of her coat lower over her head "Mmm-hmm," her green eyes never left the children playing.
"Do you want me to walk with you?" Raymond offered gently.
She nodded, slipping her warm mittened hand into his cold claw, and slowly they walked across the bare brown earth towards the school.
Raymond realized that the shouting children had gotten oddly quiet in the last few seconds since he and Nickia had broken cover from the woods. He looked up to check on them, they all where staring at him.
"Why are they looking at us like that?" Nickia whimpered anxiously gripping her lunch pail to her chest.
"They've just never seen a Lizron, that's all," Raymond assured her "Now go on, the teacher's about to ring the bell."
The eight year old set down her pail with a thunk on the cold earth and wrapped her arms around Raymond's waist.
"I don't want to go," though her voice was muffled, he could still hear the sob behind it.
"You'll be fine,'' he managed to say without breaking into tears himself "Now go on!"
"You'll be waiting when I'm done, won't you?"
"Of course," it took everything he could do not to let his voice crack "Now go!"
Reluctantly Nickia let go of Raymond and trudged slowly towards the unfamiliar building, only turning once.
He watched her go, a tiny figure marching towards unknown lands.
He felt the strangest mixture of pride and sadness towards the little human girl he called his own: pride that she did not throw a fit or refuse to go to school, a strange place with people, other humans, and sadness at the reminder of how fast these frail creatures grow up, how Nickia wasn't that little giggling baby anymore.
Raymond shivered as a blast of wind tore at his already freezing body and forced him to quickly walk back to the small cabin that he shared with Nickia.
The house seemed terribly empty without the young girl's laughing voice and twinkling eyes, even more so since he had little to occupy the long hours until it was time for her to return.
But it was for the best, he told himself without any conviction, Nickia would need to learn the things that the small school offered, and more importantly, how to interact with other people. Something Raymond knew nothing about.
A hiss from the fire woke him out of his thoughts and warned him that he need to pile more fuel on if he wanted to stay warm. After venturing back outside into the numbing cold for more wood, Raymond stood in the center of the larger room, staring around blankly, trying to decide what to do.
"I'll clean," He told the emptiness.
As if he had anything else to do.
He started with the dusting, it didn't take long since there wasn't much to dust, then he swept, washed the few breakfast dishes, and generally tidied up the already fairly clean house.
When he had exhausted his options it was still about two hours before he needed to trek back through the woods to the little school.
Idly he took down his ax from above the fireplace and sat down, it was not the one he used for chopping wood, no, this one was a battleax, much bigger and a better make then the wood chopping one. He should know, he made it. Oh how long had it been since he had been inside a smith?
His mind turned back the clock as memories began to flood him, they where painful, even after ten years, but their distraction was welcome.
For the next hour and a half, he relived the time when he had been a well known and respected person among his kind, when his advice had been gladly accepted, sought after even. The time when he had a real family.
Would he have traded it willingly for this? A life with only a little girl to keep him company? True, he loved the child dearly, but...
He sighed aloud, there could be no choosing, it was for the best one could not change the past, for then they'd never live in the present.
He glanced out the frosted window at the pale yellow sun; it was almost time to head back to the school.
He stood up, replaced the ax over the fireplace, pulled on his rough wool cloak; the only piece of clothing he ever wore, and stepped outside again.
He smiled despite the freezing air that numbed his face. All he could think was that Nickia would be back soon and he couldn't wait to hear about her day.
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Scene 25

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:16 pm

“Whoa, buttercup, whoa.”
Words: 1, 128
Andrea, Chance (the horse), people

The pinto's eyes where rimmed with a terrified white band, his beautiful white and brown patched coat was soaked in fear sweat, and foam ran from his mouth as he fought wildly against the cruel ropes that held him in the center of the dusty show ring.
"Well folks, this one is a bit small, but look at that head! Those markings! His perfectly shaped legs, not too thin, not too thick,Yes Sirree this young fella would make an excellent addition to anyone's herd," The auctioneer bellowed, as though his words alone could cover the wildness of the small stallion "Shall we start the bidding at say... Ten gold coins?"
" Five gold coins?" The auctioneer offered weakly.
Before anyone could answer the small horse screamed; it was an awful sound, the sound of stark fear and raw terror giving voice from the very depth of an animal.
The sound tore at Andrea's heart, she hated to see such a proud beast treated in such a way, but it was not so much that as it was the very sound that had escaped her own lips years before. She knew almost exactly how this horse was feeling: Alone, afraid, and abused.
"Two coins, two coins for this wonderful animal, just two coins and he could be yours, I shouldn't be doing this, I'm practically giving him away," the auctioneer cajoled.
The horse screamed again, throwing all his weight to ride himself of the ropes that bound his body and for a few seconds he was loos from their grip.
With a the ropes trailing like streamers behind him, he bolted towards the fence, people began to push back in fear that he should leap it.
He came so close for a brief second that Andrea could see the veins in his neck standing out and the scars of abuse that crossed in sore red lines on his forehead.
He began to gather his legs under him but before he had enough momentum the men grabbed the ropes and threw him to the ground with an awful thud.
"Get him out!" The auctioneer shouted "Sorry folks, we'll get a nice tame one in after this."
Andrea touched the light purse strapped around her waist, knowing well the amount of coins she had,
"I hope this is the right decision, Andrea prayed.
"Two coins! I bid two coins!" She shouted at the top of her lungs and held up the gold coins, allowing them to flash and glitter in the sun.
Everything and everyone went still and silent as stone, even the struggling horse.
A wicked grin of delight spread across the auctioneer's face as he bellowed before Andrea could go back on her offer "Sold! To the young man in the elvish cloak!"
Andrea didn't bother to try and correct him, it would cause more trouble then she could handle at that moment.
The men began to drag the pinto out of the ring, but Andrea wouldn't have it.
She pulled the lead rope of the largest man's hands and yelled for the rest of them to drop their ropes, which they did so gladly.
She knew she was putting on a show for the crowd, but she did not much care.
The pinto bucked to rid himself of the ropes that trailed off him, then paused, his nose touching the ground, waiting for the air to refill his lungs.
"Come on," Andrea crooned softly "Come on, you want to get out of here don't you?"
'God, please help me"
A shudder ran through the small horse, he lifted his head, looking more like the proud beast he was then the broken sounding soul that his scream had sounded like.
For a second she thought he was going to follow her out of the ring quietly, but someone in the crowd screamed "Get that young man out of there! He'll be killed!"
The pinto shied violently from the sound, nearly yanking the lead rope out of Andrea's hands.
"Easy," she breathed "Easy, come on, I need you to do this boy."
The pinto braced himself against the ground, waiting for Andrea to make her move.
"Come on now, you don't want to stay here do you? I don't," Andrea kept up a steady stream of conversation as she stepped nearer to the horse.
She had gotten within a foot of him when he reared suddenly, the rope was yanked out her hands. Thrown off balance, Andrea fell backwards into the dirt, her hood was thrown back, revealing her rich brown braid for all to see.
A gasp ran through the crowd, first in shock at her fall, then in anger as they began to see she wasn't in fact, a young man.
"Get out of my show ring!" The auctioneer hauled her to her feet and began to propel her towards the exit "No girl is having one of my horses."
"I paid already," Andrea snapped back, twisting her collar out of his hand and running back towards the pinto, she knew it was bad to to run towards a horse, but she was afraid that she was either going to get thrown out, or that the pinto would run off.
When she reached him, the small horse was still frozen in the same stance, his lead rope dragging in the dust.
Andrea clutched at the rope, and gripped it in her hands, but before she could decide on a further course of action a commotion in the crowd caused her to look up.
Her heart sank as she saw the soldiers streaming down towards the show ring.
She needed to get out, now.
She glanced at the small wild horse, she'd never ridden bare back, but there was a time for everything.
Now if only she could manage to mount him, and stay on.
"Easy boy," Andrea ignored the shouts from the soldiers and calmly walked towards the pinto. "I need a ride, can you help?"
She stepped close to the horse's side, to hr joy he didn't flinch.
"Thank you God"
She gently pressed down on the small of his back, rejoicing more when there was no response, she hoped at least that it was a good sign.
"Ok," she sighed as the soldiers thundered into the dusty ring "Time to leave."
She sprang up easily onto the pinto's back.
He squealed, Andrea could feel the tightness in the horse's back as he exploded into a dead gallop straight towards the fence.
He cleared it easily, and now was heading for open land.
Andrea clung to him, no more then a wet rag in the frantic horse's mind, and she realized it was going to take a lot more then "Whoa" to stop this small guy.
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Scene 26

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:44 am

“Hey, I offered to help you.”

Words; 777
Scio, Ryder

Scio sighed in despair as he peered down at the red-haired figure stubbornly attempting to climb down the rocky cliff.
He had offered to help Ryder, it was not even a true flight for him, simply an easy downwards glide. But, course, the young human refused Scio's simple offer of help and insisted on trying to do it himself. Just like he wanted to do everything.
The dragon heaved a soft groan in frustration as a cry from below and the sound of stones knocking against each other alerted him to the fact that Ryder had lost his grip.
He launched himself into the air, tilted his wings, and soared towards the boy.
Ryder was clutching at the stones with both hands, his legs dangling out uselessly as he tried to regain his footing on the smooth cliff side.
Scio didn't know why he asked anymore, but he did.
"Doest thou need help?"
The boy rebelliously tossed his wild red hair "I'm fine."
Scio allowed himself to sink a few feet underneath the boy, ready to catch him when he fell, for surely, the last twenty feet of the cliff where sheer and the boy was too tired to climb all the way back to the top.
In a minute, there was a sharp crack as the stone projection gave out under Ryder's weight, and a yelp of fear as he plummeted a few feet onto Scio's back.
"May I help thee?" Scio asked pointedly and with no guise to the sarcasm in his voice as he touched the ground.
"Let me down," Ryder growled, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment and anger.
"Gladly," Scio muttered as he knelt low so that the boy could slide off without hurting himself.
Even so, Ryder purposely choose the steepest way to descend, and landed on the ground with a resound thud.
He struggled back to his feet and limped forwards "Let's go."
Scio sighed and shook his head, at a complete loss. He didn't know why he was doing this at all: humans and dragons where enemies, the only thing he was accomplishing here was getting himself executed or banished, and the boy certainty didn't appreciate that.
A faint hiss caught Scio's attention and he glanced up at Ryder; the boy also didn't appreciate the poison fire snake he was snake he was about to step on.
Without thinking, Scio flung his wing out, catching Ryder in the stomach, but stopping him from being bit.
"Hey!" Ryder shouted, angry and winded.
"Look closely at the stone a pace ahead of thee," Scio calmly commanded.
Ryder craned his neck to see over Scio's wing, and paled quite visibly as he recognized the deadly snake.
"Do you need help?" Scio asked.
Ryder shook his head "I'll just go around it."
Scio held his wing in place just a second long to make a point, then slowly folded it back up against his side.
Ryder edged carefully around the hissing snake, giving it as a wide berth as he could.
When he had finally cleared himself of the first snake, they both heard another loud hiss.
Ryder glanced down at his feet, then over to Scio, his green eyes wide with terror.
Scio shrugged nonchalantly, he wanted to see how the boy would handle this on his own. Besides, he had already refused the dragon's offer to help.
Ryder looked away from Scio and gulped, trying to figure a way out of his predicament.
He took a step to the right, only to be greeted by louder hissing. He quickly stepped back, completely unable to move anywhere.
Scio could see the struggled in the boy's eyes, a struggle between pride and fear, between the loyalties that told him to despise dragons and the truths that stared him in the face, telling him that he needed the help of one.
Scio could also hear the roaring hiss of the poison fire snakes, it did not worry him for Ryder's safety though, only when the snakes went silent would he begin to worry.
Ryder slowly began to back away from the hissing noise and towards Scio; it seemed to work, until he slipped and landed on his back with a hollow thud.
The hissing rose to a a frightening bellow then stopped abruptly as if severed with a knife.
"Scio?" Ryder whispered in a hoarse voice harsh with terror "Help me, please?"
"Of course," the dragon purred, reached out a heavy clawed hind foot, and snagged the boy by his shirt just as multiple fangs reached for his weak body.
"I offered to help thee," Scio remarked dryly as he looked down at Ryder.
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Scene 27

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:13 pm

“I think I am concussed.”

Words: 783

The freezing wind swept down the sheer mountain side, splintering into a thousand stray needles of air as they crashed against the ragged stones at the mountain's foot.
One of the glacier breezes wound its way through the cracks and crevices to find a crumpled form tucked almost underneath one of the monolithic stones.
It ruffled the thin fur mercilessly, until one eyelid flickered open, revealing a poison green eye. The eye blinked slowly, then the other eye opened, this one a deep sky blue. They fluttered open and close in unison for a moment, then where held shut longer as flashes of heated pain temporarily drove all thoughts of the cold from her body.
But soon the pain receded, quickly replaced by numbness.
What was she even doing here?
She tried to search through her thoughts, but a thick fog had entrapped her mind, cutting off any memories of the past.
And where memories where lacking, raw feelings began to take over and flood her already muddled head with more questions then she could handle.
Who was she? What was she? What was she doing here? Where was she? What was she? Did she have family? Friends?
She shook her head gingerly as the questions overwhelmed her and began to turn into meaningless sounds, echoing dimly inside her skull.
She blocked the echoes, focusing her attention solely on the mist.
She tried to yank it away, to pull it back and restore her memories; for the most faintest of seconds, the mist seemed to swirl slightly, and she felt the tiniest of glimmers snake behind her eyes.
Then the mist seemed to solidify with her thoughts still in it, threatening to reclaim the meager few granules of information she had just learned about herself.
She felt it slipping away, like an easy wind over polished rock.
She grasped at it in her mind, managing to cling tightly and draw it fully out of the mist.
The mist retaliated by sending screaming shocks of pain through every inch of her being, there was not a part of her that was not electrified with agony.
A scream of anguish escaped her lips, but never reached her ears as the internal cacophony was twice as loud as her own voice and drown out any other noise, even that of the howling wind.
After endless minutes of dark fiery despair, the pain gradually subsided into a dull throb, that threatened to return in full force at any moment it wish.
After another full moment of breathless waiting, she carefully began to tread lightly back into her sore mind and slowly eased out the small facts she had wrest from the fog to examine them
Her name was Freeta; she was a fox.
It wasn't much, but it was a start, maybe even enough to help her regain more.
She liked the sound of it, echoing through her mind, soft and gentle seeming at first, but hard, cold, and clear at the end. It fitted her like her own fur.
She couldn't bring up an image or even a faint outline of what that looked like, but fox she was, and it fitted just as closely as her name.
Curious now as to how she looked, Freeta ran an experimental paw across her face: she had a long thin snout, a fan of fur spreading out from her cheeks, hollows under her eyes, and big triangular ears.
All the pieces where there, but she still couldn't put the puzzle together.
And speaking of puzzles, was it possible to loose one's entire memory?
She frowned, trying to dredge up something to enlighten herself without disturbing the hateful mist.
A blow to the head, poison... something else; when she tried to pull up more the mist swirled threateningly and a vibration of pain shot through her.
Quickly she withdrew herself and decided to turn over the two options she had open.
Somehow poison didn't seem to be right, was the result death usually? But a blow to the head didn't make much more sense.
And neither explained how she had gotten here.
Well the blow to the head made slightly more sense, her head did hurt, she reasoned, maybe someone had hit her on the head and left her here for dead.... this caused yet another question.
Where they still around?
No, if they had left her for dead then why stay here?
She groaned softly, all these questions where overwhelming, it was too much for her drowsy mind to handle.
I shouldn't sleep a tiny voice squeaked from some distant dimension, but it was overwhelmed by the cold and darkness.
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Scene 28

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:40 am

-gasp- “The plague!”

Words: 783

It was terrible.
With an iron fist it took it's victims, and shook them like a dog shakes a mouse.
Without any mercy.
No one knew exactly where it came from: some said it crept up from the marshlands, others believed that it swept down from the mountains, and even others believed that it was an ancient malice stirred up by some fool's meddling.
But words and thoughts wouldn't help the healers combat the plague so every healthy fox of the tribe helped in any way they could, even the warriors. It would be said in later days that they laid down their daggers and arrows to fight another type of foe.
But even the most battle hardened of fighters blanched at the sight of some of the sickness's symptoms: the screaming, the thrashing, the stillness, the way it ate at your loved ones' bones and organs.
But the worse was the slowly fading memories, the way your father or sister or daughter looked at you with no memory of who you where or even of themselves; the way they screamed in terror when you came near them and wailed in pain if you touched them.
It was terrible.
No one knew how this strain of the plague spread, but thankfully it seemed to be rarer then the others.
That's why when Freeta BladeThrow fell into her hammock at the end of a sleepless night, the last thing on her mind was getting sick and for good reasons.
She had always been the healthiest amongst her kin; she was a warrior, trained not to think of the ways of death outside the battlefield; and simply because she was the daughter of the chief, the gods where supposed to be looking out and protecting her.
That is why neither she, nor anyone in the tribe would have even believed it possible for her to catch ill.
Yet later in that day, when she rolled out of her hammock and blinked her eyes open.
With horror, she realized she didn't know where she was.
For the first time in a long time, Freeta felt a sick terror and overwhelming panic.
A voice that she knew should have been familiar swirled into her mind, asking questions she should have understood.
A face she desperately wanted to recognized swam into her vision, the features where blurred, but she could feel the worry frying the air around her.
She tried to speak, but a strange fog seemed to be strangling her, to be filling her mind, giving her no room for thoughts or memories.
Something brushed against her, the mist tightened its grip, pain ran through her like the stabs of a fire-heated dagger.
She heard a shriek of tortured agony; with dim shock found that it came from her own throat.
Something grasped her by the foreleg; unbearable waves of pain twisted her as the mist angrily yanked her out of the tight grip.
Then the fog took over, blotting out anything and everything except intense panic.
The mist used to panic and told her to run, and run she did, away from the village, from the life she'd known and foxes she'd lived with.
Everything was gone from her mind, swallowed by the mist, and replaced by unreasonable instinct.
She tore through the jungle, terror telling her that she had to run or else.
Normally she would have stopped and reasoned herself out, but reason was the thing that the mist had anchored itself firmly onto, determined to drive its victim into the ground.
Her ears caught the sound of her pursuers, shouting close behind her.
She thought for a heartbeat that she heard a call to stop followed by her name, but the mist filtered it out quickly, turning the noises into horrible screams and screeches.
She had to go faster, get farther, get away, get away from the screeches.
Her paws took her in a headlong flight down a steep hill, her paw turned on a stone, sending her crashing face first into the ground at the bottom.
Her mind was screaming at her to get up but her body was protesting with numbness, she tried to move her legs, but they had gone stiff.
The mind told her to go on, her body demanded to stop, it was a fight that shook her to the core; but the nearing screeches and howls bridged the divide and forced her to her feet.
They where directly behind her, the hideous sounds no longer enough to encourage the blistering pace she had kept up until then.
She was stumbling now, they nearly had her, when the mist took complete control of the weakened body, whipping it past its limits.
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Scene 29

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri May 01, 2015 12:40 am

“We’ll be dead by morning.”

Words: 925
Farririm Raymond

"Rim! Rim! Are you alright?!"
My brother's hoarse voice prodded me into a dark wakefulness. I couldn't see or move and breathing in the dust laden air was a struggle, but I managed to croak out a reply to my brother's worried call.
"What happened?"
Raymond sighed in relief before answering my question "A cave-in I think. I'm not sure how or why. Are you alright?"
I carefully checked over myself, I was numb, but after a second I found I could move a little with no pain "I'm fine. how 'bout you?"
There was a pause "I'm alright."
I had lived with my brother long enough to know what even a slight pause could mean, and when you're caught under a pile of rocks, it meant nothing good.
"Ray, what is it?" I demanded as I searched for my brother with my hand.
"I'm somewhat... trapped."
This was not good, not good at all; it was extremely bad.
I managed to shift my back a little, giving me a wider range with my arm; by accident my hand slipped underneath a large slab of stone and brushed against something warm.
"Ray?! Is that you?"
I felt him shudder slightly.
I choked slightly "How can you be alright?"
"Oh, you where referring to my physical condition. I thought you meant my mental health."
He was trying to make me feel better.
It wasn't working.
"Ray. We need to get out of here."
I felt him slip his hand into mine and squeeze weakly.
"Rim," he began quietly "We're underneath a lot of rocks.... I don't know if we can get out."
This was wrong.
Raymond was usually the one who insisted that we never give up; never stopped trying.
"Ray, what are you saying? Of course we can get out," I tried to keep my voice steady "If you can just move a little bit, maybe you can slide the stone enough to get it off you."
"Rim. I can't."
Worry began to twist a sick knot in my stomach, I gripped my brother's hand tighter.
"What do you mean?" I whispered.
"I can't feel anything. When the cave fell in it... I don't know."
I gripped his hand tighter, panic joining my worry and throwing me into an internal storm "Don't talk like that."
"Rim. You know I wouldn't take a thing like this lightly. I'm not going to make it out of this one."
I couldn't speak, hot needles pricked behind my eyes where tears threatened to break through; my brother was silent also, and after I had calmed down slightly I knew why.
"You're praying aren't you?" I snapped in a tone so sharp I could feel it cut as the words left my mouth.
"Yes little brother."
Tears nearly overwhelmed me again but I pushed it back in the way I had done all my life. With anger. And like the stupid fool I was, I took it out on Raymond.
"How can you be so calm! And you're praying at a time like this?!"
I should've known better by then.
"Rim, I really think you just answered your own question."
"How can you be... like this?" as if I hadn't asked that questions many times in our relationship; but I needed to hear it again, one last time, maybe something had changed; or maybe I had changed.
Or maybe I just wanted to keep Ray talking, to try and convince myself he was alright, no matter what he said.
"Rim-" he had to stop to drag in a hoarse breath "Rim...I... believe..."
Nothing had changed in the answer, but maybe the fact that my brother was dying changed me; I got it, somehow, I understood.
"How? How do you...?"
Raymond laughed, it was a sound too light, too joyful for that dark place "Pray."
"But I don't know how," I whispered.
"I'll help."
Somewhere in the middle he drops out, but I don't notice and continue on my own.
I get it all now, all those baffling statements my brother used to say, make absolute sense.
I open my mouth to tell him so, but realize there is death like silence around me.
It was wrong he should have been talking, I know he has been waiting for this moment for over three hundred years.
Then I realize his hand is completely limp in my own.
"Ray?" I ask tentatively.
There is nothing.
I hold my breath, hoping to hear something.
There is nothing.
Trembling, I slide my hand until it rests on his chest.
It is still as the surrounding stones.
I can't stop the tears as they fall now; Raymond, my big brother, the only one who cared, was gone.
I've never felt such a clash of emotion before; the shattering sadness: he was dead; The overwhelming... joy?
Yes, joy, the only thing I can compare it to is when I found Raymond again after... how long was it?
I can't remember.
It doesn't matter.
I begin to slip in and out of consciousness.
Out of pain and into joy; out of joy into sadness; out of sadness into peace.
Light dances at the edges of my vision; this is nothing like any of my numerous other encounters with death. There had always been darkness and fear.
This time it is different. There is light and peace.
The light grows brighter but doesn't burn, I can't feel the stones around me anymore.
I can hear someone calling for me and for once I want to go.
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