Reese Revamp by azazel.

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Reese Revamp

Postby azazel. » Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:54 pm

What are Lumos Bunnies? wrote:Lumos Bunnies are relatively small, quiet rabbits about the size of a Holland Lop (with a max of 4lbs). They're generally found in dense forests, but due to habitat loss, humans have been discovering them raiding their vegetable gardens. They are very easily tamed, with all the normal behaviors of your average house bun. They live in small groups, or fluffles, of about 5-10 bunnies, with a diet of fruits, vegetables and grasses.

a revamp of Reese for MeltiTheDragon!
the orange is the bright yellow set to overlay!

Owner: MeltiTheDragon
Bunny Name: Reese
Bunny Gender: Male
I am gay and trans and depressed
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