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Rise | #1707

Postby Hawky<3 » Wed May 01, 2019 7:26 am

Welcome to Rise!
Rise is an adoptable based on Warrior Cats and focused around world building and character development.
Please make sure that you read the main thread so that you understand limits and levels!

this cat may not be traded until: july 7th, 2019
there is a 2 month cooldown after each ownership change.
for a transfer to be official, both parties must post on this cat's page. the original owner must post in the archive.

to enter this competition, you must own a founder and at least be at level 1!

to win this cat, create a bucket list for them! minimum of 3 things, maximum of 15. use as many words necessary to explain the items on the list! no extras, prettying up is fine.

Code: Select all
[b]Cat Name:[/b]


[b]Bucket List:[/b] (min 3, max 15)

end date: 5/6/19 at 12 am EST

    Cat Name:

    Description: a long-haired white and cream mackerel tabby with green eyes.

    Other Features: none
    Siblings: none living

    ------------------------------------------ SSS: Foundation
    ----------------- SS: Foundation
    ------------------------------------------ SSD: Foundation
    Father: Foundation
    ------------------------------------------ SDS: Foundation
    ----------------- SD: Foundation
    ------------------------------------------ SDD: Foundation

    ------------------------------------------ DSS: Foundation
    ----------------- DS: Foundation
    ------------------------------------------ DSD: Foundation
    Dam: Foundation
    ------------------------------------------ DDS: Foundation
    ----------------- DD: Foundation
    ------------------------------------------ DDD: Foundation
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby ThunderCry04 » Wed May 01, 2019 7:27 am

Username: Thunder.Collects
Cat Name: Lionpaw (Lionthroat)

Gender: Male
Rank: Apprentice
Age: 10 Moons
Clan: CreekClan

Bucket List:

1. Become a warrior.
Before Lionpaw can really do too much on his bucket list, he has to become a warrior of CreekClan, so Lionpaw wants to finish his training strongly and become an already well-respected warrior.
2. Catch a large bird.
Lionpaw's favorite prey is a type of bird, but probably because it's the favorite prey of the she-cat he likes. He wants to catch a large bird (an eagle or hawk) to impress his clanmates and that she-cat.
3. Become mates with Twigpaw.
Twigpaw is the she-cat Lionpaw has fallen for, and while it is clique Lionpaw wants to become mates with the she-cat. He wants to be the best mate he can be and propose to her in a very romantic way.
4. Restore his mother's honor.
Maplepounce is really clumsy, so her apprentices and a lot of other cats don't really like or admire her. Lionpaw wants to change that by helping his mother out and helping her regain her clanmates approval.
5. Have a family.
Another clique thing, but Lionpaw wants to have a family with Twigpaw if she accepts. He'd love to have a litter of kits or two the bring his legacy with him.
6. Die peacefully.
After Lionpaw has succeeded with his list, he wants to die happily and peacefully. He wants his family to be okay with his passing, and he wants his clanmates to not grieve over him too much.
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby SurgeFire » Wed May 01, 2019 7:32 am

ooohhh mark
>>"but if you're riding on a tidal wave, it's hard to think when you're trying to float."

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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby LittleMiniCooper » Wed May 01, 2019 7:32 am

Username: LittleMiniCooper
Cat Name: SunGlimpse

Gender: Female
Rank: Warrior
Age: 13 Moons
Clan: MistClan, link in sig

Bucket List:
Catch A Crab. A delicacy in MistClan is crab. They are very hard to catch and once a cat does, it goes fast. They are allowed to eat it themselves right away or share it. SunGlimpse would love to be able to taste crab one day.
Make A Friend In Another Clan. While it is usually frowned upon, MistClan is a gentle group of cats who allow their members to be free. SunGlimpse has only been to a few gatherings, but would love to find a friend from a neighboring clan.
Meet A Fox. The orange creatures roam her clans territory and aren't very threatening. They typically stay away and are very hard to spot. The only evidence that they live in the territory is small dens and their scent.
Find A Mate.The most basic on her list, as a young cat, she is in love with the idea of love.
Spend A Peaceful Day In The Meadow.She's heard lots of stories of the meadow that lies just beyond the forest. She'd love to go one day and have a nice calm day just exploring.
See The Two-Leg Territory.A more dangerous item on her bucket list, she'd love to travel the few days and see the two-leg places. She's heard so much about them, but she has to remember that curiosity can kill a cat!
Get Her Own Apprentice. She has only been a warrior for one moon, but she would love to be able to train her own apprentice. She would feel so full of completion if she could successfully make an apprentice a warrior.
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby Faededfyre » Wed May 01, 2019 7:40 am

Username: Faededfyre
Cat Name: Lilystrike

Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Age: 40 moons
Clan: GoopClan

Bucket List:
1) Successfully climb one of the swamp trees - As the trees of the swamp have extremely smooth bark and as GoopClan cats have no reason to climb trees, not a single cat in history has been able to successfully climb one of these trees. Lilystrike feels that it's time to set a name to the tree climbing record and that name should be hers.
2) Visit the Mudland - An area forbidden to all cats except new captains. An area full of peril from to sucking mud covering it with not a single tree or plant in sight. Even standing water is uncommon. Lilystrike believes she has as much of a right to see the secrets of the Mudland as her sister, even if it's forbidden.
3) Destroy Fernstar's captaincy - Just a simple task, pull the rug from beneath her sister's failure of a captaincy. Perhaps the easiest one on this list, after all, the tiniest crack can call a mountain to crumble.
4) Eat mud - Mudjaw's ways have always intrigued her but her regular cat levels of disgust have overridden her free choice in being able to do it. Might be for the best, but she really does wish to see what all the fuss is about.
5) Explore the rotting wooden structures - A coward is not what Lilystrike would call herself but the ancient, rotting wood structures that litter the swamp both intrigue and terrify her. Perhaps the only thing she's truly afraid of.
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby Wet Bread » Wed May 01, 2019 9:15 am

Username: Wet Bread
Cat Name: Maizestone

Gender: she-cat
Rank: warrior
Age: 32 moons
Clan: Brightclan: Forum/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=4059457

Bucket List: (min 3, max 15)
1. Catch a salmon: back when Maizestone was a kittypet, her favorite kibble was salmon flavored and she has always wondered what fresh salmon tastes like. Unfortunately, salmon don't like in the lake by Brightclan, but that there is a river just beyond their borders...

2. Learn to swim: some of the cats of Brightclan know how to swim quite well, a skill Maizestone never thought she'd need before she joined. Now it just kills her that there are so many cats that know how to do something she doesn't.

3. Win the annual Brave tournament: Brightclan hosts a yearly tournament where warriors that choose to compete in mock fights against each other and test their skills. Every year, Vervainstrike wins the tournament and Maizestone can't stand it since she doesn't get along with Vervainstrike at all.

4. Do something important for her clan: Maizestone wants to be remembered long after she has died, just like the Brightclan ancestors that they tell stories about.

5. Share with Starclan: Maizestone has had some hazy dreams of Starclan but she has never truly met with them. This makes her question their existence. She wants proof that they are watching over her.
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby Ladyskittels » Wed May 01, 2019 2:27 pm

Username: Ladyskittels
Cat Name: Furzestalk

Gender: female
Rank: Hunter
Age: 45 moons (3 years 9 months)
Clan: Glacial Blizzard Clan

Bucket List:
1. Have a mateship ceremony with Riverstep; Furzestalk, not one to settle down initially, decided against a mateship ceremony with the tom-cat she has been seeing for a while now. With two boys of 6 moons in tow, the she-cat is now longing to proclaim their relationship and make it official in front of their clan as well as starclan.
2. Watch their sons graduate their apprenticeships; This girl is a very proud mama and she would love more than anything to watch her two young sons graduate from their apprenticeships
3. Catch an owl; Legend has it that great luck will come to those who manage to kill an owl, and Furzestalk has vowed to accomplish this before she dies
4. Have another litter of kits; It's hard to watch your babies grow up. Furzestalk wishes to have another pregnancy and experience the children's baby stages once more, although she also wants to pursue her career so she's a little unsure of when she wants to have another litter exactly
5. Become Lead Huntress; Somewhere in the span of her life, Furzestalk would like to become the clan's Lead Huntress. She has dreamed of this position since she was a kit, and while she has worked hard to earn the spot she has, she wants to push herself to achieve a lifetime goal that was put on hold because of having babies
6. Watch her sons fall in love; Another goal of this female is to be there for when her boys start having relationships of their own. She'd love to play matchmaker as well if they'd let her, although they're both quite adamant about doing things by themselves so that seems unlikely.
7. Learn to swim; Hunters normally know how to swim so they can dive for clams and swimming fish, although Furzestalk never learned how to do so. She always had a fear of the water, which hindered her goals of becoming the Lead Huntress as well.
8. Save a life; This task is unlikely as well, but Furzestalk takes many lives of prey with her role as a hunter. She wants to experience the feeling of saving a creature's life instead
9. Become a grandparent; Fascinated by new life and babies, Furzestalk wants to have her boys have kits of their own and continue the family line. She wants to pass down the knowledge to another generation so that the knowledge and culture doesn't die with her children's generation.
10. Have a grand adventure; Everyone dreams of something daring before they die, right? This cat wants to explore the vast realm of their territory and experience everything it truly has to offer
11. Grow old with her mate; Furzestalk wishes to live peacefully and grow old with the tom-cat she loves. To be able to spend their elder years together talking and watching the family they created grow and develop over time.
12. Join Starclan; After death, as it is inevitable that she will die, she wishes to join starclan and eventually have the honor of giving a new leader one of their lives
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby Kazin » Wed May 01, 2019 4:14 pm

    Username: Kazin
    Cat Name: Wrenwhisper

    Gender: She-cat
    Rank: Warrior
    Age: 37 moons
    Clan: Zephyrclan

    Bucket List:
    🌊 To see the ocean. Wrenwhisper has always lived in forested area and been mesmerized by stories of open water, and one day wants to see the beauty that cats describe.

    🦆 Taste duck. She has heard that this is a must-have for warriors to eat, and even though she isn't sure she'll like it, it is an experience she doesn't want to miss.

    Hear Twoleg music. One of her friends has tried to describe the strange sounds that Twolegs produce from weird looking materials, and the awe in their eyes makes Wrenwhisper want to experience this for herself.

    🤫 Sneak up on Blazestar. A feat no cat in the clan has yet to accomplish, Wrenwhisper wants to be the first to be able to sneak up on the observant leader, either by scaring him or pranking him.

    🐦 Find a peacock feather. Another beauty of the world she has been told about, but never has been able to see herself. She wants to see if it is as big as cats say, or if they are exaggerating.

    See a shooting star. Wishes come true with shooting stars, everyone knows that - though Wrenwhisper wants to see if they are as fast as the others say they are; if they are truly gone in only the blink of an eye.
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby fish out of water » Wed May 01, 2019 4:21 pm

    Username: fish out of water

    Cat Name: thornblaze

    Gender: male

    Rank: deputy

    Age: 25 moons

    Clan: swardclan

    Bucket List:

    - become a hero
      thornblaze has seen cats do some amazing things in his days- bring back
      hawks and foxes to the clan, run like the wind and jump higher than the tallest
      grass. but not one of them has managed to kill a badger, or to steal a chicken
      from the twoleg farms. it is one of his goals to do something that may secure
      his legacy as a hero to the clan. something just impressive enough...

    - surround himself with those who believe in him

      'i dont have time for those who don't believe in me' is something that
      thornblaze's deputy deputy hears all to often. for the most part, the clan sees
      him as a legitimate leader, even while serving under the authority of cinderstar.
      however, when it comes down to it, those who question authority are not safe.

    - become the leader of swardclan

      at some point, cinderstar shall pass. and one day, when she draws her last breath,
      thornstar will take the throne of swardclan. when and how this will happen is, for
      now, uncertain, but in some twisted way, thornblaze looks forward to this event.

    - train an apprentice

      having an apprentice is a treat that thornblaze has not get gotten to experience.
      one day, he hopes that he may train an eager apprentice. he craves the ability
      to bring up a strong warrior who will make him and the clan proud.

    - get Rowanleaf to trust him

      rowanleaf, one of the first members of swardclan and one of cinderstar's closest
      friends does not trust him. he has no clue why, but she's always shooting him a
      knowing glance or a suspicious look. perhaps she can't help it, but with someone
      so close to cinderstar, he fears his authority may be invalidated by her.

    - make the clan more united

      at this point, thornblaze would argue that swardclan is quite divided and unorganized.
      whether it is the schedule of hunting parties, patrols or night watches, the clan
      is often busied and distracted. this is something that simply cannot stand in the
      clan that may, one day, become his.

    - rid Swardclan of free-riders

      swardclan's oracles and prophets due so little for the clan and yet are more mouths to feed
      and are benefited by the safety of the clan without contributing more than a
      message from 'starclan'. to thornblaze, this clan is hindered too much by starclan.

    - extend the clan boundaries

      the clan is currently too small in comparison to their neighbors, bournclan. they sit just on
      the other side of their most important food source, the river. this competition
      shall not stand in his clan. the river must become the property of swardclan, no
      matter what and who's lives it takes.

    - die for his clan

      in the end, when all is said and done, thornblaze will not be satisfied unless he dies for his
      clan and for the ideals he pushes for. he has found a worthy cause, and this drives
      him to the point where he's content to give up his life for it.
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Re: Rise | #1707

Postby Elliad. » Thu May 02, 2019 5:22 am

Username: Elliad.
Cat Name: Kestrelpaw Kestrelpool

Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior Apprentice
Age: 9 Moons
Clan: Thornclan

Bucket List:

1. Make Larchberry Proud
    Kestrelpaw wants to get her warrior name to show her mentor, Larchberry, that she is a good mentor and that she is grateful for all that her mentor has taught her during her time as an apprentice, whether that was a simple training tip like lower herself more to the ground when hunting or a life lesson on trusting others.
2. Watch the Sun rise over the mountains
    To be able to watch the sun rise over the mountains, a cat has to be a full warrior as it is not visible from camp. It is a tradition that on the first night that an apprentice becomes a warrior, they are stationed at the post outside of camp that faces the mountains and as their vigil ends, they get to watch the sun poke out from behind the mountains.
3. Get a warrior name
    Kestrelpaw wants to complete her apprenticeship and get her warrior name so that she can be equals with the other warriors and do her duty to the clan, while also proving her parents wrong that she would never be able to make it as a warrior.
4. To be sent on a quest
    A quest is the highest honour that a warrior can receive, and those who come back from their quest alive and successful are viewed as heroes and seen as a cat who is going to be successful. So, Kestrelpaw wants to be trusted
5. Kill her first prey
    Kestrelpaw has always been deemed as soft, and her parents never thought she would be able to make it as a warrior, often thinking she would end up as a medicine cat. So, she wants to provide her first fresh kill to prove that she has the ability to hunt like any other warrior in the clan and isn’t as soft as everyone seems to think.
6. Find a mate
    Kestrelpaw wants to find herself the perfect mate and will wait forever for the one. She believes in true love and wants a mate who will support her no matter what and someone who she can support no matter the stupid decisions that they make. She wants to find a mate who will support her decisions, and who is willing to compromise if they disagree on a topic.
7. Have Kits
    While Kestrelpaw wants kits so that she can love and support them in a way that her parents never did, she only wants one litter, not liking the idea of being cooped up in the queens den instead of out doing her duties as a warrior. So, she aims for a mate who doesn’t want many kits, even just one.
8. Swim across the river
    The river that encompasses the south side of the forest has a strong current, continuously moving downstream so even the strongest of swimmers struggle to make it across. Cats are to avoid going swimming in it unless there is no other way around. However, the river is used as a trial for warriors to prove their strength and to be able to swim it has always been what Kestrelpaw dreams of doing.
9. Become a mentor
    Kestrelpaw yearns to be like her own mentor, Larchberry, and wants to teach other cats what she herself was taught, passing on the wisdom and skills that she had learned that helped her in fights to remain hostile while also not being violent unnecessarily.
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