Yarn Dogs - Nursery by sparrow,,

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Yarn Dogs - Nursery

Postby sparrow,, » Sat Jun 22, 2019 11:25 pm

banner by loki!

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Welcome to the nursery!

What is the nursery? wrote:
Welcome to our nursery! Yarn Dogs Inc has decided to open up a nursery! To "breed" your Yarn Dogs together, an order must be placed. Things like parents and permission to breed should be posted on each form! An experimental batch of Yarn Dogs will be created and shipped here! These pups will have similar colors and markings to their parents. Each pup has a special something (shh we can't tell ;D) that allows the Yarn Dog to grow one week after shipped, somewhat like the capsules you drop in water that grow. Some Yarn Dogs may have PPS, or Peter Pan Syndrome, keeping them as pups forever!

nursery rules

▸ yarn dogs can only breed f to m, m to f! to breed f to f or m to m,
please purchase the appropriate item from the craft store.
▸ there is a 2 week cooldown before a user may breed again.
▸ each yarn dog has 3 breeding slots.
to breed, you must have a breeding certification. these are often gifted out in the discord server.
▸ batches are randomized with 1-4 pups.
▸ if you do not claim a batch within 2 weeks of posting, they will be re-adopted.
▸ please post the fate of each yarn dog.
▸ pups may be traded or sold after 1 week.
▸a yarn dog may be grown 1 week after the batch was posted.
the artist who created the batch is also in charge of the growth.
▸ you may not sell breeding slots for any currency other than yarnballs.
▸ you may not alter the design of your pups in anyway.
▸ all items must be listed on the breeding form.
items cannot be added after a form has been claimed.
▸ do not pm artists with breeding forms. all breeding forms must be posted on this thread.
▸ you may not switch artists for any reason unless the artist who claimed your form cannot do your batch.
▸ do not post here if you are looking for breeding slots. instead, use the discord.

note to artists:

you are responsible for growing a user's yarn dogs after 1 week.
if you feel it necessary, you can do an auto growth. please try to be accurate to the pup.
I lucifer,, am currently not open for nursery batches.

breeding form

Code: Select all
[b]artist:[/b] artist must be opened to do breedings (i.e. opened slots)

[b]parent 1:[/b] link to storage
[b]gender for breeding:[/b]
[b]permission to breed:[/b]
[b]list of edits:[/b]
[b]hex codes:[/b]
[b]last time bred:[/b] link to batch as well as date

[b]parent 2:[/b] link to storage
[b]gender for breeding:[/b]
[b]permission to breed:[/b]
[b]list of edits:[/b]
[b]hex codes:[/b]
[b]last time you bred:[/b] link to batch as well as date

[b]roll for edits:[/b] yes or no
[b]items used:[/b]
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