VOK - MYO Thread by Sixbane

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VOK - MYO Thread

Postby Sixbane » Wed Jan 01, 2020 8:08 am

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Use this thread to make your own lion. You will be added upon purchase of a MYO from the Prompt Item Store.

All myos allow any manes present in the edits.
You may make cub myos.
You are allowed up to MINOR traits

You are allowed naturalistic colors only. There is some suspension of disbelief, but neon colors, bright pinks, bright greens,ect will be asked to be changed.

All myos MUST be approved by a member of staff.
If you have questions regarding a trait or color scheme, feel free to ask a staff member, post on the fanclub, or ask in the group discord.
3/26 due to my state's response to things going on, im EXTREMELY busy right now with work as I work in medical/er phone services. bear with me on replies to things; I'm super tired and stressed
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Im very forgetful and have a very stressful job/home life; forgive me if im spotty about messages. Just give me a nudge if it's been a bit. I do my best but sometimes things slip past me

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