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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:44 am

“I just thought I’d have a swim.”

"Can we have a story? Pleeaase, Father?" Riley pleaded, her eyes wide and begging. "You promiiised!"

Tiredly Jespin frowned down at his daughter. "Ri- Not tonight, my dear."

Her face crumpled in disappointment "But... you promised..."

"Hush, sweetheart," her mother soothed, scooping the little girl up and pressing down her fur. "You're father's exhausted. I'll tell you a story if you want."

"Oh.... ok."

Ears perked and eyes hopeful, her brothers sat side by side on the piano bench.
"You two want to hear the story too?"

The two bobbed their heads and their mother smiled at them.
She sat down on the floor, tiny Riley in her lap, and the boys curled against her side.

"What story do you want?"

"Ocean story!" Townly chimed.
"Yeah!" chorused his brother and sister eagerly.

A smile crossed their mother's face "I know what to tell you..."

Townly leaned against her and closed his eyes.

Salt and sea air stung Tem Luere's eyes as he heaved on the lines, playing the huge fish at the other end.

His partner and mate, Dalia Luere, tensed by his side, her arm wound back and ready to heave the spear into the foaming waves as soon as silvery scale was shown.

"Easy on," he murmured "Easy...."

With a huge sucking gasp the blunt head showed through the churning aqua.

Dalia lunged and the flinty tip buried into the socket of dark staring eyes.
Blood spurted out, tainting the blue waves a foamy red.

The strain on the line was fierce as the fish went into its death throes, nearly dragging Tem off the small boat.

Dalia steadied her mate and together they fought to bring the dying fish into their boat.
As soon as they had drug the broad limp body into the boat, triangular fins began to slice through the red foam.

Tem peered down at the sharks with obvious interest "Fox sharks. That's good leather."

Dalia sighed.
"And good meat."
She sighed louder.
"If we used that big guy for bait, we could get several."
"We can't fit several on the boat, Tem."

"We could sure use the coin."

With a final sigh, Dalia shook her head and began to work her spear out of the fish's eye.
"Do we have the big curved hooks?" Tem asked, still peering at the sharks.

"There's a couple under the bench."

Tem pulled out two massive hooks with serrated edges and strung them onto a thick tarred rope.
"Can I have a bit of that fish?"

Dalia whipped her fishing knife out, sliced a chunk of cold bloody flesh out of the side of the large fish, and tossed it to Tem.

"Thank you," he baited the hook and tied the end to a small bar embedded in the side of the boat, the tossed the hook into the agitated waters.

The otters braced themselves as a terrific yank brought the bow of their little boat dangerously close to the surf.

"That was fast!" Tem shouted as he tugged hard on the rope. "Get the net!"

Dalia snagged the net and held it over the side of the boat.

After several seconds the hooked shark surfaced and Dalia cast the net.

Entangled now, the beast couldn't dive due to the floats attached to the woven ropes.

"We got 'im now!" Tem crowed, yanking on the rope and began to pull the thrashing creature in.

Dalia didn't pull, her eyes scanned the waves that, aside from the shark they had caught, where suddenly empty.

He glanced up, struck by the worry in her tone.

Suddenly the boat lurched, dipping half-way beneath the water.

Dalia screamed and Tem toppled headfirst out of the boat.

White bubbles turned the water into a thing without end and Tem fought to bring himself out of them.
When he finally managed to reach the surface, the boat had disappeared, there was just a faint wide wake to attest that it had ever been there at all.

Dalia struggled to free herself from the ropes that entangled her. The boat was pulled along at a fearful speed, nearly half-way under water and growing deeper.

Her knife gone and panic taking over her stomach, Dalia's mind was empty of any ideas.
Numb with terror she continued to work at the ropes, even as they tightened around her body.

With agonizing slowness, the strands began to part beneath her frantic nails. Finally the rope went limp and she pulled in a thankful breath and reached for the large hook that Tem had left under the seat.

With fingers already stiff from prying apart the rope, she gripped the hook and began to saw the serrated edge against the tarred line that still was hooked into the shark.

Townly opened his eyes as his mother stopped and realized his younger siblings where fast asleep.
"We'll finish the story tomorrow, alright Townly?"
"Ok," he sighed and let his own eyes fall close.
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Umm I may have made a mistake

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:45 am

“Don’t cry.”
A warm easy wind blew threw the sleeping town and fluttered softly at the edges of open windows.

At Coley's Home For Girl's, the wind wasn't the only thing at the window. A pair of black gloves clutched at the frame.

Then a hat with a strangely curled over brim appeared in silhouette, underneath which burned two yellow eyes. Quietly the rest of the lithe form appeared and perched on the sill, the eyes surveyed the double row of beds filled with sleeping children. Once the intruder had decided it was safe, they dropped to the floor with no more than a creaking of floorboards beneath a boot.

Slowly she stalked down the center aisle, counting up to ten, then turned to the left.
She paused to slow the thundering pace of her heart and to remind herself to draw in a deep breath, then set her shoulders.

There was not so much as a murmur as the child was lifted from between the sheets.

Thank heavens.

Silence reigned as the intruder slipped back out the window with the child clutched in her arms.

But as soon as her boots touched the ground a shout rang out and her heart somersaulted.
Surely they couldn't have found her already??

Then a spine tingling howl cut the air and she cursed softly as she recognized the noise for what is was: A Sykan war call.

The child whimpered and stirred in the kidnapper's arms.

"Shh," she crooned, her voice unhurried, her mind racing.

Leaving would be suicide. Staying would get her caught and hung.

She would have to get out. And she would take the child with her.

There would be a door. A small door in the wall. There always was in walled villages.
But where?

It had to be the back wall. It just had to.
Slinking from shadow to shadow to avoid the creatures who where awakening in response to the shouts from the wall.

Finally she reached the back wall and the sound retreated. Gratefully she dropped down and eased the whimpering child down.
The girl was dangerously close to waking up.

The gloved hand reached into a small satchel and withdrew a vial and handkerchief. Carefully she flicked open the top and dabbed three drops into the cloth. Then held it over the small nose until the whimpering subsided.

"Sorry," she whispered hoarsely. Then stood, unbarred the door, and picked the child back up.

The night folded around them, darkness on dark fur created a cloak to cover them as she retreated swiftly up the slopes into the trees.

Dawn had slowly begun to creep across the sky when they reached the cave.

Gently she placed the still sleeping form down on a pile of blankets, carefully putting the little head up on a folded blanket that served as a pillow.

Then she retreated to the far end of the cave and began to set out a small meal of dried fish, biscuits, and miriku nectar.

In a moment the small form stirred and sat bolt up with a whimper.
The blue eyes took in the unfamiliar place and stranger in the corner.
The little mouth crumpled slowly as the eyes slanted, full of tears. Then a small cry came from the back of her throat and the little body doubled over in the blankets, muffling the sobs.

"Oh, no, no, no, shh, shh," The dark stranger hurried over to the shaking child and gently turned her over.

"Hey, hey, easy, its alright. I'm not going to hurt you. Please, come on, its ok."

The kitten choked back the sobs and curled away from the strange cat "W-who are you??"

The gloves came off and the black furred paw brushed against the brown fur on the child's shoulder "My name is Darkmoon. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise."

The little girl shrank back again "What did you do? Why did you bring me here?"

Darkmoon tucked her legs underneath her body and tipped her ears back, trying to appear as nonthreatening as she could.
"I'm going to take care of you now."

Confused the little blue eyes blinked back at her "Why?"

Darkmoon sighed ever so softly. She'd rehearsed this part many times in her mind. Hopefully the child would believe her. "Its a promise I made to your parents."

Immediately the face lit up with surprise and fear and wonder. The small voice was no more than a squeak. "You know my parents?"

The yellow eyes twitched in a wince "I knew them, child. But they aren't here any more."

Slowly the little shoulders slumped as the mind took in the meaning of the words. "O-oh."
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102 aparently

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:49 pm

“Here goes nothing.”
775 words

Tem clawed at the waves, swimming with every ounce of desperation and fear that filled his body.
But even as fast as he could drive himself through the water, the wake was fading faster.

His lungs ached like knives and fire. His limbs where lead and the waves turned to tar.

It became nearly impossible to keep his head above the water. Finally he couldn't swim another length for the cramps in his stomach and muscles.

Salty tears of frustration rolled down his face. He was lost, both at sea and at what to do. What had happened to Dalia? Was she alright?

He let himself sink until the water came over his chin.
Dalia blinked up at the dizzying lights spread across the blackness. For several minutes she stared as the white smears slowly focused into tiny pin-prick stars.

She forced herself to sit up, her head still spinning.

She could hear the soft rush of the ocean all around her, but the stars didn't twinkle on the waves or reflect on the deep.
Nor did the boat rock gently back and forth.

Breathless add nervous she swung her feet out of the boat and felt slick solid ground.

Confused she wandered until she found a wall. Paw pressed against it for guidance she followed it until an dark tunnel opened beside her.

She decided to follow it. Up several flights of stairs and through long dark passages.

Finally Dalia came out on a small balcony.

Almost level with her the waves awash in moonlight brushed against the base of the building. The building. That was in the middle of the ocean.

The grey light of dawn had jus touched the horizon, but Tem couldn't open his eyes wide enough to see it. The only thing that filled his vision was the small space of water that he squinted to see.

There was an aching knot in his stomach and his mouth was dry as sand. His muscles where too tight for him to even lift his neck.
He willed himself not to think. Not to hope or despair. He simply didn't dare.
Something inside still commanded his unresponsive limbs to twitch futilely, sending tiny ripples through the water.

Dalia wandered through the confusion of hallways and passages, feeling more and more small and alone with every passing minute.
She was trying to find her way back to one of the outer rooms that looked over the ocean.
Her stomach growled continuously and she was desperately thirsty. If she could just find her way out, she could hunt. The raw fish would be enough to sustain her until she figured how to leave the bizarre place, with its perfectly cut corners and strange pictures scrawled across the length of each and every wall.

But even more heavy on her mind than the thought of food was her wondering about Tem.
They had been fishing too far out for him to have been able to swim back to shore and she had no idea how far the boat had been pulled before somehow washing into the little room where she'd woken up.

How could he possibly be alright?

Still wandering distracted she barely realized that she had descended a wide staircase until the light began to grow dim.

Blinking, she pulled herself out of her thoughts and began to pay more attention to her surroundings. A wide open room opened up beneath her.

A blue light emanated faintly from the walls, whatever its source was obscured by centuries worth of slime molds.

But her eyes were drawn to the center of the great room. A fantastically carved pedestal with elvish script curling up its sides rose up from the smooth floor, seeming to be carved directly from the same stone she stood on.

On top of the curled column was a sword. A cutlass if she knew anything. But an elvish blade, she'd stake her tail on it.
The metal seemed to glow on its own accord, giving light to the dark air around it. Inscribed down the center where three swirling symbols, that seemed to depict wind or waters, twirling in either sea currents or air currents.

Its ornamental hilt was curled and twisted with fanciful curlicues, but still seemed to be fully serviceable.

Slowly her fingers wrapped around the hilt and lifted the sword into the air.

A soft breath of breeze, free from the dankness of stone touched her lungs, just slight enough for her to wonder if she'd imagined it.

It was heavier than she'd thought it be, but perfectly and mortally balanced. It was a weapon created for a purpose.

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