Scene Challenge (finished)

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Scene Challenge (finished)

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:04 am


“Little by little, day by day, okay?” // “Get. Off. Right now.” // “... That’s it.”
// “So, uh, we should… probably run now.” // “You’re insane! I love it.”
“Hey, I offered to help you.” // “Who’s laughing now?”// “Would you please just be quiet?”
“Whoa, buttercup, whoa.” // "I can’t believe you talked me into this."// “Marry me?”
“Hey! I was gonna drink that!” // “You did all of this for me?” // “This isn’t over.”
“If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”// “Well, this is awkward.”// “It was you who was standing there.”
“That is the stupidest idea you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”// “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
“Uh, she’s gunna punch you, man.” // “BAHAHAHA- ahem.” // “I think I am concussed.”
“You have got to be kidding me.” // “This ain’t that kind of movie.” // “Is it… dead?”
“I’ll just sit here and wait for you to be finished.”// “You wound me.”// “Trust you? PAH.”
“I don’t know who you are.” // “It’s okay. I promise. I’m here.”// “Oh, this is going to be good.”
“Well, I finally got your attention.”// “Like a hole in the head.”// “I'm... okay.”
“Well, are you coming?” // “Where are your pants!?”// “Help me push it.”
“It’s almost midnight, no way!” // “Positively smashing.” // “Don’t let go, okay?”
“You can’t leave me like this.” // “Say that to my mother.” // “Sing me a lullaby, please?”
“This hurts worse than I thought it would.” // “Hah! - oh, wait, you’re serious?”
“As much as I’d enjoy that…” // -gasp- “The plague!” “No!” “YES.” // “I won’t let you do this.”
“I've still got it.” // “I can’t do it. I just can’t.” // "Don’t you ever do that again!"
“I thought I lost you.” //"Teach me?" // "Don’t you dare throw that snowball-"
"It could be worse." // "We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?"
"I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice." // "What are you so afraid of?”
“How did you get that scar?” // “You said WHAT?” // “Can you stop bringing that up?”
“Wait for me!” // “We’ll be dead by morning.”// “STOP TALKING.” // “I do.”
“I don’t want to.” // “What did I ever do to you?!” // “Follow me.” “-SIGH- “I can’t reach it.”// “What are you waiting for?” // “WAIT NO THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT-”
“I don’t need you.” // “You deserve better.” // “If you love something, let it go.”
“Why do I have to wear this?” // “Here goes nothing.” // “Where the heck were you?!”
“I don’t need help.” // “We’re gonna be parents…”// “I didn’t think you knew.”
“I thought those were poisonous.” // “Don’t make me go alone.”// “I’m sorry… I didn’t know.” “I’d be lost without you.”// “Just leave me!” // “I dare you to…” // “Run!”
“How did you manage that?” // “Liar!” // “I don’t even want to be here.”“Oh crap, we fell asleep!”// “Is this the life you wanted?” // “GIVE ME THAT.”
“Get back here!”// “Let go of me!” // “I’ll just follow you.” // “YOU DON’T SAY.”
“And yet, you love me anyway.”// “I just thought I’d have a swim.” // “Don’t cry.”
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Scene 1

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:40 am

Little by Little, Day by Day, Okay?

# 762 words
Adrian and Avery

Avery tilted her good wing slightly and spread her crippled wing out as it could, and took a deep breath to steady herself.
With a hop-skip, she was gliding downwards fairly well,
'Now for the hard part'
She began flapping her crippled wing, but one swish from the good one sent her into a wild roll.
Avery braced herself for the jarring crash when she hit the ground, instead she smashed into the fence side.
She groaned softly as she slowly extracted herself from the wood bars.
"Avery! Avery! Are you alright!" A soft voice rasped close by.
Gently Avery shook out her feathers, none broken, then she turned to her snake friend "I'm fine, Adrian, really."
"Are you sssure? Nothingsss broken?" Worry and concern shone from his expressive dark eyes.
"Only my flying," Avery sighed, "I mean, I'm eagle with a bad wing. If I can't fly, then what can I do?"
"And I'm a snake without fangs, what are we?" Adrian curled himself gently around Avery's talons.
"At least you can get around well enough, but I'm just so unbalanced."
Only to Adrian could she pour out these feelings, he was the only one who understood. Stranger as it sounded, the eagle and the snake where best of friends.
"Well at leasst people do not pull their feet up and sstare whenever they sseee you," Adrian sighed dejectedly "And to top it off, I'm not a candidate for any of the weapon classess the sschool offerss"
They where quiet for a while, each working over the other's problems.
Slowly, a small idea formed itself, it was crazy, it was improbable, it was something Achran would think of, it might work.
"Avery? Do you think you could try flying a few more timesss?"
Avery blinked, her friend sounded excited, he was drawing out his 's's much more than usual, but she was hesitant.
"I don't know, Adrian, I think I've crashed about as many times as I could for today."
"Pleassse? I want to try sssomething," Adrain pleaded.
"Oh, alright," Avery sighed "lets go."
Getting to the top of the fence was a hard process for Avery, first she had to drag herself to the first rung by her wings, then dig her claws in as she drug herself to the next rung, but eventually she got there.
"Okay, so whats yoir idea?" She asked her friend, who was coiled around the topmost rung.
" Well, I wass thinking, sssince you cannot balance on your own, maybe ! could help you."
Avery was incredulous "How could you help me balance?"
Adrian slithered up Avery's back until he had reached her shoulders, then shifted himself so that his weight was mostly on Avery's good wing.
"How doesss that feel?" He asked
"Heavy, I can't fly like this."
"Jusst a little, pleassse?"
Avery sighed "We can try."
She spread her wings wide, and launched into the air, she glided downwards swiftly, Adrian was weighing her down.
"Flap! flap!" Adrian shouted.
More as a reaction to his cry than a mindful willingness, Avery pumped her wings in unison, for a few brief second she flew! She flew!
Then slowly she dropped towards the ground 'I'm not strong enough, I can't carry both of us!'
"You did it!" Adrian shouted triumphantly as he slipped of his friend's back "You did it!"
Adrian reared himself up to look Avery in the face "Avery! You jussssst flew!!!"
She blinked as if just realizing what he said "I-I flew?"
Adrian laughed "You flew!"
She laughed with him " I guess I did," Then sighed. "But I'm not strong enough for a real flight."
"We will work on your wing sstrength, you'll be able to fly some day sssoon," Adrian encouraged.
"I promisse to help you fly," Adrian grinned a toothless smile "Your going to fly!"
"No! We're going to fly!"
The two young creatures broke into delighted laughter.
The next day, they where both up on the fence post, crashing, gliding, flying, and the next day, and the next, and many after; each time she launched from the top rung of the fence, Avery was sure she could feel her wings growing stronger and her flights grow longer, more stable.
Until, one day, without even realizing it, they had flown high into the sky.
Avery was focused on her wing beats and Adrian on holding his balance.
Just to see were they where at, Adrian glanced down, down at the small forest below.
"Avery!" He shrieked "Your flying!"
Avery glanced down and let out a happy screech "We did it!"
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Scene 2

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:30 am

Get. Off. Right now.

917 words
The dragon team,

Ito growled softly in annoyance as Lebin sprawled on his back.
"Do you absolutely have to do that?."
"Oh, I'm just stretching, my back hurts a little, ya know?"
"Oh, I know," muttered Ito "Now sit up!"
"UUGG," Lebin sighed "Why can't I just relax for a little bit?"
"Because you are going to fall off if you don't sit up!"
"Alright! Alright!" Lebin yelped and straightened with a dramatic groan "Maybe if you were more comfortable then my back wouldn't hurt so much."
"Oh, yes, and maybe you'd like a nice mattress with a blanket and cushions?" Ito barked sarcastically.
"Ohhh, that sounds nice," Lebin smiled "Hey, do you think that could happen?"
"No!" Ito barked, just as he came in for a landing "Get off."
"I"m off!," Lebin slide off the Irrin's back "No need to get your scales in a twist."
Slightly annoyed with the dragon's words, Lebin stomped over to where his sister and cousin had set down.
"Fighting with Ito again?" His sister asked as she slide down from Ira.
"Nah, not really," Lebin deigned.
"Oh dear," Ira sighed, twisting her serpentine body to face the siblings "Lebin, you where fighting with my mate, I know Ito better than that."
"Besides," Laughed Whirl-whip "Everyone could hear you!"
"Oh," Lebin groaned "Great, now I'll have to walk the rest of the way to Fira."
"Mayhaps if you did not goad Ito as you do, then maybe you would work together in greater efficiency," Jocktan's quiet flat voice broke in.
"Oh, why don't you go shoot ice arrows at a tree or something?" Lebin suggested as he threw himself on the ground.
Jocktan walked over and stood directly in front of Lebin "I have no reason to shoot my arrows on trees, to do so would be foolish and wasteful, the tree did not harm me nor is attacking anyone else, therefor I will not 'go'."
Lebin sighed "Oh, your impossible!"
Jocktan cocked his head " Impossible is something that cannot exist, that fact that I exist proves that I am not impossible."
Burst of laughter rang out around Jocktan at his true, but hilarious statement.
Even Lebin had to grin.
As the rest of the team laughed at Jocktan, Ira decided to speak with her mate.
"Ito, dear," she called softly towards him.
He sighed and twisted around "Yes?"
"Ito, you cannot keep fighting with Lebin, it simply is bad for the whole team. And you know better!"
"But Lebin-" Ito began.
"Is your partner and rider," Ira finished.
Ito groaned "I know. But Lebin, he is so foolish and flighty and careless and-"
Ira cut him off again "And he is a young Lightling elf, of course he is those things, if you want him to change maybe you should be open yourself."
Ito folded his wings in defeat "Ooh... I will try."
Ira nodded in satisfaction "Good, now off with you two, its your turn to hunt."
Ito ground his teeth in an effort to keep from spitting fire, a tendril of smoke did escape his lips but it dispersed quickly in the evening fade.
"Come, Lebin, it is our time to hunt."
"Okay!" Lebin jumped up from the ground and leapt nimbly onto Ito back "Lets go!"
Ito took a deep breath and took off into the air, his wings beats heavy and loud at first, but when he had gained the breeze, they became nothing more than whispers.
For a second, Ito enjoyed the simple quiet of flight, Lebin wasn't so bad, when he was sitting up straight and being quiet.
"Hey, Ito those trees look promising," Lebin shouted down the dragon's ear.
"You don't have to shout down my ears, I could hear just fine," Ito snarled, his temper flaring again.
"What??" Lebin shouted again.
"Never mind," Ito rumbled, tilting his wings downwards.
As they passed downwards, Ito cocked his head to listen for animals, but all he heard was
"Hear anything??" in Lebin stage whisper.
"Yes, a Lightling elf who is.... being annoying" Ito had almost said who was going to get his neck broken, but somehow that didn't seem like a good thing to say to your teammate "Could you please try and restrain your tongue, just for a small while?"
Thank the flame, Ito thought, Maybe now we will catch something to eat
Just as he was completing the thought a herd of large deer crashed out from the woods into an open glade, directly beneath the dragon and rider.
Ito heard Lebin gasp, and a knife of fear shot through him "Not a word!" He hissed.
There was silence.
Slowly Ito glided down over the forest so that his shadow would not alarm the deer.
Eventually they where within a stone's throw of the deer.
"Lebin, now," Ito breathed, he wanted the elf boy to use his bow and arrows.
"Now what?" Lebin asked, much louder than he had intended.
Instantly there was the thunder of hooves, a moving mass, and the game was gone.
"Sorry," Lebin said, nervously waiting an angry torrent of words.
"Get. Off. Right. Now," Ito ground out the words.
Frightened, Lenin immediately slipped off the dragon and took a few steps back.
"Get back to camp, I'm hunting on my own today."
"But-" Lebin protested.
"I will see you at the camp, when I find something," Ito informed him bluntly "Goodbye."
"Oh," Lebin seemed lost for words this time.
Ito took off into the air and didn't look back.
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Scene 3

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:31 am

...That's it

973 words
Jade and Jasmine

Jade stared angrily at the camp of renegades, her green eyes flashing "I'm sick of waiting Jasmine. We know they have the princess down there. There is not one good reason why we should wait for the troops and rescue her ourselves."
"Except that there are thirty of them and two of us," Jasmine countered calmly.
"So, we do a shadow strike, in and out before they even realize we're there," Jade retaliated.
"The princess is heavily guarded, we'd never make it without being seen."
Jade was quiet a minute before she spoke again "What if, one of us created a distraction while the other-"
"Why are you so bent on us doing this ourselves?" Jasmine cut her sister off, slightly annoyed.
Jade was quick to answer "If and when the troops get here, the kidnappers will undoubtedly threaten to kill the princess resulting in either a stalemate or a complete failure."
So that was it, she was afraid of loosing, of having come all this way, only to see the 'bad guys' get away.
Jasmine sighed "We'll give it a few more hours."
This seemed to placate her irate sister "Fine."
Jade growled softly into the dimming evening "Jas..."
"I know, but going down means disobeying-"
"Orders. Sister, our orders were to track the princess-"
"Not rescue her."
Jade sighed, she couldn't deny what her sister was saying, it was true, but she couldn't wait much longer; so much for the catly virtue of endless patience.
"Jasmine, they'll be gone in the morning, we can't wait anymore," Jade was tense, her striped paws gripped the hilts of her katanas in a death hold.
She definitely had a point.
Jade released a huge sigh, as if something unbearable had been hanging around her head and Jasmine had just cleared it with the single word "Lets go."
"Whoa whoa, I'm agreeing to this, but we must have a plan."
Jade grinned, her sharp white teeth glinting faintly, "One good turn deserves another, whats your plan?"
"Oh, it's not my plan, its yours, One of us makes a distraction while the other rescues the princess."
"Good, I"m the distraction, meet up with you afterwards," Jade dropped to all fours and bounded into the darkness.
"... And I wasn't finished," Jasmine sighed, then shrugged.
Dropping to all fours the tiger slipped into the dim air going towards the renegades' camp.

Silently reveling in her mission, Jade made a straight path downwards, the kidnappers had light no fire, but Jade needed no light of that sort to guide her, the night vision God had given her, was enough.
She could clearly define small figures stationed around a cluster of three tents.
This is going to be so easy
She breathed in a huge draught of air and let it out again with a thundering roar.
Instantly the figures around the tens came to life in confusion of shouts.
Jade raced towards them.
Torches where lit.
That made them much easier targets.
She slowed her pace until she was just on the edge of the flickering shadows cast by the illuminating torches.
She inched forwards, trusting to the deceiving shadows and her own striped coat to hide her until she was close enough.
Swiftly she pulled herself into a crouch, tensed, and sprang, giving another deep roar as she descended.

Jasmine heard the roar and made her move as the rest of the renegades immediately rushed to aid in the fight against her sister.
Silently creeping, Jasmine edged around the back of the smallest tent until she had reached the opening, she could hear the pounding of four hearts.
Cautiously standing back up on her hind paws, in the same move drawing her katanas, Jasmine gently unfastened the tent flap, then with a yank, drew it backwards and launched herself into the tent.
With a whirling slash, she dispatched the nearest. The hilt of her left paw katana sent the second crashing to the ground.
The third was better prepared, yet still didn't stand a chance, he might have, if he hadn't been human.
A terrible blow that cracked skull put him away too.
She dropped to her knees down to the Wolf Princess's side, the ropes that held her where thick, but the katanas sliced through them easily as though they where string.
As soon as the ropes were free, the princess yanked the gag out of her mouth.
"Who are you?!" She demanded loudly.
"Shh!" Jasmine hissed "It doesn't matter who I am, we just have to get you out of here."
The princess nodded and tried to stand, but only fell back down with a dramatic groan "I-I can't walk... my legs are too stiff."
Jasmine flicked a worried ear towards the fighting outside the tent "We have to go, now. I'll carry you if I have too!"

Jade was severely outnumbered, but she wasn't going to admit it.
Sword singing, armor crashing, the dull thunk as another hit the ground, it was a macabre tune, and one Jade could completely throw herself into, becoming unstoppable.
No, I have got to remain in control, have to be able to rejoin Jasmine after Jade fought the raging pull inside.
Suddenly a new instrument introduced itself in the cacophony of war song, a twang and a whine.
Jade recognized it instantly, but instantly was all the time the arrow needed the bury itself into her shoulder.
Suddenly the tents burst into a wild conflagration, and Jade knew it was time to leave.
That's a clever way to get a message across, sister.
She pounded away at the earth, trying to put as much distance between her and the renegades before she collapsed from her wounds.
She sensed another presence at her side.
"I got her out," Jasmine panted.
"Good," croaked Jade "lets get out of hear."
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Scene 4

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:45 am

So, uh, we should… probably run now

800 words
Andrea, Jocktan, Rebeka, Ruth,

Andrea sighted her target and let the arrow fly with the ease of someone who has done this task a hundred thousand times.
"Not using ice today, Jocktan?" she directed her words off toher side at the Icean elf.
"It would be futile, there are too many of them," He nodded at the charging enemy.
"True, true," Andrea let another zip towards the charging tide.
"Uhh," Andrea? When where you planning on leaving?" Ruth's nervous voice chattered.
"Oh, soon, I was thinking just about before we're in bow shot range ourselves."
"Ok... t-that's good."
There was a good reason for the half-elf's uncertainty, there where ten archers shooting arrows at hundreds of thousands of wild charging warriors, they where standing in a narrow gap between two high canyons, covering for their small army to escape.
Andrea was begging to feel that strange phenomenon that filled her with cool calm, even though she was facing an impossible task, or was under terrific stress.
Every time her bow sent another arrow hurtling, Andrea could see it glide slowly through the air, like a water fowl floating down a tranquil stream, she could even see if it made the shot, if it did, she could pick out if the target was gravely injured or just a flesh wound.
More often then not, it was a grave wound that her arrows inflicted.
"Wandereress!! Wandereress! Hear me!" it was Jocktan shouting at her in his weirdly flat voice "Break out of it! Out!"
Andrea blinked and pulled herself back into the fast moving world of man "What's wrong?"
"Do not think I am questioning your judgement, but is there a specific plan you had for us to make good out escape? We have no horses and a dragon could not come to us through the air space available."
"Right you are Jock," Andrea did not further any more information, she could feel herself being pulled back into that liquid calm world.
But Jocktan would have none of it "So we are not getting out?"
"What?" Rebeka heard their words "We're not getting out?"
Fearful murmurs ran though the tiny group and the arrows stopped flying.
"Don't stop shooting! Don't stop! We will get out, but don't stop shooting!" Andrea encouraged.
"So you do have a plan?" Jocktan pressed.
"Yes, to our left is a small tunnel, we'll go through it and block it up behind us, and get out alive."
"Of this you are sure?"
"Yes Jock I'm sure."
"When was the last time you examined this tunnel?"
"... Several years ago...."
"If it has caved in?"
"Then we're dead."
"Well then," Jocktan punctuated his remark with another arrow "Then we're dead."
"And we'd better make this count!"
"We had better," If possible Jocktan's voice was even more cool and controlled than ever.
"Wandereress? Remind me when you where planning on running?" Jocktan asked.
"When we where within bow shot range ourselves-"
As if on cue an arrow sang out. This time not flying towards the enemy but from them, it curved down and dug itself into the ground, not an inch from Andrea's boots.
"Time to leave?"
"Andrea nodded "And they say you have no sense of humor."
She shouldered her bow and shouted "Stop shooting and follow me!"
She sprinted towards the rock face, praying to God that there would be a tunnel.
There was.
It was hardly more than a crack in the cliff wall, to the fleeing archers it seemed even smaller.
"In! In!" Andrea shouted, yet no one moved.
"Wandereress, I believe amongst your kind there is a saying, 'ladies first'; that would be appropriate for two reasons, the girls are smaller, and your are the only one that knows the way," Jocktan explained in his exasperating reason.
Andrea was in no mood for logic, but it did make sense "Alright."
She slung her bow off her shoulders, and holding it out in her hand so it would not hamper her, she slide into the crack with ease.
"Rebeka, then Ruth," Jocktan instructed, with a nod at the elf and half elf.
They complied readily and where through the crack easily; on the other side, they found Andrea with a lighted torch.
"You," Jocktan motioned at on of the archers "next, we must go one at a time."
They did, and were through the crack swiftly until Jocktan was the only one left.
Arrows began to hiss in his direction and without a second thought he squeezed into the crack.
"Now what?" He greeted Andrea.
"Help me move some of these loose stone slabs to cover the entrance," She ordered and handed the torch to Rebeka "Hold this."
Quickly the stones where moved and the entrance blocked.
"Now follow me!" Andrea took the torch back from the elf girl and began down the dark path.
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Scene 5

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:07 am

Your're Insane! I love it.

883 words
Nickia and Ryder

"let me get this straight," Nickia cut Ryder off "So we just go looking for the griffon general, even though we just escaped being his prisoners in that forsaken jungle?"
"That's the basic idea," Ryder sighed, when she put it like that, it sounded foolish and stupid, which it was.
"And we have no way of finding him in that stone maze, and who knows what we may run into, another legion of warriors, more monsters, even a whole flight of griffons. Plus, there is no way to be positive he is even in there, he could be out over the ocean for all we know."
"Even if he is in there, we have no certainty of victory."
"But we have to try."
Ryder blinked at her unexpected words "What?"
"We have to try," she repeated.
He laughed and shook his head " I can never tell when your being a woman and when your being a warrior."
She tossed her short silver hair "I can be both at the same time if I want to."
"Shall we commence on our suicide mission?"
"Are you ridiculing me or being realistic?"
"Being realistic."
"That's what I was afraid of."
Nickia grinned at him "Poor big dragon warrior's afraid of reality."
"Now your ridiculing me."
Nickia sighed "Let's stop stalling and get this over with."
Ryder nodded, completely serious now.
They turned towards the stone canyons, and walked slowly towards it.
A few feet off, the grass stopped and stone started, the two young warriors stopped as well, neither wanting to fully commit themselves, this was truly a 'suicide mission.'
Nickia glanced at her friend "We aren't making it out of this one, are we?"
Ryder shook his head "Not this one. And there isn't going to be a next time, either."
"No," Nickia sighed, then she grabbed Ryder's hand and bowed her head "Though I walk through the valley...
"Of the shadow of death."
"I shall fear no evil."
"For thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me,"They finished the Psalm together; somehow the words of the Warrior Shepard king from thousands of years ago strengthened the young warriors about to face their own giant.
"Ready?" Ryder found he could keep his voice from shaking, despite the tremors that ran through his heart.
"As anyone could be," Nickia's voice held strong, even though fear was closing off her throat.
"Then lets do it together, with the help of God."
Nickia nodded and gripped his hand tightly.
Slowly they stepped off the grass and into the hard stone world.
Nickia heaved a sigh "Come on, we're not dead yet."
"Such an encouragement."
They walked in silence for a way, the only sound was the soft thump as their feet hit the hard ground, and they're own thundering hearts.
"They watched the canyon rise up around them as they stole deeper into the labyrinth.
Soon all that was visible of the sky was a thin string of blue directly above.
"Scarlet would hate it in here," Nickia broke the silence tentatively.
"Yeah, so would the dragons, well maybe not Ito and Ira, they enjoy the ground almost as much as they do the air."
"So... Any particular plan to find the general?" Nickia blurted.
"Well, aren't they always at middle?"
"If that's really all you've got..."
Their conversation thinned out.

They had walked for hours, literally, and had not heard or seen any sighed that there was anything else besides them in the canyons.
That is, until Nickia froze "Hear that?"
Ryder listened, he could... not hear, more of feel, it was a dull throb. Drums "Yes. Which way is it coming from?"
Nickia tilted her head like a bird "Behind. And its coming closer!"
"This way!" Ryder pulled her into a narrow off let canyon.
They held themselves in, but they could still see out.
Momentarily a legion began to march past their opening, men wheeled by in perfect rows, so close the hidden pair could make out the paint on their faces, designed to strike fear into their foes.
They had almost marched completely by and Nickia and Ryder had not been seen, when one particularly young and inexperienced warrior tripped on his spear and went flying into their hiding place, crashing against them.
He shouted at the top of his lungs as he realized there where two 'white skins' in the crack.
"Back Niki! farther back!" Ryder shouted "I need room!"
Nickia complied by crushing herself backwards, then her shoe caught on something and she fell backwards, when she hit the ground she instantly realized she was in a much larger space than before.
"Ryder! Come back here!" she hissed.
There was a grunt and Ryder appeared in front of her, his sword stained black from the blood "Get off the ground! They'll be after us in a moment."
Nickia picked herself off the ground and spun to face the opposite direction she'd come "I hate tunnels."
"So do I, but I hate the thought of dying while the head remains attached to the snake, let's go,"
Nickia sighed and unsheathed her sword "You first, your sword's on fire so its brighter than star-steel."
"As long as we can go," Ryder disappeared into the dark with Nickia close on his heels.
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Scene 6

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:52 am

“This hurts worse than I thought it would.”

1,009 words
Ryder and Nickia

The tunnel was dark, but Ryder's fire sword shed enough light to see by.
Even with the light, Nickia felt as if there was something unspeakable just ahead or behind her, waiting for the light to die and it would pounce.
"Are they following?" Ryder asked, his voice harsh in the silence.
Nickia tilted her head for pursuers, "Odd, there's nothing."
"Why? Why wouldn't they follow us in?" Ryder asked himself, "Either they're afraid or sure we can't get out again or..."
"It doesn't matter," Nickia whispered "I don't think much is going to matter after this.
Ryder sighed "You're right."
"I wish I could've said goodbye," Nickia's voice was no more then a breathy puff of air.
"Me too. Especially Scio and Jok and... well everyone."
"Raymond, oh, oh, Raymond," Nickia's voice cracked softly and tears began to slither down her cheeks.
Awkwardly Ryder stood beside her, unsure of what to do or say, honestly feeling like crying himself.
"Nickia, we have to keep going," Ryder told her at last, somehow keeping himself from choking up as well.
She nodded, wiping tears from her face "Sorry."
He shrugged and started walking again.
They walked for a while longer, until neither could say whether the sun was shining still or if it had sank beneath the earth.
Nickia was begging to feel severely cramped, the air was being torn from her lungs then shoved back in, Ryder's sword seemed to fade until it was nothing more than a lighting bug's spark.
Suddenly the tunnel walls opened up around them and Nickia could sense a huge space around them.
She could hear something.
Deep harsh breathing, and it was nearby.
"Ryder," Nickia forced the name out, but it almost died on her lips.
"I think we're at the center."
Nickia nodded even though Ryder's back was turned to her.
Ryder crouched to examine something on the floor, it looked like a stream of black un-flowing water. Ryder sniffed.
Cautiously, Ryder touched the very edge of his sword to the liquid.
There was a blinding flash along with a huge roar and the oil began to light.
Nickia watched fascination as the flames raced in a huge arch, until the entire cavern was lit.
it seemed empty, except for a huge jumbled of a nameless substance piled in the middle.
What it was, Nickia could have guessed, stones do not breath.
Nickia was cut off as the sleeping griffon slowly rose up from its haphazard position on the floor, it unfurled its wings and yawned, not seeming to notice the tiny humans on the ground beside it.
Then it laughed, a horrible sound, like ice splitting, or rocks being crushed.
"Humans," it laughed again "You could not have even escaped from my prison if I didn't want you to. You think you are so clever. Fools!"
Nickia's sword was out, gripped in her hand, her shield was lung up onto her left fore-arm.
"You will die."
"You will too," Ryder bellowed back at the terrible beast.
"You really think you can kill me?"
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," Nickia found her voice and flung the Bible verse at the beast.
The griffon flinched visibly, then tried to recover "Re-really? Then if he cares for you so much, then why did he bring you here to die."
Ryder furrowed his brow, why where they stalling? It was time to get this over with.
With a tiny nod, Ryder and Nickia began to step slowly around, flanking the griffon.
The beast shook its head "Your never going to win."
"Stop with your words and fight us!" Ryder shouted.
It shrugged its black wings "As you have asked, dragon boy."
Doubtless, the griffon expected to kill the young warriors with two blows, but they where more than ready for them.
He lunged at Ryder first, his huge claws reaching out to rip at the young man.
Ryder sprang backwards, then managed to hack off on of the over sized claws.
At the same time Nickia plunged her own sword up to the hilt in the griffon's back leg.
The beast screeched in pain and struggled away from the tiny, yet annoying needles.
Ryder went straight at the beast eyes, and there was a stench of burning fur as his sword slashed directly above its left eye.
This time the beast howled in agony and began flailing wildly around himself.
Ryder was forced to leap backwards, away from the murderous claws and thrashing wings.
Where was Nickia?
For a bare second the griffon stopped writhing, and Ryder heard a sound that chilled his blood.
A hawk screech, Nickia's battlecry, a faint glittering of silver.
Then the griffon began contorting itself in a terrible pain; lashing out at nothing, arching its back, clawing itself.
As it did this, Ryder realized why, Nickia's sword was embedded deeply in the base of one of the griffon's wings.
But where was the Crescent Moon herself?
Ryder glanced frantically around, desperate searching, until his sight rested on a limp figure.
Everything afterwards was a dream.
Slowly the griffon stumbled to its feet, hate and anger radiating from its eyes.
"I am wounded," it hissed "And you are going to die. Your world will be plunged into my darkness."
"I am going to die, but the time for darkness is not yet," Ryder's voice was stronger than it had ever been.
Infuriated, the griffon charged; Ryder stepped lightly aside, the griffon whirled on its claws, dropped to a low crouch, and sprung.
This time Ryder held his ground, whipping his sword up at the last second, the beast's own weight driving the sword to the hilt, then a crack of Ryder's own bones and overwhelming pain.
"Die," The beast hissed.
Ryder was helpless as the claws came up then crashed down on his throat.
The griffon collapsed alongside the young warrior, already dead.
Darkness crept up into Ryder's mind, and this time Scio wasn't there to wake him, there would be no more waking.
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Scene 7

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:52 am

“How did you manage that?”

Colton, Ryder, Scio, Nickia

Colton gripped Scio's scales awkwardly with his legs as the dragon sped away from the mob of people.
The wind blew into his face, catching the tears and whipping them off into the air.

He'd come looking for his brother.
The brother who was dead.
Oh, why? Why his little brother? Why had he left him alone that one day? If he had only let him come that one day, just once, thse five years ago... Then what? Then there would be no dragon team. Would the Seven Kingdoms have fallen?

A world for a brother.

Hardly fair. Ryder had been the nearest blood Colton had. And yet Colton had treated him like dirt.
"We're going down," Scio growled out as he began to descend.
Colton gave an involuntary gasp and gripped the dragon even tighter.
There was a gentle thump and the dragon stopped its rocking movement.
"Thou can get off now."
Colton glanced over the dragon's side, it still seemed like a long ways down.
"Do I just...jump?"
Scio sighed "Sorry, I am not used to having someone who does not know the ways upon my back."
With a swift move he crouched down, much lower to the ground and Colton was able to step off.
Scio pulled himself back up "Thou said that thou had something of great importance of which to speak?"
Colton blinked as he remembered,The counsel, heirs, Ryder, the kingdom "Yes..." he scratched at his neck "Well, you see, that is, its like this... ThepeopleinFiredeciededtheywantakingandRyderandIwheretrackeddownasthelastlivingheirsortheoldkingdown sotheysentmetofindRydersotheycouldexamineus."
Scio blinked at him "Whaaat?"
Colton took a breath and started over again, much slower this time "The people in Fira decided they wanted a king and Ryder and I where tracked down as the last living heirs of the old kingdom, so they sent me to find Ryder so they could examine us."
Scio's orange eyes bored into Colton's dark ones, Colton felt an urge to look away, but within him, felt as that it would be a mistake.
After a few seconds, Scio blinked and sighed, his wings drooped dejectedly and his head sank low to the ground "He would've never agreed anyway, to be a king."
"And you knew him so well?" Colton regretted the words as soon as he spat them out. Of course the dragon knew his brother, he had flown and fought with him for the last five years
"Sorry, I-I-"
"Do not apologize, six moon shades is hardly enough time for me to forget my pain, and thou, thou hast just learned of a death of one close to thy heart."
Colton nodded, he simply didn't have words "I'm going to...walk around for a little bit."
"Fine, there are no dangers nearby."
Colton walked slowly out from the dragon's sight, but as soon as he had cleared the orange eye's line of sight, he broke into a run. He pummeled the earth trying to forget everything that had happened.
He had almost succeeded when he smashed into something,
With a shout, he and it toppled to the ground.
"Hey!" and irate young man's voice shouted "Can't you watch where your going?"
"Sorry," muttered Colton as he scrambled to his feet "I wasn't paying attention."
"Well no harm do-Colton?!"
Colton jerked himself back and gave a good look at the man before him "B-but, your dead!"
"I know! I mean, I was!"
"How?" was all Colton could gasp out.
Ryder shrugged "The Lord works in mysterious ways...."
Colton shook his head, now he was entirely lost for words.
"Ryder, what's going on?" a pleasant female voice asked and a person with grey hair and skin walked up.
It only took Colton a second to realize that she was Nickia Crescent Moon, the warrioress who had died with his brother... who was not dead.
"Yes, Nicki... this is my brother..." Ryder's voice trailed off.
Guilt overwhelmed Colton, how could his own brother be happy to see him? It wasn't as if he had given him any reason to.
"Ryder, I'm sorry, about everything, I ever did," Colton blurted.
Ryder clapped him on the shoulder "Its in the past, we're both different now."
Colton nodded, genuine relief spreading across his face in the form of a smile.
"By the way... you wouldn't happen to know where the dragon team is at?" Ryder's voice was tinged with worry.
"Actually, Scio's just around that bend," Colton tossed his shoulder towards the general direction.
"Ahh... huh?" Colton blinked as Ryder brushed past him and dashed towards the place Colton had indicated.
Nickia laughed "Its not you Colton, but he has missed his teammates."
Colton shrugged "Well, we'd better get going, I'm sure there's people missing you as well.
Nickia nodded "Though, I do hate to disturb them."
They walked slowly around the bend.
Scio was bent level with the ground, his head pressed against Ryder's back, Ryder's arms where locked around the dragon's neck.
Scio looked up as Colton and Nickia walked over "Thou manages to accomplish the most amazing of feats," the dragon choked out against tears.
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Scene 8

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:46 am

“How did you get that scar?”

Andrea, Chance, Nickia, Storm, Scarlet

Andrea glanced at the girl next to her and squirmed uncomfortably, well this was a laugh, she could speak to elves and men, dragons and animal folk, but not her own sister... Her sister...
"Just pretend she isn't your sister," Chance suggested.
Andrea sighed "How on earth do I do that?
I dunno, asked her a question, she's your sister."
Andrea sighed "Your not helping!"
"Is everything alright?" Nickia's voice startled Andrea out of her mental argument.
"Oh, ah, yes, I'm just a little distracted."
"Oh, Nickia stared at the ground awkwardly.
"Andrea! Your supposed to ask her a question!
I trying! But your not making it easy!
Andrea took a deep breath and blurted the first thing that cam to her mind "Where did you get that scar?"
Nickia glanced up quickly, then Andrea's question seemed to register and she dropped her gaze back down "Madman with a knife, the knife was infected with the plague, that's why I'm this," she gave a gesture that indicated her entire self.
Nickia glanced back up at her "May I ask a question?"
Now they where getting somewhere! "Yes, of course."
"Why the cloak? Don't Shadow Elves usually use cloaks like this?"
"It was a gift and I grew accustomed to wearing it," Andrea replied, desperately trying to think of something more to say.
Inevitably there was more silence.
After a little while Nickia and Chance's heads both pricked up at the exact same time, and swiveled towards the curve down the road.
Presently a grey dappled horse with blood red reins and no tack came trotting around the bend, as soon as it saw them it broke into a canter, stopping within inches of Nickia, who sprang to her feet and began coming her fingers through his mane.
Andrea stood up as well, now they had something to talk of for sure "Who is this?"
This time a real smile spread across Nickia's face "This is Storm."
"He's beautiful," Andrea glanced at the horse's back "Don't you use a saddle?"
Nickia shook her head "No, I manage just fine with reins."
There was a dull thud of hooves and Chance trotted over to them.
The little paint horse stretched out his neck and blew ingratiatingly into the grey horse's nostrils.
The grey returned the welcoming sniff then lifted his head towards the sky and nickered loudly.
A fiery red bird dropped out of the sky and lightly set down on Storm's head. It swiveled its head to stare for a moment at Andrea and Chance, Andrea could see it was a rare owlawk, then twirled its head back around at Nickia and screeched something at her.
Amazingly Nickia replied in kind, with screeches and mutterings.
They 'spoke' for a few seconds in this way, until Storm shook his head and snorted almost disapprovingly.
Instantly Nickia blushed so hard, Andrea could see it through her grey skin "Sorry, Andrea, this is Scarlet star, Scar this is my...sister."
Uncertainly Andrea said "It's nice to meet you... Scarlet star."
The bird bobbed her head "And you Andrea, please just call me Scarlet."
Andrea blinked "Of course...Scarlet."
The bird cocked her head and nodded her sharp beak at Chance "Who's he?"
Odd, no one ever asked who Chance was, they just took him for granted that he was just a simple horse "This is Chance."
"Hello," the odd bird greeted the small horse with a wave of her wing.
Chance tossed his head in reply I like this bird
Andrea blinked as an unfamiliar mind brushed against her own 'Chance did you-'
Hey?! who-- there?! the thoughts shouted out.
Chance shied away as if they where as physical presence that could harm him.
Andrea glanced at her sister, who was staring around her, as if she expected to be attacked at any second. Storm had pinned his ears against his skull and flared his nostrils.
The only one who was unconcerned was Scarlet, who was swiveling her strangely shaped head, trying to figure out what was happening.
A sudden thought occurred to Andrea, she took a step closer to her sister and bent every drop of her mental thought towards her
'Nickia, how did you find Storm?'
Nickia gasped audibly but did't reply.
So Andrea tried again 'Nickia, how did you find Storm?
This time there was an answer 'He sort... found me, he.. talk... me like this... are...crazy?
'No, sister, Chance found me the same way, and we can communicate likewise'
Now they really had something to talk about!
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Scene 9

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Mar 16, 2015 1:16 pm

“You did all of this for me?”

2724 words
Farririm and Raymond

I closed my eyes and concentrated fiercely, a wave of exhaustion flooded me, but when I opened my eyes, the world had turned grey.
Strangely this is a good thing.
Now it wouldn't be if you where say a human or elf or animal folk, or even a regular Lizron.
But I was a color changer, a Lizron with the bizarre ability to change their scales to blend with their surroundings.
In other words, a freak.
And no one wants a freak.
That fact, coupled with the unfortunate mistake that I was the youngest made me expendable, no one cared.
In retaliation, I was a rebel and troublemaker.
Still, no one cared.
This was why I was sneaking across a field to a meeting of other rebels, I wasn't the only on the island, just the only who could make himself invisible.
"Farririm! Please, I know your there."
Remember when I said no one cared?
I lied.
Raymond cared.
Raymond was my older brother, the pride and joy of the family, he was and upright and honest, and real 'pillar' of the community.
His one and only fault?
He cared.
That was why, when he called my name, I stopped, stood up on my hindfeet, and let my scales fall back into their natural shade "Yes brother?"
"Rim, where are you going?" genuine concern tinged my brother's voice.
"Oh, nowhere, just taking a walk," I lied.
Raymond sighed "Alright, but please stay out of trouble."
I grinned "Oh, don't worry about me, brother, I can take care of myself."
I bounded off before guilt overwhelmed me.
Oh, it would be so much easier if he didn't care... I would've gotten myself killed by now, which would be so much better for everyone else...

It was afternoon when I left home, early evening when I got to our meeting place.
It wasn't, in fact, very far, I just had taken my time.
I stepped silently into the grove of tangled trees that hid our meeting place from curious eyes.
Naturally no one realized my presence and continued with their hushed plotting.
There where five of us including myself.
Tyro, the oldest and basically the leader, Zrin and Dis, twins, Drega the only female, and me, I was the youngest as well.
On these nights we would usually smash windows, terrorize cattle, basically get into trouble.
Oh, if only I had known what would come of that foolish night, ah, but I never could have...
Suddenly the the four broke up their conversation and began to make ready for whatever it was we where going to do.
"Where's Farririm?" Zrin asked.
Tyro shrugged "If he's late then he won't be able to come."
"He's right on time," I snapped letting my colors fall back, I was annoyed that they might have let me behind.
Everyone jumped when I spoke and their eyes darted wildly until they found me, leaning against the bole of a tree.
Tyro brushed me off casually, trying to hid the fact that I had surprised him badly "Oh, good, your here."
"What are we going to do tonight?" I asked abruptly.
Dis laughed "Oh, your going to love this one, Rim."
"Don't call me Rim!" I barked.
"Why?" Drega asked "Your brother calls you Rim."
I scowled deeply at her "That is because he is my brother."
Drega shrugged "Whatever... Rim."
I sprang at her.
I know males and females aren't supposed to fight.
But if Drega didn't want a fight, then she should've acted more like a lady and not called me Rim.
I might have actually hurt her, Drega was a fair fighter, but I was angry, if Tyro hadn't pulled me off her.
"Hey!" He shouted in my face "Fight later! For now, lets have some fun!"
I sighed and followed the rest of the group into the early night air.
We walked for a while and I realized I still had no idea what we were doing.
"Tyro what are we-"
"Shhhh!" everyone hissed at me.
I shrugged, I could wait.
It was only a few more minutes before we reached our destination; it was a an old house where a grumpy Lizron named Gral, lived, bur usually he kept to himself. So what where we doing there?
The others dumped something down by the base of the house and began fiddling around with it, then Tyro motioned everyone back as he began to pour something onto the ground.
I began to grow worried, this wasn't like any of our other pranks.
A click of stone on stone, a tiny flash of light, then Tyro was yelling for everyone to get away.
There was a crackle, that swiftly turned into a roar, everyone else had left, but I could only stand in horrible fascination as the house went up in flames.
I'm not sure entirely what happened next, nor how long I stared at the conflagration; but I vaguely remember someone yanking on my arm and yelling something at me.
I was dragged into the center of a group of Lizrons who had gathered around the burning house, it was then I realized that it was Gral who gripped my arm and he was shouting angry accusations at me.
I wrenched my arm away from him and yelled "I didn't do anything!"
"He was standing there, pleased with himself!" Gral screamed "He tried to kill me! He's a murderer!"
"No!" I shouted "I didn't do anything!"
Nobody listened, or even seemed to hear me.
Instead, somebody seized me and I was being dragged away; fear shot through me, no one had ever liked me, would the fire give them enough reason for my... blood?
I tried to fight back, but they had me in a tight grip.
"Why don't we through him into the fire he started!" someone suggested.
A roar of approval sounded around me and I was being shoved towards the conflagration.
The fire was burning unstoppably now, the heat scorched my face and burned my eyes.
I struggled desperately now, but I was slowly being pushed into fire.
"Stop!" one voice boomed out with authority above the other's and I nearly went limp with relief, it was Raymond.
"He tried to kill me!" Gral screamed.
My brother pushed his way through the crowds "You saw him?"
Gral glanced downwards "No... but he was standing there!"
"Just because he was the first to come you would brand him the flame starter?"
"But-but," Gral couldn't say anything more.
Raymond pulled me away from the flames and gripped my arm tightly, "Gral, my smithy isn't very far from here and it was rather windy today and I'm afraid I wasn't as careful putting out my coals as I should have been."
Gral blinked at him, I'm sure everyone else did as well, "You're saying.. you did this?!"
My brother nodded "I will pay for the house and everything in it."
Gral stared open mouthed at him "Y-you will?"
"I will. Is my word better than my brother's blood?"
"Yes of course! I-I-I mean, of course he couldn't have done it!"
"Good, now let's make sure this fire doesn't spread."
They worked most of the night, I stayed in the shadows; understand though, these where the Lizrons who had wanted my blood just a small while earlier, so maybe my hesitation can be fairly realized.
The moon had sank by the time the fire was out; I looked for my brother, or rather since everyone was covered in ash, I looked for the ax he was sure to be holding, he had made it himself with some strong silver metal, only right now it was dark as everything else. But it did make my brother distinguishable.
I slunk over to him, trying to avoid the looks of other Lizrons.
"Come on," he grunted to me and we began walking away from the cold pile of ash.
As soon as we were out of hearing range, Raymond began to speak; he never raised his voice at me, I can't think of one single time he ever did.
"I didn't do it! I swear brother, I didn't!" I cut him off, desperate that someone would believe me.
Raymond held up his free hand to stop me "Then who did?"
I flinched at the unexpected query, "I-I-I.... can't tell."
It was the answer with which I had fended off this question many times before.
"No," Raymond's voice had a harsh quality I had never heard before "This time they went too far, Gral could've been killed. Farririm who are they?"
I sighed but didn't answer.
There was a dull thud as Raymond dropped his ax to seize my shoulders, he brought his face within an inch of mine, he had to bend slightly, his eyes where twin pools of anger, concern, resolve, and a hundred other emotions.
He spoke with a cracked voice "Tell me! Rim! Little brother! This can't go on. Your going to get yourself killed!"
I tried to pull away from his grip "Maybe it's better that way."
"NO!" Raymond shouted, shaking me violently "NO! You can't... you can't."
Shocked by my brother's outburst, I stared at him, my mouth slightly agape.
With a choking noise, Raymond seemed to calm down slightly and repeated his question "Who did it?"
I couldn't stand against him, not like this. The names came from my throat forced by guilt "Tyro, Zrin, Dis, and Drega."
Raymond groaned softly, then let go of my shoulders and stooped to retrieve his ax "Come on, I'll walk you home."
"Oh, no, it's fine, I can get myself there," I said, too quickly.
Raymond fixed me in a stare "You don't have anywhere to go."
I was tired of trying to lie "No."
"Alright. You're coming to my house."
"No,really Ray, I'm fine, I can take care of myself."
"Just like you took care of yourself at the fire," Raymond countered flatly.
There was no answer for that "Ok."
It was a short walk to Raymond's house, and an uncomfortably silent one.
The house was quiet when we entered the door, but as we stepped into the front hallway, a light flickered towards us.
"Dear, I told you not to wait up for me," Raymond scolded his wife tiredly.
Ireana's golden eyes glittered in the candle light as she replied softly "I know, but I was worried..." she cast a curious glace at me.
Raymond sighed "I'll tell you about it in a minute, after I get the guest room set up for Rim."
"Don't bother, I'll just sleep on the floor in the sitting room," without waiting for a response, I walked into the sitting room and threw myself on the floor in front of the small fire.
I fell asleep almost as soon as I hit the floor, but dimly rembered a blanket being draped over me and a pillow slipped under my head.

I awoke hours later to the happy squealing of "Uncle Farririm! Uncle!" as my niece and nephew tangled themselves up in the blanket alongside me.
"Hey," I laughed feeling the terror of yesterday slipping away, "What are you two doing?"
My nephew, Sep, somehow ended up with in a few inches of my face "We're waking you up!"
I laughed again, it felt so good, to have someone who wasn't scared of me or worried for me "You did a good job."
"Oh, ok," Sep wriggled away "Come on Reya! We can be done!'
"Sep, Reya, come here please," Ireana called.
They scampered off and where gone by the time I had disengaged myself from the blanket and stood up.
"Where's Raymond?" I asked Ireana.
"He's at his smithy."
"Already? Its past midday!"
"Midday!" I gulped "Uh, well I should be going..."
"Wait, don't you want something to eat?"
I paused, I hadn't eaten since... day before yesterday, but I didn't want one more thing cropping up...
Ireana took my hesitation as acceptance "Come on, there's a bit of breakfast left."
I followed her willingly into the kitchen, while she fixed up whatever it was I was eating, I noticed a large black book resting on the counter and edged closer to see the print on the cover.
B-I-B-L-E, I spelled out silently, then glanced up at Ireana "Your one of those converts?"
Ireana looked up at me " Yes, Farririm."
Slightly wary now "And my brother?"
Ireana sighed and set down a pan with a clank "Raymond is not."
I ate my food quickly and quietly, I had touched a sore spot and certainly wasn't going to say anything more.
After I had eaten I left and wandered around for most of the day, careful avoiding any contact with other Lizrons, I wasn't sure if they wanted still to roast and toast me.
In the early evening began the ending of this tale.
I had stopped to rest for a few minutes to enjoy the blood red sunset when I heard noises behind me.
It was them. Nervousness twisted my stomach but I knew I was blameless.
I spun around, only to be confronted by Tyro and the rest.
"Farririm!" he barked "They're after us! Run!"
I didn't move, I had been expecting this all day, and coolly answered "Why? I didn't do anything."
"What! You where there!"
"I didn't do anything, you didn't even tell me what you where doing."
"You!" Drega gasped "You told him!"
A sick feeling began in my stomach, this I hadn't anticipated "Told who?"
"You told Raymond!" Drega shot at me and the group turned dangerous instantly.
"You!" howled Zrin as he leapt at me.
I hit the ground, rolled, and concentrated fiercely, when I opened my eyes, everything was grey.
"We'll get you!" Tyro shouted into the air "And your brother!"
I ran for it, I ran all the way back to my brother's house, Raymond was sure to be home from the smith by now.
I pounded on the door, hoping Raymond himself would answer, it was not to be.
Ireana opened to my knocking "Who's there?"
"It's Farririm!" I was looking right into her face... then realized I hard myself disguised and let my scales down.
Ireana jumped as I appeared from nowhere.
"Is Ray home?" I panted.
"No, he is working very late..."
I was gone before she finished.
It took me ten minutes flat to reach my brother's smithy shop, I blasted in the back door, straight into my brother's work space.
"Ray!" I gasped out, before collapsing on the floor.
"Rim! What are you doing here? What's wrong?" Raymond questioned me, but I was too winded to answer.
"Here, drink this," he handed me a glass of water, which I sucked down rapidly.
"Now then, what's the matter?" my brother asked again.
"Tyro and friends, they know it was us, they're coming!" I fragmented my words out quickly.
"Okay, okay, calm down, they'll get caught before they hurt anybody else," Ray assured me.
"They where right behind me!" I said, urgency filling me.
"Well, they won't hurt you, Rim."
Fear and disgust collided within me, Raymond was treating this lightly, as if it I was a child who was telling a tale.
"Ray listen to me!" but my brother's eyes where fixed above my head, out the door, I looked back and the disgust drained out of me, it was fear and urgency alone now.
A deep orange glow light the sky line, back, in the direction from which I'd come, back, from Ray's house.
"No," Raymond whispered.
"Come on!" I screamed, yanking myself off the floor and pulling my brother with me, my previous exhaustion forgotten.
We ran, ran at the top of our speed, but it seemed so, so slow.
While we ran, images of Sep and Reya whirled in my head, would they be alright? Did they make it out? What if.."
I purposely shoved that thought out of my head, trying to push my whole self into running.
As fast as we ran and as hard as we tried, there was nothing left for us at the house, nothing but a flaming inferno.
Others had gotten there first, but there was nothing to be done.
"Ireana!" Raymond shrieked "Please! They're still in there!" he tried to throw himself into the flames, but I caught him.
"Ray! They aren't in there anymore!" I shouted "They're dead Ray! Gone!"
My brother shoved me to the ground, I scrambled to my feet, fearful now that Raymond would sacrifice himself to the flames. But he had run the opposite direction, into darkness. I hesitated to follow, but after a minute decided to, but by then, Ray was too far gone.
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