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Brisk Fall Morning | Background Two by luca rayne.

Artist luca rayne. [gallery]
Time spent 26 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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Brisk Fall Morning | Background Two

Postby luca rayne. » Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:10 pm

Background Two / Five

( POV: Its October. The month of free candy and decorations that send chills done everyone's spines. You walk outside and see that there are squirrels scurrying up a big oak tree. You look up the tree and sigh. It was so beautiful. The breezy, yet warm, fall morning cast a orange glow in the sky. The leaves turned brown in the light, well, the orange ones that is. The green ones turned a crisp orange that reminds you of pumpkins. The squirrels run higher into the tree, making the leaves move. You gaze in wonder at the beautiful orange-brown silhouettes that appear before you. Fall was so beautiful! )

I am not so proud of this drawing. It took me longer then expected, and yet it turned out bad. I mean, the background is nice, but the tree is bothering me. I was going to redo it, but I feel like that would cause me more anxiety. So, I decided to create this and let anyone use it if they comment below. I would like to be given proper credits i.e. "background credits; @luca rayne." Anywho, have fun! Enjoy!

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