CD #48 : Ecru Cobweb with Strides *AUCTION* by Redpineapple1

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Artist Redpineapple1 [gallery]
Time spent 48 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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CD #48 : Ecru Cobweb with Strides *AUCTION*

Postby Redpineapple1 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:22 pm

Up for auction!
Only accepting c$. Pet auctions will happen in the future!
Will end 24 hours after last bid

SB: 80c$ | CB: n/a | MI: 8c$ | AB: 250c$

    Horse Name:
    Status: Bachelor (will change once he acquires mares)
    Gender: Stallion
    Eyes: Teal
    Genetics: ee Tt nCr StSt nl nP3 + nMf
    Rarity: Rare

Will produce medium-dark offspring due to chocolate palomino coloring.
If bred to a non Mammoth Destral, the offspring will be half Mammoth, half regular Destral.

    Shadrach Image

    Averi Image
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