Nanorat's REUSED Crew Topic [NO POSTING]

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Nanorat's REUSED Crew Topic [NO POSTING]

Postby Nanorat » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:46 pm

Hello and welcome to Nanorat's other adoptables barn!

| Here I will keep track of my adopted Lions of Cosmos. |
| Lions of Cosmos are closed species by starry--knight. |
| Please DONT post here! Any questions and comments are welcome |
| in PMs or, when applicable, in adoptables' respective topics. |

| This topic is for the record and info of my lions and their personalities, relationships, art, etc. |
| If you want your lions to get to know/communicate with mine, feel free to PM me. :D |
| I love talking about adoptables Im involved with! So dont be shy for a second, I will LOVE getting a PM! :D |

| I really adore all my adopted lions. Even if there's sometimes periods of low activity with them, |
| none of them are ever forgotten! I often imagine them in various situations and I love those moments of creative thinking. |
| I may not be RPing with them or posting a lot, but I truly love all of my adopted babies! |

-Please DONT post here-
-Dont steal my adopted critters-
-PM me any questions you have-

Will be reused, or feel free to delete and Ill just make a new topic
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