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Scene 10

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:14 am

“Is it… dead?”

942 words
Raymond, Nickia

The field was a dry grey, the sky was a threatening grey, and Raymond had no idea where he was.
Nowhere on Lizron island, that much was certain.
As his thoughts drifted back to the island, so did the awful memories, the roaring fire, scorching heat, the helplessness...
For a moment, grief blindsided Raymond until he could shove it back into the dark recesses of his mind.
He sighed, he needed to think about food and water, though, judging by the sky, water was something he was going to have in great supply soon.
He paused, leaning on the long handle of his ax, unsure of what to do now.
He didn't hear it all at once, it gradually grew in the back of his mind until it demanded recognition.
Raymond frowned, trying to place the nagging sound, it was small and sad, like... like a young thing that is hungry and cold and wants its mother.
Curious now, Raymond moved towards the sound which didn't seem to grow any louder as he moved towards it, indeed, it seemed to be fading.
Briefly Raymond wondered if this was some sort of trap a wild beast or monster used to lure in a meal.
Then the cries started again, this time urgent and fearful, and Raymond could also hear wolf cries in the air, uncomfortably close.
Without stopping to think it over further, Raymond dropped to all fours and sped towards the noise.
It took him longer than he thought, the sound had carried far and strong due to the flatness of the field.
When he reached the source of the cries he found a strange sight.
Three lean, hungry wolves circled around a huge golden hound, at the hound's feet was a small human child, who had quieted her cries to terrified whimpers.
Even as Raymond watched, one of the wolves lunged to one side of the hound, hitting the dog squarely on the shoulder and throwing him off balance. Instantly the other two wolves dove into the fray and the child began screaming in fear.
It didn't look good.
Raymond couldn't stand the child's pitiful screams, so, throwing caution to the wind, he loosened his ax and silently dove into the fracas.
The wolves had not been expecting another fighter to join in with the golden hound, so, surprised at the entrance of the ax wielding Lizron, they scattered, whimpering and yelping in fear with their tails tucked securely between their legs.
A whine close by brought Raymond's attention to the gold hound, it was missing clumps of fur and long tears in it's skin where rapidly turned red.
Raymond hunched down and ran his hand over the dog's muzzle, but he didn't have anything to bandage or clean the wounds with... maybe he could wipe away some of the blood with the grass?
It was worth a try.
Pulling up some of the grass by the roots, Raymond gently tried to clean the injuries as best he could, the dog sighed.
"Sorry, its the best I can do," what was wrong with him? Now he was talking to animals!
Then a sick feeling crept through him, where was the child?!
He spun around, searching with his eyes, until his gaze fell on the tiny form loosely sprawled on the ground.
"Oh, no," Raymond breathed.
Quickly he stepped over to the child, but hesitantly stooped down, then gently lifted her.
She screamed.
Raymond flinched but didn't drop her.
"Easy on," he murmured gently, lifting the child the rest of the way up.
She sniffled and blinked at him from green eyes set in a dirty face, she couldn't have been more then three or four years old "Who you?"
"I'm Raymond, who are you, little one?"
She stared at him unblinkingly "Neekeyeahh."
"Nickia," Raymond repeated, putting the name together "Nickia, do you know where your parents are?"
She shook her head, her brown hair swished around when she did so "Nuh uh."
"Do you know how you got here?" Raymond asked again.
"N-no... I-I want my-my Momma!" she began to sob in the most heart-breaking way.
"Shh, shh," Raymond tried to calm her; she was shivering uncontrollably, either from cold or her crying, Raymond couldn't say, probably both.
He put his arms around and tried to shield her from the freezing wind that had sprung up, unsurprisingly she resisted, Raymond was a stranger after all, and a big lizard-like thing that must've looked like some sort of monster to the young child.
A flicker of movement in the corner of his eye caught Raymond's attention and he turned his gaze fully towards it.
The edge of a thick cloth or tapestry was waving in the breeze as if trying to get someone to look at it.
Raymond reached over and picked it up, it wasn't too big, but big enough to warm the child; he draped it around her small shoulders and wrapped it around her body.
"Nickia, I'm going to pick you up now," Raymond told her "And we're going to find your momma, alright?
She gave a tiny nod.
He scooped her up and held her close to his chest, a small bark told him the hound was coming as well.
"Find... Momma," Nickia murmured wearily.
"Mmm hmm," Raymond grunted encouragingly; but he didn't believe that they would, or even could, what parents willingly left their child out in the middle of nowhere? Only two answers came to mind: ones that didn't care one bit about they're own child or....
Dead ones.
Raymond sighed,it was up to him to find out, one thing was for certain though, he wasn't going to leave the child on her own.
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Scene 11

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:44 am

"What are you so afraid of?”

words 787
Nickia, Raymond

Raymond was deeply sleep, warm in the dim glow of banked coals, and a dream, it was one of those dreams the sleeper never wants to wake from, yet never can quite remember.
So, it was with great reluctance Raymond was prodded wake.
He groaned with annoyance and squinted his eyes opened to find the disturbance.
Green eyes met his and he sighed "Niki..."
The young girl threw her arms around him with a tight grip.
Raymond sat up, Nickia's arms still locked in a tight hug.
Gently, he pulled her away from himself and frowned at her disapprovingly, she met his gaze for a second, then dropped her eyes to her toes.
"Niki, don't you think your old enough to sleep in your own bed?" Raymond asked softly.
She nodded.
"Is there something wrong with your bed?"
She shook her head.
Raymond sighed again, but kept his patience and gentle tone "Then why do you come out every night and sleep with me on the floor?"
He didn't really expect an answer, Nickia usually just shook her head, but this time was different "They're in there."
Raymond stiffened "Someone's in your room?!"
Nickia nodded her eyes pools of fear "But you can see them, or hear them, and Durn can't even smell them. They call themselves the rememberings..." Nickia froze, panting desperately.
"Kia?" Raymond asked using his pet name for the little girl.
She jumped and started talking again "They only come at night, when we're all asleep. They show me... dreams... real things... My Momma and Pappa, but they aren't people, they- they're... dead," Nickia's voice dropped to a whisper "I-I can see the bones and th-they smell... really bad and they, they want t-to take me, I try to run, but the remeberings catch me and hold me still and... and.. They take me! Down, down, down, down!" She began to shake uncontrollably and her glazed over.
Now fully alarmed, Raymond reached out to her, but when his hand brushed her arm she began to scream, not words, just a long thin scream.
"Nickia! Nickia! It's me," Raymond shouted, shaking her gently.
She gasped and blinked "They where coming back."
"Shh, shh," Raymond wrapped his arms around her waking form "Nothing's going to get you, your safe."
He could feel her tears as they trickled down his scales, silently he prayed 'God, this isn't right, please help!
"Oh, make it go away," Nickia sobbed.
"I can't, Kia, but... maybe you can."
She looked up at him, tears still streaming from her eyes "H-How?'
"Well, you could pray and ask Jesus to take the nightmares away."
She thought about that for a minute "Can I do it quiet?"
Raymond nodded "If you want."
"Ok, but hold my hand."
"Of course, Kia."
While Nickia prayed silently, Raymond couldn't help but study the tiny pixie fingers that entwined his own, it was so small, yet so perfect in every way, a contrast to his own large scaled hands.
After a few minutes, Nickia looked up at him and smiled tentatively.
"Do you want to try to sleep now?"
She glanced wide-eyed into the dark doorway "Will you come with me?"
He smiled reassuringly "Definitely," and with a swift move he scooped her up and stood.
She giggled, the worry starting to leave her green eyes.
Raymond marched her into the dark bedroom and flopped her gently onto the bed.
She wriggled under the covers "Will you stay until I fall asleep?"
"I wouldn't leave for the world."
Nickia smiled sleepily, then her eyelids flickered, then closed them slowly; after a few minutes of listening to her steady breathing Raymond was sure she was asleep.
Quietly, he stepped out of the room and eased the door close.
Then he sank to the floor with a groan, it was awful! He should've realized something was wrong, that something was upsetting her, how could he not have seen it?
A quiet whine broke him from his berating thoughts and he glanced over over into Durn's black eyes, Raymond sighed and sat up "Need to go out?" he asked the gold furred hound.
Durn whined again.
"Alright," Raymond stood back up and unlatched the door, Durn streaked out in a lash of yellow.
Raymond stared out into a darkness, a chill ran through him as Nickia's words echoed through his mind again "You can't see them or hear them." Had there actually been something in there? No, no that was ridiculous...
Durn trotted back inside and Raymond closed and latched the door.
Raymond couldn't even think of sleeping now, he silently returned to Nickia's room; she was sleeping soundly with a small smile on her face.
"Good night Kia," he whispered.
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Scene 12

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:40 pm

“Sing me a lullaby, please?”

841 words
Lilly and Lionel

Lily watched the tunnel entrance intently, expecting Lionel to emerge any second. She'd been waiting for quite a while and was beginning to worry, but she didn't dare enter the dark cave; she had once, a long time ago, when she first found Lionel, she'd gotten lost that time and Lionel had gotten her out and told her never to go back in, she hadn't.
If she had been looking behind her, towards the huge expanse of water, the otterkit would have seen a large ripple of water as something began to break surface, but her silver eyes where locked forwards.
Suddenly, as if she felt the gaze from behind her, Lily swiveled her head around towards the lake, her eyes instantly lighting on the strange form bobbing in the shallow water.
"Hey!" She shouted, galloping down to the lake's edge "How come your in the water?"
Lionel laughed "Tis the most natural place for an otter to be!"
Lily giggled "Ah know that, but why are yew in the water right now? Yew promised ta teach me 'ow to fish today, doncha remember?"
"Well, silly, where do ya think all the fish are? They certainly aren't on the beach! Now git in 'ere!"
Lily didn't need to be asked twice, she dove straight into the water, sending a cascade of spray into Lionel's face.
"And so begins lesson one," he spluttered, shaking his head.
Lily resurfaced alongside her friend "Ready!'
"Alright, first thing first, don't splash into the water, it scares the fish."
"Oh, okay," Lily whispered.

They spent the rest of the morning quietly diving into the cool depths, Lily didn't catch anything, but she did come close.
One time, when Lionel resurfaced, he noticed that the sky had grown overcast and a stiff wind had risen.
"Lily!" He shouted to the kit as she broke the water "Let's get back to shore before it rains!"
The little otter nodded her head and zoomed towards the beach with Lionel directly behind her.
Just as they scrambled onto the sand, the clouds let loose and it began to pour.
"Come on Lily, into the tunnel," Lionel called.
Lily took a step forwards, then looked straight into the dark opening, it seemed even scarier than it had a couple of hours ago, and froze.
"Lily!" Lionel dashed back to her "Lilly, it's fine, nothings gonna hurt you in there, I'll be right here."
Lily shivered and nodded "Ok, lets go."
They quickly retreated into the dark tunnel, which, after Lily's eyes adjusted, didn't seem so dark anymore.
"Where are we going?" she asked timidly.
"You'll see," Lionel replied cryptically.
They walked up a steep path for a little while, then took a few twists and turns, and ended up in a roomy cave.
Lily's eyes widened "You live here?"
"Yup," laughed Lionel "What ya think?"
Lily wrinkled her nose "Your really clean."
Tears rolled down Lionel's face as he tried to restrain his merriment; but what the kit said next stilled his laughter completely.
"Have you seen... The Traitor?" she asked softly.
Lionel froze "W-who?"
"They say he was caught spying for fur traders and ran away, now he hides out in these hills," Lilly's eyes sparkled as she recounted the tale, it was obviously meant to scare the kits into behaving...
Was that what he was now? A scary tale used for getting kits to go to bed or do their chores? Was that any better than being a hunted fugitive?
"Lionel? You ok?"
Lionel blinked, his sister didn't even know who he was! "I'm fine Lily. Do ya want something to eat? I've got some cooked fish I caught yesterday."
"Okay," Lily agreed.
A little while later, full of fish and tired out from her fishing lessons, Lily curled up into Lionel's lap "Sing me a song?"
"Sure Lil, what song do you want?"
"Mmm.. Lullaby."
"Ok," He shifted Lily to a more comfortable position and began to sing a haunting tune.
say goodnight
to the darkened sky
pin-prick stars
and glowing
The cloak of night lies heavy
on your land
so close your eyes
and go to sleep
give the night
your dreams to keep

Lily was sleep before the short verse was even over, nevertheless Lionel started on another song, one with an underlying note of deep sadness.
Little Lily of the lake
you're a budding blossom
But already you have roots embedded in a faith that cannot shake
If only I could see
what the future held for you.
But the water is
and my sight is
I cannot even tell
what happens now.
But, Lily
this much is true
I fear
I cannot always be here,
But do not be afraid
Trust in the One
who is always near
your prayers He'll always hear.
Lily of the Lake
Little sister.

Lionel's voice began to break, he couldn't finish the song, instead he leaned his head back and let the tears fall.
He cried himself to sleep.
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Scene 13

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:15 am

“What are you waiting for?”

892 Words
Raymond, Farririm

Nickia stared at Raymond, her hand reaching for her sword hilt "What is it?"
"Go back to the camp Nickia, I'll be right along," Raymond commanded in a tone Nickia had never heard him use.
Frightened now, Nickia nodded, turned, and quickly walked off.
Raymond turned back towards the grove of trees, blinking rapidly, trying to ascertain if he was actually seeing this.
He blinked again then stared, it couldn't be, he had to be imagining this, the shadows where simply swaying, there must be a slight breeze... Raymond silently stepped closer, his eyes couldn't be tricking him, the vague figure was really there, breathing rhythmically.
Yet, it didn't seem to have a solid form.
'It could be any number of things' Raymond desperately tried to reason with himself It can't be him!
As if to purposely disprove him, the shadows twisted and turned, there was a hiss of scales, and Farririm solidified before him, still asleep.
Instantly, a thousand of conflicting thoughts and feelings assaulted Raymond, all of them seemed strange and unappealing.
"Wake him up, leave, but he's my brother, I haven't seen him in... twelve years, but he's the one who caused it all, kill him."
The last idea can so fast and so strong, that Raymond had pulled out his ax and half raised it before he had actually thought about it, then he stopped himself abruptly; what was he doing?!
He couldn't kill his brother, no matter what had happened.
No, it would be much much better to simply leave, go back to the camp and explain to Nickia that he had thought he'd seen something, but it was nothing, pretend he'd never stumbled into this remote forest glade... But it was Farririm's fault... No it wasn't.
Yes it was.
No it wasn't, and he wouldn't kill his brother.
That was final.
Where had that idea even come from? It was disturbing that he'd even thought of it.
Raymond closed his eyes, trying to clear his head, instead, he once again saw the flames and heard the roar of that devastating fire.
It was Farririm's fault.
Almost unconsciously, Raymond raised the ax higher, until it reached a fatal arch, but didn't bring it down, he couldn't let himself do this.
"No," he whispered hoarsely "No."

I saw the fire and watched as the house caved in upon itself, heard as my brother screamed.
"No! No!"
It was all my fault.
Just as my brother shoved me to the ground, a strange buzzing sensation filled me.
I watched my troubled dreams fade away into an awful reality.
I'd found my brother.
After twelve years of endless searching; he was holding an ax over me.
What did I really expect?
I had been the cause of nearly every disaster in his life, ruined his home and livelihood, and was the main reason his wife and children where dead.
The only offset to all that was that we where brothers, and brothers have killed brothers for much less than my crimes.
As I stared in shock at seeing my brother, time seemed to grind to a halt, for me at least, cliche as it sounds.
The deadly weapon hung at its peak, just waiting to fall.
I couldn't have move, maybe if I had really wanted to, if the heavy guilt hadn't weighed me to the ground and shame frozen my will.
The only thing that was within my ability to do was close my eyes, waiting for the greater darkness that could come soon.
But it took eternity.
What is he waiting for? Get it over with! I thought, even as the words accidentally slipped from my tongue out into the air "Get it over with!"

Raymond's eyes flew open as his brother's voice crashed through his terrible indecision.
"Get it over with!"
He saw his brother in the same position as before, only he wasn't relaxed in sleep; he was taunt with fear, his eyes clamped shut in thin lines, terror caused him to shake slightly.
He couldn't do this.
Slowly he brought the ax down to waist level and tossed it aside with a dull thunk.
Then dropped to his knees and pulled his brother into a tight embrace; tears of horror of what he'd almost done, and of joy of finding Rim, poured down his face.

I flinched and cried out involuntarily, as I heard the dull thunk, expecting blinding pain, maybe a flash of light or something.
Instead, I felt myself pulled up in a tight embrace and something wet trickled down my shoulder.
It couldn't be, I felt no pain.
Cautiously I opened my eyes and blinked as I realized that my brother was hugging me tightly.
"R-Ray?" I gasped out, shocked at this sudden turn of circumstances.
"I'm sorry," he whispered "I'm so, so sorry."
This was ridiculous! it was my fault, not his!
I pulled myself backwards, maybe a little harder then I should have, and stared at my brother "Raymond, it was all my fault!"
Raymond blinked in bewilderment at me, then an understanding shone through his eyes "Rim... It wasn't... none of it."
"It was," I insisted brokenly.
Raymond gripped my shoulder tightly "Rim. It wasn't. It's over."
I stared numbly at him, trying to process his words "You-you... don't hold me... responsible?"
Raymond's tear spilled over again "No."
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Scene 14

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:26 pm


1,147 words
It was a tiny scuffle of feathers and the faint scraping of claws of stone. But it drew Lionel's attention downwards.

A bundle of dirty fluff with golden eyes stared up at him and a little cheep came from the smudged beak.
"Hey there," he said softly, crouching to come closer to the baby eagle "You hungry?"

She cheeped again and flapped her frail wings.

"Yeah?" He broke off a small crumb from the loaf in his bag and held it out to her "How's that?"

She cocked her head and stared at the bread in his paw, hop skipping uncertainly a few inches forwards, then back.
"It's ok, I won't hurt you," he assured, leaning a bit forwards.

The little bird looked back towards the shadows of the building and called plaintively.
"You got a friend? It's alright, there's enough for two."

She called again and a soft hiss replied, then a twisting shadow solidified into the tiniest snake that the otter cook had ever seen.

His throat went dry as sand when he recognized the familiar pattern of a poisonous snake.
He barely noticed that the eagle had snatched at the crumbs in his paw until she tottered over to the snake and offered it some of the food.

"Oh, my," Lionel whispered as the snake accepted the crumbs and gummed them down. There where no fangs.
"Hey, hey, hey, I don't- I can't spare anymore." He tried to brush away the hungry creatures as they wrapped themselves around his ankles.
"Oh..." he sighed and scooped them into his basket "You can come back for tonight, then in the morning you're both going into the orphanage."

A cheerful chirp from the eagle caused the otter cook's face to draw up in a smile.
"Well I'm glad you approve."

Lionel had managed to keep the tiny animals hidden from the other kitchen staff until after dinner.
When he finally had the kitchen to himself, he pulled the pair out of the basket where they'd been napping and set them on the counter.

Two pairs of drowsy eyes watched with disinterest as the otter began to heat up water and then poured it into a small bowl.

The snake let out surprised hiss as he was submerged into the warm water, twisting around in long loops, trying to make sense of his strange new situation.

The tiny eagle wasn't pleased with the arrangement either. She began squawking fearfully, trying to find her friend.

"Oh, it's ok!" Lionel scooped her up and let her peer into the bowl "See? He's alright."

She chirped and before he could stop her, threw herself into the water.

She screeched in surprise at the sensation of the water and flailed her wings franticly. Upset, the snake began to wave his head around in fright.

Lionel caught the bowl as it slid towards the edge of the counter.
"Hey, hey! It's ok! Just.. stop... squirming!"

The eagle's talons were tiny, but sharp enough to draw blood as she fought to get out of the water.
Finally Lionel gritted his teeth and grabbed the tangle of soaked feathers and glistening scales and pulled it out onto a nearby towel. Then wrapped it up, trying to calm them down.

"What are you murdering in here?"

Lionel whirled around, placing one paw over the wet bundle to prevent it from taking off.

Freeta stared up at him, seemingly convinced he'd gone mad.

"I'm not murdering anything."
As if the belie his words, a muffled shriek came from behind him.

One ear slowly dropped down while the other stayed rigid.

Lionel sighed and pulled the pair of creatures out of the towel.

The eagle was soaked, with streaks of dirt running down her feathers and her reptilian friend fared little better.
The other ear dropped over "What have you done?"

Lionel fidgeted a little "I... uh, picked them up off the street."

"Not that! Look at them! You're going to need to use soap."

Lionel let out a breathy laugh "I was getting to that part, but things got a little out of control."

"Well, get them back in the water and I'll get a cloth."

The eagle refused to even look at the bowl, instead clung to Lionel's tunic.
"No, come on, you need to get all clean, silly bird."

"Will the snake get in?"

Cradling the eagle with one arm, Lionel slipped the twisty piece of life back into the water.
The snake hissed a bit more, before settling the majority of his body around the bottom of the bowl, with just the very tip of his snout peeking out of the water.

"Hey, see? Your friend likes it, why don't you try it?"

"Let me try."

Freeta slipped her fingers over the quaking body, gently stroking the soggy feathers.
Slowly the bird relaxed enough for the fox to pry her off Lionel's tunic and dip her into the water.

The snake hissed at his friend and gently bumped her shoulder.
Seeming reassured, the little bird splashed him a little then began flapping her wings back and forth, enjoying the warmth of the water.

"So, they're going to go the orphanage in the morning, right?"

Lionel nodded slowly "Yes."

Freeta frowned at the hesitation in her friend's voice "Lionel. You can't keep them, you know that. Besides, you're already taking care of your sister and Achran."
"I know... It's just... I named them."

"What did you name them?"

"The snake is Adrian and the eagle is Avery."

The fox buried her face in her paws "We're never going to be rid of them."

"Rid of whom?"

The two creatures spun around to find themselves faced with the Headmaster.

"Lionel picked up a pair of orphans," Freeta blurted "But he's taking them to the orphanage in the morning."
She turned to her friend, ears pinned back "Ri-ight?"

Lionel hung his head and nodded slowly.

The elf cocked an eyebrow "Well, where are they?"

Lionel pulled the pair out of the water and wrapped them into the towel.

"Oh, my," the elf leaned close, running a finger over the snake's head "They're so small."

"That's Avery. The snake's Adrian."

The elf nodded, his amethyst eyes sparkling thoughtfully "I don't know how well they'd fare in the orphanage, with twenty other young ones around."

Lionel's mouth tightened into a sad thin line.

"Perhaps, if you feel up to caring for a few more little ones, they should stay here for a little while, just until they're old enough to look after themselves a bit better."

Lionel's eyes lit up with joy "Really? I mean... Of course I can look after them!"

"Good. Now, I have quite a few things to tend to. Freeta, I expect you'll help him?"

The fox nodded with a resigned flop to her ears. "Yes."

"Goodnight then. Keep them warm."
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Scene 15

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:14 pm

“I dare you to…”

1,202 Words
Shift, ship's crew

The small, russet furred, cream striped raccoon seemed an odd sight as she climbed the gangplank up onto the sailing ship.
She had an tremendous air of confidence about her, which seemed ridiculous considering she was barely scratching two feet in height.
"Where do ya think yer goin'?" a loud voice demanded and a tall human stepped into view.
The raccoon shot him a dirty look "I'm going on this ship."
The man laughed "That's what you think."
"I've paid for my passage, now let me on board!" the raccoon's voice began to rise in pitch.
"Dereb! What's gonin' on o're 'ere?" another voice demanded as another man stepped into view, he was tall as well, but had an authoritative voice that the first man did not have.
Dereb gestured angrily towards the raccoon "That animal thinks it can just come aboard!"
There was angry hiss at the word animal, but the Captain ignored it "Dereb, I believe she 'as paid for 'er passage. Next time, let some'un with brains figger it out."
"Aye, Cap'n," Dereb mutter and stormed off.
The Captain turned back to the angry raccoon "Shift, isn't it? Welcome aboard."
Shift snorted "If this is how you welcome passengers, I'd hate to see how you reject them."
"I apologize for Dereb behavior, him's got a low opinion o' Animal Folk."
"Wonderful," Shift muttered "Now where'll I be staying?"
"If you'll come this way, missy," The Captain motioned for Shift to come the rest of the way up the gangplank.
Shift walked all the way up to the last step, but before she set paw on the ship, she looked up at the Captain with cold dark eyes "Let us come to an understanding. I will call you Captain and not the names I could and You will call me Shift."
A thin smiled curved across the Captain's face "Aye... Shift."
"Now take me to wherever it is I'm staying."
The cabin was a tiny affair, yet it was furnished with people sized items, a bed, nailed to the wall, a table and a trunk, both nailed to the floor.
After the Captain left, Shift climbed up onto the bed and threw herself full length on top of the blankets.
It felt good to lay on something soft, but she couldn't let her guard down; she couldn't be sure that none of the sailors realized what her red coat meant; a handsome reward with or without Shift wearing it.
She sighed, debating on whether to leave the confines of her cabin and risk being seen by more sailors or stay in her confines and risk being trapped.
Shift opted for leaving, she had a hard enough time sitting still to eat as opposed to the six to seven days she'd be spending on this stinking wood chip.
It took her several tries to reach the door handle and when she did, then there was the trouble of turning it, but Shift managed.
There was a hustle of activity on the deck as men prepared for their journey, Shift watched with mild interest, she didn't care anything about the expensive silks or rare spices that the men where stacking in crates for safe passage.
What did interest her was a smallish, squinty-eyed human who slunk in between boxes and barrels, but did not seem to be doing and work.
At one point he glanced up from the ground and his gaze wandered around until it fell on Shift, instantly his eyes widened, then he turned and ran out of sight.
"And so we begin" Shift smiled grimly, it was nothing she and her poison couldn't handle They'll wait until we've left port and there's no where for me to hide. I've got some planning to do.

Back in the stuffy cabin Shift laid out her options, she could defend her cabin easily, but it would be just as easy for them to starve her out, on the other paw she knew nothing about ships and would be found if she tried to hide.
There was always the direct approach...
A smile spread across Shift's face, now she had a plan, she only hoped that they wouldn't try anything on her during the night.

One day passed, then two, Shift grew more and more uneasy, three days, four, five! They where two days away from their destination and Shift had begun to wonder if she'd been mistaken, maybe the squint eyed man had only been surprised to see an Animal Folk, the crew certainly didn't act any different towards her.
But, finally on the morning of the seventh day, things changed.
Shift was walking back to her cabin after staring out to sea, she was still on alert for any tricks but kept herself looking relaxed and unaware.
Maybe, that's why the trap was sprung just then.
A heavy fishing net came flying from nowhere and and nearly caught Shift, but she had more awareness of her surroundings that to be tricked thus easily.
All it took was a simple roll and she was out of immediate danger.
"Sorry abou' that," A thick voice guffawed from behind.
Shift whirled in time to see Dereb holding a gunnysack in readiness, it was simple to elude him, she dove forwards, in between his feet, effectively tripping him.
Then it seemed nets, sacks, and sailors where coming at her from every direction.
It was all she could do to keep from getting caught; doge, roll, leap, and scurry was all she could worry about.
"The mast! I need to get up!" if her plan was to work in any way at all, she need to be above the sailors.
Shift dashed towards a stack of barrels, with a twist of her paws, Shift unfastened the restraining ropes and a wave of wood crashed down on the deck.
Through the confusion, Shift climbed the mast until she was above the chaos.
Then she dug around in her worn bag for a moment, and retrieved a set of panpipes, with a quick twist, she seperated the largest reed and pulled off the bottom, then gingerly produced a dart from the small bag tied to her arm and set the dart in the hollow reed.
She waited for them to spot her.
They did momentarily.
"First one to move will be the first one to die!" Shift shouted, holding the dart gun up warningly.
The sailors froze, uncertain to believe her or not.
Then Dereb laughed and started up the mast "She cant 'urt us! She's only aaggh!"
Dereb held his arm up to study it, then laughed again as he pulled the tiny dart out "Yew can't stop me wi' jest a little... little..."
His voice trailed off as he sank to the ground and lie still.
"He's dead," Shift explained causally "My darts are poisoned. If you don't believe me, just ask Dereb."
Then the Captain spoke "Shift-"
Shift cut him off "Finish that, I dare you."
More silence.
"Good. Now, We'll be in port soon, no one moves, no one dies," Shift locked eyes with each sailor, daring them to move or speak "Well, this is certainly a pleasant way to end a trip!"
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Scene 16

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:20 pm

“It’s almost midnight, no way!”

813 words
Icara, Whirl

Icara's eyes stung from staring at the computer screen and her back hurt from her hunched over position, yet she hardly realized any of this, so engrossed was she in her coding.
Whirl woke up from his recharging, something he experienced as sleep, he was able to do so due to Icara's extensive planning and exhaustive coding.
Speaking of which.
"Icara, you promised me you would go to sleep before eleven," Whirl scolded as he fluttered over to her desk.
Icara glanced over at the mechanical bat "Relax Whirl, its only nine."
"No it is not," Whirl quickly interfaced with Icara's computer and the real time shot across the time.
"Eleven fifty-five?!" Icara screeched "No way! The eclipse is starting in five minutes!"
"Icara! It's time to sleep!"
Icara waved him off "I'll sleep in tomorrow."
Whirl made a mechanical clicking noise "This is an unbalanced lifestyle for a human to sustain-"
Icara sighed deeply "I half wish I'd never programmed you to give advice."
Whirl didn't reply, but made more clicking noises as Icara pulled on her shoes and socks "Where are my glasses?"
Whirl glided over to Icara and pushed the glasses of the top of her head down onto her nose.
"Thanks, now let's go!"
Icara unlatched the attic window, swung her legs out, reached her arms out, and was flying down the zip-line.
When she reached the bottom she was in total darkness "Whirl? Are you there?"
A click and two bright lights shone out from the robot's eyes "I am here."
"Great, let's go."
"Icara, you are forgetting to return the zip-line handle to the attic window."
Icara sighed and began cranking the devic of her own design to send the handle back up to her window so that is ready for her next slide.
"Ok, no-ow can we go?"
"If you are set on it."
Icara nodded "Now come on, I need you as a flashlight as long as we're in the woods."
It was a walk of only a few seconds through the woods, well, a run, then they where in an open field.
"Okay, you can turn your lights off."
Obediently Whirl blinked his eye-lights off.
Instantly the sky was illuminated by a thousand twinkling stars and the glowing moon.
"Oooh, it's beginning!" Icara squealed as the earth's shadow began to cast itself across the moon.
"Fascinating," Whirl agreed, he was equipped with a telescopic vision and camera and was rapidly snapping close-ups to later show Icara.
The eclipse didn't last more then ten minutes, but Icara enjoyed every minute of it.
"Ahh," Icara sighed after the eclipse had ended "Now I am ready to finish up on that coding."
"No. You are going to bed," Whirl corrected her.
"Whirl, I'm nearly entirely done with the second prototype! Just four more hours before we can begin installation!"
"And I would not have you undo all your hard work with a mistake made by exhaustion."
Icara sighed "Well, at least let me download the pictures you got of the eclipse."
Whirl let out a mechanical sigh "Fine."
Icara climbed up the open attic window and fired up her computer.
Whirl interfaced with the computer and transferred the pictures he'd taken into one of Icara numerous files.
"All right, let's see what you got," Icara said as she began to tap on her keys.
But before she could open the file, Whirl interfaced with the computer again, saving the picture file, then shutting the computer down "It is past midnight Icara. Time for bed."
"Oh, brother," Icara laughed "You know you have to go to bed when your own invention tells you!"
Whirl frowned a robotic frown.
"Okay, okay, I'm going."
Icara yawned as she dropped down from the attic trap door onto the floor eight feet below.
Whirl sighed but didn't say anything, he had already told Icara what he thought when she did that.
"Come on, I don't want to wake my mom up," Icara hissed and motioned for Whirl to ride on her shoulder.
They crept silently down the hallway and into Icara's bedroom.
Icara grabbed her nightgown and crept back to the bathroom for a quick shower.
By the time she was done, she realized how tired she was and fell into bed with a groan; then sat back up.
"Whirl, where are you at?"
There was a flutter of metal wings and Whirl landed on the blankets "Yes?"
"Oh, I was just wondering where you where."
"Ok, I am going to transfer into my triangle now."
Icara watched, fascinated even though she'd programmed this, as Whirl's parts began to shift, soon what had been a bat was a three dimensional triangle, in other words a pyramid.
"Good, night," Icara whispered as she placed Whirl on her nightstand, then dug her way under the covers.
She was asleep in a very short time.
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Scene 17

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:20 am

"Teach me?"

800 Words
Ryder and Ledrin

The redheaded boy watched in fascination as the tall warriors fenced back and forth across the dusty yard, in his young eyes they where heros with fantastic abilities to defeat dragons and defy death.
Oh, to know how to wield a sword and to be able to fight the dread fire beasts! It was a dream many boys had, but one Ryder knew he could never fulfill, his uncle would never allow it.
Ryder wasn't even supposed to be watching the warrior practicing, but his uncle and brother had gone to the town and left Ryder on his own and Ryder did what he always did on such occasions, he sneaked out and watched the courageous fighters hone their skills.
"What are you doing here lad?"
Ryder spun around at the voice "I-I was just watching sir!"
A tall rugged man stood before him, with a smile on his face as he looked down at the young boy "This is not the first time I have seen a red head of hair from behind these old pieces of wood. Methinks you come here often."
Ryder blushed "Yes, sir. I like to watch the knights."
"Come now, that is no crime. Fira needs fine young men like yourself who are interested in her protection."
Ryder sighed "Aw, I don't know the first thing about swords. And besides, there's no one to teach me and I couldn't even practice I'm so busy at the forge."
"Too busy?! Lad, no one is too busy to learn something new. Why, I became a knight in-between the time I was working to support my family! Surely you can learn as well, if that is what you truly desire."
Ryder's green eyes lit up with disbelief and a touch of suspicion "You would teach mehow to use a sword? You are not jesting?"
The man's eyebrows curved in a slight frown "A knight never jests with something that is deadly earnest, lad. My name is Ledrin, what be yours?"
"Ryder, sir."
"Well, Ryder, come, your training begins now."
Ryder followed Ledrin in a daze, unsure if he was dreaming or if this was actually happening.
A little while later, when he tripped and landed face first in the dirt, he was fairly sure it was.
He spent the rest of the day learning the basics of swordplay; by the time the sun was low in the sky Ryder was bruised and battered, but happier then he had even been in his life.
"Will I see you tomorrow lad?" Ledrin asked.
Ryder paused, his uncle and brother wouldn't be home until evening the next day "Aye, sir, I think so."
"Good, lad, good, be here as early as ye can."
The next day, before the sun had even risen, Ryder was awake.
He dressed hurriedly, ate a quick breakfast, and was at the training yard just as the sun broke over the hills.
Ledrin greeted him with a laugh "Thou knows the meaning of early lad! Now come, now is your second day, you must be tired and sore from yesterday."
Ryder nodded "But I'm ready for more!"
Ledrin clapped him on his shoulder "Good lad!"
The second day is rumored to be the most difficult, but it wasn't for Ryder, who was used to hauling large logs for the forge, pumping the bellows for the fires, and the other difficult yet small tasks of keeping the forge running.
A little while after noon, Ryder realized that he should go back to the forge and make ready for his uncle and brother's return.
"Ledrin, I-I have to go now," Ryder told his teacher.
Ledrin nodded "Will I see you tomorrow lad?"
Ryder shook his head "No, I am needed at the forge, next week, I will be back though."
Ledrin grinned "I will see thee then Ryder!"
Ryder sighed as he began walking home, he was going to learn, learn to fight! It was something he wished he could shout out the high mountains, but no, it would have to be kept a secret. His uncle would never let him do this, he wanted Ryder only for his ability to do the chores that neither he nor Ryder's brother wanted to do.
To his uncle, Ryder should have no dreams, no wants, other than to have a roof above his head, food enough to sustain him, and work to do.
But that wasn't enough for Ryder, he wanted much more then that.
And he was going to get it.
The last two days of every week where spent by Ryder in the training yard, and he got in a small amount of practice on the days when he finished his chores quickly or wasn't too tired.
He was going to learn to be a knight.
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Scene 18

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:35 am


762 Words

Ryder walked quietly along the small path in the predawn grayness; alone with his thoughts.
Had he really been taking sword lessons with Ledrin for a whole year already? It felt in some ways longer and in others, shorter.
Long in the fact that Ryder had become very good with the sword, he;d never thought he;d ever get the feel of the long deadly piece of metal and in the fact that in only a week, Ryder was going to be thirteen, it just didn't seem real.
And short in the way that nothing had changed with his brother and uncle. Ryder was still just the chore boy, the on who did the dirty work.
It didn't bother Ryder as much as it used to, he wasn't sure why, maybe because he had some other purpose then living and working the forge.
No, one day, he'd be a knight, fighting dragons and savages, keeping his country safe.
Ryder paused in his steps, he thought he smelled something odd on the breeze, it was acrid... smoke, but not the smoke of a small camp fire, something large was burning.
With sick horror, Ryder realized that the awful scent was being blown from the training rings and knight barracks.
With terrible urgency, his feet pushed against the ground with as much speed as he could muster, but the path seemed to be stretching out for eternity.
When he reached the compound he was nearly blinded by the thick smoke that covered the area.
He squinted, trying to see through the dark obscurity, but couldn't.
Suddenly, the smoke parted as something descended on Ryder.
Ryder didn't know what it was, but it was heavy and much much bigger then Ryder.
Ryder tried to get out from under it, but it gripped him tightly and with great strength, so that no matter how hard he struggled, Ryder could not get free of it.
Suddenly a scream blasted into his ear and the pressure was relived.
Ryder scrambled to his feet, trying to make out the figure that stood next to him.
"Ledrin!" He shouted, recognizing his teacher "What's happening?!"
"Savages!" Ledrin shouted back "Get out lad!"
"No!" Ryder yelled "I'm not leaving!"
Ledrin laughed grimly "I didn't think so. Here, catch," He tossed Ryder a sword "And stay right beside me."
Ryder caught the sword and nodded "Aye, sir!"
They walked silently though the thick smoke, Ryder was finding it hard to breath and some of his brash nerve was beginning to leave him, but he silently kept up with his teacher, not asking where they were going.
Ryder began to hear things, muffled shouts and yells "Ledrin?"
"I hear them lad, courage, courage."
Then they where in the midst of the fight, the shouts now deafening, the only good thing was the smoke was beginning to clear.
Or perhaps it wasn't such a good thing, Ryder could see, with awful clarity, the blood shed around him, and his nerve began to fast desert him.
A savage broke away from the fray and dove directly towards Ryder, a knife glinting in its hand.
On instinct, Ryder brought his arms up, forgetting that he held the sword, a dying shriek cut into his ears as a dead weight toppled him backwards.
Ryder regained his balance and looked down at the dead figure, killed by Ryder's own actions, blood seeping onto the ground, then Ryder ran.
He ran to get away from the choking smoke, the horrible screams and shouts, the blood... the blood staining the ground, splattering everywhere.
Ryder ran so hard and so fast, when he finally stopped, he had no idea where he was; only that he could hardly breath and his shoulder was throbbing.
Ryder touched a finger to his shoulder and brought it away, bloody.
Ryder groaned, he didn't know when his shoulder had been cut, but it hurt now.
Before he had any more time for thought, something whizzed past him and hit the earth with a dull thud. A spear.
Ryder didn't turn, he only forced himself to run.
Every step now seemed to jar his shoulder, his lungs burned and his side was knotted with cramps.
But he couldn't stop, he had to run.
He ran, his pursuers directly behind him now, yelling and shouting.
Then he was falling towards the hard ground, a sick crunch and more pain as he hit the earth.
"Get up! Get up!" his mind screamed, but he could rise, something heavy was shoving him down, he couldn't get up, he couldn't run.
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Scene 19

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:09 pm

“Trust you? PAH.”

Words 801
Ryder, Scio

A voice, calling through the darkness, pulling him through the black, past the red, and back into the light of day.
A dark shape hovered over him, but his eyes where still trying to focus against the bright sun.
Ledrin? Ryder tried to ask, but the words never made it out of his head.
he could hear the voice clearly now, and it definitely wasn't his teacher's.
"Wake, please awaken," It was kind, less brusque then the knight's, and seemingly very concerned.
Ryder closed his eyes for a second, then reopened them. Only to find himself face to face with a dragon.
Immediately red hot panic surged through him.
Get out! Get away! his mind screamed and his body obeyed by dragging him backwards from the beast.
His feet scrabbled against hard stone as the boy regained his feet, still retreating from the dragon.
"Stop!" The beast rumbled.
Ryder ignored it, turned and began to run.
Something whooshed around him and suddenly he was enfolded in something leathery.
The panic turned to pure terror.
He knew he was seconds away from being eaten alive or burned to death or ripped to shreds for the enjoyment of the dragon.
"Please open your eyes."
He could feel the hot breath of the dragon on his face, fear locked every muscle in his body, but somehow his eyes opened enough to see the dragon's face, inches from his own, enough to see it's species.
The detailed chart the Ledrin had made him memorize flashed into his mind: Drey, know for their cunning and... a thin paisley ray of hope shot through Ryder, Dreys where the only known species of dragons who where herbivores, but it was quickly cut off by the echoing of Ledrin's words
"They hate us, they'll kill us no matter what"
"What is thy name?"
Ryder stared dumbfounded at the dragon, was this a trick? Was it playing with him?
"Thou dost have a name, does thou not?"
Ryder didn't want to answer, but the reaction to being asked his name was clear even through his terror, so, in a voice akin to a creaking door he gasped out "Ryder."
"I am Scio."
Ryder had to be dead, or dreaming, this just didn't happen in real life. Dragons killed you, they didn't ask your name.
"How does thine arm fare?" The dragon asked again.
I'm dreaming.
Comforted by the thought, Ryder began to relax a little.
"My arm?" he murmured automatically looking down at his arm, a black scar marred his skin just below the shoulder.
"How did that happen?" he asked weakly.
"The arrow, I managed to pull it out of your arm, but it will take much time before it begins to fade."
Suddenly Ryder wasn't so sure he was in a dream anymore "Why-"
"The arrow was tipped in poison, but fortunately I was able to draw it out."
"Why did you do that?"
The dragon sighed deeply "I do not know."
This was too strange, it made no sense.
Ryder forcefully pushed away the leathery wings from his side, trying to put as much distance between the creature and himself.
"Take care, the poison has taken its toll on thee," the dragon warned.
Ryder ignored him, his attention focus solely on the glittering flash of metal a few paces off to his right.
"No matter what thou thinks, thou shouldst rest," the dragon continued.
Ryder dove for his sword, grasped the handle, and whirled to face the dragon "I don't what strange game your trying to play, but I don't like it."
The dragon spread its small forelegs "Trust me lad, you should not be taxing your strength."
"No, I don't trust you, you beast," Ryder shouted "There isn't one reason for you to be helping me."
"There isn't," the dragon's voice turned to ice "But I did, and believe me, if I hadn't, you would be dead."
"I don't believe you," Ryder growled.
"Wait two or three minutes more, you won't be saying that."
Ryder gripped the swordhilt in a strangle hold as a wave of nausea began to eat away at his balance "What did you do to me?!"
"I did nothing but to heal thee, what thou is feeling has been brought on thee by thine own self," the dragon informed him coolly.
Ryder couldn't reply, the nausea had turned into a spiking pain and was searing through his head as badly as any dragon fire ever could.
Scio couldn't help but feel a tinge of sympathy for the boy, he couldn't see the fierce warrior or deadly knight that threatened dragons on a whole, just a small boy trying to fight something he didn't understand.
"Trust me, I'm not going to hurt you," the dragon murmured as he slowly moved towards the boy.
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