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Rise | #1853

Postby SurgeFire » Sat May 18, 2019 5:53 pm

Welcome to Rise!
Rise is an adoptable based on Warrior Cats and focused around world building and character development.
Please make sure that you read the main thread so that you understand limits and levels!

To claim you must be at least level 1 or not have a founder in progress or a founder at all.

This cat may not be traded until: July -- 2019
There is a 2 month cooldown after each ownership change.
For a transfer to be official, both parties must post on this cat's page. The original owner must post in the archive.

Something drastic happens in their life-- what is it, and how do they react to it?
Minimum of 100 words

End Date: May 24th, 11:59 PM EDT

Username: dewly_noted
Cat Name: Ylang Ylang
Clan: Fallen
Rank: sage

Gender: female
Age: 102 moons
Description: Amber classic tabby with orange eyes.

Other Features:
Siblings: None Living

---------------------------------------- SSS: Foundation
----------------- SS: Foundation
---------------------------------------- SSD: Foundation
Father: Foundation
---------------------------------------- SDS: Foundation
----------------- SD: Foundation
---------------------------------------- SDD: Foundation

---------------------------------------- DSS: Foundation
----------------- DS: Foundation
---------------------------------------- DSD: Foundation
Dam: Foundation
---------------------------------------- DDS: Foundation
----------------- DD: Foundation
---------------------------------------- DDD: Foundation
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby mukuroikusabas » Sat May 18, 2019 5:55 pm

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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby Alucardigan » Sat May 18, 2019 6:39 pm

Finchsong's favorite pastime had been spending time with the young kihe of the
Enclave, even when he had only just left the nursery himself. He would spend as
much time as he could playing with them and teaching them, giving the caetn a
much appreciated break - the dams loved their kits, but they could only stay
cooped up in a den with small dependents for so long without a stroll in the woods.

His world fell apart when hunger, sickness, and strange cats ravaged the valley.
As a newly named meie, he took great risks to retrieve food and herbs for the
youngest, but despite his efforts, watched as their lives faded away, one by one,
like stars in the dawn. It broke his heart, just as it broke the hearts of the dams
that birthed them.

When the Enclave fell apart, only one kihe remained - Ptarmigankit. Finchsong
had protected her fiercely, taking her in when her birth parents were killed by
rogue cats ... but after all he had seen and done, he fell into a deep depression.
He was no longer fit to care for anyone, let alone himself. The last remaining
waehein, Cormorantclaw, offered to protect her in his stead. It was difficult for
him to accept, but in the end, he realized it was the best for everyone.

It has taken many moons for him to recover, but it will take many moons still for
him to heal. He still cares for kits deeply, and enjoys teaching young cats, but the
fear of history repeating itself is always scratching in the back of his mind.

form wrote:Username;; Alucardigan
Cat Name;; Finchsong
Gender;; male
Age;; 42 moons
Clan;; Valin Enclave
Rank;; Consort / Caetn

268 words, 1459 characters
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby Schainukan » Sat May 18, 2019 7:36 pm

Username;; Schainukan
Cat Name;; Rowanberry
Gender;; She-cat / Female
Age;; 26 moons
Clan;; Slateclan
Rank;; Medicine Cat

Prompt;; wip
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby kiffell » Sat May 18, 2019 7:49 pm

they+neos - panro ace - ⭐kiffy⭐#8423
character tos
☀Please credit my TH instead
of my CS for OC designs☀

artfightcarrd (pls read)
pfp by surgefire
sig art by me
inactive 😔 please contact me on
TH or discord if u wanna chat!
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby ThunderCry04 » Sat May 18, 2019 11:27 pm

Username;; Thunder.Collects
Cat Name;; Dawnwhisker
Gender;; Female
Age;; 46 Moons
Clan;; CreekClan
Rank;; Warrior

Prompt;; (474 Words)
Many cats, when discussing events that have taken place in their life that caused a change far into the future, discuss all the bad things that happened. Not Dawnwhisker. She doesn't like pressing her problems onto other cats, and actually believes that she makes herself stronger by leaving the memories to herself. She believes this because now, after all this time, they don't bother her anymore as they did when she was a younger cat.

So, instead, she talks about the good memories she has, and there is one common memory that cats can truly see have changed Dawnwhisker. It is the story about how she joined CreekClan and the welcome she underwent when she came. Cats outside of CreekClan believe that it is a clan that is more focused about pureblood then letting in strangers, but that isn't true. Briarstar doesn't want a large clan of random cats, instead, any loners she lets in must be able to dedicate something to the clan. She looks for hunting abilities and battle skills. That is a good limit to have, as it prevents weakness in the clan. Dawnwhisker agrees with Briarstar's viewpoints, even though they once worried her when she wanted to join CreekClan.

When Dawnwhsiker was a rogue, she went through a troublesome and difficult life. Cats were mean, they fought over food, arguments, and literally nothing. Cats fought over she-cats. It was chaos. Dawnwhisker was a popular and gorgeous she-cat, but she didn't love any of the toms who fought over her. One day, her father tried to force her into a relationship with a rich and powerful gang leader but she denied. She ran away after her father threatened her and told her she didn't have a choice in the matter. The family needed protection.

She ran into the forest and through the mountains, crossing valleys and hills until she eventually came across CreekClan's territory. She first was scared to enter the territory, due to the past memories of cats in groups from her previous life, but she decided to observe the clan from afar. She did, for numerous moons, before finally coming into the open and asking to join CreekClan as a warrior. She told them the story she came from and all the horrors she witnessed and was definitely seen as a vital piece in CreekClan's puzzle, so she was accepted into CreekClan after passing the tests.

Cats came to her, offering sympathy and friendship after the years Dawnwhisker went without the support of others. She loved it. She finally has friends, a support system, and a family who loved her. Life was perfect, and it still is. Dawnwhisker is glad she left her home because now she has cats who actually love her and she doesn't need to worry about being forced into anything like she was before, again.
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby Hevno » Tue May 21, 2019 9:57 am

      Username;; dimi.
      Cat Name;; Ace
      Gender;; Female
      Age;; 52 moons
      Clan;; Silvercrest Roamers
      Rank;; Trooper


      "It was an.. amateur mistake, as it was still early in Silvercrest Roamer's foundation whenever Tempest made this mistake. And boy, was is a detrimental one... To this day, Tempest and Kei give their respects to her and Roman, apologizing for their mistakes, for it left one of them forever damaged..."


      It was her older brother's, Roman's, first legitimate task as an apprentice. He was to scout out the location of a mountain lion terrorizing the cats going on patrol of the Silvercrest Roamers. Ace was to observe how it was done, as Tempest believed that siblings learned best when they were in pairs; stupidly enough, even when a predator the size of a mountain lion was involved. The two were silently making their way up the side of the mountain, bouncing stone to stone. Roman was slightly ahead of Ace, his hind legs kicking out to send a flurry of snow down upon her pelt.

      "Hey, watch it!" Ace yipped pitifully, looking up as snow flaked into her eye. Roman chuckled quietly as he leaped up onto a bigger stone, looking back down at Ace with a prideful smirk. Ace was still a ways down, not as used to navigating the terrain of the mountain, though for a fresh apprentice, she was quite efficient at it. She made a final leap onto the top stone beside her brother, and glanced forward, her brows furrowing curiously.

      Before them was a cavern, the mouth lined with icicles dripping of cold condensation, small puddles dappling the entrance of the cavern. The front was donned with the fur of various animals, paired with feathers and splashes of crimson. The two siblings exchanged a glance before Ace made a soft whisper. "Do you think it's here?"

      "No doubt about it! Come on." Roman bounded ahead, standing before the mouth of the cavern. He looked over his shoulder at Ace, who began to make her way forward behind him. The two ventured through the cavern, glancing in each direction. The two were alert, their ears and tails pricked to the air, the ears flicking in wild directions and the tails lashing as they decided their next moves silently through a series of glances and muscle movements.

      After more venturing, the two were struck by a cool breeze, the end of the cavern having opened to reveal another cliff on the other side. "That's odd.." Ace muttered beneath her breath, making her way ahead of the tom. She glanced around curiously, her eyes flickering as her tail lashed innocently. She stood outside of the cavern as her brother waited inside, glancing around. "There's nothing over here. Come on."

      From behind Roman, a soft howl of breath could be heard, echoing off the cavern walls. It soon turned into a snarl, and Roman froze, refusing to look behind him. Ace looked on in horror as her brother was paralyzed by fear.

      The mountain lion stood behind him.

      Ace looked around wildly, trying to come up with an idea. She then turned towards the mountain lion, yowling loudly. "Come at me ugly!" She yipped, the fur on her spine flying upward as she puffed her chest forward, making herself appear as big as possible. The mountain lion retorted with a growl, leaping over Roman and soaring for Ace. Ace leaped to the side, watching as the mountain lion nearly threw itself over the edge of the cliff.

      Roman then darted forward, attempting to knock the mountain lion down. He suddenly let out a loud yowl as he was picked up by the mountain lion, swung around in its jaws like a ragdoll, and then tossed to the side. Ace desperately leaped up a series of rocks lining the cavern's exit, landing on top of the cavern as she gazed down helplessly at Roman. "Roman, get up! You have to get up!!!" She yowled fearfully, her body trembling as she watched the mountain lion loom closer to the tom, who lay on his side as blood poured out of his flank slowly. Ace looked around in desperation, her eyes locking on a boulder. She looked down at the mountain lion, narrowing her eyes as she silently drew a path between the boulder and the mountain lion before her eyes shot wide open.

      She darted behind the boulder, and pressed her paws against it, listening as the surface beneath the boulder began to groan in frustration as the weight of the boulder was shifted, the gravel collapsing inward. She took in a deep breath before heaving her body forward, a loud yowl erupting from her as she sent the boulder bouncing down the mountain side. She then leaped to the side, her eyes widening in horror as she saw the boulder's path..

      It was heading right for Roman!

      Without a second to think, Ace scaled down the side of the cavern and shot herself forward off the surface of one of the rocks, grasping Roman by the scruff. They flew beneath the mountain lion's stomach as Ace desperately tossed roman forward out of the line of the boulder. Ace, however, fell short, her left hind leg left beneath the mountain lion. She was too slow to move the leg, the boulder knocking the mountain lion off the side of the mountain, while rolling over Ace's leg. She let out a loud yowl of agony, black spots appearing in her vision as she immediately struggled to maintain consciousness.

      Roman got to his paws in a shaky fashion, looking at Ace in horror. "Ace! Your leg.." Ace's leg wasn't flattened, but instead tremendously broken, twisted in an uncomfortable fashion. She hissed out pain between her teeth, burying her face in the rocks of the mountain.

      "Ow ow ow!" She wailed as Roman slowly got beneath her sister, hoisting her onto his back before beginning to make his way down the mountain.

      When the two arrived back at the Silvercrest Roamers camp, Roman reluctantly placed Ace in the medicine den before turning, going to give Tempest his report. Ace was tended to by one of their older medicine cats, but as she was soon to find out, her leg would never return to normal...

      The news was devastating to Ace, and she soon found herself unable to train as an apprentice.


      Ace sat before a group of kits, who looked on at her curiously. Her leg was entwined by a series of vines, locked into place in order to make sure she could walk. "The leg may have left her damaged, but she continued to fight for what she believed in," Ace said, ignoring her own leg. One of the kits curiously glanced at her leg, cocking their head to the side.

      "Miss Ace, was that tale about you?" The kit asked innocently.

      Ace smiled softly at the kit, licking his head affectionately. "Yes."

      "But... How are you a trooper?" He asked in confusion, squinting his eyes.

      "This leg is but an obstacle, kit." Ace said with another smile. "I'm glad that my leg is like this, though. It gives me a great lesson to give you young ones.."

      "No matter how hard it gets, no matter what is thrown your way, you must power through, and you'll come out stronger than you ever were before.."
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby ataraxic_king » Sat May 25, 2019 7:16 am

    Username;; dewly_noted
    Cat Name;; Ylang Ylang
    Gender;; female
    Age;; 102 moons
    Clan;; BeachClan to be fallen
    Rank;; keeper to be sage

    Prompt;; [1339 words I am so sorry]

    The earth buckled underneath them as the truck rumbled along the roads, beside them their human was humming a tune that almost covered the sound of the gravel bouncing off the metal form of their truck. He was tapping his hand on the leather of the steering wheel. Ylang ylang had to admit, she desperately wished her human still had the radio on to make the words that began pouring out of their mouth a little more gentle on the ears.
    xxxxxxxx"Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong"

    Her human started belting out, loud and strong the lyrics to their favourite song, accent thick as he went. Ylang ylang gave him a pleading look before shaking her head. Of course, if her human thought he was a bad singer than Ylang would prove that there were far worse sounds. Of those sounds, the most outstandingly terrible was when she started singing along with him. With a heavy yowl Ylang began singing along to her humans singing.
    xxxxxxxx"West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country roads-"

    Her human petered off in his singing, taking one hand off the wheel to give her a shove. She whacked him back, no claws to her assault.
    xxxxxxxx"C'mon Ylang, you may look pretty but that ain't the voice of any angel I know."

    She smirked, the feeling was mutual so they spent the remainder of their trip in a peaceful silence. She was mostly content to lay reclined on the passenger seat, watching trees and clouds fly by through the window. It was when the car began to slow that she immediately jerked upwards, eyeing the outside world as the car was pulled to a stop.

    xxxxxxxx"Alright Ylang, that path over there," he gestured over towards a wooden sign as he began pulling keys out of the ignition, shoving them into his pocket. He opened the door and stood out, leaving a space for Ylang ylang to throw herself out the door after him. She sniffed the ground it smelt new and foreign- it was the highlight of being best friends with a human obsessed with walking through forests and climbing.

    While Ylang ylang sniffed the earth her human pulled things from the back of the truck, resources for their journey and possibly the night. Who really knew? All Ylang knew was that they were going on an adventure.

    With her human now fully equipped with bags they travelled off down the path. Ylang walked alongside him, she'd heard the old man remark that she was far more loyal than any dog he had ever owned. Ylang was of the opinion that the feeling was mutual, even if her human didn't realise it. He was pretty loyal to her too.

    She hadn't seen this type of vegetation before but then again they'd been on the road for 3 days- sleeping in the car at truck stops, all to get to this place. It was pretty nice, but all the places her human took her were. After a while of walking along the trail her feet started to ache a little and with one quick warning mew she pounced, claws catching on the back back as she ascended until she could rest along his shoulders and watch the world go by. She could even close her eyes and relax.

    When she opened her eyes some time had passed and it was only with the gentle nudging of her humans hand against her chin that she splayed out her paws and chirped. She was awake, what did he want?

    He pointed forwards at the sun setting in the distance. Yeah, yeah that was pretty.

    She leapt down from his shoulders. No doubt the setting sun meant that her human would want to set up camp somewhere soon. It'd be a good time to stretch her legs, take a walk. As she turned to leave her human called out a quick warning,

    xxxxxxxx"Hey don't you wander too far."

    She curled her tail in response, ears not flicking as she kept walking off to explore. She wandered off the side of the trail, beginning to scale the steady incline of the large mountain range that she had been walked up. After a few leaps there and a scrabble of claws against rock here she had found herself perched on a ledge. She closed her eyes feeling the last warm rays of the sun touching her fur.

    Then just as it faded she heard a whistle from her old human, summoning her to keep him company once again. She yowled back in reply and leapt down, paws scaling down the cliff side in leaps and bounds. Sometimes she landed a bit funny- but she'd been landing funny since she was a kit, nothing she couldn't shake off.

    She found her way back to him where he had set up a small tent beside a creek, a fire surrounded by rocks from the creek. It was cosy but what caught her attention was the rustling of a bag of cat food as it was opened and set on the ground. Once upon a time they had a folding bowl for both food and water. Now they only had one for water, because Ylang would happily stick her head into the zip lock bag, chomping away instead of waiting.

    She ate, he ate. The sounds of the forest at night started to sing out and the two of them hoped into the small tent, her human started to sleep and she fiddled with a few of the cat toys he had left out for her to play with until she got bored enough to sleep in turn.

    When the sun lit up the sky once more, Ylang ylang rose, spine curling as her paws stretched out and she let out a yawn. She scratched at the fabric of the tent, keeping her claws sheathed so as not to damage her humans prised possession. She waited a moment and then made a small yowl. She wanted out! Nothing happened, she turned around to look at him and her human didn't rise- he didn't really move. She moved over and gave him a gentle paw but nothing happened.

    It took a few moments for her to understand what had happened, that while it had been a peaceful death, he was gone.

    It was silly, it really was. To have stayed there so long, in misery over her loss but as the time went on and her stomach began to rumble she began scratching at the yellow of the tent, it wasn't long before her claws had pulled through the fabric and she was able to squirm free.

    It settled uncomfortably in her chest as she started walking away. She'd been raised by that human, she'd been cared for and pampered- she didn't know about the wild, even though she'd been raised walking through the wild it had always been through a filter of safety, the truck, the shoulders of her human.

    She wandered back down the path, until she reached the truck. There was a moment of peace like she'd reached saviour before the thought hit her that without her human- without her human.

    Without him.

    The line of thought echoed in her mind and she turned towards the woods. She'd never find her way home and in a way she didn't want to leave the place she'd lost her human. So she wandered into the woods, her life would completely change from this point. She'd have to learn to be okay with only her own company, she'd have to learn to hunt, she'd have to do so many things.

    It was all rather daunting. It was overwhelming and scary but as she stepped off the beaten path, leaving everything she'd ever known behind she pulled back the tears. She could be brave. She would be brave- she'd see even more of the world, climb further and maybe when she slipped into the sky she'd tell him all about it.
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby Birchii » Sat May 25, 2019 11:37 am

Username;; Birchii
Cat Name;; Pinefall
Gender;; Tom
Age;; 35 Moons
Clan;; GealachClan
Rank;; Warrior

Pinefall has experienced a broken heart, and knows first-paw what it is like to have it destroy you. He was young and in love, as typical and stereotypical as an unrequited romance can be, and his realisation that he could never be with the molly he first loved was devastating. His mind became a prison as he mentally told himself he wasn’t good enough for her; how unskilled and useless he was; how he was a fool for thinking she would ever like him.

The clan could see the change, slowly but surely, but they were never able to tell why, or how to help. Pinefall became withdrawn and quiet, performing only the duties he had to complete, and letting himself be alone any other time, his thoughts his only and constant company. It got to the point where he developed a small cough in Leaf-Fall, and paid no attention to it, allowing it to grow and grow. Soon, the tom was bound to the medicine cat den – his cold had developed into greencough, and he had very little willpower to keep active during the time.

Finally, it seemed, that the Ancestors were done watching him throw such little effort into his role or life. A pair visited him during a fitful sleep, describing the journey of another feline who had tumbled down the path he himself was on. He saw how it affected that molly who took the same trail many, many seasons before he was even born. He watched as she traversed a time and place neither here nor there, not alive yet not dead and sharing the sky with the Ancestors, simply walking alone with sorrow. The pair begged him to recognise his harmful ways, and warned him that he was teetering dangerously close to falling beyond help.

It shocked him to his very core. Memories from the past moons crashed into his brain like a tidal wave, flooding to the brim with his foolish actions, shedding a scrap of light upon the help his clanmates had tried to offer. He winced under the agony of his former decisions, seeing clearly how he had denied any chances of change with such apathy. The pain was burning him up, almost seething with pure, white heat. Any longer and he would melt away, leaving nothing but cinders and ash and smoke behind. But he didn’t. The inferno within him shifted with such rapid pace, leaving as quickly as it had built up. Instead, he felt the flicker of a flame within. He could feel it, slowly burning like a crackling log in the night of a heated Green-Leaf. It wasn’t pain or anger, but a ferocity, a spirit, an attitude that sought for life. The fire was still blazing within him. He could feel it twisting, dancing along with a breeze that tugged him towards consciousness.

Pinefall awoke, a fever wreaking havoc across his pelt. He could feel his fear quaking in his bones, his limbs trembling and his voice shaking as he called out for Littleburr.

He could…


That night was the lowest his illness had dragged him, and it was only his newfound, Ancestor-given willpower that pulled him up and out of it. He had a tether to this world now, a desire to help others from descending into that dark and stormy night. He started to speak with Littleburr when he felt a scrap of energy was there to spare. Remembering how to even hold a conversation was a struggle – it was such a distant memory to him now – but he tried.

Then Brightspark came along, and he could just sense it. That same vivaciousness, that pure warmth resonated from within her. She was like the sun, and he was a sunflower. He was drawn to her energy, and so he pushed himself to speak to her.

And that was all it took to continue his path back.

current collection goals; owls - guineas

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I'm Birchii (a.k.a Birch); I'm a big fan of cats, owls,
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Re: Rise | #1853

Postby clouds-move-on » Sat May 25, 2019 12:15 pm

Username;; ☁Lady Raincloud☁
Cat Name;; Vervain, originally named Persimmon
Gender;; tomcat
Age;; 39 moons
Clan;; Lighthouse
Rank;; Recruit

The rain pattered down onto the rooftops as the silent figure walked, slow but steady, his paws dragging in the mud as he made his way uphill. He appeared to be agitated, his ears twitching erratically. To any passerby, it would seem as if it was for the rain dripping down his long fur; this wasn't the case.

He paused for a moment to look back. It was getting dark; he could barely see the path he'd taken, what with the rain and the dimming light. He squinted and growled something- a spiteful comment that was lost to the rushing water descending upon him. Giving himself a violent shake, he turned back to his purpose; uphill, the city, away from the trees.

A few minutes later he was sitting on a dumpster, licking his soiled and wet fur as he sheltered his large self under the overhang above. He spat every few seconds- the mud mixed with car gas and city muck was disgusting to taste. A shiver ran through him as the chattering of raccoons sounded below him; he leaned to looked down, watching as a fat mother raccoon lead her troupe of five into the fallen trashcans.

"H... Hey Vervain- that you?"

A husky voice, followed by panting and scrabbling of claws. The large cat jumped slightly, his eyes still fixed on the raccoons before turning to view the damp figure approaching him. The streetlights were flickering; he could just make out the black shortfurred tabby as he shook out his own muddied fur.

"Who wants to know?"

"B-Been looking... fer ye... matey." The cat said, a rumbling chuckle, followed by a choking cough returning in reply. The large tom winced as the black tabby collected himself and caught his breath, and then, very ungracefully, flopped down next to him.

A smell of blood and soot hit the fluffy cat's nostrils as the cat lay beside him. His ears perked and he watched the cat closely now, noticing for the first time the cuts lacing his thin frame.

"My goodness- you're hurt pretty bad! What have you been up to?"

"Fancy that- yeh actin'... as if ye don't know 'ry weeel." The cat wheezed, lapping his wounds slowly and letting out a small moan as they stung. "Vervain... yeh silly goose, they near got me tonight!"

"Did they?" The reply was shaky and confused.

"An' they're comin' fer yeh next!" The cat said, letting out another choking chuckle before commencing his grooming. The fluffy cat next to him didn't respond, only looked away with a somewhat disgusted look.

They were silent for a few minutes before the sickly tabby continued. "Yeh don't seem all too surprised, my boy- what's up?"

"Oh- just a bit... confused." The tom responded, letting out a nervous laugh, which ended in a shriek as lightning filled the air. He ducked back and stared out at the sky, watching as the landscape was illuminated once more before it was pitch out again.

"Don' be." The black cat said, his voice taking a darker note. "They comin' fer yeh, yer ah right gonner. I barely got away... still catching me breath, jus' hopin' I doesn't catch cold or infection now."

"Good luck with that." The other tom replied shakily, watching as the tabby stretched and winced. "... I mean it. To survive only to fall to sickness- well. It'd be a shame, I'd think."

"Right ye are." The tom responded, standing up and perking his ears as the raccoons feeding below them scattered. He narrowed his golden eyes and spat, before suddenly jumping down, letting out an 'oof' as his aching legs hit the cement.

"Weel I am off." I said, looking back up at the cat he called Vervain. "Get yerself away, boy! Before'st they gets te yeh!"

With that, he did as he said, scampering off into the slowly fading rain. The large cat looked after him, his eyes drooping and he let out a steady, thought 'hmm'.

"Odd character, like a harbinger of doom." He said to himself, thinking it rather poetic. Letting out a nervous huff he added.

"This Vervain fellow must be out of luck- wonder why he thought I was him? Fancy being mistaken for someone I don't even know."

- - -

The sunlight streamed over him, warming his amber fur as he awoke. Not long after this 'harbinger of doom', as he had so dubbed him, had scampered off, the large cat had fallen asleep, undisturbed by those hunting this 'Vervain'. In fact, he didn't think much about the night before; he needed to find food and that was all his mind focused on.

Letting out a yawn and a cheerful purr, the tom headed down the street, still devoid of humans. It was early- and this part of the small city barely saw much life until the afternoon, and even then it wasn't all too busy. Yet he'd never been there before, and he thought it a bit odd as he walked and saw not one soul.

It was then a mournful howl split the air, rather like the lightning from the night before in its suddenness. The fluffy cat let out a small "Yee!" as he looked about in terror. Yet, seeing no one, he soon let out a small, nervous chuckle and continued walking.

"Not my business... not my business. Just some alley cats fighting, maybe one of those raccoons is still up... nothing to do with- gahhhh oh!"

He'd just turned a corner to see, laying before him in the alley, a large figure, much like himself. Amber classic fur- long, wet and soiled- and laying only a few feet away. The scent of blood reached him and he hurried over to the stranger's side, wincing as he saw the various cuts and torn fur this cat had.

"Oh- oh dear- oh! What happened? Are you- oh!'

He stepped back as the cat weakly stared up at him, a somewhat dead- no, dying- look his his eyes, so like his own it made him shiver. The tom was bleeding so much and the fluffy newcomer had spotted what had to be the worst wound around his neck. He couldn't bear to look at it again.

Still, he stepped towards him again, staring down into those dimming eyes of amber with a look of pity. This cat must be him- Vervain. It made all too much sense. They looked awfully similar. While there were differences, it was easy to mistake them in the rain, and in the dark. As he bent near him too, a wiff of his scent also made him dizzy; this cat even smelled similar to him. What were the odds! It could have just been the smell of the mud and soil, but he couldn't be certain.

"... Caught me." The tom muttered. "They..." He added, letting out a sickening cough and finishing with. "Finally."

He was gone almost as soon as the word was out. The fluffy stranger saw Vervain's eyes dim, go out of focus, and die. They stared up at him and he slowly backed away, afraid to have that lifeless stare at him.

"Poor fellow... oh! Poor, poor fellow! What a thing... thing to see. Oh!" The tom said in a nervous voice, a sick feeling in his stomach. He didn't feel like eating anymore and instead, he turned his thoughts towards what to do about the body. He couldn't- oh no, couldn't leave someone, so like him, and such a sad sight, just there like that. Wincing and cringing every second of it, he moved the body to lay in the nearby grass, and began to cover it with mud and leaves after saying a brief farewell over it. A haphazard burial, he stared at the mound for a few second before trailing off, his mind fuzzy and confused.

As he walked he kept saying to himself. "Poor fellow... poor, poor fellow! Could've been my brother."

- - -

The next night he was out scavenging when the next stranger arrived to greet him. He had spent sometime looking through trash, eating scraps of old meat, and occasionally chasing mice and rats in circles around the alleys. He still couldn't get those eyes- the eyes of Vervain, dead and staring- out of his head. He avoided every cat he saw out of fear, but finally he turned after finishing a mouse, and came nose-to-nose with a ginger molly.

"Vervain! Youre alive!'

The tom jumped, opening his mouth in confusion, but she leaned into him and let out an excited happy purr. "Oh Vervain, my king!"

"King?" Thought the tom, very confused. "Who was this fellow?"

"Uhhh..." He muttered, about to push her away and stammer out an explanation of who he really was when another cat appeared. It was a big charcoal tabby, and his eyes lit up with surprise when he spotted the stranger.

"You're still alive? We thought they'd caught you for sure!" The tom said, walking closer to him and giving him a sniff. The stranger was shaking with some fear as he did do, afraid this cat would recognize by his scent it wasn't Vervain and that he'd be in trouble. However, either the smell of dirt was too much, or they really did smell similar; he only gave him a slightly odd look, before smiling and giving him a friendly shove.

"We've got your cats sheltering with us, only Rat and you were missing!" The tom bellowed in a cheerful tone. "We thought you were dead for sure! And here you are- eating sickly mice. Come, we have better food back at Lighthouse. Besides they're waiting to see you!"

The stranger hardly got a word in as he was lead back to camp. It was night, and raining again. The mud was on his paws and he was heading down the same hill as before, lead on by this mysterious duo to a mysterious place. He wanted food and shelter- he wanted safety in numbers. Yet he knew, it would be only a matter of time, in the daylight and with clearer heads, that they'd know the truth.

That he wasn't Vervain- whoever Vervain was.
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
- Proverbs 3:5-6

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