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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby CourteousCupcake » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:10 pm

@ Novalien


So March on the 10th, 2018. : )
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby satan. » Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:09 pm

    Marking, planning on entering.
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby watery>~< » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:18 pm

Marrrkk <3 Ill try my best again even though I suck at writing

Hi! I'm watery>~< and I love to help
people and trade with all of you! I
hope we get along! If you're feeling
lonely and want some company, I'm
always here to support you! I also
really like anime, especially Charlotte,
Fairytail, Nisekoi, Assassination.
Classroom and my pfp,Kamisama
Hajimemashita. I also like animators
like the odd1sout, Tonyvtoons and
Jaiden Animations. Always Remember
to Smile and be kind to everyone ~❤
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby Aiva » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:50 pm

    Username: equestrian;
    Which Griffon are you Creating a Bio for?: Wisp
    Bio: Wisp is the eldest of the five griffons and by far the wisest, but he often has difficulty communicating with the others because of his smaller size. He is very intelligent & kind, and is loved dearly by his girlfriend, Sakura. Wisp has a heart of gold and will never hesitate to help someone in need, unlike his two accompanists, Cornell & Vex, who seem to always make his life mayhem. He has a daughter called Prism who is a very smart and promising griffling ( just made that up LOL ) and he is very proud of her.

    The reason all of them travel together is because they are all family; Vex and Cornell are the brothers of Sakura, and although Wisp doesn't like them very much he puts up with them for her. They live in an enchanted forest with other creatures, and aside from Sakura, Wisp's best friend is a tiny hamster who invents things. They met when he tried to invent his own pair of wings but they broke, and Wisp saved him mid-fall. They've been loyal buddies since and often make things together. When Wisp's not busy with family or creating new gadgets, he's asleep on the flat rock outside their home, soaking up the sun.
    Extra: thanks for the op! i enjoyed writing this ^^'
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby Ancient Wind » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:05 am

Username: Cats my heart
Which Griffon are you Creating a Bio for?: Wisp
Bio: Wisp when she was young, her parents always kept her around and she never wanted to leave their side when she came of age to start living on her own. A week after Wisp left her siblings and family, she found out that her parents died and went back to see her siblings. They all gathered together. Her siblings were Prism, Cornell, Sakura, and Vex. Prism was still too young to live on her own so Wisp and her siblings worked together to help take care of Prism. Some one Wisp's hobby's is racing other griffons and she enjoys reading story's that Cornell came up with. Some on Wisps interests are other animals and people that live in the world beneath her and her family. Also Wisp's power's vary. If she is mad then she can control lightning and cause a storm to start. If she is happy, then she can cause the day to turn to sunlight right away. Other times she is feeling neutral and she can control wind and water the best but earth and fire is something that she needs to work on.
Extra: Thank you sooo much! You are amazing and this is a great idea!
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby BigWolf643 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:58 am

Username: bigwolf643
Which Griffon are you Creating a Bio for?: Sakura
Extra: i hope this format is okay? i meant for this to be short but uhh i got really carried away and made this 5,000+ word monstrosity. setting things in your own worlds and trying to make backstory does that i guess. anyway, text colors are so it's easy to tell who's speaking, and i tried to make the colors readable, so i hope they are! for ease: sakura, vex, cornell, wisp, prism.

"Hmm...well, I believe this thing to be...doing something? Vex tells me it is a 'recorder,' which she herself has, and it's something you speak your thoughts into so others can listen to them later. I'm not sure how a human-thing got into these woods; I was under the impression that the forest refused their entry, but maybe it has changed. No matter. I'm speaking my thoughts into this recorder as a warning, a plea, a story, to any creatures that happen to stumble upon it. I'd carve my story into a tree, but I fear only griffins know our language of carved symbols, and this message needs to get to as many creatures as possible.

"As anyone hearing this knows, the forest is dangerous, but about a moon-cycle ago, we found...well, something terrible. I want to lie and say the forest had no idea this happened, but it did. This was something only the forest and its' leaf-rot creatures could've done.

"But I'm getting ahead of myself, and this story won't make sense if I don't give some background. My name is Sakura, and I was born into a travelling flock. We had no camp, no territory, we just followed the stars to wherever they'd lead us. We also had no bloodlines: griffins could come and go as they pleased.

“I was about a year old when I met Vex. She came into our flock a whirlwind: feathers that stuck up, eyes wild with fire, littered with fresh scars and scratches. She told us…she told us about gods, and goddess, and the nature of the forest. She sounded mad. She still does, sometimes. I can’t…there are many things I feel comfortable talking about, but what Vex told us is not one of those.”

“Hey, doing good on this? How much longer ‘til you finish?”

“I have barely started. There are many things I wish to forget, and talking about them to myself isn’t helping. Are you sure you can’t do this?”

“And let us get killed? I’m good. If you want help, I can give you my recorder? I turned it on accidentally long before we met, and it’s been recording ever since. I’m sure there’s some way to find whatever you need on it.”

“That would help. Can I—oh. That one is different from mine. Are they supposed to be that small?”

“Pretty sure this one is better, or something. Shinier. Anyway, I’ve turned it off, and just press these things to hear all the talking that its picked up, and put it close to yours so that one picks up on the sound. You good? Can I get back to guarding us?”

"You can. Thank you."

"No problem!"

“Well, now that I have Vex’s recorder, talking should be…easier. I do enjoy retelling stories, but not ones that hit so close to home. Let me just see if it was recording when we met, and…okay. Let’s hope this works!”

“I know you all think I’m crazy, heck, even I do, some days, but I know what I saw. They’re dead. The last of the Scalewings are dead. I found a huge pile of them, all twisted limbs and huge bones. They were covered in rot, and the ground around them was black with soot. And standing there, smiling down at me, was the star-goddess. She had taken the form of a griffin, but her eyes were blinding and I could feel the power from where I stood. I tried to run, but her voice stopped me in my tracks.

“Her voice was the twinkling of stars. ‘Vex,’ she said, ‘You are one with fire in your soul. That is why we have chosen to show you this. The fire-breathers are dead. The fire-creatures are dying. The forest is snuffing out their souls, just like it snuffed out the fire-breathers. See this, and take it as a warning.’”

“Vex pleaded for help, for somebody to go with her to find the forest-god and put an end to all of this. Most of my flock was scared. When somebody is marked a fire-creature, when you see fire in their eyes, you avoid them. They are the ones with the power to change the forest, to challenge the gods, and most do not want to get dragged into war.

“But I was young, and stupid, and bored in my flock, so I agreed to go, along with a griffin named Cornell, who was much older than the two of us, and much wiser. He was well-respected in the flock, and nobody understood why he choose to leave. Even now, years after that day, I still wonder why he left. Why he followed a fire-creature. Why he started a war.

“Vex led us to where she saw the bones. It was just as gruesome as she said it would be. Bones stuck out of scales, necks bent at unnatural angles, and leaf-rot crept over the bodies, as if the forest was trying to hide what it had done. The forest failed, obviously, as it is common knowledge what happened to the Scalewings, but I still wonder what would’ve happened had Vex never found them.

“After we saw the bodies, we went to a nearby rest-stop to talk plans. Vex and I were both young, barely adults, and had never lived though anything like this. Cornell, though, he was alive during the time of the Second Burning. He was young when it happened, and grew up though the aftermath.”

“The aftermath of the Second Burning… it was a scary time. An entire section of the forest gone, along with the rebirth of fire-creatures: the gods were furious. It took seasons for the constant storms to die down. My father would tell me and my brother that to go against the gods was to accept your own death. He told us that the gods were creatures, yes, but they were powerful things. They were untouchable, and could care less about us in the forest. They focused on one thing at a time, and now, they were focused on the fire-creatures.

“Father used to fear I was a fire-creature, when I was younger. I had too much spirit, spoke too freely and boldly. His suspicions were wrong; I was nothing more than a loud cub with little understanding of how the world worked, but his lessons still stick with me today. Never speak poorly of the gods and the forest. Never believe in anything too strongly.

“If we are to take this to the gods, we are asking for death. The forest killed the Scalewings because it fears them and their fire. The forest will kill us if we give it a reason to. We must stay quiet about this. We mustn’t give the forest a reason to fear.”

“The plan we decided on was simple: Find the fire-creatures. However, to actually accomplish it…we spent countless seasons trying to leave the forest and find the grasslands. Nothing. No matter how far we walked, how high we flew, there was only forest. The three of us camped out in branches, and talked to everyone we could find. We told everybody about the Scalewings, and what had happened to them. We told flock leaders and tribe leaders to spread the word to those they met on their borders. We told rest-stop leaders to tell everyone that passed through.

“We went on like this for a very long time. All three of us knew it wasn’t working, but Vex still had hope, still had heart to believe that if we pushed just a bit harder, the boundary between forest and non-forest would split, and we would tumble into the grasslands. It took me and Cornell both to convince her to stop, for us to think of a new plan.


“No! I know what you’re going to say, so don’t bother. I’m not letting this die. I’m not letting the forest, the gods, whoever! I’m not letting them get away with this! The gods think we’re passive, they think we’re weak, they think the fire-creatures died out when the last Scalewing did, but we didn’t! I’m still here, and as long as my soul burns fire, I’ll work to stop this. I’ll work to fix this.”

“I respect that about you. You believe with your entire being. That’s something to be proud of, yes, but it’s something to hide. The forest is all-powerful, and no matter what you do to it, the forest comes back. Why do you think we sing lullabies about killing the heart? Why do you think few creatures leave?”

“Okay, sure, maybe the forest always comes back. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be the first to kill it for good! Who do you think was the first to kill the heart? How do you think they felt?”

"Sun came to kill it, claws burning bright—”

“Yes, Sakura, we understand that you possess knowledge of many lullabies. I still say that a god turning on their own and killing the forest is fake. If anything, I bet that was made up by the gods to make them seem sympathetic. And if it is true, Sun is the reason the forest always comes back, so they can go crawling back to the gods for all I care.”

"Sun didn't mean to bring the forest back."

“Intent doesn’t matter. It still came back, and look, Sun screwed all us future generations over, while they got to die without knowing the consequences of their actions.”

“Are you really going to argue over a fairytale? We are here to change our plan, not fight over myth and folklore.”

“Shut up! I’m not backing down until this forest burns under my paws. If you two are giving up, fine. Feel free. Not like I need either of you.”

“…I’m sorry. We’re not…we want to help! But we have to accept that there’s no way out. There’s no shortcuts, not here. We need to find more help. We need to go to the heart.”

“The only way to burn the forest is to burn the heart. I understand you, Vex, but you’re young, and spirited, and something to fear. If we keep heading down this path, there will be no turning back. The three of us will be killed, and our bodies smothered with rot, and we cannot have that.”

“…fine. Whatever. We can go to the nearest rest-stop and see if anyone wants to help us. But if nobody does, we go back to my plan, got it?”

“The nearest rest-stop happened to be Split River, and we were lucky to find it. The maple tree that serves as Split River camp tends to shift positions, as does the river itself. But we found Split River, and it was there we met a Seer.

“This is the point where you might think us crazy. But I assure you, she was a Seer. They haven’t all died out. They’re still there, hidden in shadowy spaces and willing to tell tales of the future if you ask. The Seer we met is no longer at Split River, so don’t bother looking for her. She is…she is somewhere new.

“Before we met the Seer, however, we spend time resting and asking around. Nobody was willing to come to the heart with us, but we did get some helpful advice. A falcon told us to keep an eye out for forest-walkers, as they were growing in numbers. A bear warned us that the river-goddess was angry, and to offer our respects if we were to cross.

“Vex was antsy. She didn’t like sitting still and doing nothing; she still doesn’t. The only reason I’m the one telling this story is because she’s guarding us. From what, we don’t know, but if it catches us…well, nothing good will follow.

“Oh, ignore my ramblings. Back to Vex. She hated our plan. I wouldn’t go so far to say she hated us, but she certainly wasn’t happy with us, and she made that abundantly clear. She refused to talk to us for almost a moon-cycle, and she would’ve kept it up if it wasn’t for Wisp.

“Wisp was the local legend of the place, a griffin with feathers the color of the sun and the sky. Her eyes glowed pale in the dark, and residents of Split River spoke of her in hushed whispers. She’d appear, they said, when the moon was full, and she would speak the future, but for a price. Nobody told us what that price was.

“We met Wisp that full-moon. She was sitting in the branches of the tree when Cornell spotted her, and her feathers glowed blue. We flew up to join her, and it was like she knew we were coming. ‘Sit,’ she said, as she turned to face us, ‘Sit, and I will tell you why this must stop.’

“We were all confused, but Vex most of all. ‘Stop?’ she asked, and she snapped her beak like she does when she isn’t getting her way, ‘What do you mean by that, Seer? Are you going to stop us?’

“Wisp shook her head, ‘I cannot. But I can try.’"

“I have seen the future in puddles and clouds. I have seen you, Vex, and I have seen the forest burning around you. I have seen the fire-creature in you relish in the destruction, and beside you is always Sakura. The world is ending and you are in the middle. Vex, the burning one, and Sakura, the watcher.”

"You're saying we do it? We burn this blasted forest to the ground?"

“The forest burns and you are in the center, yes. But that is not all. Around you, everywhere, are bones. The bones of kinfolk, of forest-creatures, the skeletal remains of trees. The forest dies, yes, but so does everything within it. The world becomes grasslands, and far above us, the gods die.”

"So things go right, but in the worst of ways?"

“Ah. Cornell. The loud one, the quiet one, the wise one. You were born into times of fear and fire, and those things have tainted your soul. You might not be a fire-creature, but your soul is not free. You are something in-between forest and fire. Tell me, what was it like watching your brother die? What was it like to watch the gods wage war on the grasslands?”

“…my brother died because the gods feared him. They saw that he would start a revolution. They saw that he would bring hope and wonder and belief. My brother died for a cause, and he wasn’t the first. He won’t be the last. As long as this forest stands, as long as the gods breathe, there will be creatures like my brother, who will try to kill the heart. Some will succeed. Some will fail. But they will always be there.”

“And you believe this to be a good thing? I am a future-seer, griffins. I see what happens if you go down this path. I see the destruction of life as we know it. I see death and fire and heart. I see the end-times.”

“And so what if we bring the end, huh? This forest isn’t getting any better. Why not burn it down and start anew? Tell me, Seer, why is that so bad? The grasslands were born out of destruction. The fire-creatures were born out of destruction. Are you saying they are bad? That they are evil? That the forest should snuff them out?”

“I am saying that you will bring something worse. Something terrible. The forest has cycled ever since the sun came to the earth and burned it the first time. Have you ever wondered why the sun burned the forest?”

“To be free of a cycle. To be free to live how they wanted. To be free of godhood, and forest, and leaf-rot. The sun burned the forest and they thought nobody else would have to.”

“Sakura. Tell me, do you truly believe what you say? Would you stand beside Vex as they lead the world to an end?”

“Behind her was a tiny griffin, feathers the color of the moon and wings a pale rainbow. Prism, Wisp said her name was, and that was her younger sister, a Seer of death. Don’t go looking for Prism, either. You won’t find her.

“Prism didn’t speak. Wisp told us that Vex would end the world, Prism hid behind her sister, and then the two faded into the morning fog and vanished. I didn’t believe Wisp. I still don’t, even though everything she said came true. But don’t think her part in this story is over.

“After Wisp, we left Split River. Vex was talking to us, again, but she was mad. We made our way to the heart of the forest, slowly, and as we traveled, we talked plans. We needed fire. The only way to kill the forest is with fire, and with all the Scalewings dead, we couldn’t think of a way to get any. But then Cornell had an idea.

“Light-deer, as all forest-creatures know, mark the boundary between forest and deep forest. After you pass the light-deer, you are heading into the leaf-rot, the forest-walkers, the ones that serve the forest. Few pass the light-deer, but those that do are going to kill the heart. The three of us were no different.

“We stayed with the light-deer for a while, trying to figure out fire. Cornell had an idea, a way to find fire, but he was being vague about it, leaving me and Vex to mill about while he spoke to the light-deer. We didn’t see him until he was finished, and the night before we left, he told us everything.”

“Cornell told us that his late brother, a fire-creature, was born with the ability to control fire. He could create small flames from his talons, and would use that to burn leaf-rot to a crisp. Cornell had always wondered if he could do it, and that’s what he had been asking the light-deer about. The ability to create something from nothing.

“He said that it was simple. That all fire-creatures had fire inside them, and if they reached inside and tugged on that bit of flame beside their soul, they could create flames. He showed us, and his talons were red and orange. ‘We have a chance,’ he said, laughing, and Vex was overjoyed. She was a fire-creature herself, and Cornell taught her how to do the same thing. How to pull her fire into the outside world.

“And so, we went to the heart, with talons of fire. We were brave. We were noble. We were stupid.”

“After we burn this place to the ground, what next? Do we explore the world? See what the grasslands are like?"

“That sounds fun. I’d like to meet the fire-creatures of the grasslands at least once in my life.”

“Yeah! They’re what inspired me, you know? Tales of cats that danced through fire, horses that read the stars, creatures living free from forest and gods. I hope I can do them proud.”

“I’m sure you will. You’re something special, Vex. Without you, I’d still be stuck in my flock, the Scalewings would be a mystery, and there’d be nothing for the forest to fear.”

“Aww, thanks! I always love when you praise me!”

“It’s not…oh, whatever. You’re amazing, and I’m so glad I decided to come with you. How far until the heart?”

"It must be close. The leaf-rot is getting thicker."

“I hope the heart isn’t guarded, but I guess we should expect forest-walkers. Sakura, since you can’t use fire, stay behind us, okay? I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”

“Don’t worry. I plan to fight beside the both of you, but I’ll leave the heart-burning to those with fire in their claws.”

"Quiet. Do you hear the crackle of pawsteps?"


"I think so. Keep your fire ready."

"Yeah. It's ready."

“Have you ever seen the heart of the forest? I doubt many have. It’s huge, and twisting, and thrashing. Roots tangle together around it, larger than any root you’ve ever seen, and the tree itself is the size of the sky, taking over the entire horizon. No light trickles through the leaves.

“The forest-god itself is protected by the roots, I think. It spoke to us, with a voice like shifting branches and crackling leaves. Like death had come for us. ‘Forest-things,’ it said, and I could feel my soul splitting under the power behind those words, ‘You have come with fire and heart.’

“Vex refused to back down. ‘We have,’ she spat, and her talons were ablaze with reds and yellows, ‘And we’re not leaving until every last scrap of you is ash and soot.’

“The forest laughed, like an earthquake. ‘Funny,’ it said, and the voice came from everywhere, ‘Never do I see myself letting you do that.’

“It was…it was the worst battle I’ve ever been in. I couldn’t harm the heart myself, so I focused on the forest-walkers, ripping and tearing with talons and beak as the leaf-rot that made up their form reshaped into something new. Every time I thought I got rid of one, there it was, like I had never touched it.

“We were outnumbered. The fires within Vex and Cornell did nothing to stop the forest from overtaking everything. But still, we didn’t give up. We couldn’t give up. We had everything to lose, and nothing to go back to. All we could do was fight.

“I was pinned underneath several forest-walkers, and I could feel the vines digging into flesh and bone, when there was a wave of heat and a tiny griffin standing before me, her pelt starshine and fog. I pushed myself to my paws, and found myself staring into the eyes of Wisp.

“The cries and shrieks of the battle faded around me, as though I was submerged in water. Wisp was both there and not there; I could see the trees and leaf-rot through her. She opened her beak, and she spoke to me once again."

“Is this what you believe in? Fire and heart and traitorous things? You have the power to stop this, Sakura. You have the power to save the world.”

“I am saving the world. You think the gods care about us? The forest wants us to be happy? All the forest offers is a cage, always growing and expanding, but there’s world outside. There’s grasslands, and non-forest, and creatures not bound to the will of a god.”

“You think I don’t know that? I see the future, Sakura, all iterations of it. I see fire and death. I see hope and life. I see forest and grasslands and bones and blood. Killing the forest does nothing but bring it back. Burning the forest brings nothing but destruction.

“You can change this, Sakura! You can stop the end and bring back the gods. You can stop Vex, and let the forest live. In all futures with a burning world, there is you and Vex, gods of a godless world, but in futures where you and Vex don’t meet, or where you leave her, the world is lush and green! The grasslands grow into forest, the fire is snuffed out, and it is all because of you!”

“What makes you think I want that future? I’ve been with Vex for most of my life, and she’s wanted this since she was marked a fire-creature. And you know what, Seer? That is the future I want. The future where me and Vex stand together as the forest burns beneath our talons. The one where the world begins anew. The one without forest and gods. The one with fire and heart. The one with hope.”

“You’d choose Vex over the world? You’d chose one marked for death by the forest, over the forest itself? You’d choose a fire-creature over the gods?”

“In a heartbeat. I’d choose my friend, my partner—I’d choose Vex over a broken world. I don’t know what you are, Seer, but I do not fear you.”

“You’ve made your choice, then. There is nothing I can say to change your mind. Very well. But listen here, Sakura. Whatever happens to you, to Vex, to Cornell, to the world: know that it is all because of you. Because you went against the order of things. You challenged the gods and the forest and followed a fire-creature. You follow a traitor, Sakura, and that marks you one.”

“Souls are forever trapped in this world. When you die, the gods won’t let you move on. You’ll be one of the screaming ones, the lost ones, the wandering ones. You’ll be one of the souls I pity.”

"I wasn't aware you spoke."

“I’m little, but I’m still older than you. I’ve seen the rise and fall of revolutions. I’ve seen the lawless land of fire you call the grasslands. But mostly, I see the souls of those dead, and how their life impacted their afterlife.”

"Remember our words, Sakura. Remember what you gave up."

“When the world was no longer haze and fog, I heard a heartbroken cry. I heard the forest laugh. I heard the flames die in seconds.

“I was beside Vex in an instant, still somewhat confused from my visit with Wisp, but even I could see what had happened. Before us was Cornell, bloodied as vines twined around his limbs and wings and tried to drag him into the earth.

“Vex screamed. ‘Let him go!’ she cried, as she struggled to attack the forest-walkers on legs covered in wounds. She only managed to collapse into a heap on the ground, sobbing and bleeding, as leaf-rot crept over the tips of her feathers.

“I…I had to get Vex out of there. The forest was watching us with amusement. I had no fire to fight back with. All I could do was drag Vex with me as I ran. I had to leave Cornell behind. I had to. I…he…

“I think I failed him. I know I failed him. If I hadn’t listened to Wisp so long, but broken away the second she pulled me into some other world, I think Cornell would still be alive right now.

“I ran until my legs gave out under me. I ran until I passed out. I ran until I could see sunlight and the leaf-rot was back to its usual levels. I ran until I was out of the heart of the forest, and back into normal forest, and it was there I gave up.

“Vex woke up first. The battle had left her littered with scars that oozed pus, and one of her wings was broken. One of her wings is still broken. We don’t know how to fix it, but she says it’s getting better, now. Most of her scars are better, as well. I’m glad she survived.

“Vex brought me food, a small rabbit she caught, and dragged me to a nearby river. When I woke, it was to Vex, holding back her cries of pain as she told me how glad she was to see me okay. How sorry she was that we failed. How sorry she was that Cornell didn’t make it.

“She then asked me where Cornell’s body was, and I got very quiet."

“Did you bury him without me? I wanted to…no, I need to apologize to him. He needs to know this isn’t his fault, and he tried his best, and I don’t blame him.”

"I didn't..."

"Didn't what?"

“You were dying, and I was so scared, okay? I had to leave him behind, and I hate myself for it, I wish I could’ve done something different, but the forest was wrapping him in vines and laughing and its voice was echoing in my head, and you were losing blood and I didn’t know what to do so I grabbed you and ran and ran and ran until I was out of the heart and then I passed out and woke up and I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to leave him.”


"I know. I can go. You can hate me. I hate me too."

“No! It’s not…it’s not your fault. I’m…I wish we could’ve told him we’re sorry. I failed him in battle. If I was faster, or my fire was hotter, maybe he would still be alive, but he died. And that’s on the forest. Because…because we have to know that. The forest took his life. The forest took his body. The forest wants to break us, but we’re not going to let this go unpunished. We’re going to learn. We’re going to get stronger. We’re going to burn the forest, because it’s what Cornell wanted. It’s what he died for, and we aren’t letting him die for nothing.”

We decided to backtrack to the light-deer, and ask them for help. The light-deer have held back the forest for generations, and we thought that if we got them to fight beside us, the forest wouldn’t stand a chance.

“But the forest planned ahead. The forest killed the Scalewings to keep fire out, and the forest…

“When we got to the home of the light-deer, it was dead quiet. No bird dared to chirp. Me and Vex walked the same worn trails we had days previously, when we first met the light-deer, but nothing. There was nothing living in that camp.

“And we found out why. We found the light-deer, and they were all dead. We found leaf-rot eating away their corpses, like it was trying to hide them. The forest wanted this to vanish. The forest wanted us to never know. But the forest is stupid if it thinks this will go unknown.

“That brings us to now. Me and Vex have been camping out at light-deer camp for about a moon-cycle now. We’ve been planning. Talking. We met Wisp, for the last time, and Vex tore her apart. I don’t know what Wisp was. I’m not sure I believe she was a Seer.

“And so, to you, the listener: things are going to change. The forest killed the light-deer, the protectors of all us forest-creatures, and that is an act of war. But Vex and I? We’re going back to the heart. We’re going to burn this forest to the ground. We’re going to watch the world burn, and start it anew.”

"Are you done now?"

"Almost. I'm wrapping things up. Anything you want to say before we set the forest alight?"

“Yeah, actually. If any of you are listening, if any creatures have made it to where the light-deer once stayed, if anyone is wondering why the forest is burning and not coming back: it’s us. Vex and Sakura. The burning ones. The ones with fire. The ones feared by the gods and forest.”

“If you want a better world, a world without gods and forest, then come join us. Help us burn the forest until it can no longer come back, and then join us as we head for the grasslands. Help us end the reign of gods. Help us bring back fire and heart.

“We are creatures born from fire. We are creatures that believe in a new way. We are creatures that believe with hearts that hum promise, spirits that cry hope, and souls that burn fire. We are makers of a new world, and we are the ones that will end the forest.”

"Well said. Now, ready to fight an all-powerful entity with fire and...even more fire?"

"I've been waiting my entire life."
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby edgy cat of DOOM » Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:21 am

edgy cat of DOOM
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𝔴𝔥𝔦𝔠𝔥 𝔤𝔯𝔦𝔣𝔣𝔬𝔫?
I feel kind of cliche, but she appears to be
the easiest.

Name - Prism
"My name is Prism. I'm named after those
rainbow-making things.. I think."

Gender - Female
"Well, it's quite obvious, right? I'm
very pretty, so how could I be a boy?"

Personality - Usually a bit childish, but occasionally generous and kind.
"Most people tell me I'm a bit
self-centered, whatever that means.
I can be selfless whenever I want to!"

Some backstory
wip, gonna finnish l8r

[insert lyrics from a fox stevenson song in a pretty font]
I'll do it later
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby CourteousCupcake » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:47 am

Bump! Still time to enter!
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Re: Create A Bio! (2017 December Griffons! +More!)

Postby hamiltrash, » Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:02 pm

Username: ᴏᴍɪɴᴇx
Which Griffon are you Creating a Bio for?: Vex
"Where is he?"
"He's waking up!"
Imagine you open your eyes after being in a two week long coma, and saw your parents.
"Oh my god are you okay?"
Just one problem.
"Give him time."
You don't remember them.
"Who are you two?"
You lost half of your life's worth memory in an accident.
"Honey, remember us? Your parents?"
You fell off a cliff, it's a miracle you survived.

Vex always was busy. He always was grumpy and lonely. He just needed a little love in his life. Vex hated everything. Started drinking. Smoking. He mainly did it because of his depression. One day, he fell off a cliff. On purpose. Vex tried to take his own life, and when he almost died alone in the abyss at the bottom, a few people called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. He was in a coma while being healed, but he lost most of him memory, for he tried to fall head first to end his life quicker. He remembered most important and basic things. Colors, reading, talking, 1st grade things. The chunk of memory he lost was most people he knew, so he forgot his best friends, dead grandparents, and parents. He was told about what happened and they figured out what he forgot. He was told who everyone was and was told their connections. He was treated for his depression and nursed back to health.

Extra: This took like 1 hour and its 5 in the morning im not healthy
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