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Rise | #2175

Postby AJ. » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:02 pm

Welcome to Rise!
Rise is an adoptable based on Warrior Cats and focused around world building and character development.
Please make sure that you read the main thread so that you understand limits and levels!

To claim you must be at least level 1 or not have a founder in progress or a founder at all. Please be sure you have room in your clan before applying for this cat.

This cat may not be traded until: October 16th 2019
There is a 2 month cooldown after each ownership change.
For a transfer to be official, both parties must post on this cat's page. The original owner must post in the archive.

For this kitter, please write a scene or story around this cat. It can be about anything you like but it must have the Sentence, "I'm going to protect you." I left this one pretty open so y'all have a free for all
Limits: 1000 words, can do art as an extra
End Date: July 26th 2019, 8:59pm PDT

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[b]Cat Name;;[/b]
[b]Gender;;[/b] dfab


Username;; Ravendarus
Cat Name;; Cinderhawk
Gender;; Female
Age;; 48 moons
Clan;; Eclipseclan
Rank;; Warrior
Description: A longhaired calico with high white and deep golden eyes

Other Features: Hip/leg scar
Siblings: None Living

---------------------------------------- SSS: Foundation
----------------- SS: Foundation
---------------------------------------- SSD: Foundation
Father: Foundation
---------------------------------------- SDS: Foundation
----------------- SD: Foundation
---------------------------------------- SDD: Foundation

---------------------------------------- DSS: Foundation
----------------- DS: Foundation
---------------------------------------- DSD: Foundation
Dam: Foundation
---------------------------------------- DDS: Foundation
----------------- DD: Foundation
---------------------------------------- DDD: Foundation
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Re: Rise | #2175

Postby Cloudpelt » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:12 pm

Username;; cloudpelt
Cat Name;; Silkstar
Gender;; dfab, female
Rank;; leader

Prompt;; res w/ a ghostlike-spirit of a cat (evil) promises to protect her and blah lahblahblah

where Silk was raised was no fairy tale. from the moment they could hear and see, kits were taught that in the city, it was kill or be killed. eagles, dogs, and other cats were always a threat. all survivors looked for mentors and protectors to care for them. wip
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Re: Rise | #2175

Postby SurgeFire » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:52 pm

Username;; SurgeFire
Cat Name;; Cherrydapple
Gender;; Agender (afab)
Age;; 45 Moons
Clan;; AsterClan
Rank;; Warrior


I had made my promise all those moons ago.

I'm not one to break promises; I'm never one - honesty is my top priority, and I instill that in my apprentices, to all I train. If I had kits, they would learn from my sharp words.
After all, I would know; I learned from a young age never to trust.
--I'll never share why, in my life. I can never think of those cold, icy blue eyes that left us; my father. Not my daddy - my father.

It was an exceptionally cold leafbare. Even with my long fur to shield myself from the icy frost, I could feel it nip at my fur.
I continued on.

I never would have noticed it; he was cream-and-white, hardly any different than the snow around him. Hidden in the snow and ice was a bundle of fur; a kitten, left alone. I had felt for him immediately. I thought of myself, in some abstract manner - no father, yet he had no one. The poor soul had nobody and his life was far too short.
I sealed the promise.
"I'm going to protect you."

My words had no meaning, truthfully. I could have just left him.
And yet I felt bonded; I felt the urge to protect - and thus I left with him.

"Argus, don't touch that!"
Day-to-day life had continued as usual. I had made myself a little den in the woods; reused from a fox's. It was spring, and he was growing strong and fit. It seemed such a sharp contrast from the mewling little scrap I had encountered that winter - and now, he was old enough to mess with things he shouldn't have... like my medicine storage.

"We go on," I flicked my ear in the cream chinchilla's direction, eyes scoping out the forest ahead. He scampered over to me - young and foolish, but eager to explore with me, I could tell.
I gazed back, amused.
"Where to?" he replied; he thought he was funny, didn't he? I chuckled anyways; I didn't know quite where he got his sense of humor, but I enjoyed it.
"The great world ahead of us."

I was only half-joking, but he rolled his eyes anyways. "Sure."

It only was an encounter with a fox; nothing that I couldn't really handle, given my training, but I had stumbled.
That's what happens when you get distracted, I mused, looking back at the bleeding wound on my hip. It was only because of Argus - my oath to him, to protect him at all costs. I never got distracted.

Yet when his expression - such like a deer of headlights - came up, I froze.

"It's not your fault, it's gone," I reassured him quickly, licking the top of his head; it was still almost like he was frozen, unable to comprehend what happened. "It's alright."

Yet it wasn't long until he asked me to teach him the same moves I performed that night; and of course, I obliged.

"I'm going to protect you." - those words rang in my head always, and I always doubted myself; surely, teaching him to defend himself was protection, surely?

A strange fire burned in his eyes.

"I'm going to join them," he muttered, amber eyes almost burning into my soul. "The Fallen Kingdom. They'll give me everything I want; I met with a member, and..."
I froze.

I couldn't be with him forever.
Believing I was still following my oath, I let him go.

"Oh my-- oh my spirits."
I was almost speechless, looking at the body of a fallen cat left behind in the woods I inhabited; warring had occurred, spreading throughout the area - and this was a casualty.

"Aim for the face," I suggested, gesturing to Argus. "That's a weak spot. Aim for the eyes, and you can incapacitate another cat."
He readied himself once more.

"The face... the eyes... this poor cat!" I muttered to myself, taken aback in a dreadful shock.
It couldn't be.

"You do know you shed a lot, right?" I purred back at him, tail flicking in a mock annoyance; brushing aside the fur. It was strange, almost, the tip of the fur...

Cream-tipped fur caught in their claws.

"I'm going to protect you."

My oath was broken, and I had failed.
"I never raised a murderer."

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Postby zevran. » Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:01 pm

dropping because I said I was gonna do it and then never did :(
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Re: Rise | #2175

Postby ElizaChikatta » Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:58 pm

Username;; ElizaChikatta
Cat Name;; Tawnystripe
Gender;; Tomcat
Age;; 25 moons | 2 Years Old
Clan;; OwlClan
Rank;; Warrior

His adoptive mother finding him wandering in the forest after being abandoned as a small kit with an injured leg, brings him to the clan to become part of it. Mother promises to protect him and becomes his mentor.
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Re: Rise | #2175

Postby albino polar bear » Sat Jul 20, 2019 2:29 pm

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Postby jellyphants » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:51 am

    username;; dedenne!
    cat name;; agama basking in sun
    gender;; shecat
    age;; 25 moons
    clan;; tribe of jumping springbok x
    rank;; prey-hunter


    agama gave a light mrrowl, stretching in her den. long shafts of pale sunlight streamed through the thin cracks in the kopje rocks. it was daybreak, the coolest part of the day, and the stoneteller had told her to hunt. after giving her fur, lengthy compared to most of her tribe, a quick groom, she left the camp. agama felt the whirring of crickets and locust in the grass was better than the company of any cat. she purred to herself, a simple tune, as she walked, her thick tail swaying with content.

    as agama moved wearily through the sections of undergrowth and grass, she noticed it became oddly still. as she began to approach the area she was planning to hunt in, she could instantly see why. the acrid stench of drying blood stung her nose, the endless squabbling screams of vultures ringing in her ears as they ascended like putrid angels. bile rose in her throat as she crept over, ears pinned cautiously forwards. what had caused this?

    she instantly wished she hadn't looked at all. as the last of the vultures moved testily into the air, agama's heart sank in her throat as she gazed upon the scene. countless wild dogs, a pack of them, laying dead on the floor, flies lingering around their bodies. agama raisec a paw to cover her nose. what furious predator had done this? what type of creature killed without eating?

    her ears pricked, detecting a sound independent to the raucous warbles of the feeding vultures and the heavy drone of flies. it was a whine, thin and wavering in the humid air. rushing toward the source of the noise, she clawed at the grasses to reveal a hollow in the ground. ears pinning back in fright, she peered inside. the cool hollow revealed a dead wild dog, curled around a single pup. agama approached, gently batting the adult canine's head aside-

    -and a salivating maw, faltering but fueled by enough anger to hold it's grip, closed around her shank, lacerating fur and flesh in a fit of pain and rage. agama gave a yowl, grabbing the whining pup in her jaws and fleeing. the not-so-dead adult wild dog stared after her, evidently too weak to give chase. agama sat outside, wrapping her tail around the pup. she didn't know what to do now. she had taken a child that wasn't even the same species from a dying pack- but she'd be damned if she would leave it behind. ignoring the sting of her leg wound, the shecat stood, mewing an oath to the young pup. "i will protect you."

    agama turned her head to her wound, then to her tribe's camp, a dot on the horizon. it would be a long walk back.

    [462 words]
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Re: Rise | #2175

Postby bmkmb » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:23 am

Username;; bmkmb
Cat Name;; Raiza
Gender;; female
Age;; 21
Clan;; SeaClan
Rank;; Warrior

Prompt;; Raiza woke up in the darkness to quiet paws slipping out of the den. She frowned as she caught sight of the familiar tail swinging into the main camp. She knew who it was.
aaaaRaiza quickly scanned the den just to make sure. Yes - Alika's nest was empty. And so was Aegeus's. She hissed in annoyance.
aaaaSilently, Raiza slipped out of the den also. She didn't know why both of them were up this time, but it couldn't be a coincidence. This wasn't the first time it had happened. It had been going on for ages. It was her fault. And yet, this was the first time she would try to interfere.
aaaaAs she got closer to the other side of camp, Raiza heard their voices. They exchanged words quickly yet effectively. The blades that tipped their voices hadn't been unsheathed yet. And Raiza crept closer.
aaaa"This won't work, you know it won't." That was Aegeus's voice.
aaaa"Well, what do you expect me to do?" came the response. "Leave camp the camp?!" It sounded like a scream though it only was a hushed whisper. Raiza recognized this. The blades were about to be drawn.
aaaa"Yes! If you must! We can't be friends forever, I'm sorry, but you know it's true!"
aaaaMore hushed whispers.
aaaa"I'm not going to leave."
aaaaThe blades were cutting. It was too much this time.
aaaa"Fine." The voice was defeated. Raiza hadn't known it was possible. "Then before the sun rises, I'll go."
aaaaNo! It was time for her to interfere. Raiza stepped out of the shadows. "No."
aaaaBoth cats turned to look at her. They stood there for a while. Both of them were shocked. Then Alika asked, the defeat still obvious in his voice, "How much did you hear?"
aaaaThe moon seemed bright tonight. Everything else was dark, darker than the shadows. Raiza said softly, "Enough."
aaaaAgain, no one made a move. No one had a response. Finally, Raiza looked at Alika. The tom looked away and Aegeus did the same. "Alika, come with me. Aegeus... go back to the den."
aaaaThey followed her commands. No words were spoken. Then, when Raiza was sure no one else was looking, she slid off into the forest. Alika followed. They both liked it there. Even in the night, it was peaceful. And private.
aaaaRaiza sat down, waited for Alika to do the same, then looked at him. He and Aegeus were both a week older than her. Only a week, and yet both of them were so protective...
aaaaAegeus didn't trust Alika. That much was certain. A moon ago, he would have trusted him with his life. But things change.
aaaaThe two cats sat as if they were in a silent vigil until Raiza broke it. "You know I'll protect you..." she whispered finally. Alika really didn't need this. He was facing enough problems on his own. Now Aegeus was just adding another one onto his list. She wanted to fix that, but she couldn't, not really. It wasn't her problem to fix.
aaaa"I don't need protection," Alika muttered back. "I'm an assassin, Raiza, and you can't protect me from my clan."
aaaaYes, Alika was an assassin. It wasn't his fault. The leader herself had picked him for it. So why couldn't their own clan see that? Not all assassins were murderers. That's really not what the position meant. It was more of a spy, to be honest. Yet everyone still hated him for it. Alika would never hurt a fly. He had never hurt a cat; at least, not purposefully. And there were flankers (warriors) with more blood on their paws than that.
aaaaRaiza inspected the tom. "Oh, yes I can."
aaaa"No, you can't."
aaaaRaiza glared at Alika and he flinched. He had forgotten she could make him do that. "I think you misheard me, Alika. I didn't ask if you wanted protection. I said that I will protect you. Assassin or not, Alika, I'm going to protect you. And you know that you can't stop me."
aaaaAlika smiled. And later, he would find out that he slept much better after that.
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Re: Rise | #2175

Postby ~HєуRєι~ » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:28 pm

Username;; ~HєуRєι~
Cat Name;; Berrybloom
Gender;; dfab
Age;; 94 moons
Clan;; Beamclan
Rank;; Strongclaw

wip, notes may be history to give context to scene before i write it
-molly that found Cloverbreeze and practically raised him
-very understanding and practically treats him like a biological son. supports his identity
-attempted to protect him from judgement, but ultimately failed
-left after her biological children were grown to find herself and runs into him once more

(Edit: I don't have the energy to write the whole prompt rn so I'm dropping for now, but I may come back to this info in the future)
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Re: Rise | #2175

Postby ThunderCry04 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:20 am

Username;; ThunderCry04
Cat Name;; Cloverbreeze
Gender;; Female
Age;; 42 Moons
Clan;; TideClan, link in signature
Rank;; Warrior


Lightning split the sky, giving the darkness of the stormy night sky a bit of light as rain tore its way down from the sky onto the ground, running off into the ocean. Thunder followed, shaking the ground as cats huddled together, staring off at a large bulky cat who stood at the edge of the jungle. Two starving young cats stared nervously at the well-muscled male, pressed together and shivering against the cold. They had just gotten off the ship that came onto the island, gathering wood from the trees and catching wild animals for pelts and tusks. This trio of cats was going to stay, however.

"Shadow, I'm cold.." one of the two murmured, staring up at the large grey male with terrified eyes, shaking against the rain and cold breeze.

"I don't care." He spat, not even casting the two a look over his shoulder. "This is where we all die, just like the prophecy said."

Mist shivered, staring the large cat's face, eyes glazed over and showing just how crazy he was.

"Why are you doing this?" Clover asked, glaring at the male, getting to her paws, tail bristling. She glared at the tom who stared back, letting out a deep chuckle.

"Clover, no." Mist whispered, trying to tug the ginger she-cat back down.

The red she-cat just ignored her, staring back at the blue tom as he approached, claws flexing in the mud.

"We are here to serve a purpose. The prophecy told us that we all must die."

"But why must we die? How can we even believe you." The ginger she-cat shouted, slashing out with a paw of sharp claws at the tom's cheek as he stepped closer.

He grunted, blood trickling from the fresh scratches on his cheek before glaring at the she-cat, grinning aggressively. "You'll die because I said so." He lunged forward, straight at the red she-cat, knocking her down into the mud easily. She was starving compared to his well-muscled and well-fed body, it wasn't a fair fight.

"Shadow stop!" Mist yelped, getting to her paws to stare at the two, pressure building behind her eyes. If he didn't stop he'd literally kill the she-cat.

With a grunt he swatted the red she-cat heavily on the face before pulling away, leaving her panting in the mud.

"When we found Shadow, I promised I would protect you Mist," Clover whispered, panting lowly as she glared at Shadow. "Earlier today I saw a patrol of cats, I think they live on this island. I want you to run until you find them, tell them what happened. They will protect you. I'm sure of it."

Confusion filled Mist's head as she blinked and looked around as if scanning for a group of jungle cats. "What are you talking about Clover?"

When she turned her head to return her gaze to the red she-cat she saw that she was pushing herself to her paws, claws unsheathing and digging into the mud as she glared at Shadow, his back turned to the she-cats. That's when it clicked.

"Clover no!" She exclaimed quietly, staring at the red she-cat in agony and sadness, not wanting her to go forth with her plan. "It will never work."

"I don't care, I want to protect you. That has always been my goal. Run, please, run for the both of us. I will do all I can to help you find a better life. I'm going to protect you."

Hesitation filled the calico she-cat's heart as she stared at the other cat, "Okay," she murmured, heartbreaking. "I will always remember you."

She broke into a run, leaving the red she-cat to fight the dark blue tom in the mud. As soon as she was many fox-lengths away, the sound of cats' screeching just a small murmur in the wind, she looked over her shoulder to see the two fall into the water. Her heart broke as she waited, but neither resurfaced.

She padded along the shore, tail dragging before she collapsed, exhaustion making her eyes close. "I'm sorry Clover, I can't continue.." she whispered, eyes fading to black.

She woke up in a cool underground burrow, a white she-cat looking down at her, eyes brightening as Mist woke up. "I'm so glad you're awake, I was so worried you wouldn't. Murkypaw, fetch Applestar."

She blinked in confusion as a small tortie she-cat nodded to the white she-cat, racing up to what was most likely the surface to fetch this cat.

"Applestar? Murkypaw?" Mist asked, blinking in confusion as she looked around. "Where am I?"

"Shh, I'll explain it all soon. You're safe in TideClan, don't worry. What's your name dear?"

Mist blinked again, trying to think. She didn't want to be Mist, the scared and weak she-cat that she was. She wanted to be brave and strong, just like Clover.

"My name is Clover."
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