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Rise | #2289

Postby Shadowflight13 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:38 pm

Welcome to Rise!
Rise is an adoptable based on Warrior Cats and focused around world building and character development.
Please make sure that you read the main thread so that you understand limits and levels!

This cat may not be traded until: October 13th, 2019
There is a 2 month cooldown after each ownership change.
For a transfer to be official, both parties must post on this cat's page. The original owner must post in the archive.

This is a custom founder.

Please let me know your founder's name, age, and any adjectives you'd like in its description such as build, or distinct features. Also give me a link to your clan thread so you can be added to the archives. c:
If you do not post a thread and level up to level 1 within a month, your founder will be readopted.

    Username: Herding Cats
    Cat Name:
    Rank: Leader

    Gender: Female
    Description: A shorthaired ginger and white tabby with copper eyes

    Other Features: None
    Siblings: None Living

------------------------------------------ SSS: Foundation
----------------- SS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SSD: Foundation
Father: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SDS: Foundation
----------------- SD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SDD: Foundation

------------------------------------------ DSS: Foundation
----------------- DS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DSD: Foundation
Dam: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DDS: Foundation
----------------- DD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DDD: Foundation


I walk a path among the stars,
A path of light and darkness.
Shadows and starlight, intertwined,
Forever dancing
Side by side.
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