कस्तूरी Kasturi by Ethulai

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कस्तूरी Kasturi

Postby Ethulai » Thu May 05, 2016 11:53 am

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Re: कस्तूरी Kasturi

Postby Ethulai » Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:40 pm

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कस्तूरी (Kasturi), which means Musk/Scented in Hindi, is a college student in Bangalore studying Speech Pathology & Audiology. Her father and grandfather both worked as doctors and not only actively encourage but expect their children to do the same. Secretly, though, she would love nothing more than to become a Bollywood Actress - she loves to sing and dance and she dreams of becoming famous. She is extremely intelligent and hard-working but also incredibly naive and quite sheltered. Thankfully as of yet her ignorance and naivety have not yet landed her in any serious trouble.

Loves traditional Indian costumes/accessories.

Does your plumie have an idol?Who?
Kasturi: Oh, my parents for sure!

What quirks do your plumies have?
Chooses her saris based on what kind of 'color' day she believes it is. For example, yellow if she feels she is getting sick hoping that it will speed her healing or green when she is feeling happy or starting a new project.

What are their theme songs?
Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun
Shreya Ghoshal, Wajid Ali - Mashallah
Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan - Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe

What your favorite part of your plumie's design?
Her beautiful ruby red eyes, the cute messy fringe/fur and all her unique spots!

What part of your plumie inspired their character?
Firefly. asked me to choose a bird egg for my RU. Since a blue shade (Robin) and golden/brown shade were already taken I wanted something more unique. So I discovered the Red-vented Bulbul Bird and it's eggs. This bird is prominent across India which inspired her background. I started looking up female Hindi names that looked nice in Sanskrit. So I found कस्तूरी (kasturi) which means 'musk'.

Which of your plumies do you think you were most nervous about contest-wise?
For the Robin Egg plumerian we had to draw an accessory. I wanted to be more unique so I thought of drawing a hijab on the plumie who I decided would have a Persian background and named Shahnaz. I was super nervous and had no idea there were even going to be RUs. So it was amazing to be given one! I am superstitious about using the same character twice, especially if the original character did not 'win' so that is why I changed everything about her.

What's your plumie's favorite video game?
She prefers apps. At the moment she's fond of Monster Busters.

Quick! Your plumie has to dye their hair/head fur all one color! What color do they pick?
"I do like my colors. But I suppose if I had to choose then green, for happiness and festivity!"

What hat do you think looks best on your plume?
She would prefer a jeweled headdress to any hat.

What Hogwarts house is your Plumie in?

Take a look at the color of your plumerian's eyes. Based off of the pokemon types, what type is your pokemon?Heterochromia means two types!
Image Kasturi - Ruby red eyes = Dragon

In your head do you imagine that your plumie(s) have unique traits, like how different dogs are taller or have different looking fur? If so, what do you imagine they look like?
Shorty, slightly chubby, fluffy fur.

What are your plumie(s) favorite foods? Least favorite foods?
Favourite; Any curry her mother makes. Also naan bread. // Least favourite; Meat. She's vegetarian.

If your plumie(s) were ice cream flavors based off of their fur, what would they be? What if the ice cream flavor was based on their personality?
Fur; Chocolate Choc Chip // Personality; Blue Moon

what pokemon go team would your plumie(s) be on?

Do your plumie(s) have any bad habits? if so, why?
Doesn't have a good work-life balance. Spends the majority of her life studying which pleases her parents but worries everyone else.

do your plume(s) have any irrational fears? what caused them? ((this doesn't include common phobias, like claustrophobia or arachnophobia.))
Thankfully Kasturi is pretty level-headed. She's mainly afraid of disappointing her family.

Would your plumerian(s) play chickensmoothie? How about any other pet site?
Worries it would distract her from her studies so she doesn't even look at them for fear she'll be tempted.

What are some of your Plumerian's guilty pleasures?
Going for pointless, meandering walks (especially in the sunshine).

Are any of your Plumies into any fandoms?
Kasturi is obsessed with Bollywood movies and has posters of many stars in her room.

Using this, generate your plumies last words!
"Don't look so sad... I'll always be with you."

If they had to get a piercing that is anywhere but their ears, what would they choose?
Nose ring, which she has. Maybe a few extra earrings.

Half empty or half full?
Half full.

What is their go-to karaoke song?
Mai tenu samjha waan ki

What type of popcorn do they order at the cinema?
A little salty with a small amount of butter.

What songs on your playlist would best describe your plumie(s)?
You Got The Love - The XX

What is your plumie(s) favorite T.V show?
Man's World, TVF Pitchers, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

Does your plumerian collect anything? If so, what?
No, she doesn't.

What's the hardest thing your plumie has ever done?
Studying because she's so dedicated.

What water temp does your plumie bathe in?
Warm showers, no matter the temperature.

Spicy, mild, or bland foods?
EXTRA spicy!

What flavor toothpaste do they brush with?
Cinnamon Clove.

What is their favorite kind of music?
Indian Pop Music.

What movie genre are they most in to?

What is their favorite season?

What is their favorite drink?
Mango Lassi.

Do they like or dislike surpises?

Does your plumerian have a favorite spooky halloween song to jam out to?
Thriller by Michael Jackson.
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