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100 shot challenge (Please don't post

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:55 am


Art of Conversation
Take your Best Shot
Puzzling Words
Just Say It
Last Words
Cast Away
Curl Up
Look Again
Stop Fussing
Either Or
Tell Me a Story
Who Am I?
Just Try
For Me?
Your Choice! (You got to 50!)
Stay With Me
How Much is too Much?
Try Again
The First Time
Tread Carefully
One False Step
It Can't Be
In Due Time
Around the Bend
Well Traveled
Found Not Lost
I Could Have
Build Up
Inch by Inch
Blue Sk
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Feb 24, 2015 1:22 pm

Injured- 770

Quietly as he could, Townly dragged the chair across the cold floor and pushed it into place between the two beds.
Then he scooped Timothy up into his arms and sat down, pressing his face down into the boy's fur, trying to hide his tears.
The little weasel curled against his father, still shivering hard.

Through his own shaking breaths and Tim's whimpers, Townly couldn't help but hearing the heavy breathing of his wife and brother as they struggled to keep a hold on life.
Just keep breathing he begged silently I can't survive without you, and you know it. Just keep breathing. Please.

Viper found herself staring down white cotton sheets at the odd lumps her footpaws made beneath the fabric and thinking how funny they looked. It made no sense but it amused her so much she gave a small breathy laugh. It was nice to not be dead, especially considering how much she had been bleeding when she fell unconscious.

"Viper?" Townly's voice hoarse concerned voice brought her to a full awareness of what was taking place around her and the white furred weasel gingerly turned her head to the side.
A smile crossed her face as her gaze caught Townly's "I'm here."

"Mom??!" Tim's small voice chirped excitedly, his small eager, yet worried face peering over the edge of the mattress.
Her smile widened "Hi, baby."

His small paws pressed against the covers as he tried to climb out of his father's arms onto the bed.
"Oh, no," Townly pulled him back "That is not a good idea, Timmy, sorry."

"No, it's alright, Tim, you just have to be very still, ok?"

He bobbed his head "I will, Mom, very, very, very still!"

Townly sighed and lifted the little boy onto the sheet.
Immediately Timothy curled up against her side and closed his eyes with a smile.

Viper laid down a bandaged paw onto of the little one's head, as if to assure herself he wasn't going to disappear.
Gingerly Townly put his paw over hers, very lightly hovering, trying not to cause her pain.

Viper stared down at their paws for the longest time, something nagging at the back of her mind. Finally she looked up at her husband, green eyes wide with worry.
"Wesley? Is he alright?"

Townly pulled his hand back and leaned into the chair so Viper could look across to the other bed.
The white bandages on the young weasel made him nearly indistinguishable from the white sheets, only a few tufts of honey colored fur showing where his face should have been.

Viper winced "Is he going to be okay?"

Townly shook his head, the corners of his eyes tightening "The doc said it was too early to tell. He... might not make it."

"He kept getting in front of me," Viper murmured, as she began to recall the attack "Trying to grab at the blades with his paws, just trying to stop... them."

She could see his throat constrict, causing the fur on his neck to ripple slightly, his eyes narrowed into dark, emotional slits.
Though she was cut and battered and drained of a good deal of blood, she could still read into those two dark windows.

"You shouldn't feel terrible."

He focused back on her "What?"

"You feel terrible. Because you're glad I wasn't hurt as badly as he was. Don't. What happened, happened. You can't change it. You know that very well, my dear."

He rubbed a finger against his temple and sighed "I can't help it. My wife or my brother. That's not fair."

"Stop being so cliché on me," Viper's voice went breathy as she tried to take on her bossy tone "You need to get some sleep."

Her eyes traveled away from him, trying to draw the conversation to a close, and wandered around the strange room "Where are we?"

"At the castle."


"I didn't know where else to go. At least they weren't going to report me to the constable. Really it was Darkmoon. She was the only creature I could think of. She insisted on bringing you here."
Townly cut himself off, as he remembered the panic that rose in his stomach. He didn't want to relive that.

"Oh," she frowned, and fought to keep her eyes open "It was probably a good idea..."

He smiled faintly "So far it seems that way."

Viper squinted, trying to keep her gaze focused "Good, now go to sleep."

"Ok, ok, I'm going."

Townly leaned closer and gave her a brief kiss. Then scooped up Timothy who was out like a candle in the wind and carried him over to the cot that had been set up for them.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:11 am

1,027 words

Cassandra awoke as she was thrown from her bed, the horrible sound of crunching wood filling her ears.
Confused, but alert, the captain yanked on her jacket and bolted up the stairs.

On deck was a mass of panicked confusion, her crew rushing to the rails.

"Mr. Harrison, report!" she bellowed as she caught her second in command by the collar.

"Cap'n! We've stopped! We're grounded!"

She released him and staggered to the prow of the Vent Fille.
She peered down into the churning dark waves. Something massive stirred beneath the surface.

"Turn her about!" Callie shouted, charging towards the ship's wheel, "Keep away from the rails and brace yourselves."

A terrible grating noise shook the Vent Fille, flinging the top men down from their posts and sending the rest of the crew down to the deck.

Pulling splinters from her palm, Callie was the first back on her feet and continued her dash to the wheel.

It didn't respond as she tried to turn it.

"What do we do?" Shouted Mr. Harrison as he staggered to her side.

Her eyes narrowed and her mouth set in a thin line, as she searched her mind for an answer.
"We wait," she replied in a voice full of forced calm "Quietly."

Harrison turned and bellowed out the order "Hold silent!"

Instantly every beast bit down on their tongues and held their breaths.

The rushing of the agitated water filled her ears, but she listened harder Callie caught a low rumble that was foreign to the natural sound of the ocean.

"Emilio, get up there and tell me what you see," Callie hissed.

Every eye followed the large bat on her ascent, until she was just a blot between the stars.

Then she descended like a brown bolt of lightning and alighted at the boots of her captain.

"What is it?"

Breathless and shivering Emilio shook her head "I... cannot tell. Maybe dragon... or monster..."

The captain bit down on her lip, cursing inwardly.
They hadn't mentioned dragons in the bloody assignment.

Before she could come to terms with the inadequacy of her superiors, the rumble began rising to a roar.

The captain just had enough time to look up to see the ocean began to glow with florescent light before the prow of the ship was pulled beneath the water.

It seemed so slow, the bulge of the waves hanging back from the railing, then slowly creeping upwards as the deck went down.
One crew member after another disappearing into the surf, until the waves reached her.

Time returned to normal speed as the waves sucked her under.

Blinding blue light blended with darkness. Her screams were trapped in the bubbles escaping her mouth as she desperately sought the surface.

A warm grip drug her upwards into the air and supported her as she coughed up brine.

"Call! Call! Can you hear me!"
"You're shouting in my ear! I can hear you!"
She pushed away from her brother and stared in horror as all she could see of her ship was a huge spreading ripple.

"Captain!" a rush of wings hovered above the ring tailed cats as the third mate flew over "What do we do?!"

Callie looked up at Emilio, her mouth hanging open as she tried to formulate an answer.
"Try.... Try to find... something. Land. Another ship. Anything."

"Aye-aye, Cap'n," the bat whirled around and flew off in an impeccably straight line.

"And what do we do?" Rolland asked, spitting out a bit of salty water "Tread water and hopes she find something near enough to swim to?'

"That's the plan," Cassandra replied, her voice regaining some of its confidence.

"Forgive me for playing the part of pessimist, but there is a large creature sharing the same space as us. That doesn't exactly bode well for our survival."

The captain shrugged best she could "Pray."

The doctor blew out a sigh as his sister began to swim towards the nearest figure in the water. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to try to get everyone together."

Rolland stroked after her "Why? So we can present an easier meal?"
"No," Callie snapped "To see who made it out.... What is wrong with you?"
"Bad day."
"Just be quiet."

After exhaustive swimming a dishearteningly small band of survivors had been gathered.

Callie looked at the silhouettes of her crew, their heads bowed as they struggled to stay afloat.
She wanted to offer a word of hope, but none came to mind.

"Captain," a hoarse voice spoke "What do we do?"

Callie turned her head to face Yvette "We wait until Emilio returns."
The young otter nodded, but there was little hope in her eyes.

In fact, there was little hope in any of their eyes. Callie could see it in the growing light.

The glowing blue light.

Shouts of fear rose from every mouth as the water grew choppy and filled with the unnatural light.

Then a massive wave rose up as the unimaginably huge head burst out of the water.

Somehow Callie managed to not be sucked under or bowled over and she stared in awe as the head rose further and further in the air, propelled by a neck thicker than her ship.

Wings that could have covered a village in darkness burst upwards, dragging the unimaginably length of the creature into the air.

Clutched in its claws was the Vent Fille, small as a child's plaything compared to the unfair strength of the monster.

It tossed the ship around, like a hunter belittling its prey. The sails fluttering as it fell through the air then was scooped back up again in the massive talons.

Callie couldn't restrain a shout of anger as she saw her ship being torn to peices like an insolent child's toy.

The kraken battered the Vent Fille through the whispy clouds for a few minutes longer before it grew bored of its plaything and let the ship drop.

It hit the water with a crack that made Callie feel sick, then sank from sight.

The monstrous beast followed the sinking ship beneath the water sending up one last massive wave.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:11 am

"Miss, you're not supposed to be here."

The gypsy vixen turned eyes cold as stone on the guard.
"I must speak with the king."
"Tell him that Aberdeena wishes to speak to him. She has news of his brother."

The guard's eyes widened slightly.
Perhaps it was her name.
Perhaps it was the mention of the lost royal.
"Stay here."

Then he marched away, leaving a trail of echoes beating throughout the stone halls.

Her pounding thoughts caught the echoes and began pulsing in time to the fading noises.

"Dad, Dad, please don't-"
"Abbe, don't cry," shivering fingers wiped the tears from her face "I'm going see your mother. I'm going to be happy."
She snatched at his paw as it slowly went limp "I can't do this without you, Dad."
"Sweetheart. You'll... you have to. Please. Please don't cry."
But the tears continued to spill from the deep well of grief that was rising in her throat.
"Now, now listen Abberdeena. Go to your uncle. Go tell him. It's time you... took your place."

"The king will see you."

Her back held rigorously upright, she followed after the guard with soft measured steps.
Her neck ached and her shoulders clenched, but there was something rebellious that demanded she hold herself with as much pride she could muster.
She was in command. She was in charge of her situation.

The huge doors to the throne room opened with a cold gust of air that blew back her headscarf and chilled her heart.

The hall was long and dim, the many columns supporting the roof having a guard posted at each one, their armor flashing in the shadows. But she only paid them a fraction of her mind.
Her gaze was fixed on the single point of light in the room.
Not sunlight.
It pooled around the throne, trapped by the shadows rather than a barrier against them.

The dimness abided like a cloak over the figure on the throne, obscuring their face, gender, and species.

Her breath caught in her throat anyway at the sight.

"Your Majesty, I bring forth the one who claims to be Aberdeena."

Aberdeena slowly dipped into a curtsey as the shadowed figure looked up and the light caught on the edges of his face.
His voice was a grating rumble that shook the air with a threat.

"Your Majesty, I bring news of your brother."

His paws folded beneath his chin, a pleased smile tugging at the edges of his mouth "Tell me. Is Hugo ready for a reconciliation after all these years?"
Aberdeena tilted her neck and stared him dead in the eye, letting a heartbeat pass between them before answering.
"He's dead."

A slight flicker of an eyelid and a pause.
He hadn't expected that.

"So. Then. You are here?"

She curtseyed again "I am here."
"To stay?"

Her throat tightened.
It was her choice.

"It's time you took your place. My brother will need someone to carry on the kingdom. Make it a better place Abbe. Make it better for our kin. Fix what he's broken."

No it wasn't.
"To do as you would have me do."

He nodded slowly.

"Then, Aberdeena, I welcome you back after these long years of separation."
With a wave he summoned a servant out of the darkness
"Prepare a room and fresh clothes for my niece. She will dine with me after she has refreshed herself."

The servant bowed off and Aberdeena curtseyed a final time before following the servant through a maze of dim corridors.
Finally they came to stop somewhere deep in the castle, in a small room with several dusty seats.
"If My Lady will wait," the servant mumbled "I must prepare a room."
Aberdeena nodded stiffly "I will wait."

Alone, she closed her eyes.
The darkness of the castle stifled any visual memories beyond a vague impression.
But the scents.
The smells.

They brought a crashing wave of childhood images, dreamlike and washed out. She'd been in this room the very last time she'd lived in the castle.

"How is she still alive? Why is she untouched while my wife and son withered away? What did you do you gypsy devil?" The scream of accusation, punctuated with pure agony, tore through the thin barrier of the wall, to shoot over Aberdeen's head.
Doors slammed and her uncle's shrieks turned into wordless sounds of pain, crashing full force into her sensitive young ears as her father hurried into the room where she was curled up on the chair.

"Aberdeena, come on, we're going."

He swept her up onto her feet and quickly pulled her through the long cold corridors of the castle, her questions peppering the stuffy air.
"Are Aunty and Corolin alright Daddy?"

"No. No darling, they're not," He answered in a choked voice.
"What's wrong with them?"
"They're sick."
"They where sick before. Are they sicker?"

"No. No Abbe."
"Well then what's-"
"That's enough!" He barked, anger and grief raging in his voice "No more Abbe!"

Her ears immediately flattened down, but one more question nagged at her "Where's Mummy?"
Hugo froze, every muscle stiffening.
He knelt, gripping his daughter's shoulders, gasping slightly as the tears turning into a flood.
"Abbe. Remember how Mummy was sick?"
Her head tilted slightly "She can't come because she's sick."
He choked slight "No Abbe. Listen carefully. Mummy was very, very sick. Sometimes when creatures get very sick, they can't get better. Sometimes they... sometimes... they die."

"Abbe," Hugo pulled in a breath, franticly trying to hold himself under control "Abbe, do you understand? Mummy's dead. She's gone."

Aberdeena had hardly a second to throw herself into the overstuffed chair in the room that she'd been ushered into when a knock sounded at the door.
Rearranging herself back into the cold, reserved figure, she called out in an even voice.
"Enter please."

The king entered, a benevolent smile spread across his sallow face "I know I said I would speak with you later, but I thought you might want this."
He set down a small picture on the side table next to her chair
"For sentiment's sake."

Swallowing lightly, Aberdeena picked it back up, examining the faces of her mother and father from years ago.
"Thank you, sir."

He nodded, keen, stern eyes stabbing at her thinning shield.
"Well, I'll leave you for now. The servants will bring you something suitable to dress in."
"Yes, sir," She nodded deeply.

"Mummy, do you love Daddy?"
The gypsy princess laughed softly and smiled down at her daughter "Of course, Abbe. With all my heart."

Dimly the filters of her mind reconciled the beautiful face with the picture.
"Do you love me?"
"Silly girl. I love you like the stars."
"Does Daddy love me?"

So long ago. They'd been so happy together. She ran her fingers over the glass that separated her from the paint.
A transparent barrier, broken easily, much like the one that separated her from them. A line of death, easily shattered, impossible to repair.
"Why don't you ask him?" her mother replied, glancing towards her husband who was standing in the light of the window.
He turned and scooped her up into his arms.
"I love you, darling girl and your beautiful mother."
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The young fox hung on the fringes of the crowd, his head ducked low and tilted to the side, holding the shameful eye patch in the shadows.
Every few seconds he reached halfway down to his belt towards the heavy pouch that hung next to his sword, then yanked his hand away.
Though his stomach felt like an empty sack, the money in the pouch was not for food, or for shelter, or for the purchase of clothes, although he could do with all three. The instructions had been clear. He was to use the coin to find his captain again.
But Jacques was lost.
He didn't know where he was going or where his captain had gone.
He didn't know how to find Lorange.
He didn't even know when he'd last eaten.

There was no one to turn to, no one to ask. He had been branded a traitor alongside his captain and there was no one who dared to be seen with him, much less give him the whereabouts of a wanted criminal.
Such a heavy price on his captain's head, it seemed to weigh on his own shoulders, a boulder for every coin.

Someone jostled hard against his shoulder, throwing him off balance and causing the sack to come loose from his belt and spill out its contents on the ground.
"Keep moving boy," growled a voice above him before fading off.

Jacques dropped to his knees, scrambling after the scattered coins before anyone noticed and took advantage of the money spread in the dust.
After scooping the coins back into the sack along with a sizable amount of dirt, he crawled out of the way of the moving crowd, tears leaking down his face.
Setting the sack at his side, he yanked off the patch and rubbed at the liquid pooling in the empty socket.

"Jacques?" A familiar voice floated in a husky undertone from the shadows behind him "Is that you mate?"

Hurriedly tying the patch back on, Cody got to his feet and peered down the alley.

The messy clump of whiskers materialized and the face of the Lady's Vengeance former navigator appeared with a friendly smile.
Cody felt a wave of relief wash over him and he came closer to the raccoon.
"Yeah, it's me. And Joseph."

Just barely, Cody could distinguish the crooked snout of the coyote and stared at the long scar cross his former shipmate's face.
"We've taken a few hard hits since we've last seen you," Dani flung a familiar arm over Jacques' shoulder "It's a relief to see a friendly face."
Cody nodded and grinned, feeling that for the first time in months he could relax the tension between his shoulders. But he ducked his head and tugged at the eyepatch strap before answering.
"I can't believe you guys are here. You decided to finally give Croket up as captain?"

Joseph began to speak, but Dani shot him a fierce look over his shoulder before replying to Cody with a smile "We sure did and we'd like to get back with Skipper Lorange. Where is he?"
Cody's smile wobbled and his ears tucked down "I don't know. I've been trying to find him for ages now."
"You... you don't know where he is?" Dani's smile faltered "But you where with him when-"
"Yeah, I know. After.... After IT happened, I got sick. Skipper had to leave me behind so that they didn't catch up on our tails."
"So you have no idea where he is and... no idea where to find him?"
Cody shook his head, feeling pangs of guilt as his former crewmates scowled at him "No. He only left me some money."
He jangled the coin purse and instantly both their eyes where drawn down to it.
"That's it, is it?"
Dani's fingers twitched.
"That's it," Cody sighed, then looked up with a slight grin "But we'll find him, together, right?"
"Wrong," Joseph spoke for the first time "Give the coins over Cody."
"What?" Cody stumbled backwards, clutching at the small sack "No! It's not yours!"
"Shut up Jacques," Dani sighed, snagging the young fox's arm and wrenched him forwards.
"No! You can't!" Cody yanked himself away from Dani, trying to run out into the street.
Joseph leapt past Dani and slammed Cody into the wall, driving the breath from the boy's lungs with a bony elbow.

As Cody collapsed, wheezing desperately, Dani plucked the bag from his belt.
"Stupid, Jacques. If you recall, you never could beat me in a fight."

A weak cry bubbled up in Cody's throat as the pair walked past him, then as it reached his mouth he let it out as a shout and drove himself to his feet, hurling himself into Dani's back.

He clawed at clumps of the gray fur, earning himself screams of pain and shock. But his triumph over the raccoon only last a few seconds.

Joseph hauled Cody up by his shoulder and slammed his fist into the fox's eye repeated.

Totally blinded, Cody was forced to relent and collapsed, sobbing.

Brushing each other off Dani and Joseph disappeared, their prize pocketed.

Stumbling through a dim world, Cody managed to drag himself out of the way of the crowd, next to a stall selling fruits.
"Hey, boy, you can't be here."
Cody squinted up at the squirrel "I can't see. I can't see anything."
The squirrel nudged him with his paw "Don't care. Unless you're going to buy you've got to go."
"But I can't... I can't," Jacques blinked rapidly and a bit of his sight returned to him "Please. Just a minute."
The squirrel hissed "Get out now boy, or I'll have the constable on you."
Cody staggered to his paws, but didn't leave. The flash of coins, just sitting in an open sack on a small crate, caught his eye.
"Get out of here!"

Cody slammed his fist several times into the squirrel's midriff and scooped the coins off the crate.
"I'm never going to loose a fight again."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:14 am


The days were.
The same.
The nights were.
The same.
The food was.
The same.
The water was.
The same.
The air smelled.
The same.
When would.
It end?

Even his.
Where becoming.
The same.


How long.
Had he.
Been here?
How long.
Before he.

Townly shook his head.
Trying to break the.

He tried to.
Think of.

That usually.
Cheered him.


But nothing.

He only.
Missed them.

He sighed.
What a fool.
He was.

Chains rattled.
Heavy metal doors.
Open and shut.

Shuffled in the passageway.
Under sharp eyed.

It was dawn.

Quietly, Townly stood, waiting his turn.

The mines.
Where worse.
The cells.

There was.
Nothing to breath.
But dust.

The sounds.
Of groaning.
Of whips.
Of pickaxes.
Against stone.
Deafened him.

The only light.
Came from.
Small candles.
In smoke hazed.

Their acid scent.
With sweat.

Hopelessness was a scent he had become very familiar with.
It was a musky scent that threatened to suffocate you in the middle of the night.
It haunted dark, moist places.
Particularly places were someone had died.

Townly's cell stank of it. It permeated the stone and hung about the corners.
It filled his nostrils when he woke from the nightmares.

Or when he lived the nightmares.
Like now.

Down deep inside the earth.
Constant labor.
The unending swing of the pick.
The teeth grinding sound of rock splintering.

The swinging and the slamming.
The sweating.
The bleeding as.
The shackles bit.
Into his wrists.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:14 am

Art of Conversation

"Y'know Rusty, if you talked to Martin you might end up actually liking him."

Rusty glanced at the otter, who was struggling with a bucket and mop.
"But Mu-"

"Why not?" Aberdeena cut her son off "You don't have anything to lose. You might actually learn something from him."

He scraped his heel against the deck and ducked his head "I wouldn't even know what to say, Mum. It's kinda been a long time since I talked to someone my age."
"Well, it's not hard. You needn't say anything to him that you wouldn't say to Jenna or Islander."
"Yeah... but what?"
"Well, for starters you could offer to help him with the mopping up. Go on."

"But what do I saaay?"
"Just start talking, ask him something about himself, tell him something about you."
"oh, yeah, yeah, hey Martin, ya want to know something cool? Yeah? My mum's a princess."
"Go, be creative, I didn't raise you to be silent."

With a half muttered growl, Rusty stomped over to Martin.
The otter startled and pulled away from his teasing shipmate.
"Ya want some help?" Rusty asked, his shoulder's slumping.

For a few minutes they worked together silently, Rusty racking his brain trying to think of something to say.
He glanced over his companion, trying to pick out something of interest.

"Hey. Where'd you get that wreck of a hat?"

Rusty grinned, pleased with himself for thinking of something to say. But Martin's face turned to a scowl.
"Never mind where I got it, it's mine and you should leave it alone."
"Aaww, I was just curious."
"Like you where curious whether or not it'd float with a rock in it?"

Rusty sighed, he was much better at teasing the young otter than he was at making conversation.
"Yeah, yeah, just trying to be friendly."
"Oh sure. So you can play another trick on me?"
"Hey it wasn't my idea! Mum said to come and talk to you!"
"Why would she do that?"

"I don't know!" Rusty turned towards his mother, who had begun washing clothes "MUM!"

Rusty sighed and threw down his mop, then sat down "Ya see?"

Martin dumped the buck over the side and picked up Rusty's mop, setting it aside with his own and the bucket.
"I found it in a box."

"That hat?"
"Yeah, I found it in a box in the back of a fish shed. No idea why it was there."
Martin sat down next to Rusty, pulling his knees up to his chest.
"What where you doing in a fish shed?"
"Oh," Martin hesitated for a second "I uh... well I used to work on the fishing boats in Plage, sometimes they'd let me get some food from the drying sheds."
"So you found a hat in someone else's shed and took it?"
"Well I asked," Martin wrinkled his nose "I wasn't going to get in trouble over a hat."
Rusty studied the muddied toe of his boot, trying to think of something else.
"How long where you in Plage before Skip found you under that bridge?"
"Oh," Martin twiddled his fingers against his knees "Actually... I was always there. I lived there my whole life."
"Really? Then... why'd you leave?"

Martin shrugged and stood up "Dunno, just... wanted to see something new I guess."
"Huh," Rusty followed him "What's it like? Living in one place so long? Betchya knew everyone huh?"
"Not really, just tried to keep my head down. Have you never stayed somewhere very long?"
"Nah. Mum and I've always been moving around a lot. First with the gypsy caravans, now with the Marie."

"Do you like it?"
Rusty breathed out a sigh "It's... nice, not having to wait around for stuff to happen."
"What about friends?"

They both turned to find that Shyshie had crept up behind them and she was staring at them with a tentatively friendly smile and a curious tilt to her ears.
"Ehh," Rusty shook his head "I played around with the other children in the caravan, but after I came to the Marie, I guess the crew's kinda been my friends."
"But, don't you want friends your age?"
"Nah. Creatures my age are boring."

Martin made a coughing noise in the back of his throat and began to turn.
"Well they are," Rusty insisted "Hey, did you ever make friends? Since you where in Plage so long?"
Martin shook his head and began to walk off.
"I don't think he did," Shyshie said quietly, tucking her tail against her leg.
"Huh, how do you live in one place your whole life and never make any friends?" Rusty sat down and began picking at a splinter in the deck.
"He's shy," the little cat sat next to him "Maybe he wanted to make friends but no one wanted to be his friend."
Rusty snorted "Not be friends with Mr. Clusmy weird hat? Can't imagine why."
Shyshie withdrew at his tone and slipped away to Martin's side at the railing.
Rusty shrugged and returned to his mother.
"Alright, I talked to him."
"You did a horrible job," Aberdeena said while wringing out a shirt "Go and try again. And this time don't call him Mr. Clumsy weird hat!"
"He didn't hear me say that!"
"Yes he did, now go try again."

With a long exasperated sigh trailing past his lips, Rusty drug himself over to the railing.
"Alright I'm sorry, " he blurted before Martin could walk away "I was just trying to be friendly and conversational and all that."

Martin harumphed softly "I didn't like your conversation very much."
"Well then you pick, I can't read your mind, what won't make you all sore to talk about?"
Martin was quiet, his eyebrows creasing down as he thought, then he posed a question
"How long have you been on the ocean?"
"You mean...on the Marie? Ehh...at least five years, maybe a bit longer? How long have you been working around ships?"
Martin brushed that question aside with another of his own "Do you like it?"
Rusty glanced around at the ship and a smile curled up on his face "Aye. Wouldn't trade it for the world."
"Do you like it, Martin?" Shyshie piped up quietly.
Martin sighed and leaned hard against the railing "I never want to be anywhere else exept on the ocean."

It was all quiet for a moment, then Shyshie piped up again "It's scary out here."
"It's beautiful!" Martin exclaimed, throwing his arms wide "and dangerous and exciting and mysterious and...and it's where our food comes from and our adventures and stories come from and it's in our blood and..."
Rusty stared as suddenly Martin went from quiet to passionate, from hidden to expressive, then as abruptly as this new otter had come he'd gone again.
"Yeah...I like it out here," Martin trailed off into a mumble "What do you think kitten?"
She stretched herself out to peer down at the dark water in the shadow of the ship.
"Mysterious," she said quietly, blue eyes filling with the shadows.
"It's...just water," Rusty broke in hesitantly "You two know that, right?"
Martin sighed and pulled his hat low over his face "Skip wanted me up on watch when I finished mopping."

Rusty watched, feeling hopelessly bewildered as the otter climbed up the mast and disapeared into the crow's nest; how wad he supposed to make any sense of this creature?
"He likes the water," Shyshie commented, peering up with a tiny smile."
"I'll say," Rusty muttered, shaking his head.
"I'll say."
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Take your Best Shot
782 words

Darkmoon leaned against the wall, the shadows washing around her and leaving her yellow eyes to stare balefully at the cloaked figure hesitantly approaching her.

"You got it?" She asked roughly, straightening up as he came closer.
"I do," the shadow replied, his voice rasping "And I assume you've held up your end of the deal?"
She smirked, her gloved hand dipping into her pocket "Let me see mine first."
"Fair enough," he extended his hand, a crumpled envelope clutched between his oil and grime streaked fingers.

She snatched it away from him, eyes blazing eagerly as she began to open it.
But as she touched the edge, the eagerness drained and she glared at him.
"You opened it?"

He shrugged, sending ripples through his cloak "Well, you didn't expect me to bring you anything I couldn't sell off for myself, did you?"
She hissed quietly through her whiskers "And what of your prize? You couldn't expect me to deliver it if you stole mine."
He shrugged again "If it something worth it, I wouldn't need what you got. But as it is, I don't need what's in there. So give me my due."

Part of her wanted to refuse him for a job ill-done and part of her wanted to fling it at his feet out of spite.
Finally she pulled the papers from her pocket and thrust it in his face.

"It's all there," she growled as he leafed through his prize "Permissions to leave the country, tomorrow at noon on the Issiene. Unlike you, I know how to keep my end of a deal."

He smiled and tucked the papers into his cloak "Well, you got what you came for and I got what I came for. All's well that ends well.

The cat glared at him, thumbing the torn edge of the envelope "It would've ended far better if you had kept your nose where it belonged."
"You should talk," he rolled his eyes and began walking out of the alley "You've got a reputation as being one of the best in the buisness. Actually, I can't figure why you didn't just get it yourself, it wasn't that tough a job to pull of."
"It's sensitive," she growled following him out into the open air "I couldn't risk them finding out that it was me who stole the information."
He paused "What's so sensitive on the whereabouts of an orphan kid?"

Her whole body tensed at the question. Her eyes narrowed.
Her throat tightened as she swallowed.
"That is none of your buisness whatsoever and if you know what's best for you, you'll forget everything written in those files."

"Fine, fine, I don't care, keep your clients to yourself," he turned and was about to walk away from her when a singing blur came flying put of nowhere and a deadly shaft buried itself between the cloaked creature's boots.

"You idiot!" Darkmoon screeched as she dove for the cover of the alley "You led the constable straight to us!"
"I swear I wasn't followed," he gasped as they dashed down the alley, shouts and commands to stop echoing after them.
"Oh really? Then what are they doing here? Certainly not having brunch!"
They rounded a corner and sprang back instantly as two arrows whizzed past their whiskers.
"Now what?" He panted, eyes darting back and forth "They're behind and ahead."
"But not above," Darkmoon glanced upwards. Towards the roof.
"You're joking."
"Are you telling me you can't climb thief?"
He hesitated.
She didn't.
She scaled a pile of discarded boxes, arched her back while reaching up.
Her fingers grasped at the edge of the sloping roof and with a strained grunt and trembling arms, Darkmoon pulled herself up.
"Wait!" The thief scrambled after her, kicking crates from the pile and shifting it "Help me!"

Darkmoon looked down at his outstretched hand, then towards the end of the alley, where blue clad figures had just rounded the corner, bows drawn.

"You shouldn't have opened that envalope," she hissed. Then turned and disappeared into the shadows of the roof.

"No! You can't leave!" His scream was the in the howl of arrows and the thunk of metal tips burying into wood.
Darkmoon hesitated at the distinctive sound of an arrow striking something other than a crate. Then she shook herself and continued climbing.
"I'm coming," she muttered to someone who couldn't hear her, clutching the white envelop "I promise. I'm coming."

Arrows flew after her shadow, but no one but the thief had seen her face.
No one knew that Darkmoon Vale had finally gotten what she'd wanted.
And she wasn't going to miss her one and only shot.
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Darkmoon found herself once again reaching to touch the crumpled letter stuffed inside her vest. It had become a habit over the past three days.
At first she'd kept the paper in her satchel, folded neatly along the inside lining. But it became like an obsession and she couldn't even sleep until she'd pulled it out and read and reread the words over and over.
It was a scrap of hope and it had been so so long since she'd even dared to imagine that she could possibly...

She came free of her thoughts as she passed a pair of travellers going in the opposite direction. They cast leery glances in her direction and quickened their pace.
She wasn't bothered by the attention but it did remind her that even if she managed to get to the town without being recognized, they'd never let her in.

And that was what the kit of dyes and color pigments was for.

She looked up and down the road to ensure that the other travellers were out of sight, then stepped into the privacy of several thick bushes and knelt in the dirt.

First she set out the small mirror shard and wedged it in the crook of a tree. She flashed her reflection a quick smirk before returning her attention to the matter at hand.

There was precious little of the coloring material left, so she'd have to get creative with what she had.

First things first, off came hat, gloves, shoes, vest and shirt, then she rolled her pants up past her knees.

Then she went to work. She didn't have time to wait for a dye to set and dry, so she picked up the small brush and began dusting herself over with a brown pigment.
Her chest, back, shoulders, and legs weren't as important as her face, hands, and tail, but she'd learned the hard way that the fur still needed to match, just in case.
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"They'll be so mad," she breathes out in the airless atmosphere of the bus "Do you think they'll have realized by now? Should we have left a note?"
He looked at her. She wasn't sitting in her seat, she was on the floor wedged bewtween her seat and the one in front of her.
"What would we have written, big sister?" He asks, hugging his backpack closer.
"That we eloped-" he choked back a laugh but she wasn't finished "And went east."
He glanced at toward the front, where the setting sun blinded the driver "We aren't old enough to do that and I don't like you like that, big sister."
"Of course not little brother, but they might have beleived it. It might have given us more time."
"It might not matter."
It was true. It wasn't people that kept other people from leaving the little town in the flat desert.
It was the mountains that stayed like distant mirages no matter how far someone walked in their wornout sneakers.
She reached up and touched his knee "We'll make it little brother."
They would not have easily been mistaken for siblings. He was brown like the brown of the soil when it wakes up again after winter and she was brown like sunlight playing over the fingers of a mesquite tree. Her face was broad, open, human, but not beautiful and never pretty. She said he looked like his face had been cut from stone.
Their eyes were both dark though as was their hair.
Maybe they would have to be cousins.
No, he was planning too far ahead.
One step at a time, one breath at a time. They'll come for you if they smell a future on your mind.
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