Blaze - Kiph by Tendency

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Blaze - Kiph

Postby Tendency » Sat Apr 20, 2019 2:24 pm

This is the Blaze
Welcome. Blaze is an an aardwolf adoptable that encourages character building and world building. Please read the rules on the main thread before adopting.

gonna keep this one for me since no one applied

    Name: Kiph
    Gender: Female
    Age: 6 years
    Description: A grey spotted with white hood female with orange eyes.

    Pack: The Ashes
    Rank: Chieftain(Leader)

    History and Personality
    Kiph grew up in the south, under Bir's leadership. She was too young to fight, but her parents were not. They were killed in a skirmish and Kiph and her siblings were captured by the Northern kingdom under Khedive's father. They were treated poorly and Kiph took every chance at escape until finally, it worked. She lived alone in hiding, avoiding all other aardwolves for years. After a time, she helped others like her, and they made her their de-facto leader. With Khedive's exile, she knows the kingdom is falling apart and that they might not have to live in hiding forever.

    She prefers to lead by action and since her time with the Northern aardwolves, has not spoken a single word. Kiph is very hard and unforgiving on the outside, trying to keep others at arms length but usually failing, just being very good at hiding it.

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