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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby croaky » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:12 am

croaky wrote:hello everyone!! i am here to just say hi and introduce my favorite little baby yy!!


this is beau and calypso!

i am also looking for someone to grow them!(?)
im not sure if i have to wait 3 weeks but im pr etty sure i can get them grown now 8,D!!

i don't really have a lot to offer but i have 36 C$ if thats cool ( '";;U;;)'"

@isabelle. o h my gosh im so so sorry!!! it is always to worst to loose a pet. i know he is waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge, i really hope you feel better and get someone to help with your custom qoq
@okahui wOwsERS!! what pretty babies!!! i hope you get some offers!!
@takura. that kalon is so pretty!! like a deer omg its so pretty oOo!!

@theepicelephant woW! Jason is so pretty, he can be friends with any of my kals!!
@neongraveyard dude lark is so pRETTYy!!! dude if any of my kalons are good enough can they b friends!!!!???
@reiji that is a kiT of replies dude wowzers!! all you kalons are so awesome dude ;;7;;
hi im croaky (✿●´ω`●)
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby lordren » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:00 am

Hello, everyone! Long time no see. I've been extremely busy with work and college but I'm here in hopes of getting some work done for my babes. I need approximately four growths and one transfer onto main lines, I am willing to pay in pets/C$/USD/points (points is tentative since the person I buy from has taken a surprise hiatus apparently) for these. Please PM me with examples of your work and prices! I will be picky just as a fair warning. I'll try to respond to everyone in a timely manner <3

These four kits need to be grown and I believe they are all due! Some of them are a bit overdue. Hexcodes/edits can be provided for all of them and I plan to do an introduction for two of them as I got them semi-recently!

I also need a transfer for this kalon. Hexcodes/edits can be provided off a previous nursery batch, I plan to do an introduction later on whenever I have time. A big thank you to HellyBoo for gifting them to me!

@ TheEpicElephant ;; Good luck with getting approval and a growth!
@ Reiji ;; I love Gabriel! I remember that kalon being readopted and was thinking about where it ended up the other day, I hope you're having loads of fun with them <33
@ neongraveyard ;; Congrats on all your new kids! They're all beautiful and I can't wait to see them around the community.
Good luck getting help for that growth!
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i wanna be a cowboy babeeee

Postby sagrei. » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:06 am

i'm back from my trip and sunburnt everywhere on my face // and sorry for the super long post ahaha

looking for growths for sylvia, lillian and damien ! i can pay in c$, some pets, and art !


looking to trade some items from the event ! v tentative on the general rare edit, but feel free to offer on anything else !
really looking for a common hair edit !

time for the official intros of mariella, carmen and aly's kits !! bliiv did such an amazing job on them oml
they're all looking for friends and enemies !
damien ! he's a journalist who's really reckless and gets himself into lots of sticky situations,
but somehow comes out of them ok.

sylvia ! she's a gardener/chef who has various cookbooks to her name, but mostly prefers to
keep to herself in her modest home.

lillian ! she's a snappy ballerina who has a passion for traveling, and is kind of a diva.

@ theepicelephant - gl finding approval and friends for your kals ! that myo is gorgeous !
@ reji - whooo that's a lot of replies, kudos to you for that ! both of your kals are gorgeous??? like oml
@ neongraveyard - all your kids are amazing !! i love arturo so much you don't even know ahha
@ high noon - man, your art is to die for !! kiyoshi is so cute !
@ mackstarr - i love salem so much??? i'm gonna steal him just you wait ahaa
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby watchdog. » Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:48 am

        streaming noi & okahui's neon babies !! taking a lil break, will be back on later tonight


        @aporia. im gonna take damien ok i love those peachy colors !! also look at all those event items holy hecc, gl with trading !!
        @lordren nice to see you around !! that first kit is like one of my fave ever, im a total sucker for natural colors (esp red browns) + whites, i hope you find them a super amazing growth !! ♥
        @croaky speaking of beautiful natural + white kals - beau and calypso are gorgeous ! ! definitely one of the fave two heads ive seen.
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Postby petrify » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:04 am

    replies wrote:@ coffeebean,: hope you're having a wonderful day/night as well! congrats on recieving sawyer, he's super duper cute?? i love his lil ears! good luck trading your items, i hope you get some offers that you like :0 also hope you can save up for a standard myo!!
    @ shibeboi: best of luck getting commissions! also rip to closing out your tab accidentally,, i hate doing that smh, especially when you have a bunch of things written down
    @ mackstarr: salem & juneau are absolutely gorgeous?? i especially love salem!! i love black/orange/red colors so salem is just perfect hnng,, i also love the story for him! the fact that he's also into paranormal things & my favorite colors is awesome haha. those growths, btw?? absolutely stunning!! i especially love pea,, those ears, man. also good luck trading !!
    @ high noon: kiyoshi, as a kal & as a human, is so beautiful!! you should definitely be proud of that art, so pretty :")
    @ neongraveyard: congrats on all of those kiddos! :0 i really love lars's design by the way?? (& the fact he's a cryptid hunter haha) & the story for alpha, i'm a sucker for stranger things so i especially luv. also, lark's colors?? they go so well together?? i really love it ahhh ! i might have to pm you about relationships as well ;0 good luck with getting a growth done for xylona btw!!
    @ Reiji: holy crap look at all those replies!! :0 bless your soul & rip,, thank you for all the compliments on my kals though!! my heart,, warmed,, if you ever want your kals to be friends with any of em, don't be afraid to pm me. i might just pm you though after this tho haha. also,, i feel gabriel on a personal level?? like i'm not that bad but like... mood. i just want to hug him. & ooo carisi,, i love the story you have for him. i luv him as well. i especially love his shine! also, good luck getting trade offers for lee! he's a cutie
    @TheEpicElephant: good luck getting growths for your kiddos, my dude! i know the struggle l o l
    @ croaky: beau & calypso are absolutely gorgeous omg i have such a soft spot for multiple head kals,, i hope you can get a growth for your beautiful beans soon!!
    @ lordren: hope work & college have been going well for you! but good luck with getting growths & a transfer for your babies!! can i just say that i'd give my life for the second & fourth kit you have there,, they're just so beautiful i love them skskskakmsn
    @ aporia.: omg the subject for your post made me laugh, i love that vine. also rip bc you got sunburnt,, try some aloe vera or smthin!! burns but it helps, apparently. hope you can get growths for your babies soon & you get some trades that ya like! your new babes are cuties btw, i especially love the color & style of slyvia's hair!!
    @ watchdog.: hope everything in your stream goes well!! unfortunately i can't join bc my laptop is stupid :^(

    hello again to you all!! hope everyone is well. here to introduce another two kals
    & reintroduce one of my girls that have recently got a growth ^^

    first, the love of my life, malus michael
    he's put into the same futuristic au that i previously talked about, along with his
    sister who i'm about to introduce. they're little con artists who love making life
    harder for big companies n stuff :) his friends call him malus while people he meets
    through gangs & stuff know him by michael ! he's actually a quite nice guy when
    you actually get to know him & a very supportive friend!

    second, the other love of my life, meera maverick !
    she's malus's twin sister & you usually won't see the two of them apart, unless their
    "missions" instruct them to be apart. she's the blunt one out of the two & has some
    anger issues, which often results in her getting in physical fights out on the town,
    which malus has to then resolve before the cops come or something. friends know
    her as meera, "business" partners know her as maverick.

    third, my girlie griffon got a growth! still need to pm somebody about approval for
    her growth, though, which i shall do shortly :0 big thanks to charleroi, who also did
    her growth,, they're absolutely amazing hnnng <3
    now that she's older, she's chilled out considerably since she was a child, since she
    now takes meds for her adhd! she's an intern as of now, but her love for photography
    hasn't faded! she's better at it now that she's older & it's more of a hobby now than
    anything & her friends often have her take pictures when they go to events together
    n stuff


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              are free to do anything". - seth rollins. ♡
              hey i'm rif & i enjoy many things, such as wwe, lil
              peep, omb, shameless, achievement hunter, and
              i'm just now getting into marvel. feel free to pm
              me if we share interests!



              ♡ 10/18/12 | 4/17/17 | 7/31/17 ♡
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              pm me for rp's or relationships for kals !!
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby Tenturo » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:16 am


      @ignominyy ;; oof congrats on the new kids ! that top one is absolutely gorgeous ! congrats on your growth as well <3
      @watchdog ;; ahh i'm excited to see these kiddos ! i'll definitely pop into the stream if i've got some free time <33
      @apiora ;; oof , good luck getting your growths done , as well as trading items ! i might have to send you an offer later on ! and goodness , those kids are so cute ! congratulations <33
      @lordren ;; oh wow ! those kids are gorgeous , and holy heck i'm excited to see that transfer , what a gorgeous edgy bean v; best of luck getting those growths and that transfer done , wow !
      @croaky ;; holy hecc , beau and calypso are just ;;v;; absolutely gorgeous ?? im at a loss for words , just wow . i hope you can find an amazing growth artist <33
      @TheEpicElephant ;; best of luck getting your kal approved ! and ahh gl getting that growth done <3
      @Reiji ;; holy crap that's a lot of replies m8 ! also yes , non-rarity edits can always be used regardless of myo rarity <3 and congrats on the kids ! i love seeing lots of development <3
      @neongraveyard ;; holy heck all those new kals !! im absolutely in love , wowie , congrats m'dude !
      @high noon ;; ajkwhfkh mAN ThaT aRt holy crap ;v; im really really jealous , wow . i hope your day manages to get better <33
      @mackstarr ;; woah woah , kits ;v; im in love ?? esp that second kiddo , wowie ! those growths look absolutely gorgeous as well !
      best of luck trading & gifting !
      @shibeboi ;; ahh best of luck getting some commissions ! hopefully you'll get plenty of orders !


      i'm super super excited to say that i finally got lorelei grown ! also was approved by the lovely nektar <33
      she was grown by the absolutely lovely kanadensis [10/10 would recommend , she looks amazing and kana got her done really quickly <33] she's definitely open for potential friends but i'm still doing a lot of developing on her with the rest of her family.


      welp , i'm off cooldown on march 11th , that's like 2-3 days i think ? i'm tentatively taking ooc breeding offers on my kals as I don't have anything currently planned . my kals are linked in my sig , but here it is again just for handiness .
      ophelia is extremely extremely tentative for offers , as it will be her last breeding and i'm not yet what i want to do for it .
      everyone else is open to offers , i'll be a little picky on offers for amaya as well .


      i'm taking a few kalon - only requests [free , yes] i'll more than likely only be doing headshots / busts , and they'll be full-color as well as shaded [see this example <33]
      please pm me a ref of a kal you'd like done , as well as a preferred pose (if you have one)
      1. Vagabond
      2. master of spaz
      3. Silver Pandorica

      edit ;; thank you all for the interest <33 i may end up taking a few more if i get any more interest , but the list above is the three i'm definitely doing <3

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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby Takk » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:52 am

Looking to trade my rare natural mutation edit (tall, whiskers, goop) for other items. I'm interested in an any rare edit or multiple uncommon edits (2-3), prefer ear, fur or eye edits. Would also like a rare and below auto pass and can throw in other items for this (shine, claw, common or standard hair edits)

Seeking relationships!

Might also be seeking friends for Mugwort? His real name is Valance but he doesn't really like it, prefers to be Mog or Mugwort. He's my slightly crazy, schizophrenic boy who will grow up to be a surgeon since he loves anatomy and helping others; even if he can't talk to others. He gets along better with mature personalities, so kits and adults alike are welcome! Maybe a mentor or parent too, but I'll look at any relation offers ^^
@Tenturo: What a pretty girl, congrats! Those are cute little ears too
@ignominyy: Congrats on the kiddos! Griffon is pretty too, sounds like they'd get along with quite a few of my kals
@watchdog. Wish I could join but currently working ;v;
I grew my babe Leon and he's everything I wanted him to be! He's a cold loving ski and snowboard teacher mainly set in Alaska (possibly Canada) and I'd love to find him some friends. Also if anyone is open for art stuff I'd enjoy a few pieces of him, but mainly would like some relations for him. Generally easy going and positive though he can be a bit blue when he's had his fill of happiness. Probably an excessive hot coco fanatic

HMMM I finally got my girl some glow edits so she's everything I wanted her to be! Azalea is open for friends, co workers and a mate in both modern and medieval fantasy universes. She has fairly detailed settings on her page if you wanna take a glance, but she's more or less a shy nature lover who dedicates herself to helping others and animals.

Orca is my witch girl who has a hidden love for motorcycles! She's very sweet and keeps to herself but could use some friends in her life. Set anywhere in modern fantasy to the 1950's, she lives with her family in a marshy forest but craves to expose herself to world and be normal. I'm looking for any flavor of friend; rebels, fellow witches, a bad boy who enjoys showing off his ride to an easily impressed girl, anything!

@aporia. What a haul, congrats on so many items..! If Damien doesn't scare easy maybe him and Mog could be friends
@lordren: I could probably do the 3rd kiddo if you can't find someone, my growths tend to be free or really cheap ^^"
@croaky: The kits has to have existed three weeks to be grown, they're well past due if my memory serves! GL finding someone though, design looks simple enough but dat hair cx
@TheEpicElephant: I think nektar and riddles are always open for approvals if you wanna send 'em a quick PM! If you don't find a growth artist I could probably do it, but his hair won't be as shiny
@Reiji: Lee has beautiful colors so hopefully you can be happy with either choice! Get a tail edit and drag that lovely blue over! And yes, non rarity edits are allowed on any MYO as far as I know. My rare and under for example has skinny
@neongraveyard: His markings are a little dark for me to see, so I can't help with the growth... But I love all the new kids, Wallace sounds pretty interesting and I have a few witch kals and a demon hunter that might make friends with him
@high noon: Sorry to hear that... Cute art though, I love to vent draw myself
@mackstarr: Congrats on the babes, they're both very pretty! And that second growth is to die for; I love the flower design on the back tuft
@coffeebean, OMG *grabby hands* So cute! I might be interested in horn edits later but it'd be for a kal that hasn't been judged yet ^^"
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby Kyar » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:59 am


Ah man, I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! That's a tough transition - going from not being around and not being able to do anything to jumping right back into it. But I sincerely do hope you're feeling better. We'll have to catch up sometime! I know we haven't talked a ton and I'm not so great at always being punctual with responses but it'd be really nice to get a casual conversation going. Fingers crossed that things are improving for you irl! And congratulations on the babies! Julibee did a wonderful job on the little cuties - although I totally feel you on the naming bit. I have a hard time with that sometimes too - even if I really love the kit(s). Names are tough! Then of course we're getting to the real kicker - finding artists. I wish I could say I have the time for it but I really don't think I do - I'm sorry! Though I wish you the very best in finding the perfect growth and MYO revamp artist(s) - I know there is an abundance of talent in this community and in an ideal world it wouldn't take long to find someone. It's just tricky with everybody being so busy. Anyhow! I do hope that you're able to get a few connections going with the community and find yourself the perfect artists for the job! I'll be seeing you around I'm sure!
Your new little kit is just gorgeous - I'm always amazed by watchdog's work and I'll admit that kit was my favorite of the batch lol - I can't get over those facial markings! Anyway - I voted for Aria because who doesn't love a good bit of opera? No but seriously I think it's a sweet little name personally but any of the ones you have on that poll would be really really cute. Best of luck deciding on your favorite! Sometimes I feel like polls help and sometimes I feel like you're still left wondering in the end - lol. Either way though - you've got an absolutely stunning sassy little singer kid there!
Ahh you have me cracking up at Albert-Alexander J.Dean Karrow-Kendrick just for the name. That's a thing of beauty right there. I love the fun of having a ridiculously long name to deal with - and the thought of him being this like, "Well yes I'm a guard, but that doesn't mean I can't look nice," personality is killing me. I always want to do more relationships but I'm so bad at keeping up on them - I really need to maintain what I've got if I'm gonna stand any chance of keeping them ahhh. But I hope you can find those pretty sunset-hued kids some great relations!! They're both super adorable and polar opposite siblings are so much fun. :) Good luck trading your event items too! Looks like you've got a pretty good haul there!
Aww - Sawyer is adorable!! I love his fluffy little ears and big fluffy tail - and of course making him puppy-like seems only appropriate with that sweet little face. :) Good luck finding some friendships for him, I'm sure it won't be hard though - because who doesn't love dogs? As far as event items go - you got a really nice bundle! You piqued my interest with your mention of the horn edit and it also looks like you've got some common fur items which I was sort of after - I might send you a PM depending on if I have anything worth offering lol. I'm planning on looking for some offers on the items I got too - so we'll see how it goes! Your artwork is so sweet - I love how adorable your style is! The lines are really soft too and they just look so darn cute. :) Best of luck saving up for that MYO slot! I'm about to spend the majority of my points on a MYO for a trade so I don't have much to spare - but I wish you the best in your hunt for commissions!
The events are a blast, aren't they? I've loved every one I've participated in so far lol. The staff just have such great ideas let's be real. Ah - sorry you weren't able to get the rare item you were after - those can be a lot of fun but they sure aren't easy to achieve. Congrats on the upcoming trade though! You'll have to show us the kalon you end up getting lol. :) In the meantime I wish you the best on your commissions as well - that's a pretty cute little piece lol. It certainly will take some time to save up for a rare item but that doesn't mean you can't do it! I've got my fingers crossed for you - I'd love to see you able to bring one home! :)
Ahhh I'm in love. Salem is a handsome little devil and I love the thought of him surrounded by like snakes and lizards and exotic birds. Juneau is gorgeous too - I totally see the northern lights connection! I'd be very curious to see where she ends up going - she's got such a lovely and intriguing design I can see the draw of fantasy. She definitely gives off some magical, mystical vibes. Good luck finding pregrowths for the two of them, too! Sinnacereal is… fantastic. I've been stalking their work lately honestly and I'm so impressed? I just love something about their style, I don't know. They rocked your kids though - look at how adorable they are! December is really gorgeous - honestly if I didn't have a trade planned I'd totally make an offer! I hope you're able to get something nice for her though - and find her a great new home! :) Good luck with your readoption too - it's so sweet of you to give newer members of the community a chance to build up their kalon family! I'm sure they're gonna go to an awesome home. :)
@high noon
Ooh - wow Red! They're so stunning! I remember that kit now although I'll admit I had to think for a moment - there are so many pretty scaley babies out there now I couldn't recall whose was whose. You've got such an awesome style - and I'm glad you took the time to do something for yourself! You're always so busy doing things for others - you definitely deserve a little personal artwork here and there. :) And of course it turned out absolutely gorgeous - I'm never gonna get over how you do your hair goodness gracious. But I'm also really digging the way you did the sleeves - they look so drapey and wonderful. You're too good at what you do, man.
oh hey some familiar faces No but really, I'm so glad you're enjoying the kids! It's crazy to see that you've already gotten Wallace all grown up - I was shocked when I saw him… well, big! Kanadensis is a great growth artist too - I've seen a few of their other works and I totally agree with you. Wow! But on a more relevant note - I adore Alpha's color scheme and come on - who doesn't love Stranger Things? It's such a cool idea and I love the concept you've come up with for him! The occasional cafe visitor omg. Brilliant. I wish I had time for relationships - but good luck finding friends and the like for all your great new kids!! And good luck finding growth help too - I'm afraid I don't recognize the kit from just the lines but they look pretty complex lol. I can definitely see why you'd call in for backup! I've had a few times myself where I just… said… nah. Can't do it. Not gonna happen. But yeah! I do hope you can find someone ready to pick it up and help you out! :)
Holy hannah that's no joke on the replies there. Wow! Impressive work - I think the amount of replies say it all but the time stamps just go to show too how much effort was put into all of them!! I know people really appreciate that so I can guarantee you've made quite a few people smile - nice work!! I know how you feel though - I always spend at least an hour on replies too rip. Not that long though! Man. Wow. But yeah, I'm not sure if you've gotten an answer yet but you can do non-rarity edits on MYOs! I've done at least one or two MYOs for people that included NR edits. :) I feel really bad for Gabriel ahh. The thought that like… he's this super great cook but no one will ever know because he doubts himself and shuts himself in… He's too pure. And too relatable, honestly. Good luck with your trading/reconnecting with Lee - I really like those colors, not gonna lie lol. But I definitely hope you can either find something that clicks with you or find a new kid that you do connect with better!
Oh cool, I love the frozen-glacier-fossil vibe I'm getting from your MYO! If you still haven't heard back from staff I'd totally recommend PMing someone who is open for doing approvals. It's much more efficient than just hoping someone will see the thread! Jason is adorable too - I hope you're able to find someone to do a growth! He doesn't look too complex so hopefully it won't be tough to find someone willing to take him on. I would be open for growths if I didn't already have so much on my plate. Hopefully by the time I get done with everything I owe you'll already have him big and grown!
What a little sweetheart - I loved all the kits from that litter but the brown babies… adorable. Simply wonderful. I wish I could say I'm doing growths right now but unfortunately I've got too much going on - sorry! They're really awesome though and I love the two-headed kals. They're super sweet. I can't wait to see what they look like as adults! Fingers crossed that you find someone with the time and skills to master that little angel. :) They're really awesome.
If there was a prize for the best collection of kals I would highly consider you as one of the top nominees holy moly. You have way too many beautiful and fantastic kids. Design, development, all of it. Just… too much. Too good. Pls stop. But anyway!! I totally get the busy life thing - I hope you're managing to stay afloat alright! It'll be amazing to see all of those lovely babes grown (/transferred) and I seriously hope you can get it handled without stressing yourself out too much! Make sure you're taking care of yourself first dude. But you're such a sweetheart and I hope you can find the perfect growth artist(s). You deserve it. Honestly.
Such pretty kittos!! I do hope you find a nice growth artist - they're lovely little sugarplums who deserve only the best. Your art style is super cute too by the way, I love the big huge eyes! And good luck finding trades - I'll admit I'm always tempted by a general rare edit lol but I don't think I have anything to offer that's worth that. I might send a PM anyway though - we'll see. It's hard to know until I actually sit down and try to type something up lol. That's when I'll figure out if it even makes any sense. Anyway! I love all the unique personalities for each kit - Damien's story has me the most intrigued I think. What exactly is he getting himself into, hm? Lol. Plus I have a soft spot for those warm color kits lol. Double whammy. Congrats on all of them though - they're just lovely. :)
Oh hello there I see you. Beautiful stunning and glorious babies. I can't wait until they're done omg. You have way too much talent and need to Calm Down but my goodness I'm so happy for you being hired. You deserve it 10,000%.
Well where do I even begin? Saturnus did a lovely job on those gorgeous kits and their personalities are absolutely brilliant! I feel like from reading those what… like three sentences each? That I already know the kits and I can totally see them sneaking around together in your futuristic world. That's so awesome! I'll say I was more a fan of Michael's design but I'm really intrigued by Meera's personality! Both of them together is the dynamic duo of course - both design and personality wise - but yeah man. I don't think I could say I really favor one over the other because they're both fantastic! Congrats! And Griffon looks awesome all big and grown too - plus who doesn't enjoy the excitement of developing a personality that changes with time? It's so cool to get to come up with an idea for a kit and then see how they transition into adulthood ahh. She's such a sweetheart!
WOW what a gorgeous growth!! It's so great to see your baby girl all grown up! I remember her kit - it's so cool to see the translation to the adult lines! Ah man - you have some truly beautiful kids too. I wish I could set up a breeding but I'm trying REALLY hard to cut back on them lol. I've got a breeding planned right now an the potential for 1-2 more down the road so I really need to… not. But I don't doubt you'll find some amazing offers with such gorgeous children! I'll have to keep my eyes on the nursery… wow! I'm cracking up though - you posted your artwork in the time I was writing this and no surprise the slots are already gone. You've got an amazing style and to do those things for free? Wow. That's just incredible. I can't wait to see the finished products! I can already tell they're going to be fantastic. :)
Ooh - I might have to PM you about a trade! I'm not sure though… we'll see! I love the potential with the natural mutations item. It's just such a unique thing to have. :) I'm not sure I'll have enough to make the offer worthwhile for what you want - but I guess we'll see! I wish I had time to do more with relationships - you've got a great cast of kalons there lol! It's amazing to see Azalea with glow edits! Wow! They suit her perfectly! And the others are all really gorgeous too. I hope you can find some great friendships - you've definitely got a lot of cool ideas to work with!

Hello again!
It feels like it's been forever. I don't remember the last time I posted here! I've been working in a frenzy to try to keep up with everything and it's gotten my brain a bit fried at times. I'm always down for PMs but always bad at replying to them - so if you're waiting on me and I'm taking too long please don't be afraid to send me another! I'll admit I can be very forgetful at times while I'm juggling a lot.

I don't even know if I've posted about this but most of you probably already know - I've had the extreme honor of being chosen as a nursery GA! It's been an incredible time so far and I'm working on my last batch already. I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone in this community who has encouraged me over the year+ I've been in the species - you've all been a massive help to me building my confidence and getting back into digital art after a very long hiatus from it. And of course thank you to staff for giving me this opportunity - regardless of the outcome! You're all so incredible and I'm honored to be able to call myself part of the kalon community.

I've really really been meaning to come by and show off some of the incredible artwork I've gotten from the community and friends since… well, basically December really! I finally got it all gathered up into one folder in my sta.sh so I highly encourage you to go check it out and appreciate all the talent this community has!! Thank you SO much to everyone who has done pieces for me - they're absolutely breathtaking. Here are a few highlights!
By Aeryn!
By my fellow GH, Burrito Bunny!
By Unleashed Squid!

Come check out the rest!!

Item Trades?
I'm not totally sure what I'm after, but I was thinking I might want to trade a few items I got from the event! Here's what I have for offers:
Fair warning, I'll be very picky with the halo since I do kinda have plans for it. I'd be very interested in trading some of my lower rarity edits for a common fur or tail edit, or an ear edit! Please PM me if you're interested!

Wrapping Up
No new intros or anything this time around! I've got a couple of babes coming in the next few weeks but for right now I'm sitting tight with the lovely kids I have! Good to stop by though - I'll just keep lurking around here and you can catch me on the kalon server on Discord if you wanna chat! :)
Need help with a trade? PM me! I'm more than happy to answer your trading questions.
A Few Things About Me: If I forget to respond to a PM, don't be afraid
to send it again! Sometimes I forget, but I don't mean to leave
anyone unanswered! I work on artwork when I have time during the
week. I am rarely around on weekends, so please allow extra time for responses, etc!

    Kalon Sta.sh
    Flight Rising
    Send a Help Ticket

    Signature art by magpie!
    - Growth for . h b
    - Sketch for Theodosia
    - Character for Wicced
    - Transfer for Aey
    - NBs (m | M | V | A | P)
    - Fawndoo RUs
    - Readopt “RU” art
    - Readopt critiques
    - Fullbody for KaatLove
    - Growth for PrismicPuppy

    ((if I owe you something
    not in this list, please
    PM me!))
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby hayzel » Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:00 am


-- pg. 78
@silentsiren -- gosh i adore your designs so much!! louis is gorgeous? his clothes are really well done and i love
how his tail stands out from the rest of the design. his mate is gorgeous and the concept of them both is really
nice. octavio's colours are really nice together. hinata is GORGEOUS. those wings looks like they must have bee
n hard to do but you did amazingly heck, congrats <3
@mika -- good luck getting your ooc breeding! i would offer but i don't really have anybody to offer plus i have
a breeding already planned. rylan is gorgeous though? i hope you get what you're looking for! gl with growths as
@mercury -- i hope your stream went well! i've seen a few of your designs and they're beautiful.
@jack -- good luck trading them! body shine is a really nice trait imo. i hope you can get what you're looking for.
your new kalon is really pretty! the browns are really nice shades.
@iuno -- gl trading matrix! he's stunning and merkals are amazing but oof i don't have anything to offer. i hope
you get an offer you really like!

-- pg. 79
@zailune -- congrats on her first litter! the top left is pretty but they all came out really well. i hope you can find
artists <3
@whim -- your new kit is gorgeous? the colours are really nice and i adore the shine and the little pink in the hair,
good luck getting a name chosen.
@vagabond -- six is such a blessing to have <3 albert's blue/brown palette is nice i love the idea you have for him
and cathan is just so pretty to look at ahhh <33
@coffeebean. -- congrats on your new kalon!
@sibeboi -- goodl uck getting commissions!

-- pg. 80
@croaky - holy heck beau and calypso are stunning, definitely a dream design. i love the names you chose for them
as well. good luck getting a growth artist
@lordren - they're all pretty kits, i hope you find people to grow them!
@aporia -- boy i sure do love vine references good luck trading and getting growths! the kits and their
names are really nice. i love them all and i'm gonna steal them thanks
@ignominyy -- gosh i love saturnus' designs. they did so well on your kits. congrats on them all! griffon's growth came
out rally well
@tenturo -- i'm sobbing lorelei is so pretty, such a dream <3 peachy colours are my favourite rn tbh, her palette is gor-
gous. gl with breedings!!
@kyar - gosh it's so nice of you to do so many replies. that must take so long to do though. congrats on being chosen
as a ga! good luck trading your items and all of those art pieces are amazing. they're all wonderful artists!
trading items
the event has been extremely generous to me and by some random chance i've stacked up a few
items, although i'm not sure i plan on using many of them? i'll look at anything, but i'm a liiitle
picky with the uncommon edit and horn edit, but i'm still open to offers on them! just pm me or
contact me via discord [hayzel#9917-- discord would be easier!]
i have two kalons which i've owned for a while that i'm seeking mates for. again either pm me
here on on discord [hayzel#9917] if you're interested at all <3, please don't ask if your main
priority is to breed, as i don't intend on breeding them for a while.
celeste -- she/her -- bisexual
celeste works as a hacker for a secretive agency. she is introverted, secretive and usually avoids other people. it's not
out of shyness, but because her work has the potential to put those she has a relationship at risk.
she has earned a large sum of money from her job which is easily enough to support her for a long time. she tends to be
pretty snarky and sarcastic a lot of the time. she tends to be awkward as she doesn't spent a lot of time around others.
she'd probably leave her job after finding a mate as she'd fear it'd put them in danger. she adores dogs keeps a little pin
collection. she enjoys sowing and making small computer games in her free time.

florence [flo] -- she/her -- lesbian
pretty timid and terrified what other people think. she worries a lot but is really sweet. she's not very intelligent
and tends to get confused easily but she cares a lot about everybody and does her best to please them. she aspires
to be a performer/actor for broadway musicals but doesn't feel like she's good enough. at the moment she lives in a
small and cheap apartment which she pays for by working at a bookstore. loves reading and poety, singing and acting
and one day dreams of making her dream a reality.

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Postby yuurionice » Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:03 am

@hayzel i love your kals they are adorable! good luck!
@kyar cute art!!
@takk good luck with all that fun!
firstly i would like to introduce my two new kals yuuri, from the anime yuuri on ice! Image
and my koi fish kal <3

secondly i'm looking to trade my kal jupiter. i'm only looking for pre-made kals or myos that are uncommon or up! thank you!

and lastly, i'm looking to have a pre-growth done. i can pay 50-100 c$!
she's here:
that's all! have a good day!

          | cass | they/them | queer |


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