Yeager by Lonewolf199152

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Postby Lonewolf199152 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:10 am

Quick Personality Rough Draft!
Goofy, energetic, loyal, caring, and excitable

I love this guy!! I could just cuddle that sweet face! He looks more like an easy going goofy character to me. Just happy go lucky in a sense. Will definitely be working this out to finalize everything for this guy!

Thank you so much eleutheromania!!
I won this guy from them! If you havent checked out their work yet then you totally should!
Hello! My name is Lonewolf199152. I am an artist and one of my goals is to try to collect one of everything on CS! Heres my Deviantart and here is my Toyhouse if you want to check out my characters (Always looking for more characters fyi!)
I have a few extra Toyhouse codes if you are needing one. Just shoot me a message!
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